CANADA: Muslims offended, Canadian Military on high alert!

Discovery by the CBC of a 2-year old “racially-charged” video clip that makes fun of Muslim terrorists has forced the Canadian military to divert its attention away from important matters like national defense to launch a formal investigation.

CBC (H/T Don L)  The ‘insensitive; video features an unidentified member of Canadian Forces in brown makeup and wearing a turban, pretending to be Osama bin Laden’s brother.  The video was produced for a formal dinner on the base in January 2010, a time when Afghanistan was still a combat mission for Canada and there were about 2,800 Canadian military personnel serving there. In a four-minute excerpt, the bin Laden character jokingly boasts of working directly for his brother. (Videos work, click arrow)

Watch the CBC commies get their panties in a wad over this “shocking” video.

CBC contacted the Canadian military for an explanation about the video and  the head of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Lt.-Gen. Yvan Blondin, said that last week he requested an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the video. “Although I can’t comment on the details of this incident while the CFNIS is conducting its independent investigation, I express my apologies to those who may feel offended, and reaffirm my commitment to take any possible administrative, disciplinary or corrective actions that may be warranted.”


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  1. Too bad for the ka-nuks it has made it to the USA where it is now protected under the First Amendment. Unless the commie and Chief Obummer takes away this right and I am sure that would make some PC Canadians happy.

  2. hahahahaahahahhahaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa !
    F’ing Muslimes have no sense of haw haw !
    The CBC (Communist Broadcasting Corp) can go piss up a rope. One of the reasons i moved back here to the USA……but soon we will have the same shit here with Obastards re-election.

  3. I say, get over it! If they don’t want to be ridiculed, don’t have a superior attitude towards infidels, and don’t be the major source of terrorism in the world. People might like you better.

    And may we draw attention to the groveling the CBC was doing in order to avoid a suit by the Muslims and the threat of violence? Gee, that really makes people just love the muzis.

    Glad to hear CAIR of Canada hasn’t yet revised and whitewashed Islam’s role in terrorism in all the security apparati of Canada as they have in the U.S.

  4. Shame on you, CBC.
    The army will be the first to gard you from these … barbarians. This is very normal that the army people are holding them as enemies and making fun of them. You are politically correct perverts.

  5. When muslims are offended by many of the horrors of their so-called “religion” like “honor” killing, fgm, sharia punishments of amputations, beheadings & crucifixion, murder of gays, and the slaughter of infidels to name a few , then and only then will I worry about hurting their ultra-sensitive, controlling feelings and not a moment before.

  6. Why are they getting into such a wad They should make more of these I will buy them Its funny and shows the reality of the thing to hell with the mussies we should be all over them about the killing of Christians and Jews No more ASS Kissing Canada ya thats goes for you to Mr Prime Minister!

  7. It is time to do away with the CBC for far more reasons than this one. Canada’s government must get out of the broadcasting busines and out of the booze selling business and stop licensing everything including cats. Either that or trade the Maple Leaf, such a lovely looking flag, for the hammer and sickle.

  8. To Bad the guy did not portray the correct group, if it was supposed to be a muslim
    he made a poor choice of dress and accent. He came over as a Hindu or Sikh, which is too bad, because they on our side. They are Kaffirs just the same as us.
    Anyway CBC will make a big deal about it along with the Top Brass military. It is a wonder that the Parliament Buildings have not been attacked by the muslims already. Maybe they are waiting for warmer weather.

  9. The only thing wrong with that vid is technical: the turban is Sikh, not ‘
    slime style. Outside of that, there is nothing wrong with it. The content reflects reality.



    LGen. J. Yvan Blondin,
    Commander, Royal Canadian Air Force
    National Defence Headquarters
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    Dear LGen Blondin,

    I trust you will, with great caution, review the video that has the entirety of CBC staff and administration in the throes of politically correct induced convulsions, projectile vomiting and uncontrolled, eye watering leftist flatulence.

    No doubt, after viewing this horrifically obscene, islamophobic, intolerant, racially charged, geliophobic, anatidaephobic, homophobic, phobophobic, coprophobic and outrageous video, you will, as has every member of the CBC, be immediately transported to a local hospital where you will be sedated, given a rigorous course of Starbucks Soy-Latte enemas’ and, courtesy of the RCMP, several rounds of soothing electro-shock therapy.

    Then, as with the entirety of CBC, once your nerves have calmed sufficiently, you will, still under a strict regimen of psychotropic pharmaceuticals, be released into the care of a regiment of self-help guru’s, anal massage therapists, psycho-analysts and budding Dr. Phil’s.

    Opportunity knocking LGen Blondin, you might want to take advantage of this taxpayer funded opportunity to not only discuss your inexplicable burning need to, not only watch gay-porn, but to inspect the troops on parade whilst clad in heels and fishnet stockings, needs that will no doubt result from watching the above video.

