1. BNI Readers,

    I have read comments about proposed ‘Secession’ of a State or States not only on BNI but also over the years even in Australia. I have and always will oppose ‘Secession’ of any territory in any country; the process of secession weakens a country and the state choosing to secede. There is no strong future for any state that secedes. Economy is weakened, defence is weakened and vulnerability for invasion is increased. I urge every person to always throughout history stand strong and true and united loyal to their nation even when wrong leaders are in power. Bad Leaders and Wrong Laws can be deposed and united good people can always rise and rebuild potentially great nations. The strength of a Nation is its people not its leaders. A good leader is simply an asset to help the Nation prosper- sadly throughout history good leaders have always been hard to find; when bad leaders exist the people must stand united not divided. Corrective action of wrong can only be solved by organised unity of the people.

    It is better for states to fight against wrong inside a Nation than to secede. If Texas or any other state for example achieved the goal of secession it would weaken Texas and strengthen inferior thinking leaders like Obama. A smaller Islamized United States would give both Obama and Islam victory. Once Islam’s position is consolidated they would then turn their attention to those states that succeeded from the union- they would attack and invade. The only way to defeat Obama’s anti-freedom objectives and to stop the expansion of Islam is to fight head-on from within. Islam invaded countries sending in ‘Trojan Horse’ tactics; now we the ‘Freedom Fighters’ true ‘Warriors Against Islam’ must establish our own ‘Trojan Horse’ tactics loyal to an International Resistance against Islam. There shall be no freedom, no peace around the globe until the false knowledge dark ‘Totalitarian Belief System Islam’ is driven into extinction. Never secede, unite all pockets of resistance and fight the fight until victory is won. ‘V’ stands for Victory; post this letter as a symbol everywhere… it now means ‘Victory Against Islam.’

  2. A plea for all regular BNI readers who may have never left a commen on here for our dear sister patriot Bonni – ( I was one of those before the End of America elections) TAKE A MOMENT AND LET HER KNOW HOW MUCH HER SITE AND CONTINUA WORK HERE HAS MEANT TO YOU ALL. LllAND HOW SHE’S BEEN AN INSPIRATION TO YOU.Personally BNI has always been there for me when the rest of my world doesn’t even understand the threat or even care to. Bonni HAS BEEN ERE FOR US Lets encourage HER NOW! We love and greatest aLppreciate you patriot!

  3. American BNI’ers hope you guys are holding up ok from yesterdays tragic results. Or major, mainly, Dhimmi Leftists newspapers have Obumma in full color on the front page. Makes me sick.seeing it. Our Feminazi Prime Minister also experienced her first female orgasm seeing her “crush” get another 4 years (excuse my crasness). I have been hearing that its a possibility that Texas may succeed now that Obumma won. Can other States do the same? my knowledge on succession is limited but learnt in history at school about the Civil War, so im no expert. Do you guys think other States will follow? Ive always wanted to go to Texas as many Australian I know have been there and highly recommend going there to visit. Gee

  4. I have been reading most of the post here to day. I have heard disappointment , disgust, fear, hate, lack of faith, a disapproval of GOD’s apparent inaction and various other emotions.
    All are justified GOD’s inaction. As I said to the Rabbi Prophecy is paramount. It must be fulfilled or the second coming will not happen. This is another point of prophecy involving Manasseh. Don’t not turn your backs on GOD he has a complete handle on this debacle here in American and around the World. Remember I said the Four Horsemen ride. I meant it. War through the middle East, Famine on the horizon for much of India and Africa, Thank Monsanto and the Gov. for seeding the metals in the Atmosphere for weather control and crop manipulation, the Black Horsemen, The Pale Horsemen is riding slowly at this time but doing work on the dead and dying throughout the Middle East. The white Horsemen is in the wings at this time and waiting to destroy the Government that have been put into place by mankind not GOD.
    So we have a lot of work to do, time to stop with the crying and start with the rebuilding of our spirits. He has not forsaken us for one heat beat.
    What he has seen here is not all to positive about his actions and the faith of us that proclaim HIM as our GOD. So grab your ass and get a move on. EVIL is not going to wait.
    GOD has blessed this nation doubly and will spank us fro our foolish ways. But HE has not forsaken us. We will recover and we will defeat the Evil in this nation and HE will aide in this process.
    Enough with the despair. HE LOVES ISRAEL, WE ARE ISRAEL AS WELL, MANASSEH.
    I have prayed for everyone on this site more than once. time for all of us to do the same in our own way.

    • Thanks Ice, but this site is but a drop in the bucket. No real influence, not that I ever expected it to be. There are probably 95% of the population who would look at you like you had 2 heads if you try to talk about what we talk about here. For example, I go to a stable to ride my friend’s horse a few times a week. Not one person there has a clue as to why Islam is a danger. They aren’t stupid people, just not exposed to what we see every day. And frankly, they are not interested. When one woman asked me to explain what my blog was about, after a few minutes, she said, “You’re fricken nuts for doing that.”

      Our little world is very small here in the big scheme of things.

      • Bonnie.
        Please don’t give up.
        My wife and I constantly cut cd’s about islam and hand them out in OKC
        If all of us here influence a few,
        Then that few will influence others. If we stop trying, we are certainly doomed to failure.
        Even though I never posted here much, I read every day. My wife with me, early morning coffee.
        For us to give up…. to throw our hands in the air and admit defeat, is the same as giving consent to the evil in this world.
        I know you, of all people are acutely aware of that.
        You and Mr. BNI are in our thoughts and prayers.
        Fight the good fight.
        The US Constitution is at stake….

      • Dear BNI,
        I Love you, and I am astounded at your innocence !!
        Let me compare this Blog to the Transmission of a Coal Mining dredge. Now, that is a pretty big piece of machinery. But a small ball bearing the size of a pea will stop that Dredging machine dead in its tracks. And that transmission can weigh TONS, but the pea but an ounce.
        Your Blog, Ms BNI, is the Pea, well, actually, the Pod of a BUNCH of peas. And our fight for Liberty and truth is against a machine like the Mining Dredge. And there is more than one pea in your slingshot, my Dear Friend,,, You got this old man started, and you have soldiers, sailors and infantry on duty standing with you, supporting you, and as I have stated in another response here, You have an Army of Angels around you.
        Don’t throw them away lightly.
        ICE, Randy, ADHD, and all the other regular commenters here are going to sit back, take a deep breath, then we’ll roll up our sleeves and REALLY give ’em hell.
        Remember what John Paul Jones said, as he fought with his ship sinking beneath him???
        When his surrender was demanded, he said, ” I HAVE NOT BEGUN TO FIGHT ”
        Dear BNI,,,
        Neither have we !!

      • Here is the way it works. If what we do is true to the WORD it will spread and fast. We may not change people’s understanding if they have allowed the evil to cover their eyes. But one or two now and then is a must. Remember what I wrote to you in private about what is coming. Not all will be saved but those that hear and respond in the proper way will be thankful beyond belief.
        As far as having two heads I have more than that when I talk to people so join the club.
        Just yesterday my son and I were at the lumber yard and we were drawn into a conversation with a clerk and sure enough it came around to the 666 program, by the time we left the man was showing real fear. He was approximately 60 years old.
        So no matter what anyone says I keep swinging and refuse to give up…I have been doing this for 50 years and have been getting the same looks and people laugh. But I have noticed there are more now that listen with open heart and ears.
        Keep hitting the door and it will open.
        We as people that see are not always privy to how well we have done until after the prescribed time has elapsed. You know hind sight.

        • Dear Ms. BNI:

          Probably I should let “ICE” answer this question; however, until he does, let this attempt fill the gap if, as I believe, the following serve:

          “666 Programme” would be his synonym for the combined threat by BOTH Islam and Communism to take over this world; especially if you remember that the dread “Mark of the Beast” (almost certainly the computer microchips that are meant to be implanted into all worldly people!!) has the number 666.

          That number, the Satanic number and which traditionally is taken as spelling Cæsar Neron (616, the alternative number, spells Cæsar Nero), further points to a computer microchip (in my honest opinion) because ALL computers ALWAYS use numbers – whether as machine input or output, be it in transmittal, printing or whatever, numbers are at the core (particularly binary numbers in multiple such switches indicating ‘1’ or ‘0’)!!!

          More information is available in the last book of the Bible’s New Testament, Apocalypse/Revelation, notably Revelation chapter 13.

        • Bonni this is only part of the 666 program. Tribulation has been moving along since 1948, we have been building toward the final climax since that time. 1. What is the mark and can it be detected or seen? Answer – it does not have to be seen, but it can be detected. In this case, electronically!
          2. What makes the RFID chip the MARK of the BEAST? Answer – This chip is reprogrammable while in your body! Computer language is in binary. This means 00, 01, 10, 11 and so on. This code is a function that is simple to create by opening and closing a switch that computers in their infancy needed. A language that was simple and usable by all. When computers moved into main stream usage here in the STATES, THE BINARY LANGUAGE CAME ALONG FOR THE RIDE. Billings and charge accounts that were on computer used the binary system, this meant that all readouts of the amounts owing were listed on your billings as 00000666. The number of zero’s was different from one computer to the next, but the final outcome was 666. The people in the seventies made such a fuss about their billing reading 0000666 that the companies and the Gov. changed how the billing codes appeared on your bills. They inverted the 0000666 to read 0000999, thus disguising the real numbers. Now, some are even more fancy in their disguise. But the 0000666 is still there. So, if a ROSE is called a VIOLET, is it a VIOLET, or is it still a ROSE? Nothing changes; GOD sees it as a ROSE.
          This chip, regardless of what we call it, is the MARK OF THE BEAST. The chip is put in place “in your body” and the scanners read what information is on it and then the processor tells the inquirer whether or not to allow the purchase of whatever was being bought by the chip holder. Your bank account will be debited before the purchase is complete. Your work pay or welfare pay will be credited to your account at pre-described times and if you overdraw your account, there will be no purchase allowed. Cash will be eliminated, credit will be gone, except where it behooves the Gov. to issue it, for its benefit – such as houses and very large purchases that they can taxed heavily and have complete control over.
          3. Some will say this will afford safety of ID’s. Theft of a personal ID is still the same. It is electronically controlled and will be subverted by others that are smarter than the Gov. Little black cards will be used to alter any codes that are used, as well as reading your personal information that we today can keep off the grid, if we really want to. Just look at the information and C.C. information that has fallen into the hands of the bad guys, with the apologies, of the careless people. Big deal, apologies! If the chip is allowed to proceed, all bets are off for personal privacy. The chips are computers, thus susceptible to change and are readable by other computers. Not as safe as they make believe they are. This is to assist the health care program “Obama-care” to keep up to speed on your records that are keeping the price of health care at astronomical levels. Nonsense! Lawyers have created a needless atmosphere of fear. A fear of being sued by some ambulance chaser for not having diagnosed the problem, because as a doctor you did not use every single test available in the known universe to diagnose and fix the problem! Regardless of cost to save a single life! Thus, we have been forced into a state of mind that we will grab at anything to save money on our health. But, we are perpetually bombarded by ads, on all levels, telling us that we are going to die a horrible death if we don’t buy a drug now that has been OK’d by the FDA, and a few years later, we find it is more deadly than the ailment. Our Government at work!
          4. All these things are not the worst of it. Remember, there are two unforgivable SINS! One, do not damn the HOLY GHOST. JESUS CHRIST will not allow that to stand. If you do Curse the HOLY GHOST, who is the messenger, I would retract that curse as fast as possible. The Fiery Lake, the Lake of PURPLE FIRE, is not full yet.
          5. Here is why JESUS CHRIST will not forgive you for accepting the Mark of the Beast. As a people, we are at war with the mohommedists [some call them Muslims, Islam, etc.] we have been told that only the radical mohommedists are the ones we are needing to fight, that the moderate are really nice people. Well, JESUS CHRIST is not in agreement with this statement. When he returns with the 144,000 of his teachers and saints and healers and seers, then mohommedists will be given one last chance to follow in the footsteps of JESUS CHRIST. If they don’t, bye, bye! No more talking, no more one last chance, etc. All the children of mohommedists and Idol worshippers will be declared by Mother Mary and the other Matriarchs of Israel, as to be innocent or not. Saved or Not.
          6. The question arises, why get all upset at this RFID chip in our bodies? Atheists will say, “I don’t believe in GOD”, etc. Other faiths will say, “not according to my faith,” Etc. Others yet, “show me.” Here are the reasons to stop even the most anti-GOD individuals that walk the earth. A. Your ENEMY has a black box that can tune into the frequency of your chip and destroy your information. B. Your ENEMY is going to steal a little at a time from you and you will not be able to find out where it went. Try to read your own chip! Even if they provide you with a reader, how are you going to trace your lost wealth? C. This technology has been around for years. We, in the USA, have used this on our astronauts to regulate their hearts etc. while in outer space. JPL designed this equipment for NASA. Now think about this – you have been a bad boy or girl, the punishment is to be meted out by an individual on the other side of the world. Iraq, or Iran, or, for a time, in Jerusalem! What is to be done if a person decides to bad mouth the prophet mohammad – a fatwa is called on you. Then this Enemy [The mohommedist that we have been fighting after 911] with a beard and a scruffy look, with bad teeth and bad breath, begins to enter a code into a black box, he hits enter and in 3 to 5 seconds, you are dead on the floor of a heart attack. [Meanwhile, he is laughing his but# off.] No way, right? Wrong, this is exactly how the left and the mohommedists are planning to keep the USA under their control as slaves and producers of wealth to the Caliphate, this is their tax on us. The black box was given to the King of Saudi Arabia, the custodian of the twin mosques, the Sunni and Shia. The King, in turn, gave it to the up and coming False Prophet of the Bible. With this information, you can see why they are so arrogant at this time and pushing for the New Caliphate, New World Order, the last Kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar, the Kingdom of feet made of Iron and Clay. [Who could have gotten their hands on this device without raising suspicions? Who indeed? This was shortly after the shutting down of our space program.]
          7. Back on Tribulation: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have been loosed. They were turned loose just a little over 3 years ago. Hmmm, does make one wonder! A. The Red Horseman, War and rumors of war. DO I have to? The Middle East is erupting and so is the African and Asian Continents, all mohommedist countries, and bubbling along with mobs and riots to overthrow the leaders and install the Muslim Brotherhood, [Hamas, Al Qaida etc.] Plus, Europe is starting to bubble over with the invasion of mohommedists from all over the world. The USA is also experiencing the same with the refugee program of this administration. Peace is not on the agenda at this time. So with a little more information, we will be hearing from the up and coming Anti-Christ with a peace program for the world, but mainly for the State of Israel. Look out, this is but a year to eighteen months away.
          B. The Black Horseman: The USA has been the breadbasket of the world for years, since the end of the second world war. We have kept at least a year’s supply of food on hand to feed the world’s needy. This changed when GREEN became the PC thing to be. We began to produce ethanol, with corn, under the false premise that it was going to cut our need for fossil fuels down. Now, they found it to be harmful to all motor vehicles and the price is exorbitant to produce, even with subsidies from the government. This lessens the corn supply on hand, as it is used to make fuel at the demand of the Government. Thus, the world food supply is greatly reduced. Cattle ranchers have been pushed off federal and state land so they can no longer graze their cattle at the cost of 3 dollars a head, a year. This took millions of cattle off the market here in the USA, so now we have to import meat from New Zealand and Australia, that is butchered to mohommedist standards of HALAL, which is poison to Christians/Jews, not only because of the way the animals are slaughtered, but the prayers of Imams to an Idol, the Moon god allah. This is strictly forbidden by our GOD, to accept food that was given to an Idol or Graven Image for us to eat. So, we are being forced to eat food which is forbidden – EVIL. The Imperial Valley has shut water off to the farmers so a smelt, that is eaten by salmon, can survive without being subject to pressure from lack of water. This smelt was doing fine for close to 50 years without intervention of the Gov., but in their wisdom, the EPA told farmers in the Imperial Valley, you can no longer get the water that you need to farm, so farms that have been handed down from father to son for generations are now being sold. This is pushing the price up for all produce that came out of the Imperial Valley for decades. Less food for the surplus of the World! This type of behavior of man is the cause of only part of the loss of food supply. Now, we are in a drought that is throughout the entire Midwest. However, we have abundant water in the ancient aquifers, which is evidenced by the Colorado situation of having their septic system backing up because the water tables have not been that high in decades. But, with the wisdom of the politicians, they refuse to open the wells so the farmers can water their crops. How smart do you have to be to think that one up? This is going on and on, all over the world. We are down to less than a month in surplus food for the world. The Middle East sucks at growing things because many there have the mark of Cain on them. They have the Black Hand where food production is concerned.

