MULTICULTURAL BRUSSELS, where white women cannot walk down the street without being sexually harassed and called ‘whores’by Muslims

And that’s not all. Each and every week on average five gang rapes by Muslims are reported to the police in Belgium, according to the Interior Ministry. The number of cases of rape also remains at alarming levels. In the video below, hidden cameras show what it’s like to walk down a street in Brussels if you’re a white woman.

Notice how in the subtitles, the word ‘Muslim’ is never mentioned, because of political correctness. We hear ‘foreign’ and ‘Arab’ a lot, but not the ‘M’ word,’  obviously they’re afraid of of being labeled ‘racist.’ Brussels is projected to have a Muslim majority by the year 2030.

Since 2007, there have been around 250 gang rapes a year in Belgium. Gang rape is often linked to black Muslim urban gangs in Brussels, but the figures show a wider problem. Last year a ‘foreign’ man was convicted in connection with charges relating to five gang rapes. Together with two minors he got a 14-year-old girl drunk and repeatedly raped her. Last year 3,024 rapes were reported in Belgium, a majority of which were caused by ‘foreigners.’


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  1. This is the problem. I say: fight fire with fire – kill for a rape, every single rapist should be hang in a tree, stright in a middle of fuckin street! And about government – start a “mail bombing” them. If they get one million paper letters – thry have to respond- emails wil be deleted or “never reach email box”.

  2. The touching of the body by a mohommedist is an assault, mentally and physically. The 2nd Amendment has the cure. Canceled carry=Dead mohommedist.

  3. Joan Abernethy, I share your disgust and frustration; I also feel anger to think that you were thrown into prison for just defending yourself. In what City and Country did this happen? I shall watch the news on that location.

  4. Pray Hard, Excellent Advice, accurate and well said. I pray all of the young ones that read this guidance do take notice and do commit to a life of self-defence training.

  5. This is outrageous, and it is on going!! I am a woman and hate rape. It’s a terrible violation of one’s person; but here is what I would do if I were those groups of youths now protesting Islam in Europe; I would get my guys and girls together and strip the burkhas or head bags off Muslim women and throw paint on them, wherever we see them, in protest. I might go to jail,but Muslims need to see that their women are not sacrosanct. Fighting fire with fire is what it is going to take. I would do it often and with extreme prejudice.

  6. There is only ONE way to protect women and children. Don’t allow Muslims into our countries = PEACE, FREEDOM and SAFETY.

  7. Whu are they letting Muslims into Brussels I will tell you its all about Money! Yes Large Business Deals in Muslim countries like Saudia Arabia, Abu Dhabi etc. etc.
    They have a lot of Business dealings with these countries and in exchange they let them slowly trickle into the country thanks to the dirty politicians and immigration
    authorities with bribes kickbacks and yes harassment. they (the higher up) probably did not think they would be that much of a problem but it blew up in their face know they have a problem I do not think its that they do not care about their heritage etc. but it now is becoming a travesty and moral sin for them when they look the other way while their people are being harassed and raped by these Muslim Degenerates and misfits

  8. I know the ambassador was raped. Were the soldiers raped? If the soldiers were raped, it must be publicized. Most if not all muslim terrorism is committed by sex crazed males. Islam is a rape cult that spreads through sado sexual violence

  9. Kenneth: Here is the answer to why belgian and western men in general have been reduced to just a pale shadow of what one usually calls “man”:

    This is one of the main goals of cultural marxism, to destroy what they call “socially constructed” roles, that is, “man” and “woman”. Cultural marxism has taken away western men’s balls, so to say, and actively aided by feminists. And now here is the result.

    • It’s time to clean out the Leftifascists, muzzies, and as for the feminazis…

      Put me and some of my girl-buddies in a room with them….then stand the hell back behind a lead-lined blast shield because we get along with them about as well as Matter does with Antimatter.

  10. Wow, i’ll never understand the leftist mentality of keeping one’s head buried in the sand, refusing to acknowlege the exact nature of the problem, and their insane propensity for sticking to failed solutions to problems of their own making. Leftists have created this climate of fear and I wish we could be rid of both leftists and muslims. They both need to be dealt with, and with extreme prejudice!

    Damn them all! No sympathy, no mercy!!

    • Unfortunately, it’s not only the left who are thrusting this vile multi-cultural i,e. muslim immigration crap on us, but also the right, here in the UK.