    This would also be a perfect occasion to sort out any lingering sexual complications and related impotence (performance anxiety) arising from coming home that fateful evening last June and finding your wife in the lustful and compromising clutches of the brawny, Electro-Lux vacuum cleaner salesman who felt that “suction dynamics” was not a term solely related to house cleaning appliances.

    Then, the memory of the above video carefully whitewashed by a pail or two of Margaret Trudeau’s favourite snack food, Prozac’n’Zoloft, you can preside over the execution of the makers of this video by, as those pranksters the Iranians are always doing, stringing them up from a construction crane on Parliament Hill.

    No doubt the CBC will not be happy with a simple hanging and so you can further assuage their tender and easily bruised liberal sensibilities by disbanding the entirety of the Canadian Armed Forces and then hunting down all surviving Canadian WW2 veterans and castrating them.

    Or, in the alternative, you can treat this matter (complaint) as it should be treated, and as it will be treated by the vast majority of Canadians save those thin-skinned whimpering socialist provocateurs at the CBC; with uproarious laughter followed by dismissive and casual contempt.

    The choice is yours.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    • And ALL the rest of the Canadian MSM, plus the government officials and politicians in addition to the big union-executives, bankers, lawyers and business bigwigs!!!!

      NONE of them know or care about the twin MENACES posed by Communism and Islam… I fear that only massive outbreaks of Moslem terrorism and rioting will shake some of those people out of their torpor, alas…

    • Few totalitarians can – or really DARE – to joke!!! The Chinese Communists under Mao didn’t so much as understand the most innocent of humour, while under Stáljin even Mikoyán fell afoul due in part to his (uniquely in that group) having some ability to joke and laugh. [He plus Mólotov, Bjérija, Khrushchjóv and others finally had to join in saving their skins by apparently having Stáljin poisoned via that monster’s wine being spiked with Warfarin (Coumadin).]

  11. If the host countries start kicking the muslim trouble makers out..that might make them sit up and take notice. And if they pull a murderous riot like they can at “home” then the police should be able to use extreme force to stop it.

    I have never heard of any other group of people that were allowed to get away with the outrageous behavior that muslims display in every country they are in.

  12. I still don’t understand why everyone is so worried about offending muslims? Why? Everything offends them. They have been allowed to get away with their irate behavior and they are totally taking advantage of it.

  13. Well sadly they can expect no help from the Obozo administration; and IF anything happenes Obozo is sure to not be a friend.

    I hope for the best with our Canadian friends, stay safe. Sadly, America is not America any longer. Maybe we will find ourselves again, hopefully soon.

    • Stay safe yourselves also!! Tricky times right now–and Obamination is NOT to be trusted.

      Well, when it comes time to pack Obamination and that slattern co-conspirator of his (Michelle) out of the USA…let us know if you need help getting her ever-widening ass onto a superfreighter.
      Push to shove, we can bring in some Draglines to help ya get her onboard and outta America’s hair.
      We’re all praying for America & Americans up here. :-)

  14. Screw you dumbass dhimmi politicians who kowtow to the whinyass humorless sonsofbitces that cry “Oh, boohoo, that is ‘racist’, insensitive,etc., etc. ad nauseum……..”! My response: “STFU and get yourselves a sense of humor!!”……Oh, excuuuuuse meeee!! We infdels sometimes forget that you muslimes would have to quit being what you are in order to get a sense of humor!!

  15. The Communist Broadcasting Corporation should be banned. They are shit disurbers. The staff at CBC would easily get a job working for Obama.
    And the Canadian taxpayers pay for this shit? PM Harper has been hinting at cancelling the contract with CBC and letting them find their own provate supporter…G-d…George Soros could pick it up. Heaven forbid.

    • There used to be a time when I would have supported – and even did support – the CBC as well as PBS NOT in terms of ideology but in terms of bringing real cultural events like opera, symphony concerts, solo and chamber-recitals, &c. in addition to historical and nature documentaries. HOWEVER it most strongly seems that the CBC has ABANDONED that ENTIRE part of its mandate and has instead decided to play politics with everybody and everything else!!!

      I’d be more than happy under the circumstances to see it CLOSED DOWN. Then, let PBS / NPR’s mandate be totally revamped for such things AND NOTHING ELSE!!! ANY politicking should be considered a violation of such provisions, with the perpetrators being severely fined (for the value spent upon such political shows)!!!!

  16. When I watched the first video I thought it was funny and was a joke. Why do you have to apologize for humor. What the hell is wrong with people. When I smell french fries that hurts my feelings because I believe that a potato is a higher power. If they can’t take a joke go the hell back home. Their signs of about free speech sucks that is hurts my feelings. I want them arrested because it is a form of hate speech.

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