Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu: “Not if, but when.”

Asked about Israel’s perceived reluctance to take military action against Iran’s defiant nuclear program without American consent, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu made clear that he was prepared to act without anyone’s permission.

Israel Today  “When former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion declared the establishment of the State of Israel, was it with the consent of the Americans? When former Prime Minister Menachem Begin bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor, was that with the consent of the Americans?” asked Netanyahu.

Netanyahu insisted that the Jewish nation’s days of pleading for its survival were over. “When we didn’t have a state, when we didn’t have an army, and when someone threatened to destroy us and then actually annihilated us, we went and pleaded with others. Today we don’t plead, we prepare.”

The interviewer pressed Netanyahu on whether or not he was endangering Israel by going down such a dangerous path, a line of thinking that has characterized the election campaign of his political opponents. Netanyahu responded by reiterating what he and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have been saying for months – that launching a preemptive strike against a non-nuclear Iran will be far less dangerous than dealing with a nuclear-armed Islamic Republic.



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  1. When Israel is attacked by the Caliphate and the EU, China and a few other minor players, and BO is still in office we can be sure of one thing: we will be delayed for a short time in our response. This is so the Enemy will have already wiped out Israel and there will be nothing left to defend against. At least that is the reasoning behind the delay. However HE has diffrent ideas. SO who do you think will win?
    I bet it’s ISRAEL and AMERICA, Brittan, Austrialia, Canada and but a few other nations from northern Europe with the last minute help from Russsia.
    Sounds silly when Russia has been so completely against us but everyone has a change of heart. We have to deal with it.
    So the invadeers from the North are the Caliphate and the EU.

  2. Tiltawhirlgurl — There are millions of Americans right now who feel as you do – Remember that. I’m one. I try to be optimistic and sing “Smile”.
    As for freedoms being taken away — that has already begun and our congressmen do nothing.

    • Thanks Pavelina, I am strong but not optimistic. I do believe that good will over come evil (not religiously, I’m agnostic) but It’s going to be a long ride.

  3. I can’t believe some of the comments I have been reading posted by dems on other websites. In a nutshell they are pretty much condemning Israel? What the hell is wrong people?? They call me crazy when I talk about Barry being a Marxist, anti-American, anti-Israel, muslim. It pisses me the frick off that they can’t learn for themselves yet they call me crazy. I refuse to drink whatever koolaid they are drinking. I have so many bad feelings going on at once since Barry got back in. It’s going to be back to sleeping pills for me so I won’t wake up from nightmares about the future of America. I will continue to talk about Barry, his lies and his agenda. Like my husband said when they come for us we won’t go willingly. I would rather die than to have my freedoms taken away from me and that is the TRUTH!!

    I am an American Infidel through and through!

      • Hey BNI! It is so great that you are continuing to post the truth! I am a big fan and long time reader, you may remember supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I used to go through word press until they started messing you.

        It always makes me feel better knowing there are so many others that share our fears and our hope of spreading the word about the religion of terror.

        I hope you are getting on well, I know the shitty elections got to you. Keep strong and keep sharing with us so that we can share with others!!

        I am an Infidel!

    • Stay strong sister, both you and your Mr., it won’t be long before many, many will be forced to take note of their error of their way, and there willl be no releif for them, in that not too long from now, those of us who saw the tea leaves wilting up in front of them, will be sitting A, o.k., we were smart enough to hold the powder dry for ourselves, these people, the obumerdolts, well they will be left standing in the cold, without food, energy, a home to rest, or any resources to fall back on. These weakdicks, just screwed themselves, and they are too stupid to understand, I often wonder what part of “we are broke”, they refused to understand. In their world, it’s not P/C that failed them, they are the very ones that believed these words, “hi, I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you”, the very definition of a fool and his error. Semper FI

      • Semper FI to you to Ret. Marine! I agree with you 100%, I hope when the sheeple who voted for Barry see their taxes go up in January, the new gun restrictions, muslim holidays in their schools, sharia law being implemented in our courts etc. they will finally understand that we were telling the truth all along.

        It just came to me that some of these things had already started before the elections. I always say this and I will never stop, it’s all about crooked governments, crooked banks..

    • That makes at least two of us, twgurl! I’m not going to lose sleep over the deaf dumb and blind who refuse to see the direction of this country in these last days, though. They want to go to war? We’ll take them to war! Let the sneaky, deceitful, lying Islamophiles go down with the ones who come against Israel!!! AMEN!

      • tessiewebb, I, unfortunately, have been blessed with pre-menopause. So my anxiety level is through the frigging roof. It sucks really bad not to be able to stop thinking about the worst of things that are going to happen in our lifetime and children’s lifetime. It is incredibly sad, it’s like the world we live in is some horrible criminal suspense movie with murder, money and muslums. I still can’t believe Barry stole the election and people still stand with him. If I was a religious person I would have to agree that Armageddon is coming!

        “What a world, what a world!”

      • Very interesting reads! Thanks for the links.
        I learn more everyday, then I retain it, save it and share it with people who don’t think I’m crazy or racist! The more people we can plant a seed of truth in is one less muslim ready to kill the infidels.

