ARIZONA: Iraqi Muslim family gets a slap on the wrist for beating and burning teenage daughter, tying her to her bed, and imprisoning her in her room

‘TWO YEARS PROBATION’ for parents and sister of 19-year-old girl who was beaten and burned on her face and chest for refusing to participate in a forced marriage with a 38-year-old man (her first cousin, no doubt). The victim was also tied and padlocked to a bed just for talking to a male student at school.

Aiya Altameemi, 19-year-old victim of ‘honor’ punishment

UK Daily Mail  (H/T susan K) Yursah Farhan, 51, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, was spared jail time in exchange for a guilty plea to unlawful imprisonment of her daughter, 19-year-old Aiya Altameemi. The girl’s father, Mohammed Altameemi, 46, also received two years’ probation for disorderly conduct, and her 18-year-old sister, Tabarak Altameemi, received the same sentence for assault.

The prosecution case against Farhan’s husband Mohammed Altameemi stated that he cut his daughter’s neck with a knife on February 7, leaving a one-and-a-half inch wound.  He had admitted trying to kill her with the knife, until her sister Tabarak Altameemi intervened. Tabarak Altameemi is also accused of breaking a glass over her sister’s head around 11 months ago.

After she was spotted talking to a boy, her father and Aiya’s sister confronted the young woman and took her home, where Mohammed Altameemi struck her several times. The girl’s mother and sister admitted to tying her to a bed with a rope that was secured with a padlock and beating her.  Aiya Altameemi also claimed that she was burned with a hot spoon on her face and chest while her sisters held her down

The Iraqi family home in Phoenix

She told school officials about the incident and claimed that her family was trying to protect her because they ‘want her to be a virgin for an arranged marriage’ to a 38-year-old man, according to court documents.

Farhan was arrested at St. Joseph’s hospital in Phoenix in February because she had hit her daughter so violently with her hands and a shoe that the girl required medical treatment. Farhan told police she wanted to punish the girl because her Iraqi culture states that ‘a female is not allowed to be having contact with males’. 

The Islam-apologist American media (NBC) used this headline for the story: Mom gets probation for locking up daughter for talking to a boy


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  1. God, that father looks ilke a caricature of an evil person in a cartoon horror film!! The young woman absolutely NEEDS to leave her family, assume another identity and disappear from their evil lives. Of course, the remaining sisters will feel the brunt of their savage family’s mental illness and rotten “culture” once the elder sister escapes – with her life!

  2. Take your ugly backwards &stupid selves back to your ‘beloved’ Iraq, live in your fetid mudhole with rats, fleas, & roaches,, but leave that abused daughter here.

    If judges in that area are elected I hope he gets kicked out on his derriere.

  3. Why was the father not charged with attempted murder? He admitted trying to kill his daughter. All three need to have mandatory sensitivity for domestic violence and community service at a battered womens shelter. Just because their “iraq culture” allows honor killings doesn’t mean it’s okay in the USA. All muslimes in the USA should have to take Christian sensitivity training and told that what is correct in their home country is NOT correct in the USA.. It’s murder here, not honor killing. The refugee agencies should be mandated to cover the laws of the USA and have the muslimes sign an affidavit indicating that they understand the laws and that they will be deported for not following the laws of the USA. Yeah, I know, wishful thinking.

  4. On the other hand, if you are not moslime, and you administer a spanking to your child… look out!

    This is all madness, in plain sight. I’m damned sick of moslimes.

  5. What a mean looking family! Poor girl! She will likely be honor killed. She will likely lose her pretty head! If I were this girl, I would be terrified.

  6. This is a dark day for America. Throughout America’s glorious past, the beacon of LIGHT that was known as America was a nation that stood for justice, freedom and human rights. Millions around the world living in oppression, tyranny and terror dreamed of escaping to America the land of freedom and justice!

    We are now ruled by Islam-lovers – anti-justice, anti-freedom, anti human rights haters? Islamic sharia law is now imposed on America? Islamic sharia law that HATES women and HATES NON-Muslims. Islamic sharia law that HATES justice, freedom and human rights!

    We should all be in the streets protesting against cruel Islamic sharia law imposed on America! Don’t let America be DESTROYED with Islamic sharia!

  7. I’m STILL waiting to hear if they caught the real murderer of the El Cajon Iraqi muslim woman. Wow, this happened last March and she was beaten to death in her home with a tire iron. Still no clues? HMM, Could this have been some form of honor killing???. DUHHH. I’ve been checking every few days and there are no updates. I demand justice for this brutally murdered woman. Yeah right! Why isn’t CAIR on this? It’s a possible hate crime.

    • Billy, in my opinion, someone in the family did it which is why the all the publicity died so fast, once they had ruled out some “Islamophobe.” The family went back to Iraq for awhile and then returned. The media dropped the story like a hot potato once they found out it couldn’t be blamed on a Christian. Why the DA dropped the case is beyond belief.

  8. she is a dead girl walking ! the death revenge look is on the old breeder ‘ s face he is not a dad he is a breeder , no heart , no love judge should have froze his passport he will kill the girl and run

  9. AND, it is going to get much worse WAAAY much worse. Now, that the fanatic Muslim in the WH secured another term, nothing will stop him from further destroying our country with faster pace..
    Thanks to the reterded Americans who voted for him again.

