JERUSALEM: Arab Muslims are torching cars and throwing stones at Jewish neighbors

A security camera installed by Victor Chernovsky, a resident of French Hill in Jerusalem, shows three Arab Muslims setting fire to his cars. The same thing happened to him last year.

 INN  Chernovsky described daily harrassment by Arab Muslim neighbors. “They constantly throw rocks at us. All the time. Children aged 8 or 9 pelt us with rocks and above them, the Border Police stand there and they curse and laugh at them. They put a new loudspeaker on the mosque and we hear it as if it is inside our home. They set off fireworks at 11 pm or 12 midnight. It’s impossible to live here. They threw a rock at my wife’s car when she was inside with two grandmothers. Then on March 8, international women’s day, they gave her a ‘gift’ and burned her car.”

French Hill is a mostly Jewish neighborhood in the northeast part of Jerusalem, and is home to many students from the nearby Hebrew University campus, who rent apartments in the neighborhood. In recent years, several Arab Muslim families have bought homes in the neighborhood, often to the chagrin of residents, who fear that that even if the homeowners are law-abiding, Arab terrorists from nearby villages could use the French Hill Arab residents’ as a “cover” to get into the neighborhood and carry out terror attacks.


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  1. Remember mohommedists don’t believe in insurance. So if they lose something or it is destroyed then they say it is up to allah. So if I were them I would give payback to the criminals.

    • The way to PREVENT that is to have sentries on hand (with prompt links to the police and IDF) – IN ADDITION TO FORBIDDING non-Israeli Arabs from owning ANY land or other property on Israeli territory.

      As soon as such guerilla warriors (including those Arab “children”, NO MATTER HOW YOUNG!!!) appear with their arms and try to deploy them (i.e., as they try to set the gasoline bombs), the orders should be shoot-to-kill!!!

      Furthermore, the bullets should 1) be coated with lard or other pig products, 2) be of the exploding variety as described in the novel The Day of the Jackal – and which were actually used in the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin – and 3) also in the mercury core be laced with a substance like cyanide or other chemical that won’t deteriorate with age, but which even in the minutest quantity will ensure that whoever gets hit is guaranteed to DIE regardless of where he gets struck. Not mere wounding but DEATH should be the objective of the sentries.

      Finally, I’d wish to arm such places with lights that would be triggered by motion. This way – especially if combined with anti-Moslem policies making Moslems unwelcome to settle in new areas – the culprits would be identifiable. Also, once such people are shot down, the policy – if the bastards are caught with identification – should be to arrest any given suspect’s parents, siblings, children and spouses and destroy them without trace… [The same should be applied to any leftists…]

  2. The Border Police are disgraceful. They DON’T deserve their salaries! Police are paid to PROTECT innocents. NOT laugh at people’s lives being ruined by Muslim infidel-haters.

    Wherever there are Muslims, NON-Muslims suffer. There is only ONE solution:

    22 HUGE Arab Muslim nations for Muslims. TINY Israel for Jews =

    56 Muslim nations for Muslims. Free World nations ONLY for NON-Muslims =

    • The police are doing what they are told–don’t intervene, let the muslims rampage, steal, and destroy with impunity. Whole flocks of sheep, goats, and cattle are stolen with no intervention from the police. muslims routinely attack jews, then claim the jews attacked them, and the cops always arrest the jews. muslims build anywhere and everywhere they desire, on govt land or private land, no purchase, no permit, no property tax.

      All you folks(inc. miss bni) think netanyahu is a tough defender of israel. He is erev rav garbage, he gives away land, he tears down jewish homes, he does not allow jews to build houses or room additions, he allows this arab lawlessness to proliferate, he ignores rocket fire on jewish towns, he transfers jewish tax money to the muslims, he delivers israel into the hands of her enemies.

      Those in control of the govt, courts, media, universities, and arts are all leftists/socialists/liberals, and in their utopian world vision there is no homeland for the jews. Fortunately, the G-d of Israel has His plan for israel.

      • liz, I have read the articles on israelnationalnews for several years and I know that every word you say is true. It is very heartbreaking to read of the PERSECUTION of patriotic Jews by Israeli leaders, police (especially the infamous, cruel Yassam police), judges and the courts, etc.

        The wonderful, patriotic Jews of word-famous Biblical Judea and Samaria are HEROES not only for Israel but for the entire Free World. Just as the EDL, British Freedom, the European Freedom Parties and European Defense Leagues are HEROES for the entire Free World – ALL are fighting for every one of us. ALL are fighting on the front lines of global jihad against the Islamic conquest of our countries.

        Join the European Freedom Parties and Defense Leagues!
        Join EDL ! Join British Freedom! Britain’s last great hope!

        Non-Muslims of the world unite! We must not go quietly into the night!
        NO Islamic conquest of our nations!

  3. In the United States such crimes are considered “Terrorist acts” acts and firebombing vehicles is a FELONY. Too bad you can’t use rock salt in a shot gun, but a confrontation can easily escalate into a shooting incident when you are trying to protect your property. How do you know the suspects won’t go for the house next. Then what are you going to do? An occupied house with people inside demands the use of deadly force to protect.(I am NOT an attorney,just former law enforcement with over 25 years experience) Throwing rocks is also considered deadly weapons. Defend yourselves, you don’t know if you are being set up or not. Use your best judgement. How quick is the Police “response time” it at all?

  4. OMG!!! Victor, grow some balls dude!!!
    Stop putting up with that shit…Stop, stop being a VICTIM!!!!! Fight back, throw rocks, throw gasoline on them when they are torching your car, think!! Use your mind…

  5. Get a paint ball gun, mark the AssWholes, and call the cops. Demand capture, prosecution & indemnity. Demand that the national government expel and exclude the illegal occupiers from Israel. Tell the UN to go directly to Hell.

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