  5. “And he will take the best of your fields, your vineyards, and your olive groves, and give them to his servants. And you will cry out in that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves, and the LORD will not hear you in that day.”

    yet He still expects us to soldier on. Somehow we must’ if we feel that He no longer listens then we must still trust but draw strength from one another. My ancestors came from a place where the people gave up. We can gain nothing by doing so now, no matter how depressed we may be ( and last night I was in that group to the hilt!)

  6. Bonnie, please. Don’t throw in the towel. I am supporting your site just like many other posters. If you need to make a living from our donations, I and many others on this site don’t have a problem with that. Please don’t lose hope!

    • Thanks L-M, while I appreciate the many kind and generous donations I have received, blogging doesn’t pay the bills, though it does help a lot with the increased monthly expenses I have to incur for a very high-security Server. Most advertisers find this site too controversial, despite the very large readership. I wish I could get one of Robert Spencer’s, Steve Emerson’s, or David Horowitz’s alleged rich sponsors to support this blog. But many people are uncomfortable with the in-your-face, take-no-prisoners writing style of this blog.

      I will try to keep it going as long as I can. Thanks.

  7. Ohh Bonnie ! I was devestated when I heard that Obama won the election.
    I was up the whole night just to hear that he won and that was the worst I ever had heard but if U give up Bonnie, then I will lose the ground under my feets.

    U are the one that always are their to give me stringth to put up the real good stuff in my blog and that is always “bad” enough to get my bog to be banned in Sweden but I don´t care since I know that I can “rely” my stuff on U and Ur blog here I think I will stay up and stand for my point but I am not sure I can do that without my mentor.
    I do understand what U say and how U feel but it is so hard to hear.
    This whole time since I found Ur blog I have never daubt, about what I already had understood about the muslims that had been invaded in Sweden too.

    When I found the swedish defense leage”s site in Sweden I was so glad but when I understood that it was almost empty of people and the people that was there and had been there was just about a handful of people I feelt so empty and now this, first with the election that I had been followed the whole night and now with U Bonnie.
    I don`t know what to say and I just wanted to hold U in my arms and hug U and say “it will get better Bonnie” but as U say, it will get worser and there is nothing we can do, if we lose our faith in faighting those idiots. I am so sorry Bonnie, so really sorry.

    • leo, reading your words brought tears to my eyes. No, I will not give up and will keep going until the Muslim in the White House kicks off all blogs like this from the Internet. I will have to check into getting a foreign internet service provider.

      • And LEO – don’t YOU give up, either; we must all stand, arm in arm, to face whatever the future brings. Discouragement is one of the Enemy’s biggest tools… we must reach deep within our hearts and souls and renew the fight. Think of the many battles of history, even like Lepanto, as well as the World Wars – in which the eventual victors were wounded, bloodied, often outnumbered, yet fought on to the last breath for freedom and right. We owe OUR freedom to those valiant men and women. How can we do less, for the generations which may yet follow us?

  8. the thing is this good people, is that it may have been the last chance for you to rid the country of the left and liberal mentalists because with obama and his love of illegal immigrants and imported islamists the demographics is changing fast especially in southern states where even virginia was won by the democrats and you can expect a lot more of this. the Latino border jumpers are turning once conservative states into what i call social security dependent states who are going to keep voting for socialist politicians. the same thing has happened over in England where the labor party flooded the country with immigrants gave them every creature comfort and bought elections alas the same can be said for most of Europe so folks europe is fucked and now the traditional defender of freedom gone god help us all

  9. I love this blog.
    I am posting this from Brazil. Born and raised in this shithole, but at least we don’t have many muslims here… i never saw one in Brazil, never.
    When I went to europe i became very terrified with the number of muslims and the way the political correct white people deal with this.

    I am not white, I have some arabic and turkish blood too… You know. I love this blog and I feel afraid of the future of the western world.

    Continue with this blog… and don’t let the muslims and CAIR and other bullshit leftists destroy your country. If you want to see what the left do to a country just look at south america… this fucking shithole.

    Ok ?

    You are an awesome person, sorry about my english. And by the way i am using TOR to post this . That is why my Ip is not from Brazil

    • Welcome Super B. One of our favorite posters is also from Brazil. Always happy to hear from our international readers. And your English is wonderful, better than some native English speakers who post here. Sadly, most Americans are mono-lingual because most of the world speaks English.

      Glad to hear the Muslim problem is not too bad there. But be careful, South America is favorite gathering place for Islamic terrorists.

  10. I agree, this is a very troubling trend.
    Great article by Andrew Bolt:
    This election confirms the suspicion that the politics of seeming is trumping that of achieving. That what counts most in politicians is how voters “identify” with them, rather than what they do. It also suggests that a culture of entitlement is eating at a culture of achievement.
    At this point Opposition Leader Tony Abbott should start to worry…

    “There are 47 per cent … who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.” Romney said.

    “They will vote for this president no matter what…These are people who pay no income tax … I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility.”

    And true, nearly half all Americans live in households receiving a government entitlement.

    How do you start to wind that back and slash the deficit, as Romney threatened, without alienating more voters than you can win?

  11. Bonnie, hard to keep the tears from flowing last night, knowing that my children will not live in the America I grew up in and love with all my heart. I feel like I’m in mourning today. I understand about maybe not having it in you anymore, it’s not an up hill battle it’s more like trying to climb up a shear cliff.

    In the next four years our immigration and economy will be out of control. The give me something for nothing population has taken over and that will be almost impossible to change even in the next election.

    The only possible way to for us like minded individuals to keep it together is to move to a like minded state and make it mighty uncomfortable for outsiders until they move to an entitlement state that accepts them.

    The state I’m referring to is “OKLAHOMA” again NOT A SINGLE COUNTY WENT TO OBAMA.

    The people in Oklahoma are the friendliest you will ever meet, the job outlook is great with defense contractors moving there and soon they are dropping the state tax like Texas. I love Texas too as the other half of my family live’s in that great state however Texas will someday turn because of immigration and you wouldn’t want to move twice : )

    Plenty of land for livestock and farming and the best water from deep wells in the US.

    Oklahoma also has the best firearm laws in the US.

    Every state that shares the border with Oklahoma that “area” of the boarder state is also very conservative so it’s a great buffer zone if you need it.

    So Bonnie there is a place for us all to go, and Oklahoma would love to have you!

    The war might be lost but we can still make our own utopia. Were stuck in Virginia until my husband retires from the military, however most of my family lives in Oklahoma or Texas so if you have any questions I’d be happy to help.

    {Bonnie} a hug from me,

    I know how sad your feeling, drop me an email and I’ll try and cheer you up.

    • Thanks N, Oklahoma indeed should be proud of themselves today. Sadly, there won’t be much need for defense contractors after Obama cuts the heart out of the defense budget. But the demand for guns for civilians will skyrocket in the lead-up to the 2nd Amendment being shot down.

      • You know I was thinking the same thing concerning the defense contractors…. but the ones that are in Oklahoma are the ones that keep up and update the systems and aircraft we already have. Many other businesses are also relocating because of the right to work and tax incentives. Oklahoma has developed a robust economy because they were forced to diversify after the bottom fell out of the oil business.

        Here’s a video called “Conservatism is calling” my son just showed me. The tears started falling again, I wish this had been shown everyday before the election.

  12. American BNI Readers,

    Never Quit; Never Accept Defeat

    BNI, I have said it before and I shall say it again, you are the best Internet Reporter on ‘Clear and Present Danger’ Islam; keep up the good fight. I shall always publish my full name, state and country constantly to send a message loud and clear that I stand in support of all the great resistant fighters, ‘Geert Wilders, Tommy Robinson, Paul Weston, Brigette Gabriel, Pamela Gellar, Fred Nile and many others. I stand with pride and conviction alongside all ‘Freedom Fighters.’

    We have taken a beating, Obama has been re-elected by inferior thinking fools for another four years; this election result also hurts Australia and in fact the entire Western Free World. It is a serious set-back but we are not permanently defeated; Hitler was defeated and again and again throughout history tyrants have been defeated. Obama only scraped back into power he still has almost half the nation in opposition against him. It is not the will of God that Obama was elected. God gave us the power of decision; it is up to us to decide correctly and fix the problems as guided by God’s wisdom. Forget negative thinking, walk with a million dollar walk in the face of defeat, always think ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ never surrender, never accept defeat. It simply means we must work harder and more accurately in our fight against tyranny. History has proven again and again, ‘Freedom Fighters’ with nothing to lose are the toughest, most resilient, most adaptable and fiercest warriors; ‘Freedom Fighters’ never surrender and never quit fighting against tyranny.

    Forget about moving to another country- there is no where to go; we must all hold our ground and defend our territory unto death; our mission to gradually free lands taken by tyrants. The old adage is true, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.’

    If you truly want to win this fight against Islam and all ‘Totalitarians’ I urge you to use ‘Emotional Intelligence’ in other words ‘Be the Eye of Calm in a Storm’ never use Hate Speech, never allow anger to become your enemy. Always use ‘Positive Mental Attitude;’ in communication we must always strive to choose words carefully and accurately to the best of our ability. The right words used at the right time can stop the advance of the enemy. Resistance is not an easy road, but then life has never been easy anyway- this battle against tyranny is just another challenge.

    I said to my friends recently and this is the truth…

    Those persons that are not alert can easily be conquered. I won every fight I ever fought as an adult on the streets against hoodlums and in Corporations as an executive against undisciplined workers, including incompetent bosses; not because I was better than my oppositions potential ability; I always won because I was more disciplined, more iron-souled, more accurate, more committed to education upgrade and more persistent, determined and unsurrendering when right was on my side. Education backed by accurate discipline and persistent will power always wins.

    Only incompetence can be defeated.

    If anyone attempts to destroy Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Choice I shall fight without surrender. Give me liberty or give me death!

    And for that reason I shall never accept or tolerate ‘Totalitarian Islam.’

    Allan Ivarsson
    NSW Australia
    Author: ‘Blue Light’
    Warrior Against Islam

    Warriors Against Islam is not an organisation; it is a universal spirit of being true to the ‘Free World’ always opposing ‘Totalitarian Islam’ rejecting its oppressive evil doctrine.

  13. It’s the day after the disaster & I’m still shaking. This was the last chance for a Republican President for decades, if not forever. They have a built in base of blacks, illegals (who can go down to McArthur Park in L.A. & get all the documents they need for a few bucks, idiot feel-good women, wet behind the ears college student, unionists, liberal Democrats, Muzzies who reproduce faster than fleas, Welfare feeders at the trough, etc., etc, ad nauseam. What’s even worse, if possible, is that the politicians don’t give a damn about what’s good for the country, only that their trough is kept full. The likes of Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Reid,Clinton (both), Biden, & all the rest of their ilk should be tried for High Treason, starting with The Manchurian Candidate at the top.

    What is really sad is that my 85 year-old husband, who fought in the Navy in WWII, & served during the Korean War, feels like his
    time in service has gone for nothing. The bunch in political life today, for the most part, aren’t fit to shine his boots.

    When the Dictator-in-Chief & Billary try to bring in the U.N. to confiscate firearms look out. You will see what a hornets nest really is, especially South of the Mason-Dixon line.

    Biden, Clinto (both)

  14. @Bonni,
    I have tried to download the ” THE BATTLE CRY OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC ” but i am having trouble ,its on youtube in quite a few versions , you can take your pick and could you down load it on this site.

  15. @adhd,
    The mark of the beast for muslims is not the micro chip in the right hand or forehead, their mark is already inprinted on their foreheads has in a callus from praying to a false god, Touching the ground 5 times a day.

    • Tedjusant, that may be true for Moslems (their already having the mark) – though no doubt they’ll ANYWAY be compelled to wear a computer microchip. It’s the rest – and every last single one of us!! – that will be forced to wear it in either the forehead OR the right hand – and who will also be particularly victimised when God Unleashes his pre-Second Coming plagues.

      [Please DON’T FORGET what that Mark of the Beast will do to us: monitor our breathing and heartbeats, locations, bank-accounts and all business transactions. ALL our privacy and our freedoms will be a thing of the past!!! MANY of us will gladly sign up for those chips when they come out, believing in security instead. When we realise that we’ve been caught (i.e., ‘had’), it will be too late.]

      Dear Ms. BNI, I understand your bitterness and COMPLETELY sympathise with your feeling that God has Abandoned us. While we’re at it, in regards to a certain personal matter from 7½ years ago: I’ve too wondered precisely about His Hating me for my sins and Deciding to Punish AND then Abandon me. Maybe, it’s in preparation for me to endure even worse, I strongly fear – or alternatively to leave this world entirely, something I would welcome; and all the more so given what I see falling into place… You’re FAR FROM ALONE in this feeling! However, you have got to keep things going while you can.

      Please don’t take what I’ve said the wrong way…

      • Heaven Knows how much I’d like to reach out to you, Ms. BNI, and also to those others here (e.g., Mrs. Wilkins, Alain, Don Laird) who are of genuinely good will, in an effort for mutual comfort and understanding!! Bemoaning our fate can only go so far…

        Having made musical recommendations in the past, perhaps this time it can be combined with a literary suggestion: Tolstóy’s “Voyná i Mir” (War & Peace), later turned into an opera by S. S. Prokófjev. This is all the more so given how indeed it seems that our lives are being invaded by the Satanic forces of Communism and Islam, just as in 1812 Russia had to face the French and other Bonapartists. Yes, then Russia won – but not without MUCH fighting and bloodshed, as seems to also be the case this time…

      • We will NOT be forced to take the mark of the beast!
        However, the Bible says whoever takes the mark of the beast will go to hell !
        Under NO circumstances should the mark of the beast be taken!

        The Bible also says without the mark of the beast people will be unable to buy or sell anything. BUT DON’T TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST!

        • Linda,
          In Revelation 13: 16-18 I see NOTHING about “bartering” being forbidden to those who do not wear the mark. In verse 17, I see that “no one could buy or sell” without the mark. You have JUST NOW inspired in me the thought that “bartering” might be off the radar of those who “exercised all the authority”. Didja ever barter with someone, trading value for value? I have! We’re AMERICANS! We FURTHERED the cause of fair trade. “Buying and selling” may be entirely unnecessary among people who trust each other and who are willing to be “in community” with each other and who are willing to trade value for value.
          Yes, I realize my interpretation may be WAY off but it’s something to think about and I just want to say THANKS for your helping me to get to this line of thinking.

          KAFIR AND PROUD!!

  16. Canada needs workers, especially in Alberta. We have enough muslim immigrants here already. Hopefully, America conservatives will to go Canada to fill the void….and marry a Canadian to cement the deal.

  17. Well there won’t be a recount for Allen West, because there is no longer a paper trail. I doubt he lost – Obama wanted him gone. I hope Allen West doesn’t stop fighting the fight one way or another.

  18. As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
    There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
    That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
    And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wobbling back to the Fire;
    -The Gods of the Copybook Headings-Rudyard Kipling

  19. It was said Hilary was going to run for 2016 forget it she is done. Barbra Walters from the View said Obama’s wife is going to run. Someone blamed this on Bush don’t you think Obama blamed him eought. Think about this 2006 national debt 6 trillion dollars. Demarcates took over house and senate.

    Obama and friends voted spend spend spend.Bush wrote 17 times to tell Barneys Franks boyfriend stop giving out bad loans but was he listened to, no. National debt went up 10 billion when Obama went in office. Banks failed was that Bushes fault no Bill Clinton he took off regulations. Bad loans given out then sold them to banks in Europe.

