Why SIKH Cab Drivers should display a sign that says they are NOT Muslim

If you are going to get yourself charged with an anti-Muslim hate crime, you damn well better make sure your target is a not a Sikh.

It’s really a shame that Sikhs must bear the burden of people mistaking them for Muslims. That’s why they need to identify themselves as Sikhs, NOT Muslims, whenever they are in public, especially taxi cab drivers in New York City. This is not such a farfetched idea. Chinese-Americans wore signs saying “Chinese” after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.


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  1. Maybe it’s time to ban any and all religious headgear in public places. I can’t stand any of them, they frighten children and wild animals. These awful headgears are political and have nothing to do with true religion

  2. Sikhs are a wonderful, peace loving people! They are the polar opposite of the filthy, hateful pagan douche bags known as muslimes. Leave the Sikhs in peace!!
    If you see anyone abusing a Sikh, rebuke them!

  3. Sikhs were viciously persecuted by muslims in india for centuries. Many of their holy gurus were gruesomely executed by muslim rulers such as being walled up alive, sawed in half, boiled alilve in oil,quartered alive etcetc. Islam killed 90 million hindus, 20 million buddhists, 20 million sikhs, 10 million jains ,2 million christians ( St Thomas the doubter established the indian church in south india centuries ago ) and countless millions of animists and other pagans in india after the muslim conquered india. The west needs to read world history more thoroughly to understand the heinous crimes commited by islam thro the centuries. To date this demonic religion has killed 300 million human beings and still counting. How can so many americans be so ignorant as not to read up a bit about islam and world history ? In michigan recently another stupid dingbat lonewolf KKK type shot up a sikh temple killing several sikh worshippers , the idiot probably thought he was shooting up a mosque ( not that we encourage violence and sink to the level of barbarism that muslims are famous for !) not knowing that he had just attacked a peaceful assembly of sikhs in their Gurudwara/temple who were praying for world peace and harmony among human beings ! Get educated !

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Itnhv65XLb4 —– muslim persecution of sikhs, brutal islamic invasion of india !

    http://www.pri.org/stories/politics-society/religion/tt-mistaken-for-muslims-sikhs-face-growing-persecution-in-post-911-world-11001.html – — mistaken for muslims, sikhs face growing persecution post 9/11 …in a sense they are being jeopardized twice by islam , lst by being historically persecuted by islam and now to have the suffer the ignominy of a 2nd persecution for being mistaken to be musliims !

  4. I hope this guy gets a loooong time to cool his hair trigger, booze fueled temper in the grey-bar hotel.
    Attacking a Sikh is unconscienable and is sociopathic behavior. Sikhs have never demanded special treatment. They assimilate very well and practice their religion without disturbing anyones else. They do not refuse to carry dogs. They do not refuse to carry passengers with alcohol. They do not refuse to check out pork products at the market. In short, they are good citizens. To ask them to display signs might be a good idea, but the lying, ragheaded muslims would soon have a sign declaring they were Sikhs too. Of course the KKKair spokesman is lying and crying victimhood. That’s what they DO!

    • Right on SOB; your comment is the best so far; covering ALL aspects of the incident, including the lying lowlife from CAIR who tries to use yet another racially motivated attack to further Pislam!! And, yes Sikhs really ARE peaceful, quite UNLIKE the a–holes that call their demented ideology a “religion of peace”!

  5. Sikhs are very different from muslims and they are a peace loving people, unless threatened. here is how to identify them: they wear a very special turban with a triangular piece covering the forhead, they wear a steel bangle=KARA in the right hand,they greet each other with SAT SREE AKAAL, they do not shave ANY hair on body (muslims usually have only beard), their holy symbols include a TRIDENT and they have no special love for GREEN color (as most muslims have). sikhs are able to adjust in any culture and even adopt names like bobby, paul, peter, lovely, sunny….and they certainly have no love for muslim fanatics and no interest in converting anyone other than making them foodies by offering grilled chicken, their favorite dish.they were the ones to confront the muslim invaders in india.

  6. I feel bad for the Sikh cab driver. This dirtbag passenger with a ten mile long rap sheet needs to never see daylight outside of a prison cell. He’s a sociopath. That being said, the CAIR spokesman can kiss my ass though! CAIR pukes are nothing more than semi-groomed jihadist terrorists in business suits.

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