Not ALL the Muslim co-conspirators in the Holy Land Hamas Terror Financing case were unindicted!

Five of them (CAIR members included) were not only indicted, they were convicted and now are serving long prison terms. A bunch of left wing wacko Occupy Wall Street terrorist-supporters have been out demonstrating for their release. (So, why aren’t they in jail, too?)

MNSTOPFBI  October 25th, 2012. The OWS-Marxist-Leftists met outside Federal Hall in Minneapolis to demand a  “Day of Action” and to call for  “Justice for the Holy Land Five!” Release the Five Now!” 

The Holy Land Five need our urgent solidarity. The U.S. Supreme Court will decide in late October whether their final appeal will even be heard. The Holy Land Five are five Muslim charity terror-financing leaders wrongly imprisoned due to U.S. government political repression. They are being punished for publicly sending charity to Palestinians terrorists, at a time when U.S. domination is being challenged in the Middle East. (By Obama) The first Holy Land trial ended in a hung jury, but a second one — using secret witnesses who were never identified to the defense, hearsay evidence and a ‘shock video’ showing protesters in Palestine burning an American flag — contributed to prejudicing the jurors. The result is that five men, who did nothing wrong, are suffering long sentences, between 15 and 65 years. (Should’ve gotten the death penalty for sending money to terrorists)

The lead prosecutor who used these dirty tricks facts and evidence in court is Barry Jonas.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Barry Jonas is now in Chicago, conducting the ongoing investigation of 23 Midwest anti-war and international solidarity activists. Jonas is a pro-Israel ideologue, politically motivated and willing to trample on people’s terrorists rights.

As thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters learned this past year, the U.S. is becoming a more repressive place. For more than ten years now, hundreds of Arabs and Muslims have faced and are facing unjust prosecutions. (Oh, puhleeese!) Many are already behind bars. (As they should be) Help us turn this case around and demand the U.S. Supreme Court order a new trial now! FFI: Organized by the MN Committee to Stop FBI Repression.


17 comments on “Not ALL the Muslim co-conspirators in the Holy Land Hamas Terror Financing case were unindicted!

  1. It is SO SICK, to see these dumheads going there, showing their faces and later see them loses them when they at last will realise what real brainless idiots they are trying to let go free ???

  2. ‘Charity’ is a manipulation of the English language to deceive Americans. ‘Zakat’ means a 2.5% religious tax all Mozzies pay…part of which always goes to JIHAD against the dirty KUFAAR.

    Islamic ‘charity’ (zakat) is a tax for SUPREMACISM and world conquest. Re-conquering the Holy Land for Mohammedans is the purpose of this supremacist organization.

  3. Who is paying these sleazy leftist scumbags and traitors? CAIR? HAMAS? The Muslim Brotherhood? Are they just picking up homeless people and giving them signs?

  4. “Charity is not a crime” Sure, but their kind of charity towards terrorists is !! Whenever have Muslims been” charitable” anyway? Do we see them rushing to scenes of crisis and disaster world-wide, feeding Africans, rescuing earthquake victims ? Never ! Feeding the Palestinians should be seen as crime as there are so many obese people there , they need to diet !!

  5. yep….sucking more dollars out of our pockets to feed them while they sit as a guest in out prison system. They should be taken out and shot and stop taking up our tax dollars.

  6. Old hippie traitors who never grew up. They need to relocate permenently to gaza and live among the scum they support. I will happily drive them to the airport.

  7. You should point out that the Supreme Court shot down their last appeal. Now they can look forward to their lenghthy terms as guests of the Federal prison System.

  8. Seriously, miss bni, why even bother to arrest any of these scumbags for raising money for terrorist attacks when our leaders continually send billions of our tax dollars to terrorist regimes that then fund terrorists/terrorist attacks against us? Their fund raising pales in comparison to what we borrow from china to send to them.

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