FINLAND: Jews told to avoid wearing skullcaps in public due to rise in attacks on Jews by Muslims

That’s right, punish the victims, not the perpetrators.


20 comments on “FINLAND: Jews told to avoid wearing skullcaps in public due to rise in attacks on Jews by Muslims

  1. Not that Norway does a great job handling it’s muslim problems, the video is a bit misleading as Norway bans both jewish and islamic slaughter. They have had a bit of trouble with illegal slaughter houses around Trondheim in the past.

  2. So, abusing Jews for wearing a particular item of clothing is okay, but banks saying no to a Muslim woman wearing a particular piece of clothing that is against policy for safety reasons is just soooooo bad.

    This world is becoming more demented by the day, and it’s Islam at the root of much of this sickness.

    Thanks for yet another example of the evils of Islam.

    • Thank you so much for this comment NMS; you have nailed it! Islam IS a growing cancer and unless we apply the necessary treatment to eliminate the disease it WILL continue to spread; and I am not far from where that —–ing baghead who raised all kinds of hell at the Valley Bank and brought in the a–hole CAIR bears, so THAT is why your comment stood out over others; THAT and the fact that I used to deliver mail to bagheads and their male muslime mates and bros!!……The CHIEF reason I am damn glad to be retired from that increasingly PC and “diverse” chickens— organization, aka. USPS, a fine example: the EID stamp for the FILTH, but let someone suggest a “Merry Christmas” or “HAPPY HANNUKAH” stamp and see what happens!! Screw the muzzturds!!

    • hear hear, I just cannot understand this self destructive mind set of our governments in the West. They seem hell bent on the destruction of our culture and are blind to the threats of a medieval barbaric regime. The West = RIP

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