    • Thanks ya’ll! It always makes feel better when I come to BNI’s site and hear from people that share my feelings on what is causing this American Meltdown. It’s just ridiculous how easy it is for Islam to rapidly, but quietly bore into the pockets of our government. I don’t trust any of them, there are some here and there that I appreciate, but for the most part it boils down to Crooked Governments and Crooked Banks…

      I thought I would share a comment that I read on yahoo earlier today, it didn’t contain any vulgar, racist language, just straight to the awful point:

      “Now that Obama is back for another 4 years it’s time to start rounding up Republicans and hauling them off to FEMA camps. When they get there just start lining them up and shoot them, women and children first.”

      What the frick is that shit? I reported them (nalin palin), but Yahoo will do nothing because they agree with them.

      Thanks again ya’ll for believing in the truth and making me feel a little better! :)

  4. Israel can no longer rely on America — Obama has made that abundantly clear. But that’s okay, because they have God on their side. He will judge our nation because we’ve turned our back on His people.

    • So right! And I do believe I see God’s hand in America turning away from Israel. In order for the prophecies to be fulfilled, ‘ALL’ nations have to turn against them. And He will certainly judge our nation for taking that route.

  5. The State of Israel is looking elsewhere and is talking to Germany. Germany is the Head of the EU, everyone knows it, and they have no intention of Iran pushing them around. Germany is in lock step with the Pope, as usual, and they are not going to stand by and have Iran put their claws into the land of Israel.

    • Jo, I wouldn’t count on Germany if I were Israel. As I posted before, Saudi Arabia has a better reason for helping make Israel sure Iran does not go nuclear and they are. SA is also strategically positioned on the route from Israel to Iran, either for mid-air refueling or making a stopover to refuel. Germany is not.

  6. and when Israel sees that it is about to experience a muclear attack from the ragheade in Iran, and takes action to save it’s life, Obama will be sitting in the white house watching golf films, and claiming he never knew just the way he did in Libya. There is nolimit to his lies and bare faced, standing before God and all prevaricating. he is a serial liar who hates Israel and will do nothing to help it survive against his muslim brotherhood friends.

  7. BIBI will do what is necessary and doesn’t need America’s permission to do anything. obama may have turned his back that doesn’t mean the rest of us have.

  8. We tried to get rid of him, Bibi. In the end, the engineered demographic changes that the Dem party has made to this country through Latinos, welfare recipients, and commie-college educated kids has become impossible for us to overcome. We’re sorry. May God be with you.

    • Latinos voted for Obama because of their status in this country. Many have been here for years without legal status and have worked and paid taxes all that time. It is not the Latinos, blacks or “welfare recipients” who have done what is being done to this country, the fault lays entirely with the administrations we have suffered to be in power! As far as “commie-college educated kids” you really need to take a better look at what is actually being taught in colleges. The left leaning institutions are “assimilating” Islam into the curriculums and producing American grown Islamists as they do so.

  9. If Israel is attacked, once again Obama will tell the military to stand down. Yesterday was the day The People of America decided they would rather live in a Socialist country instead of a Republic. God save us.

    • Only one thing in your reply that I have to disagree with and that is that it is not the Socialism we need worry about, it is the Sharia laws that are looking like they will be implemented in USA and Islam!

  10. WE are not doomed we are just set back a couple Years,I will never give up,I still say Fuck Obama and Fuck all Moslems,lets get our attitudes back on the Positive side and give the Leftards a good fight.

    • We need to ditch the PC attitude. Don’t like here leave, can’t speak English leave and if you can’t assimulate leave. Patriots need be patriots all year not just on election day.

  11. I’m with Israel all the way on this issue. And I think the Saudis also. Obama will not be able to respond and will only look weak. Which is the perfect situation.

  12. WE here in America can learn much from Isreal a mighty little country no bigger than a county in my state , and yet they dayly face down the world ! how can our problem here be greater than theirs we got a runaway goverment they got 57 rogue goverments on their watch 24/7/365

  13. Dear Israel, Most Americans stand with Israel! We stand with the Jewish people! Never, ever forget! WE LOVE YOU ISRAEL ! WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!

    Israel is on the frontlines of global jihad. FIGHTING FOR EVERY ONE OF US!

    Anyone who seeks to give infidel-hater Muslim barbarians one inch of Free World Jewish land is a huge TRAITOR not just to Israel and Jews, but to EVERY non-Muslim on earth!

    Non-Muslims of the world unite! We must not go quietly into the night!
    NO Islamic conquest of our nations!

    Join the European Freedom Parties. Join the European Defence Leagues!
    Join EDL (English Defence League)
    Join British Freedom. Britain’s last great hope!

  14. God Bless you Ben Netanyahu!! DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO as a REAL world leader and remember that YOU DO NOT need the approval and damn sure not the consent of our Traitor-in-Chief or any of his muslime bros. at the U.N.!!

  15. Israel you do what you have to do to surivie. Sod what Bollocks, insane, muslim obummer says. You will get no help there, or backing.

  16. @ bni , in response to my post on “open thread ” the only place to go is on our knees in sackcloth and ashes in humble prayer individually because as a collective nation it has been found ‘wanting’ and the only way to fix it is to tear it down “completely ” and start over !!!!!! , with love and prayers to all the faithful !!! , we are on our own !!!!!! , it sucks but it is reality !!!!!!! ( luke 21 : 34-36 )

    • Not entirely on your own. Our PM Stephen Harper was booted out of the UN security council for standing up for Israel. Canada has your back, little as we are, and others will rally behind you, little as they are, and with more and more little states/countries behind you, we can protect your security.

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