  10. In the Middle Eastern culture, the child can be thought to be an adult and therefore can marry at a very young age. In the United States & in many other western countries, young girls can apply lipstick, cosmetic surgery & enter beauty pageant dressed like adult. Both these attitudes are similar in category to me – making or treating young child to be an adult. When a child is treated like a child. And not make them take over the adulthood so soon. Has any parent who has allowed their under-16 daughter to sleep with her boyfriend in their home ever been prosecuted, even though there must be thousands of examples occurring every night?

    Any parent who does this should be prosecuted along with the two underage children. By the way there are 12-13 having sex before marriage and getting pregnant all over the country. Just another angle to the argument that’s all.

    British girls can have have sex have abortions have alcohol problems behaviour problems but Muslims girls decide to get married respectfully and have sex and have children and be happy with both families is a problem in Britain? If Muslim parents would make their daughters think this is right thing to do…it is still much better than what British teenage girls do with their lives. I don’t think of British people to be so double standard and with such a little intellect? hmmm..

  11. It’s hard fr me to beliee the stupidity and culpability of a supposed American jurist and prosecuter who allow this filthy, torturing, muslim family to stay out of prison. What kind of message are they sending to the rest of these uncivilized bastards. Whoevser they are, they nesed to be run out of office for dereliction of duty. There can be no possible excuse for allowing these cruel, satanic, raghead customs to be practiced in our beautiful, free America. Get rid of them, Arizona!

  12. I wonder if the judge would have given such a light punishment to a typical American family who
    beat and tortured their daughter and was just stopped from murdering her. Muslim women are so inured to this type of treatment they don’t leave their families; in fact they seem understanding of it, as if they agree. They have no instinct for survival.

    • No domestic violent charges here? WOW, now if the was a white male he would be in jail and the same with the mother. So, now the court must take in account of their Iraqi culture? The hell you say..
      The US government stopped the American Indians from practicing their culture that was violent, and now the courts are pandering to these third world Muslim culture just for VOTES. We must get rid of the POLITICAL WHORES.

  13. The next time, they will probably kill their daughter or ship her out of the country. Wake up judges. Only fair and lengthy sentences might stop these sharia atrocities done by muslims to their own daughters.

  14. No surprise here. Stupid dhimmified judge and prosecution trying to get an easy resolution without enflamming the local population of muzscum who shouldn’t even be allowed to live anywhere in the West. God, that family is butt ugly! Downright evil looking (inside and out)! I would have hoped the daughter would have cut all ties to her family and Satanic Islam, but that ain’t gonna happen.

  15. With BO in charge, this could be coming to America in the near future!

    The Islamist group Ansar Dine (Defenders of Faith), along with its other Islamist and al-Qaeda allies, is creating a terrifying Sharia-run state in northern Mali, complete with public floggings, group amputations, and death by stoning.
    Ansar Dine, along with the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (Mujao) and al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), first gained control over northern Mali in April after it commandeered a rebellion originally launched by ethnic Tuareg separatists against the Mali government.
    Since then, as part of their consolidation of power in the region — an area roughly the size of Texas — the Islamist Ansar Dine and Mujao have been busily imposing Sharia law in the towns and cities of northern Mali, including the region’s largest cities of Timbuktu, Kidal, and Gao.
    To that end, the Islamists have issued edicts against a wide range of acts they deem to be “haraam” (forbidden), behaviors such as smoking or selling cigarettes; drinking or selling alcoholic beverages; listening to music; failing to attend daily prayers; or women failing to cover themselves appropriately.
    For those unfortunate enough to run afoul of these restrictions, the punishments are exceedingly harsh, punitive measures which include public beatings, floggings, amputations, and summary executions, such as death by stoning.
    Carrying out the punishments are designated Islamic police, assisted in their tasks by a growing cadre of child soldiers, some as young as 11, who have been recruited into the Islamist ranks to serve as spies, guards, cooks and patrol officers.
    Of course, figuring what type of punishment is appropriate for the crime committed is determined by the nuanced complexities of Sharia law, intricacies explained by Oumar Ould Hamaha of the Mujao in the recent case in Gao of a group amputation in which the right hand and left foot of five suspected thieves were cut off.
    Hamaha said the Islamists amputated the right hand and left foot of the men because “According to the Sharia, the men had to face double punishment for theft and highway robbery. The sentence for theft is to cut a hand, and the sentence for highway robbery is cutting the opposite leg.”
    While theft may result in the loss of several appendages, it’s a markedly better punishment than for those accused of having children out of wedlock, as was the case of a young couple who was stoned to death in July by members of Ansar Dine in the Malian town of Aguelhok near the Algerian border.

    • Dubi, To your credit ,you think that we can do something about the breaches in our walls. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans don’t give a shit! This last election was a sad wake up call to the state of our country. True Americans are now out numbered by “intitlement whores” . Bill O’r Reilly said, “we are a different America now, 50% of us want gov’t to give them intitlements” this was said on election eve Fox news.
      What I am telling you Dubi, most patriots are extremely dissapointed, and like BNI have had enough. Fighting for what? To save what? You can’t save someone who doesn’t want saving.
      This election was our chance to turn the Titanic around. We have been fighting to save America, but the vast majority of americans dont want to be saved, nor do they care about this country, or anyone els (except themselves) So what’s to SAVE???? Nothing!
      I am thankfull, my patriotic, American loving parents have not lived to see this day come.
      Flat out, the majority of Americans don’t deserve to be saved!! Let them die by obama’s hand, then we can say “I told you so,fool”.

      I am going to get involved with the Texans for secession!!! Then we can start to take back, dead America, one piece of land at a time.

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