    Banks in Europe fell they are in a mess and can’t recover. American banks tax payers payed their bills. Now back to housing. Houses they were sold 300,000 but were valued about 60,000 so Obama wants tax payers to buy them back sell them back at lower rate and interest. But in Mass the ones that were selling these houses were demarcates in office .

    Now for the car loans to manufacturers Obama payed them off to save jobs and American COMPANIES . States are passing laws to smoke pot federal law saids its a crime use so tell me what is Obama smoking . There is no American car manufactures they were sold off to oversea companies and parts are made in other countries. Over seas companies brought then off to get a footing in the US.

    Now those companies wanted their governments in Europe to bail them out but was turned down. So they took American tax dollars to bail them off overseas. That is one reason Mitt wanted them in bankrupt courts first. Now comes Jan. do you think Obama can weasel out of his deal to congress to bring down the debt no. So our Arm fores will be cut. But on the other side civilian cuts were are they coming from.

    Well we got Obama care you think he wants to lose that no. But it is healthcare but the worse you can have. He already cut Medicare why not the rest. So no nursing homes , no in home care, no wheel chairs, No hospital beds. This was the demarcates way of getting people off welfare to put people to work taking care of the elderly.

    So we got to look at more unemployment elderly on their own and most likely living on the streets because housing subsidies will be cut. This could be avoided with Mitt in office but this is what you get taking people in who had already destroyed their own country and giving them the vote.

    Plus sorry ladies some women thought it was better with no conception but abortions and as we know demarcates always came though on killing babies. In Massachusetts demarcates had a doctor to kill babies and dump them into manholes when the law said no. Now Obama care sets up killing elderly . He saids its a lie but doctors were told to do it when bills went up.

    In Massachusetts the right to die failed on party lines 50 50. It didn’t pass. But find it funny these people don’t want our troops fighting oversea and dieing to keep them from coming here. But its OK to kill babies and old people. Do these people have a soul anymore. Maybe that’s why Arabs are making in roads in every country.

    • Michelle will run so they can stay in power long enought to completely dismantle the constitution and declare themselves sultans and head of the caliphate. We will never have anyone else in the white house. This really is the end!

  20. Who counted your votes – automated machines owned by a Spanish Company, with a socialist CEO, who lived in Chicago, and donated heavily to Obama’s 2008 campaign.

    People are so quick to accept the election results, but who counted your votes? Dear Lord, an election stolen – is Obama wonderfully corrupt or what!!!

    “As the largest election results reporting company in the US, SOE provides reports right down to the precinct level. But before going anywhere else, those election returns are routed to individual, company servers where the people who run them “…get ‘first look’ at results and the ability to immediately and privately examine vote details throughout the USA.” In short, “this redirects results …to a centralized privately held server which is not just for Ohio, but national; not just USA-based, but global.””

    “The American advocacy group Project Vote has concluded that SCYTL’s internet voting system is vulnerable to attack from the outside AND the inside, a situation which could result in “…an election that does not accurately reflect the will of the voters…” Talk about having a flair for understatement!”

    “It has also been claimed that SCYTL CEO Pere Valles is a socialist who donated heavily to the 2008 Obama campaign and lived in Chicago during Obama’s time as Illinois State Senator. Unfortunately, given what is known about the character of Barack Obama, such rumors must be taken as serious threats to the integrity of the 2012 vote and the legitimate outcome of the election.”

    In Canada, there is a paper ballot and you must provide picture ID and a receipt from a bill to show residence the same as the ID. Now in the U.S. there is no paper trail. The U.S. was set up for election fraud of the largest magnitude. Where is your paper trail to check? You DON’T have one. Republicans will never win another election….ever.

  21. Yes, it sucks that barry won…but, as they say, when the going gets tough (really tough), the tough get going.
    But we can’t just give up because it sucks that we lost…things would get worse if we did. There are other ways, besides elections, to fight evil (otherwise know as barry) in the world. I’m sorry to keep spouting clichés, but, I believe that we shall overcome.

  22. An idea. A tax strike! Comes next spring, nobody files their taxes. Let Eric Holder try to jail 150 million tax strikers. We pay no taxes until the s.o.b. resigns! A senate majority can’t help him there. A TAX STRIKE UNTIL THE SENATE LETS US IMPEACH HIM!

  23. I believe 2 things happened: 1) fraud, he did it the first time, and he did it again, yet noone stood against it, America was delivered in a silver plate. 2) the leftards and enemies of the US living in it had a fieldtrip, voting their commarade.
    I cant believe it, im grieving already for all of the free world.
    Please, dont think about emmigrating, we need to take our countries back form spineless / dhimmi/ commie politicians, leftards and islamists!
    We cant just slip quiet into oblivion!!

  24. Come out of her, my people! Run for your lives! Run from the fierce anger of the LORD. Jeremiah 51:45

    Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues; Revelation 18:4

    Flee from Babylon! Run for your lives! Do not be destroyed because of her sins. It is time for the LORD’s vengeance; he will pay her what she deserves. Jeremiah 51:6

    and sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created the heaven and the things that are therein, and the earth and the things that are therein, and the sea and the things that are therein, that there shall be delay no longer: Revelation 10:6

    I hope as you read this, you are moved to act.
    God be with us all.

    • Texas has two problems next to mexico and muslims in their hair Alaska has muslims and long long winter nites very exspencive to buy grub , Better to pick a conservitive state like MT lots of sun ,lots of room , lots of moutains to block nosy neighbors , a 550 mile border with a country that shuns muslims Canada , and might I add have not seen or talked to a muzzie in my years here , allso large store of arms here by hands of Patriots Think about where and who you want at your back

      • There is a growing succession movement in Texas and is alive and well. Not as strong as Quebec’s but if osama obama keeps pissing them off they will look at succession very seriously. osama obama also offended them by not calling Fort Hood attacks an islamic attack.

  25. It is very hard to receive this loss. At my age I don’t expect to see another election. The only good thing I see to take away from this is that BHO will not be elected again. But, I bet things are very different in four years. And, most probably, not for the better. Best to get your CC while you still have the chance.

    • Ted Nugent said on Twitter: “I cry tears of blood for The Last Best Place & the warriors who died for this tragedy.”

      • Ted Nugent kept things blunt, tweeting: “Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters hav a president to destroy America.” (Typos left as tweeted.) Later, he added, “Goodluk America u just voted for economic & spiritual suicide. Soulless fools”

  26. Obama won because of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 which opened the doors to large scale non-white immigration and changed the demographics of the U.S. I predict we will never again have a Republican President.
    The best we can do is form a resistance party, e.g. an American Freedom Party, to keep the Founders’ dream alive.

  27. REVOLTION! REVOLUTION! REVOLUTION! Look at the bright side my dearest friends and patriots, now we can destroy these liberals and this fucked government. Sometimes you need rock bottom for things to change. This is absolutely disheartening but don’t give in. There is bravery in our hearts and our minds are sharp we can watch them implode. BNI DO NOT give up! I forbid it. Good will conquer evil. It’s meant to be this way for whatever reason so stay strong. Let’s pray.

  28. This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end
    Of our elaborate plans, the end
    Of everything that stands, the end
    No safety or surprise, the end
    I’ll never look into your eyes…again
    Can you picture what will be
    So limitless and free
    Desperately in need…of some…stranger’s hand
    In a…desperate land
    Lost in a Roman…wilderness of pain
    And all the children are insane
    All the children are insane
    Waiting for the summer rain, yeah
    There’s danger on the edge of town
    Ride the King’s highway, baby
    Weird scenes inside the gold mine
    Ride the highway west, baby
    Ride the snake, ride the snake
    To the lake, the ancient lake, baby
    The snake is long, seven miles
    Ride the snake…he’s old, and his skin is cold
    The west is the best
    The west is the best
    Get here, and we’ll do the rest
    The blue bus is callin’ us
    The blue bus is callin’ us
    Driver, where you taken’ us
    The killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on
    He took a face from the ancient gallery
    And he walked on down the hall
    He went into the room where his sister lived, and…then he
    Paid a visit to his brother, and then he
    He walked on down the hall, and
    And he came to a door…and he looked inside
    Father, yes son, I want to kill you
    Mother…I want to…WAAAAAA
    C’mon baby,——— No “take a chance with us”
    C’mon baby, take a chance with us
    C’mon baby, take a chance with us
    And meet me at the back of the blue bus
    Doin’ a blue rock
    On a blue bus
    Doin’ a blue rock
    C’mon, yeah
    Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill
    This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end
    It hurts to set you free
    But you’ll never follow me
    The end of laughter and soft lies
    The end of nights we tried to die
    This is the end

      • And another one – a girl who recorded under the name ‘Saga’ – I don’t know her real name – did a beautiful but mournful song called “Ode to a Dying people”; although it was written about the muslim invasion and conquest of nations like England, Sweden, et al, the words care very apropos at this time. You can probably find the song to listen to online by a title search. Someone sent me an mp3 of it a while back. I recall part of the chorus – “If this is the way it ends, if this is the way the race ends, if this is the way it ends, then I can’t bear to witness it…” Check it out if you can find it.

  29. ”These are the times that try mens soul”…again, we will always have to fight for our freedoms in every generation and this is our time!!!!! these are words we should use ourselves…RESSIST, DEFY,ADVANCE…It ain’t over we ain’t licked and we ain’t leaving……….period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bonnie they can’t stop U, even if u have to send hand written notes , U will do do that , ”They cant stop the signal”

  30. I am no longer a proud American. I can be proud of what America once was and stood for but no longer. The president of this country does NOT represent me, and it seems that more than half the country think completely differently than me. I wouldn’t want to see any family members or friends serve in this military either, what for? To get killed fighting for the rights of muzzie invaders and non appreciative liberal wimps? It is like living in a foriegn country now, one that I don’t really like but am used to so I stay.

  31. I cried last night… I had hope… I couldn’t sleep last night… I’m so depressed right now, it hurts… I went outside to smoke a cig alot, because I didn’t want my wife to see me cry.
    But, luckily, I had planned on this. I’m homeless either way(now) so it don’t matter.
    I plan on going to WA state, it’s mountainous with lots of forestry, plenty of places to hide. I’m part indian and have lived on a indian reservation before(crow/cheyenne) so that takes care of the survival tips n tricks aspect. I’m also an Ex-Navy engineer, so I can build things, lots of things. So that takes care of having a greater than caveman survival experience… AKA “civilized” in my own little world.
    Long term plan is to build or buy a boat(a big seaworthy one too). Navy experience kicks in there too. New Zealand is an optimal land fall target(very christian, but british, possible PC problems, but meh), but just about anywhere in that area will do, deserted island in the pacific just in case because they are absolutely beautiful by the way.
    Light fires 1A boiler, prepare to warm up the main engine.
    Set the maneuvering watch at 0800…….

  32. BNI You are doing fantastic job!
    Who can be better than You?!
    Don’t give up and fight on!
    We lost the battle but the war still goes on…

    I’m proud of You.

    Your polish reader Maciej

    Ps.Sorry for mistakes – my english is very average and I use google translator to help

  33. When I woke up this morning and began my daily routine the word Ichabod started coming to me over and over. I believe this is the word for America today. This is not an indictment but it is the state of the union.

    1 Samuel 4:21 And she named the child Ichabod, saying, The glory is departed from Israel: because the ark of God was taken, and because of her father in law and her husband.

    Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible
    The glory is departed from Israel; the words literally mean, Where is the glory? And indeed where was it, when the armies of Israel were defeated by the Philistines, the priests slain, the supreme magistrate dead, and the ark of the Lord taken?

    Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary
    4:19-22 The wife of Phinehas seems to have been a person of piety. Her dying regret was for the loss of the ark, and the departure of the glory from Israel. What is any earthly joy to her that feels herself dying? No joy but that which is spiritual and divine, will stand in any stead then; death is too serious a thing to admit the relish of any earthly joy. What is it to one that is lamenting the loss of the ark? What pleasure can we take in our creature comforts and enjoyments, if we want God’s word and ordinances; especially if we want the comfort of his gracious presence, and the light of his countenance? If God go, the glory goes, and all good goes. Woe unto us if he depart! But though the glory is withdrawn from one sinful nation, city, or village after another, yet it shall never depart altogether, but shines forth in one place when eclipsed in another.

  34. Make no mistake, my brothers and sisters: this horrid pig with shoes, this lying sheister fraud, is His judgment upon America. We have kicked God out of every facet of our society, despite the fact that He has blessed this nation more than any nation on earth. We have embraced what God has declared an abomination.
    God has given us a leader we deserve–not want–but deserve.
    God will call His Ekklesia home very soon. I hope those left behind will enjoy reaping what they have sown. May God have mercy on us. I am so done.

    BNI, thank you so much for this site. You are truly a voice that cries in the wilderness. God bless you truly.

  35. I like everyone am heartsick that this dangerous Illegal Fraud is back in. I warned everyone Romney was put on Repub ticket to put Obama back in and got attacked
    for it.

    As a Birther its not like I wanted Obama to win, my point was Romney is an east coast Liberal strangely ending up on Repub Ticket. The RNC has become the gutless, spineless Cowards within or none of this would have happened.

    Romney came out viciously attacking Newt during the primaries, yet gave O’Fraud
    the soft shoe treatment. YOU CANT FIGHT COMMUNISTS WITH ^%$#ING Q-TIPS

    I share the concerns of many and you can bet they will go after the internet.

    The Benghazi Massacre and slaughter of 4 Americans would have been enough to arrest Obama, Hillary, Panetta in times past. But now they go back in WH.

    Hillary is done politically, and dont look to the %$#@ Neutered Cowards in Congress to Impeach this Illegal Fraud and his comrades. & the Fox is
    guarding the Hen House with the investigation being turned over to Holder.
    Yeah right. This is the most corrupt, dangerous bunch of criminal filth
    that has ever been in office. Chicago Gangstas

    The only thing I stress to everyone is keep fighting. The greatest weapon Satan
    has is to make you feel defeated. Do not give up.

    And remember, we would rather fight than switch.

    I have friends who have moved to foreign countries and if and when it hits the fan
    they are the outsiders and will be treated as such. They are not happy in Equador,
    Costa Rica, and parts of Europe.

    Our forefathers had to fight like everything and that fight will continue until Christ comes, and he may come sooner than we think.

    God Bless America and God Bless Her Patriots who stand true.

    Never, ever give up NEVER

  36. Oh my G-d! Oh my G-d! One, I woke up- damn-it! Two, it wasn’t a nightmare- G-d help us all!! And three, I now realize that the States has more whiney-assed gimme-gimme libtards then I ever realized and they sadly outnumber the rational, logical, hardworking Americans we loved, respected and admired for so long!!

    The majority voting oboohoo are leaches, waiting for their next government handout… I hope that free cell phone was worth it!! ‘he’ had 4 years to rig this election… inundate the states with immigrants, legalize the illegals, stop laws requiring i.d. to vote, and probably countless other underhanded (chicago-thug style) things we have yet to find out about! All those who voted oboohoo- THANKS A LOT! I sincerely hope you choke on your ffukkin’ food stamps!!

    oboohoo…. you are one slimy, evil, son of a muzzscum-lovin’ whore!! you will go down in history as the world’s greatest evil bastard beating hitler by a landslide…. the downfall of the west IS on your shoulders! A pox on your house and every curse known to man on your head!! I hope you, no…. I KNOW you will rot in hell along with your libtard minions and muzzslime cronies! Hatred, abhorrence, revulsion, repugnance, don’t come close to how I feel about you and your twisted, evil cohorts and knowing I have to share the same air you breath and planet you rule makes me sick to my stomach!!!!!!

    Where’s a meteor when we need one?! I’d rather the whole world was destroyed in one fell swoop then have to watch the devastation about to be put upon us …….

  37. @Bonni, & Gang,
    The time has come to ” BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES, ” Thats what NOAH did when the storm came , and look where he landed on the top, TOP of a mountain , Do not be sad be of joyous heart , It has been foretold .
    It is the people like us that know the truth so do not let it slide from your memory ,
    Good luck ,and if this site goes down , With GODS speed it will rise again from the ashes like a PHOENIX.
    God Bless.

