CAIR demands Tulsa bank change its security policy so as not to offend Muslim bagheads

Hamas-linked CAIR (Oklahoma) is calling on Tulsa’s Valley National Bank to review its “inappropriate and discriminatory” policy that treats customers wearing religious head coverings differently than other patrons.

A Muslim customer wearing a bag on her head reported that she was singled out by bank officials and allegedly told she would not be able to enter the bank unless accompanied by a bank employee to and from the teller because of a “no hats, no hoods, no sunglasses” policy.

An actual photo of a man dressed as a Muslim woman just before he holds up a bank

Valley National Bank has confirmed in a letter to CAIR-OK that it is their policy to single out women who wear a head scarf, whether for religious reasons or otherwise. CAIR is telling the bank to review its ‘no hats’ policy and to make adjustments as necessary to ensure Muslim women are made to feel welcome. (And if they don’t act like good little dhimmis and snap to it, CAIR will file a lawsuit as they ALWAYS do)

As if they needed any more reasons to ban Muslim headwear: indonesian-terror-convict-in-burqa-clad-jailbreak


28 comments on “CAIR demands Tulsa bank change its security policy so as not to offend Muslim bagheads

  1. I know an dthis happened in the early 1990’s- late 1992 and early 1993. People have no idea what is going on, even in Red States- often right under their noses.

  2. Muslims really hack me off. When I go into my credit union, or through the drive through, I am required to show my ID . I am required to show my face in the screen at the drive through so they can see me as well. The ”’tches with their head bags should be made to show their faces or get the hell out!

  3. CAIR-Human Rights Destroyers want to ensure Muslim TERRORISTS are not offended and thus ENABLED to carry out Muslim terror attacks against infidels.

  4. Suggestion; if you could set a reply-forward for e-mail to this business similar to American Family. It would be really advantageous for all for us, to blister these lovers of the sadistic mohommedist. Plus others would be interested to get involved and put pressure on whomever is in our sights at the time.

  5. I hope that the customers in that bank close their accounts, move them elsewhere, & let that bank know why. Money talks & bulls— walks. The best or worst advertising is by word of mouth. It’s free & it can’t be suppressed——-yet.

  6. That will make the precident for ANYBODY to wear a mask and walk into a bank, and let them try to beat that if they allow the mushits what they want.

  7. Bonnie this is for you and Pammy girl. Please share it with your readers! I want to see you smile with your words, like every day I check you out! You rock!
    We’re Americans! This is from our youth! I hear it, and it makes me remember, makes me want to fight even harder!

    • Mom5, I’m trying but the future looks pretty bleak from where I stand for all of us. However, I am encouraged at seeing more and more young people starting to rebel against the liberalism of their parents generation.

  8. Believe it or not Tulsa is a hotbed of Islamist thought and radical behavior. It was in Tulsa that I was introduced to my former husband by a mosque official who had a lucrative side job of introducing Muslim men who needed green cards to American convert girls. Many times the girls were on their second or even third Muslim husband. Require the woman to remove her face cover and submit to a mild pat down before entering the bank. Islam doesn’t require a face cover anyway and I think many Muslim women use it as an attention seeking device.

  9. The policy is out of a concern for security, not to specifically discriminate against any group or (so called) religion. I live pretty close to Tulsa and over the past several months I’ve seen numerous stories of robberies and attempted robberies by people wearing, you guessed it, hats, sunglasses, scarves and other head coverings and yes a few of those stories do involve banks. Valley National Bank needs to stand up to cair and any lawsuit they bring and make it very clear to whichever judge hearing the case that it is purely a security measure.

    Finally, since I live close to Tulsa, have some local coverage.

    NBC Affiliate:

    CBS Affiliate:

    ABC Affiliate:

    Fox Affiliate:

    Just so you all can examine the differences in coverage and pick up a few extra details.

  10. This is going too far. CAIR the unlawful org is dictating our lives and our security. How long we the people are going to take this garbage?

