MULTICULTURAL BRUSSELS, where white women cannot walk down the street without being sexually harassed and called ‘whores’by Muslims

And that’s not all. Each and every week on average five gang rapes by Muslims are reported to the police in Belgium, according to the Interior Ministry. The number of cases of rape also remains at alarming levels. In the video below, hidden cameras show what it’s like to walk down a street in Brussels if you’re a white woman.

Notice how in the subtitles, the word ‘Muslim’ is never mentioned, because of political correctness. We hear ‘foreign’ and ‘Arab’ a lot, but not the ‘M’ word,’  obviously they’re afraid of of being labeled ‘racist.’ Brussels is projected to have a Muslim majority by the year 2030.

Since 2007, there have been around 250 gang rapes a year in Belgium. Gang rape is often linked to black Muslim urban gangs in Brussels, but the figures show a wider problem. Last year a ‘foreign’ man was convicted in connection with charges relating to five gang rapes. Together with two minors he got a 14-year-old girl drunk and repeatedly raped her. Last year 3,024 rapes were reported in Belgium, a majority of which were caused by ‘foreigners.’