  38. This is truly a terrible day for the free world. Blogs like this are now more important than ever.

    Things might have to get worse before they get better.

  39. We must remember that GOD, used Pharaoh, to complete HIS plan
    for the Children if ISRAEL. It is very hard but we must remember
    our GOD, the true GOD is Still in charge. Our ways are not HIS ways.

  40. My deepest regrets to all intelligent Americans. Over 70% of the American Jews voted for him also. He will destroy the American economy and those who did vote for him will eventually realize their mistake.,

  41. Repost from Iowntheworld
    Abigail Adams

    What in the hell is the matter with us?! I’ll bet not one single person here had to slip between the hedgerows on their way to a poll or the mailbox or the ballot drop box in order to avoid being shot. Not a single person had to say good-bye to husbands, brothers, sons as they marched off to join the Continental Army. And here we are, all high-blown and full of borrowed pride from people who fought the two bloodiest, most costly wars on this continent — the War of Independence and the Civil War. The first lasted 10 years!

    Spend the rest of the night licking our wounds but then know that we are in it to win it no matter how long it takes because the alternative is not an option and it never will be. To accept an alternative is to accept that we should all just grow a tail and swing from the trees again. Losing this is just not about material wealth, it’s not even about “jobs”. It’s about humanity’s future — man’s freedom. Our Founders understood this. Not one of them said “It’s the economy, stupid.” No. They were quoting Cicero and Cincinnatus and writing under the name of Publius. Maybe our prayers have not been answered tonight because our prayers were considered a trifle, too small to make a difference. Too stingy, too parochial and unworthy of what we are really cut out for. We are Americans! Does it mean anything more to us than merely painting the flag on our faces and holding up our index fingers?

    John and Abigail Adams, two people who would have rather cut their arms off than to be separated from each other, sacrificed the best 10 years of their prime away from each other and, at times, away from their beloved children because they believed in the idea of America. Individuals and families have cast off from distant shores with no idea what they would find here in America; with nothing more than the ability of their hands and the hope in their hearts.

    Who is soft? The Leftists? Or is it us who have gone all soft and lazy? One piffling election and we’re ready to take cover, run like lemmings to this or that state or even move out of the country. Oh woe is us who had the great misfortune of living the bulk of our lives in a fairy tale of ease, comfort and strawberries in January. God told us that in this life we would have suffering. Take that suffering and make it our furnace in which we burn out the slag, inflict the blows of the hammer to make it a useful thing and make it a whet stone against which we become hardened and sharp to scythe the enemies of man’s freedom.

    We’ve just come through the first of many battles. The war has not yet been lost. We must fight on, those of us who can, because our children have been weened in our enemies’ camps. We are the only people left on earth who, while still living, saw and understood that it was slipping away. And so, no matter whatever other vocation in which we are engaged, we are no less placed in history as Adams, Washington, Jefferson, Green, Madison, Franklin, Jay and the rest, to understand the moment and what we must do. And in this case we are blessed with a road map.

    Buck up and be of good cheer. All is not lost.
    This is for you Bonnie

  42. Goodbye BNI you and all sites like yours will be closed down. Goodbye free internet, conservative talk radio, Fox news, Glenn Beck, the first & second amendments before long the entire Constitution. Hello value added tax (VAT) an additional sin tax on alcohol, cigarettes, liquor, non-electric cars, look forward $6.00 dollar a gallon gas at a minimum. Say goodbye to your choice of doctors, if you’re retired on a fixed income like me, good bye to any security in living if I become ill. Say hello to frequent power outages created by 322 more coal fired power plants being shut down. Goodbye to our military might goodbye to my VA medical coverage. Welcome aboard 25,000 new IRS agents to make sure we all pay our taxes and we have mandatory health care.
    A final goodbye to America, we the people have now proven ourselves to stupid, to lazy, totally incapable and 100% unworthy to live in a democratic republic.

  43. Michelle Bachman has been re elected according to AP. Nevada’s Senate race is for the Republican candidate. 2014 is the year to take the senate. Its an off year. Less people vote because no presidential contest. The GOP needs to get its act together for 2014 and 2016. If Lugar hadn’t been knocked off, that race would have been a GOP win. Missouri is another point. Until Akin ran off his mouth about rape and pregnancy that was a safe GOP race. Self inflicted wounds. There is a need for some kind of a process to vet people running for Senate, President, Governor in competive races. I’m not suggesting ideological vetting but something along the line of a background check plus an evaluation of the person’s ability to hold their own absent a teleprompter. Allen West and Sarah Palin are two to look out for. hillery will be 69 in 2016 and even more hidious looking but she will try anyway.

  44. When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

    Ladies and Gentlemen of America it took years to get this country to the gross standards we are at now. For decades we have lived and breathed in all things corrupt and WRONG!

    The moral standards of people in America is below curbside. The only thing our brethren care about is the superficial and depraved entertainment brought to us by reality TV and facebook. There is nothing of substance left anymore and between that and press 1 for english, it’s like we are living in the days of the Tower of Babble.

    We did this to ourselves by political correctness and tolerance. By listening to the empty head OPRAH and letting the mother of one gosh darn kid tell us to
    allow the village to raise our children.

    We allowed our elected to deregulate markets so that people without a pot to piss in could buy a home and have the American dream. When the village starting raising the kids, we created more programs paid for out of our wallets.

    When you have programs that people eventually come to depend upon, you have earned your deep rooted voter base.

    When everyone is feasting from the corrupt trough, espeially our elected officials, there is no accountability. When this goes on for years and years, you get to where we are today. A morally bankrupt America.

    The only things that last in life are the good things. The rot that comes from the vile nature of the “Snooky’s” of the world doesn’t last.

    The election yesterday was a complete farce, we know that. Still, there are more of us hard core die hard Americans than those cheaters who rigged the results.

    We are good! We have the staying power! Bonni, where there is a will, there is a way.

    There is virtue in struggling. Fighting for something you love, you desire, living a good clean life, makes everything taste so much better.

    So we lost.

    But I got you, you got me, we have each other here. Look at the husband lying next to you, tough as hell!


    Today, we decided to separate the liars and cheaters from the rest of us. We decide to focus on the good. We shall speak out the evil when we see it and keep the faith of our founding fathers.

    I saw what was rallied by Romney and Ryan. I say, monopolize on that! That spirit is real, that is the America we voted for. It was real, legal citizens of our country, together, you all saw it too.

    Now pull yourselves together, we saw what we needed to see. That spirit of America is all we need to focus on. The liars and cheaters do things that inspire wrong headedness and eventually bring itself to it’s own ruin.

    World War II was hell on earth, but ONE NATION UNDER GOD came in and beat hell back to whence it came! Are you ready? ONE NATION UNDER GOD is calling again!

  45. Winners never quit, and quitters never win. Stop whining and keep fighting the Marxist, Muslim loving asshole to the bitter end. Besides, nothing is forever. Not even Obama.


  47. Any Catholics that voted for this evil should be excumunicatted there support for this affront to to God shame on all of you and I pray for your dark twisted souls for the lord our God will not spare his wrath on those who supported the wholesale murder of his greatest gift to us the mirucale of child birth,now you can thank yourselves for ongoing persucation of our church and wider christian family our judeao christian heritage and why of life will soon be a thing of the past because of you and the evil alliance you worship shame shame shame on you all

  48. Wow im just speechless,altough im not american my heart is so heavy right now looks like America is lost to gay loving abortionist anti christian marxist with people without morals our any shred of decency have one the day God help america and all decent moral right thinking people of consience your all in my prayers FUCK YOU OBAMAS SATANIC AMERICA

  49. C’mon American BNI’ers u cant let this election result pull you down. You guys are known around the world as proud Paitriotics of your country. You got through your own civil war, if you ancestors got through that so can you. I know that you have 4 more years of Obumma and Co. unfortunately the moronic fools who voted him in have a hard lesson to learn Karma will sort them out. These wefare whore Lefties have no idea what they have done and they will pay. I have faith in America you will get back up on your feet, many others who voted Romney feel the same. The tide will change just will take time and the mor onic fools are in for a ride of thei lives!! at least you know what they are in for and no surprises.
    Bonnie chin up! your efforts on this blog are amazing and I admire your ‘cajones’ :) Myself and others here Down Under are thinking of you. If your looking for a change of scenary for awhile you are welcome to relocate here we would be happy to have you here. Best advice to get here easily get in a boat and find your way here and to get in here much easier put on a Baghead and hey presto instant access!!! lol..
    p.s. that applies for other BNI’ers feel free to.come here to as we love Americans!

  50. Lets face it.

    Majority of people are more concerned about their welfare , not about islamic jihad , not about islamic infiltration , not about what happens in egypt , eeyraq, afganistan or israel.

    Mitt Romney represents the corporate lobby (the 5%) , not the 90% who are vulnerable and he plans to increase tax on them . Romney wants to reduce tax on rich and increase it on middle class and the poor . His bluff about 47% who don’t pay tax vote for obama was just as hollow bcoz he himself is known tax dodger. So maybe as per his theory he must have voted for obama.

    As for the myth that 47% people don’t pay tax , its just crap. Everyone who buys a product that is taxed pays tax. Even the poor.

    Get a candidate who can speak for the 90% of the people not just a corporate honcho who represents 5%.

    or ….the next election is going to be no different..

    Allen west lost bcoz there was concereted effort by the CAIR gangs but no
    conservative effort to counter that..

    And Bonnie, don’t go overboard on muslims or obama , just stick to facts . And cheer up. Its not the end of the world.

  51. Well, Im always late in commenting here. But I want to throw my 2 cents in.

    My American flag is coming down, and going in the trash. This is no longer my
    country. America, land of the muslims, commies, socialists, gay marriage exceptance, abortion on demand lovers, haters of good, lovers of evil, the give me, give me people. “The people cried out WE WANT BARABAS”, and they crucified Jesus.

    I had 2 wine coolers, and ate about 2000 calories watching this go down last nite.:(

    The shit is diffenitly going to hit the fan now.

  52. I am so sorry… how terrible, how did he do it ? Voting fraud?, I cannot believe so many of your country men/women could vote for him after 4 disastrous years ?! How depressing, my condolences to all my patriotic brave American friends, you deserved better.

  53. Let us not whimper and let us not whine, rivers of crocodile tears rolling down our cheeks……….virtually every one of us put personal comfort, personal gain, fear, cowardice, indifference, ignorance, ingratitude and gut wrenching apathy ahead of that which birthed and nourished us….ahead of our country….our culture….our civilization.

    How many of us….how many of you….and please forgive my juvenile provocation…..

    How many of you wrote 1000 letters to Members of Parliament and Congressmen?….wrote 500?….wrote…100…..wrote 10?……wrote one?….just bloody one?

    How many of you, in one night, called every one of your elected representatives and left a message with your real name and real address and real telephone numbers?….called half of them?….called 1/4 of them?…….called just one of them?

    How many of you wrote letters to local muslim groups with your real names, real addresses and faxed them to 500 muslim groups?……to 200 muslim groups?….to 10 muslim groups?…….to 1 muslim group?

    How many of you organized public information campaigns, petitions or rallies to oppose the Leftists and their islamic lapdogs?……..or even showed up as a curious bystander at one single political rally?

    How many of you loudly and at every opportunity took muslims to task publicly for their lies and aggression?…….took 1 single muslim to task?

    How many of you walked in to your schools and demanded to know why the teachers of your grandchildren, great grandchildren and children are being poisoned by islam?…….made one little telephone call?

    How many of you, after an evenings dinner, gathered your children around you to read to them, to show them pictures and videos, to ask them questions and answer theirs, to provoke thought… educate them as to the horrific and murderous lunacy of islam?

    How many of you simply primp and preen and posture and puff up to ridiculous proportions behind the safety of internet anonymity, leaving brave little comments under funny nicknames, using funny little false names, and proxy servers and funny little avatars…….shitting your pants out of fear……made so brave, made 10 feet tall by being out of range…….ahhhh yes…..the property of generals…..the bravery of being out of range.

    And now you posture and wallow in melodramatics, from the comfort of armchairs, haunting internet chat-rooms……..and talk of “hugs” and “bravery”……how utterly revolting…….how American……how Canadian…….how Western……

    How long the fall from grace that has been America’s slide into a sea of insolent apathy and criminal ignorance.

    How miserable as America’s son’s and daughter’s watch in abject shame and humiliation as their president licks the boots of terrorists and human garbage.

    How the legions of brave and honourable citizens, of good men and women who struggled tirelessly, who fought and died, who championed the cause of the United States of America, must turn away in shame at the sight of the America today, a shadow of her former self, little more than an obscene joke.

    And now the road ahead opens up and we can see what awaits us…..

    I am a miserable excuse for a student of history, but, that said, I can see the rivers of blood and hear the wailing of widows, the handiwork of tyrants, echo down through the centuries.

    Do not think that once Obama makes his selections to fill the 3 awaiting chairs on the Supreme Court of the United States of America, that the 1st and 2nd amendments will stand for long….and in the wake of their destruction comes the silencing of dissent in all its forms.

    Do not think you are too good to be arrested in America for your political views, do not think you are too good to be among thousands who grace the first American gulags, do not think you are too good to be shot in the back of the head by American ” Homeland Security Forces” for opposing a tyrant.

    Do not make the mistake made by the tens of millions who, fatally,underestimated the resolve of Stalin, of Hitler, of Mussolini, of Pol Pot, of Chairman Mao… not underestimate the seething malignancy in Washington DC who wrap themselves in the American flag but behind their backs are daggers held in clenched fists.

    No doubt you seek answers……..go to the mirror and there, ironically, you will find not only the cause of, but also, the solution to, America’s grief……….go to the military graveyards across America and listen to the voices of those who gave you your freedom, listen to their words……visit the old war memorials and battlefields and hear the anguished cries of those who poured sweat and spilled blood in the forging of a great nation… your history books, read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and hear the voices of those who bled rivers and sacrificed all they had to set you free……..listen, truly listen, to the words of the national anthem and be moved……..then, in the quiet of the evening, look into the faces of your loved ones and find the unspoken expectation of your strength and courage in not only their defence but in defence of the greatest republic in the history of Mankind…….and then look towards the heavens and feel the warmth of His smile as he steels your spine, strengthens your stride and thickens the blood that courses through your veins…….stand on the great plains of this nation, in sight of the majestic Rocky mountains, stand as the morning sun comes up and watch as the Stars and Stripes snaps and flutters in the early morning breeze……..and in that……in all of that…….you will have your answer to the strangled cries of that which birthed and nourished you, the cries of your nation, on her knees, with the knives of the treasonous and treacherous at her throat……..wrap your arms around her, protect her………..she needs you now more than ever.

    But you will not……..and why…….because you are,save for a few honorable men and women, self serving cowards…..each and every one……and in spite of my words that goad and sting you….you will simply turn away from the injurious obscenity of tonight’s election……and drown your sorrows in a sitcom and a beer….shaking your fists at the talking heads that gleefully bring you news of your demise…… utterly wretched……

    Allow me a few more words………

    As this world develops and moves forward, the gains we have made with respect to technology and the intellectuality and humanity of mankind have been nothing less than stunning and exponential……..but for as much as we have gained we have also lost an equal amount in depth of character…..we have lost the power of original thought….we have lost the desire to remain the plotters of our own lives……….and we are much less for that……evidence how just how much less found in tonight’s election….

    We have given over stewardship of our lives, nay stewardship of the two greatest nations in the history of Mankind, to the criminally socialist, the self absorbed, the sneeringly Liberal, to the sociopaths, self loathers and to those whose hatred of freedom and the entrepreneurial spirit are the very definition of their every waking moment.

    We have placed our children, the very future and foundation of our democracy, in the hands of the mediocre, the perverse, the incompetent and the uninspired and allowed them to whisper the blackest of lies in their ears…..lies that pave the road to our nation’s ruin as new generations wander our streets, functionally illiterate, historically crippled with a seething hatred of both self and the values, ethics and courage which provided our country and countless generations, light and stewardship through the darkest of times…..

