CAIR thugs find Jewish useful idiot to back their scam in condemning local bank for banning Muslim headbags

Shilling for Islam, dhimmi David Bernstein of the Tulsa ‘Say No to Hate Coalition’ says, “Being different doesn’t mean they’re wrong, or against us, or we’re against them. It just means they’re different.” (All together now, can everybody say “schmuck?”)

ORIGINAL STORY/VIDEO: cair-demands-tulsa-bank-change-its-security-policy-so-as-not-to-offend-muslim-bagheads


17 comments on “CAIR thugs find Jewish useful idiot to back their scam in condemning local bank for banning Muslim headbags

  1. They want to take down Tulsa because it is a very Christian city and OK is a Bible Belt State. My daughter went to school there the people there are the absolute salt of the earth. This is part of their campaign to dismantle Christianity. Has no one noticed the mega mosks are being built in Bible Belt small towns and small cities? This is a campaign these bastards are on.

  2. That’s the way that Muslims usually do it- cause trouble and go running to CAIR. If I understand correctly it was the face cover that was the problem, not the hijab. I personally think that no hats or hoods should mean just that. I do 90% of my banking through the drive thru or ATM so these gals should be able to do the same.

  3. I would love to see the day when Ku Klux Kair complains and the person being threatened with litigation jihad tells them to go to hell. If not, the REAL victim (target of Ku Klux Kair’s hate) should file a civil rights suit against them for harassment.

  4. Jillian Hollsbauer looks to be a convert to this cult religion, a CAIR Useful Idiot.
    A nose ring, lip gloss, drop earrings, and exposed hair. Does she really think she would get away with that in “muslime Realville?”
    Would she have the same regard for the cult she’s so enthusiastically embraced after she went through a genital mutilation, been beaten unconscious, or had acid thrown in her face for giving her muslime husband a piece of toast he deemed a bit too well done?

  5. This is just going to pave the way for special Sharia compliant banks in the USA.
    There is still more of us than there is of them. Remember that.

  6. Nowhere in this story have I heard if this muzscum woman even has an account at this bank. I think this is a contrived plot instigated by CAIR Oklahoma designed to force accomodation (dhimmitude) and weaken common sense security policies meant to protect all of us. As usual, with media compliance, they will succeed in hoodwinking a large amount of the public with this farce, and the muslims will have scored another victory in Oklahoma.

    Yes, this David Bernstein puke is a Judenratt of the highest order. His group, “Say No To Hate,” held a demonstration against TPD officer Capt. Paul Fields who refused to attend a mandatory event at a local mosque. He also refused to order any of his officers on duty to attend. Capt. Fields is a hero in my book. Bernstein, a Goddamned Quisling who needs to ridiculed for the leftist fool that he is. I cringe every time I see a vehicle with one of those “Say No To Hate” stickers. Not that I’m overly fond of hatred, but I’m equally incensed by cowardly stupidity that goes out of it’s way to allow evil to succeed and spread it’s misery. Do gooders are the worst of humanity.

  7. Of course. The local Muslim association saw the sign in the bank window and decided to force the issue. The woman went in, made trouble, and when held to the rule everyone else in the community respects, went straight to the press and made a complaint of discrimination instead of contacting the bank’s executive to try to reach a compromise. Yup. Organized. Deadly. We can’t afford to be fooled.

  8. I am beginning to suspect that those head scarves are nailed on to the girls heads at puberty! Why else can’t they just take it off for 5 minutes?

    • The nails are purely psychological which unfortunately can be as effective as the real thing. Stay strong VNB, many of your Oklahoman customers know this is just a ginned up controversy to push the Islamists agenda. Don’t back down, not an inch!

  9. so woman representing CAIR is wearing mekeup and earrings and closeup of woman wearing headbag is also wearing lipstick isn’t that un-islamic?

    • Did you miss the nose ring the idiot representing the baghead was wearing?! I Wonder if this “uncovered infidel” would have her nose ring readily accepted by those poooooor persecuted Asslifters she is representing!! Sorry, BNI, I keep hearing this story repeatedly the past few days, on TV and on my car radio, and every time I hear it I get pissed off AGAIN, so I just couldn’t help using my daily “quota” on this one!!

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