FRANCE has become the European leader in the anti-Islam movement and British media don’t like it one bit

The headline in the UK Independent reads, “When did ‘Islamophobic’ attacks become the norm for the French media? The right wing media have hijacked France’s proud secularist tradition and turned it into an attack on muslims.

Readers of BNI have seen and been encouraged by the growing anti-Muslim resistance in France during the past few years. From the rising popularity of Marine Le Pen’s anti-Islamization Front National Party to the newly emerged Generation Identitaire, a movement of patriotic young people dedicated to stopping creeping Islamization and preserving French culture, traditions, rule of law, and its Christian identity.

Independent  When last week’s cover of normally stern French magazine Le Point appeared online, the consensus on social networks said it was a hoax. Le Point is no tabloid. It is a serious and well respected conservative magazine. Running the headline: “Brazen Islam…in school cafeterias, hospitals, and swimming pools” the cover featured a niqab-clad woman arguing with a French policewoman. It had to be a joke, but sadly gladly it wasn’t.

Le Point’s cover was widely condemned on social networks, and parodies of it quickly appeared. When Socialist Interior Minister Manuel Valls was asked during a popular TV talk-show whether he found the cover shocking, he brushed it off, saying “It expresses a reality.” He went on to say: “What I find shocking, and what I will always find shocking, is a fully-veiled woman.”

That was it. The second religion in France gets insulted on the front cover of one of the country’s most popular magazines – something that could never have happened with any other religion or community, as pointed out by the numerous parodies  – and the Interior Minister, supposedly in charge of security of all French citizens, claims on a widely-watched TV show that it’s fine, and no one contradicts him(It couldn’t have happened with any other religion because no other religion is as bigoted, hateful, misogynistic, and violent as Islam) Stigmatising Islam has become extremely common in France.

It is actually not the first time Le Point has delighted us with anti-Islam covers. A French blogger compiled a list of all the religious covers of the magazine since 2005, and came up with five “Islam-related covers” in the past two years, including “The Islamists and us: their strategy to infiltrate the West,” “Hunting the Christians – Islamic crusade”, and in February 2011, to welcome the beginning of Arab revolutions, “The Islamic spectre.”

Unfortunately, this montage made in September shows that Le Point is no exception.

Two weeks ago, Le Figaro also published a survey under the headline “the image of Islam in France is seriously deteriorating.” The survey showed that 68 per cent of French people think the main reason for Muslims’ lack of integration is… “their refusal to integrate in French society,” and 43 per cent think the presence of a Muslim community in France is “a substantial threat to the country’s identity.”

To Marwan Muhammad, a spokesperson for the Collective Against Islamophobia in France, these results are “worrying, but for the wrong reasons.” He says that linking “Islam” to “fear” in a survey’s question will automatically impact the answer, and affect the results. “When we see the impact these kind of studies can have on the perceptions citizens have of one another… we can wonder about the responsibility of survey institutes, and mainly of those who ask for these surveys,” he says. 

Sometime, a long time ago, I remember Islamophobia Islamoreality being a far-right Front National’s prerogative. Things have changed. In the middle of the Euro-crisis and in the last presidential campaign, Nicolas Sarkozy made halal meat a campaign theme. It was, he said, “the main concern of French people.”

Hundreds of Muslims defy the French ban on street prayer and lift their asses to Allah so that cars and pedestrian traffic is totally blocked

Former government spokesperson Jean-François Copé (now running for leadership of Sarkozy’s UMP party) claimed that children were prevented from eating their pain au chocolat outside their school gates during Ramadan. 

When Sarkozy’s Interior minister Brice Hortefeux said, referring to Arabs, that “We always need one. It’s when there are lots of them that there are problems,” the Socialist opposition referred to his statement as “shameful and unspeakable” and called for his resignation. The same could be said about the current French Interior Minister’s indifference to Le Point’s cover.

Russian journalist reporting from one of the many NO-GO ZONES in Paris where non-Muslims enter at their own risk

Indeed, things have changed. Apparently it’s now fine for the whole political class to stigmatise Muslims and Islam. (And not a moment too soon)

The Collective Against Islamophobia in France, who distributed free pains au chocolat in the streets after Jean-François Copé’s comment, is now launching a national campaign called “We are the nation too” with the aim of  “portraying our fellow Muslim citizens in a different way… and breaking some cliches.” The best of luck to them. They’re going to need it.





























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  1. Some people may tend to over-react or over-respond, however, their basic motivation is probably the same… God says not to take wives from among the nations around us

    because they will lead us astray to worship false gods and corrupt us. The British Commonwealth and European nations which have spread influence throughout the world

    have been blessed with knowledge from God because of their faith. Now other people of other faiths come to us to enjoy the fruits…. but they refuse our beliefs and want

    power through democracy to influence and change AND CONTROL our society. They want to enjoy the abundance of Gods grace to us without believing in our god who

    provided all of this. Am I getting through to you yet? Better yet, is the spirit of god and truth getting through to you yet?

  2. If you post a link to the French newspaper that covered this story, I will email Canadian English media, ask why they didn’t cover it, and ask them to do so.