    We have allowed a socialist Mainstream Media to engage in a nonstop campaign of misinformation and propaganda that obscures the ominous threats we face both as a nation and a culture…….we have allowed the media to offer us fear mongering “experts” like David Suzuki and Al Gore, conniving grifters who are only to willing to tell us of the latest junk science, polls, trends and surveys, the methodology of which is never questioned, in order to, stroke by stroke, destroy our resource and energy independence…..we have allowed mainstream media to stoke a burning desire for the superficial and useless……..that which gave us strength and independence, our manufacturing base, has been reduced to dust rendering us solely dependent on others for even the simplest of goods……..we have allowed socialists to force us to remain dependent on the muslims, the very definition of murderously inhumane and brutal, for our energy needs whilst our very independence lays at our feet.

    We have allowed a self serving bureaucracy and their enablers, the capricious, vain and self serving politicians to destroy what we took over four centuries to build. We have allowed criminals to rule our streets and our prisons and we have allowed our courts and the legions of predatory and parasitic lawyers to enthusiastically facilitate the same. This, done in the name of progressive enlightenment, political correctness and multiculturalism.

    We have lost the election, the free world hangs in the balance, we stand on the edge of the blackest abyss………in order to step back from that abyss the time has come to clean from our schools, from our courts, from our media and from the halls of government those whose singular focus is the complete annihilation of Canada and the United States. The time has come to once again chart our own destiny….to decide what is good both for ourselves and families and for our country……the time has come to relegate the Obama’s, Clinton’s, Suzuki’s, the Trudeau’s, the Davies’s to their rightful place…..the lunatic fringe…..where they can provide us with occasional comedic relief but from whence they can never again chart our course.

    We need to seek out those amongst us whose very definition of life harkens back to a time of strength and independence, we need to seek them out…these slowly dying embers in a dwindling legion, and breathe into them the desire to wrest from the hands of charlatans and grifters, the heart and soul of our nations….we need to do this now…..for if we do not…if we wait till they have been crushed into dust by the Obama’s, the Suzuki’s and Trudeau’s…..we will have missed our last chance….and when gone they will be greatly missed…and we…….as a world, as a culture and as a democracy, will be so much the less for their absence.

    What we are experiencing now is what our forefathers experienced with Hitler…..we are now as we were in 1935 in Europe….but this time the fight is on our front door……it is on every continent…….storm clouds are gathering on the horizon and they are a mirror image of that which devoured millions……we have a choice and little time in which to decide…….we must chose between everything we hold dear, everything our forefathers placed in our safekeeping, we must chose between human rights, democracy, freedom, love of life and the rule of law or the vulgar filth that will consume us all…..each and every one……

    Tonight, as you surround yourselves with friends and family…….I want you to go to the washroom and close the door behind you…….I want you to look into the mirror and into the eyes of the person in whose hands sits the fate of Western civilization……and then I want you to make a choice…..the right choice….if not for yourselves then make it for the countless generations to come, countless generations who depend on you to find your voices and to find your courage, countless generations who count on you to not let the light of civilization be put out by the smothering cloak of socialism and Islam……The Religion of Peace……

    To each and every one of you I say this: We were given a gift by our forefathers………we have betrayed their trust………we have broken a sacred bond…….and as sure as I draw breath into my body I know that at the breaking of the dawn ‘or the fields of Flanders can be heard the stirring of angered restless souls……They are your fathers, brothers, grandfathers and the like, and never, in their wildest dreams, in their dying moments, as, with shattered bodies, as their tenacious grip on life loosened and failed, thought for a moment their gift to you of freedom, would be met with such obscene mockery, such ingratitude, such injurious and miserable treachery……..I know that they turn away in disgust, sickened by the knowledge that honour can only be found amongst their brothers with whom they perished and not…….for whom they perished.

    And so, in closing I leave you with a quote from “The Devils Advocate” and with a few questions that beg answers……

    Where is your line in the sand?

    What will you do once that line is crossed?

    What does your country mean to you?

    Will you pick up a weapon and stand a post in the face of tyranny?

    Can you look your wives and children in the face knowing the depths of your cowardice and timidity?

    Are words like honour, duty, country and remembrance just cinematic punch lines?

    What will your answer be when you are asked to join the legions that form to remove treason and treachery from the White House?

    Food for thought…………on this coming Remembrance Day………

    …..and while you read the quote below, you can click this link and listen to a little girl play “Taps”…..a rather fitting piece of music considering the losses of this November 6, 2012


    “Evil is among us because we have invited that evil. We suffered much but we brought upon our own sufferings. The Devil would have had no power over us but we gave him that power. We became bondsman because we willed it; we are in despair because we brought despair to our neighbours. We died because we acquiesced in death. We were silent when we should have spoken in behalf of our brothers. For a moments security we looked away when our neighbour was robbed. In behalf of a false peace we postponed a war with evil when we should have not been moved from our places. At every step we compromised, when we knew there is no compromise with hell. If the Devil is guilty we are not guiltless. In his condemnation we are included. In a judgment against him we are also judged. May God have mercy on our souls.”

    -Taylor Caldwell

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    • Don I not only wrote and called I faxed for over 28,000 minutes in one month. I received many varied responses mostly good. a few from out mohommedist reps. not so friendly. So I know I got to them.
      Don I not only wrote and called, I faxed for over 28,000 minutes in one month. I received many varied responses mostly good. A few from our mohommedist Reps. not so friendly. So I know I got to them.
      I have written letters to congress about the open homosexual policy in the Military during the Clintons first year and as a result don’t ask don’t tell. My letter which was sheperdized in the law books showed that Homosexuality is Unconstitutional according to the constitution. This letter was held up on the floor of Congress as proof of Unconstitutionality of Homosexuality.
      So yelling does work.
      It is just now being overturned because we the People have not demanded the impeachment of the Politicos that disregard the Constitution.
      It all helps. So write, Call Fax and set up meeting with your congressmen and get them off their collective asses.

  54. I do not think Obama can appoint 3 replacements for conservative Judges to the Supreme Court. Scalia and Kennedy are the oldest in that bloc, born in 1936. Ginsberg is older, 1933 but replacing her would not change the Court. Thomas, Roberts and Alito are at least a decade younger. Considering their access to top scale medical care, barring cancer or accident, they should be able to wait out obama.

  55. Bonni, watch your ‘6’.
    The rest of us need our “head on a swivel” as well.
    Welcome to North Korea!
    See you in the Rocky Mountains – –
    Gray Dog Six – – out.

  56. Yes! tonight WAS a VERY BIG disappointment!! And I have warned Americans for many, many years that this was coming, but no one believed me! BUT…if in case anyone should think I’ going to take this lying down, they have to think again!!!
    My GOD is still on His throne and He is NOT going to be defeated or mocked!
    I take a stand along like with Joshua: I on’ty know what you’re going to do, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!
    We are NOT outnumbered! The votes are nearly equal in number, so, if we stick together and fight this with God’s help we CAN turn tings around! This is not the time to throw in the towel – this is the time to stand up and say/continue to say: “You will NOT rob us of our inheritance/gift from God!”
    If the millions of people who voted to remove this arrogant person from office, will determine to submit to God and His Son Jesus, ask for His forgiveness for our sinsd, He promised that He would heal our land! Put your trust in God’s promises because He is faithful and cannot lie; contrary to that person in the Oval Office who cannot speak the truth! Do not put more faith the threats of the the enemy who wants to rule by fear and intimidation one!
    My family was part of the resistance movement under Hitler’s reign and I am determined to continue the family tradition!
    Join me in this fight for our freedom and our country! If everybody on this post will join me, we will have made a good start and if we encouraged others, who are also upset with tonight’s outcome to join, we soon will have a VERY vocal army!
    Come on join me! Don’t jump ship – that is not without consequences either!
    I’m not Joan of Arc, but my given name – interpreted – is: Valiant Warrior and I intend to put it to good use in fighting for this country!!!!

  57. sorry to hear this bad news bonni. obama is now going to grow 10 times worse in this second term. what have the 53% of people of america done to the entire population of your once free country. my heart aches for your future..

  58. I too am disappointed. But I think we lost this one only because of timing. Even a few more days and the Benghazi details would have swayed things. And I don’t think all is necessarily lost yet. So often we see the great mysterious hand of God intervene with something none of us could have imagined. I am greatly heartened by France’s GI youth movement that has spread to Germany and elsewhere in Europe and that I am sure will be echoed and joined by American youth who, despite what people think and say, were born free and won’t lie down for oppression much longer. And their opinions count. Their numbers are great and they have influence. They are a generation that no longer get their information from CNN but from Youtube and sites like BNI. And as fast as the system shuts their Internet communications down, they will write new code to re-establish the resistance. I think a new wave of global youth resistance is on its way the like of which we have not seen since the last world war. It may be a bloody conflict but not one we will simply roll over for and let the enemy win. Watch your back, B., but don’t give up. Your influence is like the iceberg — what we see is only its tip.

  59. Tehran or Damascus looks a safe haven, with their commander in chief starting another tern with his hands on the nuclear button. Freedom has flown, now for the real O’bomber!!!

  60. I think they cheated…. I feel it in my bones, bho was never going to leave office. And yes they are waiting like hyenas and jackals to chew on our bones. I can’t stop weeping for the future of our once great Nation and my sons future. They will come for us, for me and my family, because I can not turn my back on my principles and I will always open my mouth and curse evil. I blame all those who voted him into office the 1st time around and I hold in contempt those who voted to let him stay. I barely make it thru these last 4 years, I don’t know how I will make thru these next 4…. Thank you BNI for all you have done. May God have mercy on us all.

  61. I was a poll watcher last evening, so missed out on all the hoopla – and then gasps of incredulity – until I got back in my car and turned on the radio for the ride home. At that moment (around 9:30 PM/PT or so), I heard the awful words that Ovomit had 303 electoral votes and, of course, had won the election. (At that time, the popular vote was still neck & neck – and Romney even seemed to be leading.)

    I was in total shock, as I actually thought that Romney would pull it off; then I was mad, then sad – and then, just wanted to cry!

    Finally, like a bolt of lightening, it hit me: Namely, at a very DEAR and AWFUL cost, at last, the arrogant & self-serving RINOS & GOP Elites were politically DEAD in the water! They had produced loser number what? Ford, Dole, Bush 41, McCain – all LOSERS!! They had FINALLY forfeited the right to dictate to the people and the Conservative base which false god they had to worship (albeit in vein). They had also lost any last ounce of credibility they ever had – and they took the country down with them in the process.

    I was one who voted AGAINST Obama and not FOR Romney, but it was ABO this time – and Romney was an OK candidate (in fact, the hand-picked “his-turn-next” loser from the RNC/GOP Establishment) to get that fraud bastard boy king out of the White House!

    So now, I’m channeling my energies into shoveling the last bit of dirt on the casket of the GOP RINO bunch of losers, KILL off the old GOP and rebuild the Party from the ground up as a Constitutionally Conservative political party (if that’s not an oxymoron!).

    Furthermore, I’ll join millions of my fellow & sister Conservatives – all of whom share the values that are espoused on this wonderful website! – and look for a REAL Conservative and REAL leader to emerge, one behind whom we can throw our full support as we gear up for the next Battle for America in 2016. And we won’t be quiet about it either – NOR will we be shy about criticizng Ovomit every day that his sorry ass defiles the Oval Office!

  62. Something just isn’t right… and is there a Christian nation that’s safe to move to!? I am honestly sick to my stomach right now.

  63. I want to thank the citizens of other countries for standing with us. I want to thank all our Vets who gave their lives for the love of our country. We kicked our morals out of our country, and now we are paying dearly for that. God have mercy on America’s soul.

  64. Bonni, when I saw that the O had one, I texted the fact to a dear friend of mine. He simply texted back to me “Allahu Akbar”, which pretty well sums it up. You can count on the fact there was a lot of Muslims voting for him. Them and the idiocracy with their love of free stuff put him over the line methinks.

  65. What’s wrong with you AMERICANS !!!!
    christians in egypt are dying because of the muslim brotherhood that OBAMA sh*t just supported to gain control in egypt !

  66. America is now totally fucked – or will be!
    Double the debt of Bush in 4 years, far more US servicemen killed in 4 years under Obummer than 8 years under Bush, 43 million in poverty, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!
    Buy more guns & ammo, stock up on food & gas supplies.
    You poor bastards are gonna be well & truly fucked!

  67. I hear that Obama can’t be impeached because according to the Constitution he is not qualified to be President. Therefore he a Usurper of power. Most difficult to remove, because the masses voted him in. Illegally, but still voted him in.

  68. What about Brazil? I read the economy is booming there now. Portuguese isn’t hard to learn. The Muslims are not strong there yet, and the Brazilians are not politically correct, so there’s hope. If I was young and healthy, I’d go there myself.

  69. America…..the chair… the white house’s….’ oval office ” occupied by …Abe Lincoln , …….JFK …., Ron Reagan …..!!! for the last four years and four more to come by an ” Outsider “….to the Great American ideology…..very sad…indeed..

  70. Churchill’s best speech was, never, never, never give up. That was at the point where it looked like all was lost to the germans under hitler. We will never, never give up and we need people like you BNI to keep heart and to never give up too. All is not lost. We can pulll back from the brink. The motto for the mariines is Semper Fi. Forever faithful. Tommorrow is another day BNI. God bless you and your continued efforts to fight the evils of islam. Do not let cair win. Semper Fi. Together we are strong. We won the popular vote. In 4 years we will have the win at the W house and the senate too.

      • PLEASE, PLEASE keep this blog going as long as you can. I do know that as soon as I post this message my next move is going to be blocking and banning everyone on my email list who I know backed this POS impostor either in thought, word, or deed. I will also block or ban everyone I know who was against this POS who did not take the time to register and/or vote in this election. There will be anarchy in our nation, trust no one. Make sure you arm yourselves, I already have.

      • Bonnie,
        No one goes to my blog, but I’m in the process of adding your external links with the title “Links from Bare Naked Islam” in case your blog gets banned. God forbid it. I consider your blog like a hub where you can get what’s really happening with Islam in the world. I will be as sad as I am today with the Obama win if your blog goes under. ;(

        My mom wrote me, “Yesterday was not a particularly wonderful day … good things happened, but so did other stuff: Like our way of life lost at polls…we’re survivors and we’ll adapt.”

        Keep the faith; keep up the fight; and save your work in a special place, because if we lose our freedom, we may be able to get it back, and we’ll need you. <3<3<3

  71. This nite remember we here are not alone we have millions of Patriots who share our thoughts and can be counted on ! Look at the vote count and tell me there are not a bunch of pissed off people thinkin the same way we are , we got no reason to back off we got right on our side we stick with our own kind we will make it

  72. At the beginning of the evening, I had hope, but forward over the cliff has happened, Obama won! Am of two minds, move to China for a job, here is one country that gives Islam the respect it deserves or support a local succession movement. Bonnie do not give up, toss back a few tonight and in a couple of days regroup, rethink and work to out think the enemy. God will be with you.

  73. It ain’t over ’til its over. As long as there are any cards in my hand I will stay in the game. Though, listening to the obanimation celebrate, I want to throw up.

      • I live in ‘Lil Saigon by the Bay not San Francisco. On the upbeat my sons have taken an interest in small arms practice with some of their friends at Church.

  74. I have long ago warned that our fight against the Left and the Mulsims would come to blood…….those warnings were dismissed as irrational and extreme.

    Now we look to the re-election of a man who has taken every opportunity to put the United States of America on her knees with here throat laid bare to her enemies.

    These next few months are the very last months of the Republic as we know it. The United States of America, as BNI pointed out, will begin to be dismantled and, with the assistance of the SCOTUS, place her in the hands of her enemies with the vast majority of her patriot citizens either dead or imprisoned. Rest assured……all….repeat all….dissent and objection will be silenced….look for the death of the 1st and 2nd Amendments and look for sweeping government controls forthcoming.

    These are the echoes of history, so oft repeated over the last 4000 years. This is the prelude to what will be a time of such incredible agony and darkness as to make the Inquisition look as little more than child’s play, and if achieved, will last far longer than the Thousand Year Reich we narrowly missed less than 7 decades ago.

