CAIR demands Tulsa bank change its security policy so as not to offend Muslim bagheads

Hamas-linked CAIR (Oklahoma) is calling on Tulsa’s Valley National Bank to review its “inappropriate and discriminatory” policy that treats customers wearing religious head coverings differently than other patrons.

A Muslim customer wearing a bag on her head reported that she was singled out by bank officials and allegedly told she would not be able to enter the bank unless accompanied by a bank employee to and from the teller because of a “no hats, no hoods, no sunglasses” policy.

An actual photo of a man dressed as a Muslim woman just before he holds up a bank

Valley National Bank has confirmed in a letter to CAIR-OK that it is their policy to single out women who wear a head scarf, whether for religious reasons or otherwise. CAIR is telling the bank to review its ‘no hats’ policy and to make adjustments as necessary to ensure Muslim women are made to feel welcome. (And if they don’t act like good little dhimmis and snap to it, CAIR will file a lawsuit as they ALWAYS do)

As if they needed any more reasons to ban Muslim headwear: indonesian-terror-convict-in-burqa-clad-jailbreak