  3. no suprise to me the French Patriots who seen their land and women raped stayed and fought the hun as they will again in these times ! was a year ago on BNi we talked of this and was said that FRANCE would be the flash point

  4. Why do Muslims come to Europe, one wonders….and why do we allow them to? Did someone ask your opinion before letting Muslims come to Europe as you say? I think you have very little say in the matter, and perhaps that’s why you’re so angry. Cultural diversity, open borders and an end to blatant racism is the only answer. England is big enough for 70 million or more. To be honest, I would be prefer to live in a Britain of immigrants than intolerant bigots.

    I love immigration. The more people of diverse culture the better. The sooner we water down the racists who look down upon anyone with non white skin the better. What goes around comes around…….any one remember colonisation ,…..immigration is pay back time!This debate is not about mass immigration. It’s all about maintaining a white majority ,Britain. With so much suffering going on around the world, these people are more concerned about 15 century tribalism than helping humanity.

    Who says that Europeans are civilised. They are the most savage people in the world.

    • I wish I had spotted this piece of IDIOCY a little earlier!!!!!

      A Moslem hypocritically advocating for “multiculturalism” while knowing that his SYSTEM is the most sworn against any and ALL OTHER cultures than that of Islam – and Wahhabbi/Salafi Islam at that (which is native to Saudi Arabia and is gaining ground everywhere!!!)!!!

      Calling Europeans the “most savage people in the world” while ignoring Islam’s GENOCIDE of MANY diverse cultures and religions: Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, pagans, Baha’is and everybody else, even within the Islamic fold (Shi’a vs. Sunni, Ahmadi, Druze, Sufi)!!!! Islam is the most RACIST, BIGOTED system in the ENTIRE WORLD, promoting SLAVERY, anti-“infidel” and anti-women DISCRIMINATION, SADISM against both Mankind and animals (both “haram” and “halal”), MURDER, RAPE, THEFT and everything else of EVIL WORLDWIDE!!!!

      TRULY, Islam is SATAN’S favourite “religion” (and totalitarian SYSTEM) right alongside equally-totalitarian anti-theism!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

  5. Muslims reveal their hate for non-Muslims by DELIBERATELY blocking the streets preventing cars and non-Muslims from passing. It is an act of hostility against infidels and a declaration of Muslim conquest of infidel streets. Kick the Muslims back to their hell-hole countries and have Muslims block the streets in their Muslim countries. The Muslims would be thrown in jail and most likely beaten by their police. Muslim leaders would NOT allow this despicable behavior. Why do our disgraceful leaders ALLOW Muslim infidel-haters to constantly break our laws? LAWS THAT MUSLIMS WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BREAK IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES?

    And British media don’t like it that Muslims should be required to OBEY our laws? Disgusting traitors.

  6. Good to see some news to the positive. We got beaten up this year. No doubt. First it was Wilders in the Netherlands, now Romney (and West) here in the US. Well…. Geert vowed he would never stop fighting, and neither will we.

    All my support to these brave patriots. The Generation Identitaire kids should be the inspiration for youth everywhere. Such courage and spontaneity. I really hope to see sister movements crop up across the continent!

  7. It’s about time my French ancestors grow some gazongas and do something about the attack on humanity by a cult led by satan himself! Merci beaucoup mes amis!

  8. Ha ha ha, I’m so very glad for TWO things: 1) that you, dear Ms. BNI, have resumed your work against our totalitarian enemies the commies and the muzturds; 2) that the Brits are unhappy BECAUSE the French are starting to stand up for themselves and against the DIRE Islamo-Communist THREAT!!!! [Perhaps that will now start getting some of those soft British pussy-“lions” to start waking up from their Marxist-Mohammedan torpor…]

    Dear Ms. BNI, you and your Weblog mean not a little bit to me – never give up!!! God Be With you and Guard you – you’ve plenty yet to do…

  9. Looks like the French will lead the way. You know, if they threw out all the Muslim riff-raff fouling up their country, they wouldn’t have to raise taxes on the wealthy to 75% because they’d remove millions from their welfare system.

  10. Good for France. Germany’s economy may soon suffer because we re-elected Santa Claus.
    people want things but they don’t want to pay for them. wait till the IRS comes knocking and they won’t be wearing ELF costumes

  11. Something happened last week in Montreal’s northern suburb. A mosque that is in an industrial area next to a company on a Friday during prayer time. The story made our main French paper. No English paper reported it.

    The muslims now take up all the parking space on the street and the company’s parking lot, thus leaving no parking slots for the employees to park. One employee asked the muslims to move their cars so he could enter the company’s parking lot. He had to get to work.

    The muslims stoned him with rocks. And thus, the true face of muslims can be seen. The employees complained to the newspaper about not being able to concentrate at work because the prayers can be heard loud and clear within the company’s building.

    The employees are too frightened to give their names.

    The comment section was not kind to the muslims. The muslims have refused all requests for interviews and do not answer the phones or emails. Cowards!

  12. This is one very pleasant news for the world. At long last, after so many unambiguous abuse, immorality, sexual perversity, violence, and all sorts of evil acts of Islam, a country’s government is recognizing the vile and egregiousness of this religion. France should now begin to exterminate the roots of this evil in society by extirpating the literature of the evil quran, exposing the pretentions of muhammad by exposing and advertizing hadiths detailing muhammads life, and then kicking out of the country those who refuse to acknowledge the evil of islam and its sexual pervert prophet muhammad and how fictititious allah is.

  13. I wouldn’t count out the Germans yet. They have someone in the wings that’s going to give the koranimals nightmares.

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