JERUSALEM: Arab Muslims are torching cars and throwing stones at Jewish neighbors

A security camera installed by Victor Chernovsky, a resident of French Hill in Jerusalem, shows three Arab Muslims setting fire to his cars. The same thing happened to him last year.

 INN  Chernovsky described daily harrassment by Arab Muslim neighbors. “They constantly throw rocks at us. All the time. Children aged 8 or 9 pelt us with rocks and above them, the Border Police stand there and they curse and laugh at them. They put a new loudspeaker on the mosque and we hear it as if it is inside our home. They set off fireworks at 11 pm or 12 midnight. It’s impossible to live here. They threw a rock at my wife’s car when she was inside with two grandmothers. Then on March 8, international women’s day, they gave her a ‘gift’ and burned her car.”

French Hill is a mostly Jewish neighborhood in the northeast part of Jerusalem, and is home to many students from the nearby Hebrew University campus, who rent apartments in the neighborhood. In recent years, several Arab Muslim families have bought homes in the neighborhood, often to the chagrin of residents, who fear that that even if the homeowners are law-abiding, Arab terrorists from nearby villages could use the French Hill Arab residents’ as a “cover” to get into the neighborhood and carry out terror attacks.