    Unless I am badly mistaken, the reality, blissfully ignored, a manifest ignorance disguising sheer suicide, is that this will, sooner or later, come to blood. It must. Even the poorest student of history will tell you that the currency of conflict wrought from those seeking to crawl out from ‘neath the bootheel of a tyrant, always has been and always will be; blood.

    Do any one of you tonight, think that the events of today will be turned aside by democratic process?…..are you really that foolish?…….are you really that naive?…if you think that the totalitarian juggernaut can be stopped now….think again……do you really think a few keyboard warriors will turn aside the coming 4 years?

    The only question is now…….how each and every one of us chooses to fight this…..and if you think that involves spittle flecked computer monitors and tub-thumping….guess again…….

    On a philosophical note, there is an expression: “One’s man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”.

    Consider the following………

    Joan of Arc was considered a terrorist and a criminal.

    Gandhi was considered a terrorist and a criminal.

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was considered a terrorist and a criminal.

    The Dalai Lama is considered a terrorist and a criminal.

    The Dutch Resistance were considered terrorists and criminals.

    The French Resistance were considered terrorists and criminals.

    The American patriots during the War of Independence were considered terrorists and criminals.

    The Danish Resistance group “Holger Danske” were considered terrorists and criminals.

    Around the world and here at home, battle lines are being drawn and sooner, rather than later, you will have to decide on which side you stand.

    And so I wonder….for those citizens and elected patriots………which side do you stand on….pick a side….any side…..

    As elected politicians and senators will you acquit yourselves of the burden placed on your shoulders by millions of citizens in a civilized liberal democracy? Or will your presence in our parliaments, senates, congress and legislatures be nothing more than volumes spoken to the service of faint hearted self?

    As law enforcement officers and members of the military will you have the courage to call treason treason and treachery treachery and disobey orders and directives that are in direct opposition to our constitutions, charters and bills of rights? Or will you, in the finest traditions of the SS, the Gestapo and legions of tyrants’ henchmen; fill the jails, the gulags and mass graves with citizen patriots?

    As teachers and professors will you speak out against the revision of history and the instruction to poison the minds of our children? Or will you walk the hallowed hallways of higher learning hand in hand with venomous orators who sing the praises of barbaric savagery and socialist lunacy?

    As journalists and writers will you put pen to paper and hotly condemn mainstream media for their outrageous and insidious betrayal of the demands of truth and freedom of the press? Or will you toe the party line as one more light of a civilized and free society flickers out?

    As judges and lawyers will you allow the treasonous, the duplicitous and the corrupt to bring before you righteous, patriotic, decent men and women whose conscience demanded they speak out against the destruction of their country and the evisceration of their culture?. Or, as learned men and women, will your rage and indignation be heard by millions as you throw from our courts those black-hearted vermin who seek to apply a judicial seal of approval to the butchery of a civilized and free society?

    As citizens, will you wrest from the State and the talking heads of mass media, stewardship of your lives? Will you regain your God given power of self determination and original thought and tell those social engineers and islamists that the smearing of the excrement of Leftists, muslims and islam on your country, your traditions, your culture and your people has come to an end? Or will you shuffle off, resigned to your fate at the hands of the muhammadans whose mocking laughter rings in your ears?

    To each and every one of you, from waitresses to truck drivers, from secretaries to housewives, from mechanics to carpenters; we stand at a crossroads and the time fast approaches for a decision. Will you speak to the cause of our hard won freedoms and the furtherance of our civilized society?

    Personally, I think the battle is lost and you can hear the enemies of America, both within and without, laughing and sneering, just waiting for the opportunities that await them over the next 48 months……

    On a darker note, I think we will encounter bloodshed in America at the hands of the Obama administration that will make the Stalinist purges look like child’s play. Count on it…….mark mu words…….you can count on it.

    Food for thought………………on this…….the darkest night in 250 years.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    • Muse: Israel is not alone. The Lord God Almighty fights for Israel. God Himself said it, so that is all that needs be said.
      Take heart, Muse. God will not let them fall. He said that only if the ocean and the stars and the heavens cease to be, will Israel cease to be a nation before Him.
      Amen and Amen.

  75. I will be flying my flag (flag pole 30 feet high – a mother’s day present from my son 2003) at half mast for the next four years. I have friends in Wales and South Africa who want me to move across the pond – and I was also thinking about Israel. God have mercy on us all.

    • Like you I have ran down my Red , White , Blue this mourning will not fly it again have ran up this flag The Gadsden flag is a historical American flag with a yellow field depicting a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike. Positioned below the snake is the legend “Don’t Tread on Me”. The flag was designed by and is named after American general and statesman Christopher Gadsden. Throughout history the Gadsden flag has been used a symbol of rebellion against governmental tyranny and today stands as a powerful symbol against oppression taxation and wasteful government spending – – – This will fly over my land from this day forward goverment be damned

  76. thank you BONNI it may take awhile but ISRAEL may be battered but
    will win in the final for the rest of the west
    its time to let the dogs out its going to be a rough time ahead
    tribulation time .Its time to pray for the strength we are going
    need in the coming times ahead.BONNI you are a shining light in
    a cold dark world God Bless and keep you safe

  77. Go and watch Daniels Timeline. It’ll clear up things about to happen. He’s not a date setter, but decerns prophecy of the Bible. America really isn’t in it. Either wiped out or so much going on here that we don’t respond to the middle east turmoil. It’s long but so well worth watching.

    To understand the dark lord (or TDL) watch 2016: obama’s America. Gives you understaning of why he’s done what he’s done as well as understanding his history and what he’s going to do.

    He hates the US, Britain and Israel and obummer is going to tie her up for her enemy’s.

    Make sure you have at least 3 months food and water stored. I suspect prices on everything increasing and Gods judgement increasing.

    RIP United States of America November 6, 2012

    Molon Labe!

  78. This is what I posted at Vlad Tepes, but it bears repeating.

    So, the welfare hogs, the ignorant, the deluded, the stupid, the aliens both legal & illegal and the seditious have won and America has lost. She will never be the same again, nor as great again. This is the end of the line and a despicable legacy for American children. Your freedoms will disappear one at a time and those of European heritage and white skin color will be diluted beyond all recognition. The deficit will rise until America collapses.

    In Canada you will soon see Barry’s charming clone come to power and drag Canada down the very same toilet that Barry has used to flush away the once great United States.

    This is a day to weep, because freedom, democracy & common sense is not only ailing but now terminal.. It is the death knell for Israel. It is a victory for Russia. It is a victory for communism. It is a victory for islam. It is a victory for despots world wide. It is the end of a once great age and the beginning of the end……may he rot in hell..

  79. I can’t believe how STUPID people are. God help America now. Such a proud, great nation… This is a tragic day for freedom.
    My condolences Bonni, and to all Americans – whether they realise it now or not.
    I can only shake my head.

  80. My heart is broken for our once, free Country. Now we will be forced to watch the end of dreams. The end of hope. The end of freedom. The end of life as we once knew it. THE END OF AMERICA

  81. Are you pissed? Are you outraged? Are you frustrated? Are you disgusted? So am I, and I am doing something about it. I want you to join me in doing something about it!

    I have told my Representative & Senators that my vote in the next election cycle depends on a bill of impeachment being being introduced and passed in the house and prosecuted to conviction and removal from office in the Senate.

    I told them exactly why I made that disrespectful demand: Obamination’s TREASON. I included a link to Tom Tancredo’s litany of Obamination at WND. I specified the Benghazi Massacre.

    I sent my emails to Congress through this petition:

    Since its uploading last night, the petition has sent 60 emails. Instead of pissing, moaning & contemplating suicide, get into gear:click the link, sign the petition and send your emails. Then share the petition with everyone you know who agrees with you. Lets make this petition go viral. Lets drown Congress in demands for impeachment.

    Please don’t hold your anger in: express your outrage by disrespectfully demanding the impeachment and removal from office of every AssWhole involved in the treasonous incident above named.

    They screwed us over; we will not take it laying down! We will stand and fight, and in the long run, if there is one, we will prevail!

      • The trial is the House-Senate vote. When the House votes to Impeach it is acting as a Grand Jury or Prosecuter producing an indictment. The Senate acts as Judge/Jury. A two thirds vote of the Senate is needed to convict whereas a simple majority vote of the House is suffienct to indict.

        • Shalom,
          If anyone in our government had the integrity to do so, this would already have been done after the first act of treason by mr. Obama.
          No, we, the people can no longer hope to keep our hands clean and wit for someone else to do the job that needs doing.
          Even with a majority, the cowards and cravens that claim to be conservatives who no hold office in the House keep handing out money like a drunken sailor in a whore house.
          Were they going to do anything, anything at all, it would have begun with the defunding of Obama’s communist projects and the cessation of moneys given, gratis, to the enemies and enemy nations who swear daily to our destruction.

          Reliance on government to act within the law and for your salvation is about as foolish as it gets.

      • Bonni, at the time of this writing, 476 emails have been sent through the petition.. In the last hour, thirteen people signed it.

        The Senate is in enemy control, and extremely partisan, but if enough citizens demand it, the House will be compelled to act.

        Impeachment hearings present the best opportunity for public exposure of Obamination’s high treason.

        If the millions of voters whose piss is boiling would sign this petition and send emails to Congress, the pressure would mount up rapidly and the issue would get national media attention. For this purpose it is necessary to make the petition go viral.

        One of my blogs that usually gets less than five hits per day got 88 after I posted the petition widget. So far today it has 14 hits.

        If everyone reading this and commenting on this post would sign the petition and send it to their circle of influence by email with an exhortation to sign & forward, it could snowball.

        I will not give up. I will not submit. I will not be silent. I will persist and persevere. “Time patience and perseverance accomplish all things.”

  82. I did not turn on the news all day, until now, because I feared that Obama would win. I prayed and prayed that he would not. I’m too old and sick to move to Canada. I just hope they don’t confiscate my
    retirement savings. When America begins to crash under the monstrous debt, I’m afraid that will happen. It’s already been discussed. The freedom God gave us will be taken away, bit by
    bit. I’m afraid.

    • Pavelina yes we are in dire straits but hang in there take heart too know you are in good company here we will not abandon you ! this talk of running makes sense to some but I like you have no place to run too and those who do will just end up running again ! my ground is solid here and you are welcome to my home fire and protection

  83. I´m so sorry for Americans……and I´m so sorry for all the World no-islamic.
    America and all the World no-islamic IS FINISHED. This is a tragedy. From Spain, best wishes for all.

    • @arthur M Obama is a muslim he went to Egypt met with the muslim brotherhood and approx 45 days later the so called Arab spring began in Egypt. He will give the US, Australia and everyone else to the savages! The whole world got it in the behind tonight! The whole world is lost now!

  84. Well now what do we due ? what I ask is the love afair with this half breed muslim bastard , Take back the country my ass who the hell wants it the way they are going to serve it up , I be god damned if I will take this layin down we been robbed by this elecktorial vote , my state did not go blue dem but fat lot of good it done us were going on our own now piss on them

  85. Very Very sad, muslims and hippies will be happy…Romney should have spoken abt bengazi incident…God Bless AMERICA

    • Manny- Even if Romney had spoken about Benghazi, his supporters don’t even know what, or who, a “Ben Ghazi” is. It probably wouldn’t have mattered to anyone, except us.

  86. Let’s keep fighting & highlighting the treasonist acts. Maybe we can still get him impeached. And maybe if we keep showing islam as the barbaric cult that it is, enough people will rise up and defeat it. Aren’t our numbers growing every day?

  87. We are well and truly finished. America has become a nation of lazy, slovenly gimmee’s. People who want everything and who refuse to do anything to earn it. Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee. I am sick and tired of these entitlement slugs, scumbags, sleeze and filth putting their filthy hands in my pockets while I work 12 or more hours a day.

    Shame, shame on my state of Ohio. The only reason this state isn’t totally in the toilet is because we have a darn hard working Republican governor.

    The re-election of the non-citizen, Muslim thug has opened the door for every bumf*ck country to make us a target.
    GM will go belly up this year. Won’t that be fun? For those of who work or who are retired our tax liabilities will be increasing by the thousands come January 2013.
    I have lost faith in the American people.

    Thanks for making this open thread. Right now I want to throw up.

  88. As a person that was born and lived in Brazil all my life, there is only one thing that I can say: Welcome to the Third World.

    Obama = Lula, Dilma, Evo, Chavez… The same big gov bullshit that we have here since year 0.

    It is a sad day for americans… And I think that everything will be worse because of this spoiled people that take freedom for granted.

    • Yes, indeed. Very sad day. You are correct, they are spoiled people who caused this.

      “Morte a todos os muculmanos e escoria socialista!”

  89. We are all now part of the resistance. No one who voted to give that marxist muslim bastard 4 more years to finish us off can offer any excuse. Not after the past 4 years. I don’t consider those people fellow Americans anymore. As Dan Greenfield (from the “Sultan Knish” blog) says, they are “occupiers”. Well, we’ve got a word in Objectivism, “Shrug!”, that roughly translates as “Don’t effing cooperate”. Let everyone you know or meet who voted for the monster and his gang know what they have done and that you hold them responsible for what happens next. We’re going to have enough on our hands just hanging on to what is left of our freedom of speech.

    My mother died three weeks ago, and my country died tonight and I’m just numb with loss. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who continues to fight in this battle in any way they can.

      • Thanks, Bonni. My mom was 92 and had all her marbles and it was very sudden, just as she had always wanted. My country is being slowly torn to pieces by wolves and buzzards. We at least had a chance with Romney. I’m so worried for you and all the others like Pam Geller and Robert Spencer because they will be all over them with the “hate speech” jackboots as soon as they can. We still have to resist islam, but it will become a different and even harder fight.

        Claudio is right — a Third World country is what that son of a little marxist whore wants to make of us (see D’Souza’s movie “2016”) and he will now pull out all the stops. Any attempt to impeach him will almost certainly be blocked, with violence if necessary. They won’t let that happen now that they’ve been give a “mandate” to finish us off. If you think the MSM tried to bury the Benghazi story before, watch what they do with it now. Anyone who tries to bring it up will become a target to be ruined.

    • G-D Bless you, RRA,,, and my condolences on your loss,,, or should I put that plural???
      Right now, I am numb, myself,,, The only consolation ANY of us have is, that the Sun will rise tomorrow morning,,, and we “gird our loins, and forge on!!!”

    • RRA, I am sorry to hear that. I too lost my mother a few years back. I read Greenfield’s essay just yesterday myself. He has a way with words and an acute sense of reality that he articulates well. The takers have definitely won this round and soon enough they will have untold misery upon themselves, though never will they see their complicity in it. Thus is the full measure of their arrogance and stupidity.

      Scum of all humanity. Sheep is what they are, and we all know the two things muslims do to sheep, shagging and slaying.

    • You have my warmest regards R R on the loss of your Mother she stood her life as a Patriot this I know of her as I know of you ! We stand for the memory of her and the future of her kind to come , This is our duty and oath and know that you and I will live to fight for that love of country as you know and I know she would want of us to do

  90. Now it’s time for the real change. Like witnessing a train wreck you don’t want to but you just have to watch.

    Kick a third party voter in the gnads

    Get third party independents off AM radio

    Get voter ID laws passed in your state

    Get real Conservatives elected in the primaries

    Expose institutional voter fraud

    G-D Bless America

  91. @BONNI Pretty pathetic ……and we now have entered the era of the Fat Stupid and Ignorant of the Wal-Mart Nation who voted for this lie called Obama because he’s gonna feed them and give them free everything ! What a f%^&*n joke !
    Me and the fiance have made the decision when she retires from the State police this spring , we are going back to Alberta.
    We we’re gonna bulid a bed and breakfast and have some cattle on a dude ranch out west in Montana or Wyoming, but why would we do it now ? So Obama can give it all to the fat , lazy, and stupid of the Wal-Mart Nation ?
    I worked hard all my life and Obastard is’nt gonna steal ANY of what i got.


    And soon the wrath of God will befall this nation, as Obama hates Israel and if you read and believe what is written, IT SAYS ANY NATION WHO BETRAYS THE NATION OF GOD (ISRAEL) WILL BE CURSED.

