LONDON: A month-long celebration of ‘Islamophobia’

Contrary to what the organizers of this event had in mind, the unintended consequence of ‘Islamophobia’ Islamoreality Awareness Month likely will be even more anti-Muslim sentiment than ever before. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a muslim.

Iranian Press TV There is a strong feeling amongst Muslims in Europe that they are the target of discrimination and hatred. They feel like a community under siege. And they hope schemes like the Islamophobia Awareness Month will highlight these problems and bring about a grassroots change in society.

However, the society they live in doesn’t have a very favorable view of Islam. A recent survey reveals just 25% of people feel positively about Islam. And over 60% feel Islam is incompatible in British society. (It’s a good start)

Not to be outdone, the Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project at ‘dhimmified’ UC Berkeley announces the launch of Islamophobia Studies Journal, a a bi-annual peer reviewed academic periodical focusing on emerging research on and analysis about the nature of ‘Islamophobia’ and its impact on culture, politics, media, and the lives and experiences of Muslim people.