  11. If the bank allows muslims to enter and do business or just accompany someone else into their bank in a headbag, or especially a veil, all other depositors should move their funds to someplace safer. Rules prohibiting covering or obscuring facial features are there to protect everyone, bank employees included.
    What kkkair is demanding is for everyone to assume that uslims in their backward, paganistic outfits are always as innocent as lambs. We all can smell the stockyard in that one! ——— another posting that will not allow the use of the up arrow to edit what has been written. Please fire the muslims that are causing it.

  12. What is a good muslim women doing in a bank anyway, shouldn’t she be at home in case she comes into contact with a male of the species?
    And of course, devote muslim women don’t need money – that’s what her male guardians are for.

    • Good point, Georgina.

      The citizens of that town, bank customers, et al, must stage a protest outside of the bank.

    • Excellent point Georgina, and well stated, though I think the word you were seeking is “devout” rather than “devote”, but little difference, considering the “species” you reference here!!

  13. Is this for me ; )

    Bonnie, we made it through our first day of 1,461 more days with Obama.

    We can do it! Just take one day at a time or we will all naturally feel overwhelmed.

    Your mission “which your gifted at” has been to get us all to wake up to the dangers of Islam.

    These dangers are real and were here before Obama and will be here after Obama.

    You can’t leave, you just need a vacation to recharge your batteries.

    On my sickest days, when I wake up I check BNI to make sure your OK. We’ll all miss you very much if you had to take the site down. No one could take your place. My eldest son now reads your blog, your hard hitting stories and pull no punches honest incite and comments are waking up another generation.

  14. I’ve seen dozens of burka clad ‘women’ in the Edmonton area lately…so ironic they are confident enough to make a mockery of our way of life yet so oppressed they are forced to live a life hidden from Muslim men inbred enough to be tempted to rape their unattractive subhuman shapeless bodies. CAIR will never back down until they are strongly confronted by a government willing to say enough is enough, integrate or get the f**k out. Then prosecuted as being the terrorists they are.

    Are you underage and need to purchase alcohol? Don a burka. Are you a thief who wants to rob a store/bank? Don a burka. Are you a terrorist about to hijack a plane and need to get through security no questions asked? Don a burka. Are you a suicide bomber in need of a disguise? Don a burka. Do you want to make infidels into dhimmis? Don a burka.

    Why are we letting Muslims dictate our way of life? Is the failed experiment of ‘diversity’ more important than our freedom? I refuse to let a liberal judge decide that, I rely on the brave men in uniform who shed blood for OUR way of life. To hell with Muslims, go back to your 7th century war-torn bloodied life, you do not deserve to be among us, PERIOD.

    I am proud to be an infidel and a ‘slut’ according to the inbred, oppressed Muslim women in Edmonton (Londonerry Mall where I was dressed as my usual conservative self just dared to give them the WTF you don’t belong here evil eye). Ugh, Muslims.

  15. Oh how rich. Note how the stupid, clueless newscaster calls this a “racially charged” issue or incident and then goes on to describe CAIR as a “civil rights” group. No wonder we have so many brain dead Obama voters. The corrupt “Fourth Estate” has dumned down the American public for generations now. Now we can add one more policy practice of public safety blown right out of the water by that seditious terrorist group known as CAIR, and right here in my hometown of Tulsa Oklahoma.

    My money says this bank will cave in to CAIR’s blackmail.

    • I hear you loud and clear Randy; Tulsa is where I grew up!! I still live within a fair radius OUT of Tulsa County, not to pinpoint and make it too easy for muslime tracking, and even used to carry daily mail to the area muslimes (almost used another term, but BNIi has limited me to once daily on that one, and I believe I’ve already used my quota today)!! And, needless to say.. to this day, I despise the muslime pukes, and every time the lowlife sonsofbitches holler “discrimination”, they ONLY make us “infidels” hate them even more; the policy of NO head covering applies to everyone and those pieces of sh– should in no way be exempted from a rule that applies to everyone else! I am totally in agreement with the people on the radio earlier today who said ” If they don’t like the no head covering policy they can take their business to another bank! I am sick of local police, especially TPD catering and kowtowing to these maniacal muslime pukes! And if any of you muslimes who monitor sites like this have a problem with anything I’ve said; REPORT THIS: And —- YOU!!

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