    • @Paladin it’s worse than that our children are indoctrinated even at conservative schools in conservative states. Most schools have big honkin mosks on them and bag wearin bitches and ungly bearded boys running around spreading this crap all over the campus. problem is our children know so little about their Christian religion that they are easily mislead. We are on out way to stoning women here in the US and the f’ng stupid first ones to be shoved in a hole voted it in tonight!

  92. I was passionate and focused trying to defeat obama. That failed. I fear that trying to defeat islam here is also a losing cause now. I’m just going to ride off to the sunset. Goodbye

  93. “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” – Benjamin Franklin

    • Marylou, those who have received cell phones, food stamps, and welfare will increase in number and will become an overwhelming majority. They will always vote for politicians who will redistribute wealth by taxing those who produce. Anyone who produces will NEVER pay their “fair share” until everything is taken from them.

      The middle class does not understand that after the billionaires and millionaires have been destroyed, they will be next.

      A good point that was made in the 2016 movie was that the “1%” refers to ALL Americans and the “99%” refers to third world countries.

      BNI is not being negative. Her observation is grounded in reality. She is a real patriot warrior. She has fought the good fight and has nothing to be ashamed of. Bonni has been true to her calling.

  94. I’m feeling sick, really, really ILL…….. couldn’t be more disappointed and just… sickened. This winning Ohio crap needs to be changed. And Obama needs to be impeached for giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Never have our soldiers had to face coming home to the enemy, have they?

  95. Thanks to the 47% that Mitt Romney was talking about. They are real and I don’t apologize for condemning their ignorance and selfishness. They will be partners in bringing this country down.

  96. Freedom’s final death spasm just occurred. We are finished as a nation. All of Western Civilization died today and it feels like one of the worst days of my life. Just knowing so many of my country’s citizens, perhaps a good majority of them aren’t worthy of possessing freedom. In fact, I really feel they are total scumbags for this! Some in my own family even, and I do not even care to see them again, ever!

    Prepare for the final onslaught of sharia. It is comming, and now at an ever increasing velocity. Civil war and/or secession, red state/blue state may be the only hope of salvaging this monumental blunder of national suicide committed by the Kool-Aid swilling sheep this country’s people have become. I am so ashamed to even call myself an American right now.

    Bonni, if you feel you must censor this, I understand, but I really do wish for Obama’s and Biden’s @$$@$$!#@^!0#.

    • Randy,,, You and Yours are needed more now, to live up to your oaths of office. And to do what needs to be done, as you and yours see your forthcoming mission(s).
      So Help me G-D, I never thought I would live to see this day.
      I can only grieve, and pray others now can take up the cross, where so many others have thrown it down and abandoned it.

      • Grouchy, I am just so sad and demoralised right now and I cannot even think straight. Being aware of the cycles of civilizations thruout history, how they rise, and how they fall just doesn’t give one much comfort right now. Then thinking about all the gloating idiots out there who re-elected the bastard, and how vocal and insulting they will be over the next few weeks. It’s just all so depressing.

  97. The people made their golden calf in defiance of the living God.

    Those who were too lazy to get involved do not realize that they will not get another opporitunity to save America. All of us who have fought against the destruction of America in our own ways have been over-run by the forces of evil like the four patriots in Benghazi.

  98. I agree. I am starting my search for a new country to move to. America, as I new it growing up, is DEAD. Who needs jihadi when you have Obama?

  99. Too many on food stamps and welfare who want to keep on getting free stuff.

    Hope the Republicans don’t let Fast and Furious, and Benghazi fade into history!

  100. Dear BNI the system can still work if the GOP can hold the congress majority and not let the democrates take over the congress too. The popular vote may still go to Romney even with the electorial vote going to obama. If the popular vote or the majority of voters voted for Romney, but obama got the most number of electorial votes, then the system failed the majority of the people. We will have to work hard to keep the politicians honest and informed. obama with his give away phones, buying votes, allowing illegals to vote and so on is typical obama style of politics. Churchill said that democracy was not the best form of government but that is was better than all of the rest. Come on everybody do not give up. America is worth fighting for. God bless us all. God bless America.

  101. Hello America…….

    What can I say to ease your anger and fear………nothing really, for every ounce of anger and fear is justified.

    What awaits your country in the next 4 years is absolute misery.

    The United States of America, in spite of the lies, the criminality, the treachery, the treason and the subversion, has exercised its democratic rights and voted in that which will enslave it.

    The only avenue now left to patriots is as follows:

    Senior members of the military organize a coup ‘d’etat

    The President is ****************** and the entirety of the White House administration arrested and imprisoned on charges of treason.

    A civil war is commenced to clear the air.

    As God is my witness, I truly feel that without the course of action of any of the above 3 resolutions to your impending misery taken by patriots…..the Republic is dead.

    With a few honorable exceptions, sadly, America, has earned both her destruction and her enslavement.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    • Not yet, we haven’t used all the Weapons available to us yet. We cannot let fear dictate our moves. We must remain vigilant and at the ready and prosecute this man with the law on all levels and convince the DEMS its also in their best interests to do the same.

  102. I hope you folks, out there, know how to stock up. The shit’s about to hit the fan and we’re screwed!
    His win is America’s demise!

  103. I realize you probably do not want to hear this right now ! but there is nothing on this planet that is going to save this country so if you can get out do it !!! , this is the finale nail in the coffin that once was a great nation but now in just a ” degenerate ‘ shell of itself !!! , I an very serious !!! , if you can find some way to get out do it !!! because what is coming for this nation is not going to be survivable for any who stay !!! , my love and prayers to all on this site who have fought the good fight !!! please , please please heed my warnings !!! , this is no bullshit !!!!!!!!! , you have been warned !!!! ( Isiah 40 : 8 )

  104. If it stays this way through tomorrow, it will mean two things. God truly does not listen to us any more or else He does but hates us; and two, I will be praying that the Mayan calendar is right and that the whole world comes to an end in December.

      • We have a long way go in game. BO will ultimately lose, but we can’t quit. Besides the Mayan calendar is a calendar. They aren’t in charge of the heavenly bodies. HE IS.
        The game is afoot ladies and gentlemen, now we have to plan our next move and what is it we are looking to accomplish. We need to get the Party Perversion out of office. One at a time if necessary. Bonni you write with a poison pen that not many have the ability to achieve , Use it on the Politicos. Destroy them with you dry wit. And snarky ways. The mohommedists are thinking that we are going to quit and they can roll right over us now. What a huge mistake. Now we need to double our efforts. Set and agenda and follow it to its rightful conclusion.

    • This is Biblical we are in the end times now. I have feared this for a while but tonight proves it to me. God will eventually step in but we will all be gone before he does.

      • Not quite gone but VERY CLOSE!!! THAT’S WHEN God Will Step In, as we’re told in St. Matthew 24.

        BTW, today is the 95th anniversary of the start of the Second Russian Revolution, when the first shots were fired from the Soviet-pirated cruiser Aurora. It’s a supreme irony that just as the USA has been fully taken over by the Commies and their children, this very date happens!!!

        As to the elections being rigged: that was the case not only yesterday, but when Romney was chosen and the stronger candidates were outbid (Bachmann, Santorum) and forced to quickly step down in favour of Romney. Likewise with the MSM covering up so very much!!!

        The BIG trouble is: for those who want to leave the USA, where to go? The Commies and their muzturd allies are everywhere, likely about to take over the whole planet under UN auspices…

        Otherwise, a word of consolation to Ms. BNI. Dear Bonni: UNTIL they actually shut down your Website, please keep on fighting. If you end up going somewhere else (e.g., Israel), please stay on-line!!! We need every last possible source of information before the Internet is hijacked and shut down either in part or as a whole. It’s NOT your fault in the least that what happened has happened, so for that reason alone, I beg you NOT TO GIVE UP!!!!

        All blessings!!!

    • Sorry to rain on your parade, but the world WON’T come to an end on 2012/12/21 – the Antichrist has to be fully exposed for who he is and we’ll be forced to wear the “mark of the Beast”. [The latter almost certainly involves a computer chip embedded into either our right hands or our foreheads and will kill every last possible vestige of our privacy.]

      Yes, an event like losing much of our sunlight may well come to pass; however, the Second Coming is likely still as much as 20 years from now – God Grant that it be less (and the earlier He Comes, the better)!!! We must however count on things getting A GREAT DEAL WORSE and the fullest amount of time being given for Satan’s near-triumph via his Antichrist (and I won’t be surprised if that turns out to be Obama)…

    • Shalom,
      The Lord listens, and he does not hate us. You seem to have confused the Lord with the false deity of Islam.
      It is a part of the Law that the people of the Lord are forbidden to place someone who is not of the Lord as their leader, so any prayer for a Romney victory was in direct opposition to the Lord. Praying to the Lord and asking him to violate his own will is guaranteed to receive a resounding “NO!” as the answer.
      Now that all of the things that we have been told to NOT DO (compromise, appeasement, replacing with another ungodly leader, sitting on our hands and asking for someone else to save us, turning to agents of the enemy in the hope that they will fight the enemy for us) have failed, just as we were told that they would, Now it is incumbent upon us to act appropriately and do the things that must be done, and that will work, even if they are unpleasant and uncomfortable.

      Why do so many always blame the Lord when they are sitting in the ashes of the desolation they, and other people brought into their lives?

      The filth will not take itself to the door, you must throw it out yourself.

  105. Here in Australia we are in shock! This wreaks of corruption!
    Israel must now prepare for the worst.
    This is the saddest day in the history of the once great USA.
    Totally devastated…
    JPost is reporting 60% of Jews voted for Obama.. “Never Again” is over.
    Blessings and Love from your friends in Oz – now the real nightmare begins!
    G-d Help Us All.

  106. The republican party gave us a moderate whose supporters used voter fraud to nominate. The obamedia never told the truth and Americans didn’t demand it in enough numbers because we have dumbed down two generations of kids who no longer know any better.
    We have killed more than 50 million children in abortuaries and elected a president who will continue it! Bush, Sr., Clinton, Bush, Jr. and Obama all supported the dividing of Israel and Jerusalem.
    We have literally spit in the face of God Almighty!
    Yes, I’d say we’re finished!
    The Prophet Joel gave us the fate of this nation; “And I will gather ALL nations into the Valley of Jehosephat and there I will judge them for how they treated my people Israel…and divided my land…”
    It is now a mitzvot(obligation) for every Christian, individually and corporately, to suppoprt Israel with our prayers, our voices and our offerings!
    Do this or take a tour of the Valley of Jehosephat!

  107. though i live in australia, i weep for my american friends, this is the end of freedom . . . can other countries be far behind . . .

    • Me too lizzy, I can only hope us Aussies don’t make the same mistake again and elect this dhimmi socialist goverment next election.. May god protect democracy. Ms Bonni all is not lost yet, please don’t give up.

      • I used to wonder why Gillard and her band of hacks were still rating close enough to 50% of the vote after all her deceptions and failings.
        Now I know.Australians are just as stupid as Americans and Gillard will ride this Obama victory for all it’s worth.
        Don’t for a minute think we are too smart to re-elect the very same bullshit that the Americans just have.

    • Love our Australian patriots! If only we could all be together, LOL. We can’t let these snakes change us! We will go underground and fight dirty like they do. BRING IT!

  108. Like James S. Robbins said in today’s Washington Times in “One Nation, Divisible” –
    The United States has become TWO SEPARATE NATIONS.

  109. Sigh most people I talk to are pro-Bama, supporting that Romney just wants to bring in his fancy new stuff and taxes. There’s like no negative news about Obama, it’s always replaced with him “creating” so many jobs. Or that Romney would mean world war 3.

    Then BBC guy has to talk about how Republicans are mostly white old guys :p argh.

  110. There are many tears being shed right now. America died Nov. 6, 21012. A great country passed away this evening. She is survived by many TRUE Americans. Her Uncle Sam has moved to Russia.

  111. BNI, don’t do that. At the moment I can’t stop crying but we will wake up tomorrow and start the real fight again. We have no choice. You are not the type of girl to lay down and die. Neither am I, though I would really like to right now.

    Everything will be changed but those of us who have the guts and the will (and our kids who we would sacrifice everything for) will stand up and fight this evil. We have no alternative. Barack and his wife have got to go, preferably the way of Ceauşescu. It will be us or them. Let the hunger games begin.

      • I’m now in Grizzly Adams mode:Soon to be as far away from my useless species as I can get.Two or three years and America will default on it’s debt or it will have a useless currency outside of the U.S. and the rest of the Western World will get dragged down with it.
        I’m glad I don’t have children,I really am.

        • Funkybarfly – I can understand and yes, if you don’t have children, it will make it much easier to go into Grizzly Adams mode. I think gun sales are going to skyrocket today.

      • Shalom,
        Last night, I was crushed by an overwhelming depression, thinking indeed that all was lost.
        This morning I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that all is only lost if I let it be, if I lay down and submit. The choice is entirely mine.
        We all knew, whether we openly accepted it or not, that victory could not be won without a fight. It was foolish for any of us to hope for such, especially to hope to find victory through the “lesser of two evils”.
        The road ahead is not one of ease and safety. We face two powerful enemies.
        When it comes to a fight, though, we have the ultimate advantage:

        We have something worth fighting for.

        This is but a battle in the opening moves of the war as the enemy jockeys for position.
        We will only lose if we refuse to fight.

        We have been fighting a war of words, of ideas, and that war has indeed been lost, the real war now looms large before us and we need everyone in the fight.

        Should someone enter your home and announce that they are going to kill your children, it is only proper to shout “NO”. When that shout fails to stop them, that is not the time to give up in defeat, that is the time to rally your courage, to act, to remove the enemy at any cost and by fighting with every weapon at your disposal.

        • Let’s see how much you want what he has already given us. You can’t believe that this is not deliberate.
          Just ask the right questions Bonni and the answers will come.
          The Rabbi is right stand up and fight for what is right. Don’t succumb to EVIL.

  112. Obama should be impeached for treason. All of his cronies should be tried for treason. A thorough investigation by the Congress should take place very soon.
    No bullshit, waiting for witnesses, no hiding of the facts through Executive Privelege.

  113. Don’t start jumping off from anywhere! The rabble, the fraudster voters, the dummies and dhimmies voted and the rabble-rouser won. America and much of the world lost. But only for now. Someone will launch impeachment proceedings on Benghazigate and deal with his treasonous romance with Islam and America’s greatest enemies. Reuters reports that the families of the victims of the Ft. Hood massacre have launched a suit against the government. The fight cannot be slowed. Just fight harder.

  114. A very sad day for America The people are misguided and will regret reelecting this Fraud. welcome to the socialist republic of america and the onslaught and invasion of many more refugees from Somalia Yemen Pakistan other third world countries dominated by Radical Muslims and Fanatics Im sure civil unrest is close by now be aware and prepared I feel like crying

  115. The masses, excuse me, the MAJORITY has spoken. We should broaden our minds and adjust our lives to reflect we are the minority. I believe we are at step 8 of the Downfall of Democracies.

    Although the origin of the “Downfall of Democracies” is often attributed to Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor who lived in the 1700s, the origin of the material below may be attributed to Alexander Tytler, or even Arnold Toynbee, or Lord Thomas Macaulay. Whoever can lay claim to the study of democracies that had existed until that time had remarkable conclusions. He had this to say about democracy in general, “A democracy is always temporary in nature: it simple cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority will always vote for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship.”

    The professor went on to say: “The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

    1 From bondage to spiritual faith;
    2 From spiritual faith to great courage;
    3 From courage to liberty;
    4 From liberty to abundance;
    5 From abundance to complacency;
    6 From complacency to apathy;
    7 From apathy to dependence;
    8 From dependency back into bondage.”

    • I hope Harper allows for American refugees to join us Canadians…in my opinion you are more than welcome (and I cannot express how sorry I am Romney lost). Freedom is everything.

      • I looked into it already, in particular: “Economic Refugee”. Apparently, we are boxed in. Canada and the US have an agreement that basically states: The US is a economic “Safe Zone” therefore, we cannot as americans go to canada. We would have to change nationalities from the US to a economically dead country like some south american country then go into Canada.
        They have us boxed in.
        We are screwed.
        Google: “Canada Economic Refugee status how to apply”

      • i made that suggestion to my Member of Parliament. Many disgruntled Americans who wish to move here and their businesses would be good for Canada and bad for Obama. They are welcome to come here in my opinion. Canada’s culture is very alike.

  116. I am just soooo pissed off. I found out that some people I know just don’t vote. Well, we can just blame Obama’s win on the idiots who did not feel the need to change our America from the muslime lovers to a man that will fight for America’s Constitution.
    The only saving grace is that Obama is out for good in 4 years. Will America survive another 4 years with him as president?
    He will give amnesty to thousands of illegals. He will continue to let muslimes in this country. I am very very very sad.
    BNI – perhaps someone with a gun will go to Washington, D.C. That may be the hope and change we need.

  117. get ready for the muslim invasion, and the imminent school bus bombings. And male bank robbers wearing burkas. And beheadings. And honor killings. And prison for anyone who insults the Prophet Pedophile. And Jew killings.

  118. The question is if Obama will invade Canada – or will he juggle things that Stephen Harper has to resign and put Justin Trudeau or the NDP in his place??

    EXTREMELY BAD news either way!!! God Knows what will become of us all – both Jews and Christians can only hope and pray that our Messiah Comes (back – for Christians). Apparently due to the Electoral-College system, Obama has won it even though Romney got the popular vote (an apparent reversal of Bush Jr.’s situation of 2000).

    I wonder if it’s Obama that will aim to force us all to wear the “Mark of the Beast”?? [My suspicion is that the Moslem mark of banging foreheads is too simplistic – not to mention that the other place to have it is the right hand…]

    In all events, dear Ms. BNI and all of us who know the Islamic scourge for what it is, I fully join in commiserating with you – and pray that we’ll ALL yet be delivered out of this evil world, rapture or no rapture (the latter is much the likelier…).

    • I’m VERY suspicious that the apparent vote-trickery in Ohio is a BIG part of Obama’s “win” (the separation between the two sides at this point {78% reporting} is less than 20,000!!)…

    • You touch on a very valid point ADHD

      Justin Trudeau’s brother is currently courting the Iranians.

      The alliances that Obama will make with her enemies and the muslims will make the last 4 years seem like a picnic.

      The reality is that while Obama hold sway over the Armed Forces, we and the rest of the civilized world are in very real danger.

      Watch Harper now give the go ahead to the Nexum energy deal with the Chinese……unfortunately possession is 9/10’s of the law…….but with Chinese majority ownership in our oilfields, this will pose a stumbling block to Obama.

      We truly are completely fucked……in every sense of the word…..and the next four years will see massive violent upheaval or a quiet enslavement of every North American…..

      Look for the UN to step in as a major administrator of US domestic policy.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Edson, Alberta, Canada

      • looks like the Commercial showing the Chinese very prosperous and us working for them will soon be a reality. i fear for the safety of non-muslims in this country.

        • Dear Bonnie, We all love you, and appreciate so very, very much your important and wonderful work in the fight for freedom! When I read your words right now, it made me cry.

          Things are going to become very hard from now on. God is on our side. We must never forget that. God loves us and cares about us deeply.

          God brought about the astonishing re-birth of Israel just as He said He would in the Bible. At a future time when the enemies of God and the Jewish people go to attack and destroy Israel, God will destroy them.
          Zechariah 12:9 I will set about to destroy all the nations that come against Israel.

          At that point, is when the glorious future God has promised will begin on the earth.

          Everyone please read the entire chapters of Jeremiah 50-51 God is going to bring terrifying judgments on America because of U.S. leaders’ hate for Israel. (Jeremiah 51:24). God actually pleads for people to escape the country because the judgments are going to be so horrible.

          The Bible tells us about Israel/Jews – Blessed are those who bless you and cursed are those who curse you.

          Love and hugs to Bonnie and all of you!

        • G-D has NOT left the Building, is what ICE is saying, and to complete his thought in its intricacy, G-D IS the Building~!
          And He will neither leave it, nor forsake it,,, But He MAY do some “remodeling”
          You have carried your people for over a year, that I have been here,,, Let us support YOU, until you get your feet back under you,,, You have an Army of Humans, AND an Army of Angels surrounding you, Ms BNI,,, Take a deep breath, and BREATHE.

      • South America ironically is now probably one of the safest continents in the world. If it weren’t for that crackpot Chavez (soon to die of cancer) hen there would be hardly any muslim presence here.

      • East europe is pretty anti-islamic and though because they just defeated communism. Some east-european said ‘we are tired of ditactorship, and islam is a ditactorship, so there is no place for islam here’

    • The country of the living God. Just keep the faith and keep praying for our country. We THE PEOPLE can STILL defeat the Devil in the WH with the aid of our Lord.
      People thinking of moving to another country. That means ESCAPING THE FIGHT.This is not American. This is not Christian.

    • Texas would probably be your best bet. The secession movement there will exponentially grow. I predict succession of Texas say within 3-6 years.

  119. It ain’t over for the USA until the last one of us quits or dies. The struggle has to be rejoined in earnest. It’s hard to believe that a nation could be so sick that it would re-elect such a monster as BHO but nations have been even more sick than ours – and STILL moved forward. Do NOT give up. Do NOT surrender, EVER! Fight for every square inch. Fight EVERY concession to shariah. Fight EVERY concession to the invasion. DO NOT STOP FIGHTING until the last breath is drawn. This election may be over but the fight goes on if we SAY it goes on. NEVER SURRENDER!

        • Thanks Maria, there is not much point to continuing. We lost our country and soon we will lose the right to have blogs like this one, as well as lot of other things we always took for granted – like freedom. I think it was Reagan who said you have to fight for freedom every day because you are never more than a generation away from losing it.

        • BNI, just remember. You’re not alone, and never will be. *Hugs* When you’re tired, we the people who believe in God, country and liberty will hold you, and each other, up.

        • Just remember, Bonni, we’re in this together. Believe it or not, we have the hearts in us to survive.

          I have a cousin I love dearly. She’s a college student, so she’s a liberal know-it-all. I just told her that her support of obama made me incredibly ashamed of her. Of course she’s so far up her liberal progressive friends rears, her shoes are dangling from their rectums. We’ll get through this. By the Grace of God, we’ll get through this.

      • Bonni, consider yourself slapped. How dare you give up. We have to keep enlightening the people for as long as necessary. To give up is to let Satan win. Sorry but giving up is not in my soul. I Love this country and I will continue to do whatever is necessary to bring the truth to the people. We have awakened millions throughout the world. So because we have El Stinko back in office doesn’t mean we quit. We have to stay on top of his actions and put pressure on the congress to push for impeachment. I know this will be hard but not impossible.
        Do you want to look back in a few years when the battle between good and EVIL changes course and see that you quit? I don’t think you could handle quitting. And then facing the reality you have been up against the SATAN machine for the past ten years and you let him beat you because you were disappointed in the outcome of an election.
        So as the Brits have said many times keep a stiff upper lip. Bring the fight to them. Go after the corrupt in Washington and demand that BO, HAJI HILLARY, and PANETTA be impeached on any number of grounds. This pressure is required to get the UNHOLY THREE out of office.
        When you are challenged by the US Government it is a privilege to fight back for what is right and just for this nation and people. I have been fighting them for approximately 36 years. And the battle still rages. They love to use surrogates to get to you. They don’t like frontal attacks.
        Bad publicity. Unless you are a clear and present danger to them. Then they will attack with all the force of the GOV. lies and all.
        Another thing, you are already on their radar so you would be hit as soon as you quit. Then you have no way to fight back. They love weak sisters to attack. They fear independence and strength of numbers. That is why they have done whatever is necessary to break down the American family and American towns, all to isolate each of us and make us feel vulnerable and scared. I say Fu##em. I had my farm and the Oregon Nation Guard was sent in via Helicopter to intimidate me for a suit I had going against the Oregon VA. They landed next my mobil approximately 50 feet away and swung their side mounted Machine guns at me as I was firing up my CAT. I flipped them off with both hands and dared them to shot. THEY LEFT AND I WON THE SUIT. So don’t give up ever. Cry all you want as long as you can still see the target and shot.
        LOVE ICE

    • Shalom,
      The GOP never attempted to defeat Obama, as Obama’s numerous acts of open and blatant treason going unchallenged for four years clearly shows; any speculation as to the reason(s) for this is pointless as no one knows the heart of another and there were many with ample opportunity to stop Obama who chose for many reasons not to. Argument about how we got into this horrendous position will not get us out of it.
      It took someone as abominable as Obama occupying the White House (I will never refer to him as “president” since he has never shown that he is elligible for that office) to get anyone who is even marginally conservative to consider electing a blatantly liberal RINO like Governor Romney. It took a GOP candidate as pathetic as Romney to insure that Obama could be re-elected. For four years people made the foolish statement of “anyone but Obama”; now we see the result of that folly. There are still people of integrity in this country; they were not given someone for whom they could vote, a candidate whom they could support while maintaining that integrity.
      It is quite possible that we needed this. Had Romney been elected it is doubtful in the extreme that he would have done anything overtly positive for this nation; his history of continual compromise and waverring with each and every slightest gust of political wind show him to be a man of no integrity and pure political self-interest. It is far more likely, almost a certainty, that, had Romney been elected, the decent people of America, just now awakening from their stupor of false security and “it can’t happen here” mentality would have instead of hearing the alarm and rising from their slumber, turned off the alarm and gone back to sleep in contentment that Obama’s departure meant all was well, and thus sealed the certainty of their own demise.
      Revolution is not pleasant. Better, however, a war for survival than grudging surrender to the destruction of all you hold dear without a fight.
      Constant compromise, constant surrender, constant appeasement and constant delay of the inevitable can never and will never defeat any enemy.
      America still has a chance to be free, to regain that status of the shining city on a hill, to reclaim its position as “One Nation Under G-d”. Americans still have a chnce so long as they still have the means. There is yet a small window of opportunity before the means of our defense and survival are removed. It is up to Americans to find within themselves the courage, the integrity, the resolve to take that chance; to stand against the enemy that seeks to overwhelm this great land, and having stood, to strike. It is time for all who have taken an oath to defend this land and its constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, to uphold their oath and act. Words can not save this nation; only action will.

      The question before America, before us all, is:
      Are you willing to fight for your survival?

      America can only survive if your answer is wholly and unreservedly “YES”.

      All those who choose to survive will be labeled “criminal”, “traitor” and “terrorist”. They will be hunted by the enemy and hated by those who have chosen to surrender and be destroyed.

      Joshua challenged the nation of Israel with “Choose you this day whom you will serve.”

      This day, it is we who must choose, as uncomfortable as that may be, and live and die with the consequences or rewards of our choice.

      I choose to serve my Lord by doing what needs to be done rather than praying that it be done for me by someone else, I choose to honor the oath I took in the Army to defend the constitution.

      My Lord and my country are worth this choice no matter the personal consequences. In today’s America, even writing the truth in this post can result in prison. When the truth is against the Law, what else can we do but fight.

      How choose you?

    • No, apparently they did not. Proof that the world’s I.Q. is going down. Disappointing that so many Americans are bereft of common sense, and seem to have no idea where this thinly disguised muslim is leading them. And dammit, I live next door!

      • Hi Pete, how are you? Me, not so good obviously. I want to kick Paulbot ass right now! They have sold us out big time. I know this will have repercussions for you guys up in Canada too. I told Don Laird just this morning that you guys also lost the election just like us. I’m so sorry for that. We really do appreciate all the support from all of our Canadian friends, Australian and others too.

        If you haven’t already, you should read Don’s essay on Vlad Tepes Blog. It is very good.

      • If I had money I’d move to Israel and if the world decides the time is now to get rid of us… it would be better to die with all our people than waste away here. Another 4 years is unbearable and he is no doubt going to destroy us. 50% of America is beyond stupid.

      • No way >=( they are not going to get that fun too. Four more year it will give us more evidense against them. We have to look at the bright side of life. A small flashlight =/ We can´t let them win it, for sure, not without making their life real bad >=(

      • This was a decision by America. This was not the fault of Mitt Romney. It was not the fault of the biased media. It was the result of America’s changing demographic. This is America’s fault.

        We are seeing what we saw in Europe beginning in the 70s. Through state indoctrination of children, MASSIVE immigration, and some fraud, the left have forever gained control. The USA is officially a one-party state. While Republicans will continue to sit in the house, senate, and retain governor positions, they have ceased to be competitive on the national level. There really wasn’t anything that could be done. I do feel George W. Bush holds responsibility here. He could have passed border/immigration reform, but didn’t. This allowed the Democrats to shift the demographic in their favor forever.

        My prediction? Shortly after Hillary Clinton is elected in 2016, Alaskan and Texan secessionist movements will have gained considerable ground, and those states will likely secede. It would be wise to be in those states when they do. Looking at yesterday’s shocking report about Canada’s economy, and a deep recession on the horizon, I am saying that the only sane country out there, where you will enjoy human rights, is Israel, but immigration to Israel will be a problem (for good reason).

        Tonight is the night we lost America. Send word to the freedom-fighters in Europe. The fallback bastion of freedom has been lost.

        • I live in Texas and I will tell you more than a few people here want to secede even before tonight. Your statement about this now being a one party country is 100% accurate. I too put the blame squarely on George W Bush! Freedom is but a memory now. Our children will be force fed islam in school and we will begin the descent to dhimmihood starting now! The world will be populated by inbred thugs and women have just taken a giant leap backward. welcome to hell!

        • Three years ago I served as president of a TEA party in NM. I consistantly told the group that if things go south in America you had better be in Texas before night fall or forever be under a communism/socialist government. I stand by those words even more today.

        • There is a satan or G-D is a sadist. I’m done. It’s now each man for himself on the sinking ship. Our family will now enact Plan B. I HOPE other freedom lovers have one on hand as well. Ours involves huge changes but there is no choice but to foresee what peril lies ahead and act accordingly.
          BNI, thank you for yr courage and sorry fellow citizens are so suicidally blind. Please have or work on yr Plan B.

      • I am in shock that this happened. Thank goodness for sites like this. I feel much less alone. I have two kids 6 and 9. I am scared for their future. I agree that our beautiful country has been ripped right from us. God help anyone who needs medical care.

    • aYes they have one of the few thriving economies there but you cant escape the Muzscum as they are there as much as everywhere.

    • Russia’s cockroach problem is much worst, especially in the Caucasus region. 15% cockroach population within 30 years.

        • I think that PUtin would cust them it they tried to enforce Sharia or built too many mosques. I thought Germany would be strong against them, but they are still too PC. In America all you have to do is play the race card and most of the Americans can’t beg enought to be forgiven. Our country is so weak because of PC. May She RIP. God bless

        • I would trust Putin with my life before Obama. In fact, maybe China would just as good. The difference is Obama would rather spit on you than follow the Constitution. If you were a betting lady and you had to choose, what country do you think will clamp down first on the muslimes and send them all back to their letter boxes?

    • No thanks, assliifters are clogging the streets of Russia as well. I would suggest Taiwan R.O.C., STILL independent of Communist China, at least for now. Just open yourself an account in Taipei, USD minimum 100 USD, savings NOT checking, don’t NEED the service charges in addition to exchange fees when trading for NTD. And BTW, they ,the a–lifters that is, ARE present EVEN in Taiwan, though it is estimated 4 1/2 % Christian at present, and still predominantly Buddhist, and THERE ARE a growing number of muslimes,but at least they are confined at present to lifting their arses at the Grand Mosque in Taipei, and ARE NOT allowed to do so in the metro stations or on the streets, likely because the Chinese there would run over their stupid asses!! Also, the climate is excellent, similar to that of Hawaii, though there are typhoons from time to time and occasional earthquakes but that DOES beat muslime infestation ANY TIME!! You might also want to learn just a bit of Mandarin, just enough to get by when you don’t have a translator present!

      • Russia will tire of the ass lifters and they have leader who has the balls to take action. Obama he just opens the door and allow more to enter. God bless

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