  11. And where are the Belgian men? Don’t they have the balls to stand up and stomp a mudhole in these animal’s butts?

    • That’s the question, isn’t it, Kenneth? In fact, where are the men, period? Well, we’ve let ourselves be mentally castrated by media, politics and corporations. We’ve become metrosexuals who wear earrings and makeup. We wear tattoos written in Japanese that say “karate” when we’ve never actually trained and can’t fight out way out of a wet paper bag. We drive pickups with testicles hanging on the bumper when we’d cry like little girls if we actually took a punch. We watch football and UFC and buy the t-shirts, thinking that such makes us men. We’ve become cowards and can’t say that Muslims are assholes without equivocating in the same sentence that Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists are also. We stand and watch with downcast eyes while women and girls are insulted and attacked on the street. We have abdicated our responsibility as adult males to be protectors of women, children and each other. We have abdicated this to police, government, military, suicidal liberal ideals, etc., who/which are NOT going to protect us. Time to man-up, girly boys, and get with the program. Seriously, start today.

      • No kidding.
        I look at Husband, then around me at the rank-and-file Modern males.
        Then I count myself so VERY lucky that I was found and married by a Man, and also have treasured friends that are also Men.
        Old-School, Capable, Competent Men.

        Theres a reason Pray Hard, that I capitalize Men in reference to those like Husband, You and my friends that earn such distinction by BEING Men in defiance of this leftist PolCorr bog that the our society is becoming.

  12. We’ve got to stop being polite to supremacists and misogynists!

    They’re not polite to us.

    We have to tell them ‘You’re in a misogynistic, supremacist DEATH CULT! GET OUT OF IT! Join the human race!’

    • It comes down to this;
      Our nations. Our Culture. OUR rules.
      islam must either adapt and change to suit us and our society, and the muzzies must adapt to our cultural norms also.
      They will start getting their heads handed to them.
      If they need to have this concept beaten into them…well, they had their chace for things to be polite and civilized, but obviously we’re dealing with sub-primates that are so decerebrate that one must literally beat lessons and proper behaviour into them as their learning curve is so low.
      The carrot’s been tried…didn’t work at all.
      Time for Plan B cultural Education & Motivated Assimilation.

  13. Well, she IS “naive”, if she “believes in multicultural Brussels” and doesn’t expect the “foreigners” to retain the same customs and practices they did in their home countries.
    Did she ever think of blaming her government for encouraging these unwelcome immigrants and their unwelcome advances? The best she can do if she wants to stay there is, as my Mother told me, “act like they’re invisible”. Of course, that won’t help her when she’s coming home late in the evening. In that case, may God help her because her govt. won’t.

  14. I couldn’t watch but 1 min. of that boring vid so I don’t know the substance of it but had a Belgian girlfriend years ago and she was the most liberal I’ve ever had. They get what they deserve. They wouldn’t be having a problem if they weren’t so liberal and stupid. The hell with em.

    • John, I understand your anger at the libs, but not all of the women in the video are libs. It is not fair to say that. Innocent women are being verbally and physically assaulted just because they are women. If you watched the entire video you would have seen the part where the man explains the reason why these immigrants (muslims) feel they have a right to act this way. Pretty scary really and has nothing to do with politics, it’s all in the culture of a backward people. You should watch it all the way through.

  15. I know I just sporadically comment given I have intense school, but if I share things like Jews being targeted for being Jewish, people say the Jews deserve it from starting it.
    I had a friend worryingly say I seem to be Islamophobic . Or arguments that rape happens other places too, missing that those other places also have particular males…

    News headlines really hit the anti-Romney stream here and tv shows people saying how happy they are for Obama. General view I’ve gotten from Probamas here in Vancouver:
    With Obama, arguments for him are that he’s doing his best( for what heh) and the guy set to lead the world.
    And Romney would just be there to make business and get himself and his billionaire friends rich, arguing that Obama’s spending is a slow start but is what creates jobs, spend a lot to fix given what he started out with, that if he spent less he’d fix less, is trying his best, and just happens to have a big budget.

    • Just tell your friend that there is no such thing as “Islamophobic”. It’s a word contrived by media, CAIR and the OIC. Furthermore, regardless, you can be phobic about anything you desire. It’s not a crime.

    • MW, I’ve also found aggressive responses work better than being nice, especially with young men in groups. I was walking my dog regularly through a certain neighbourhood and being repeatedly accosted by 4-7 youths on bikes who cursed and drove toward me aggressively and grabbed at me. At first, I ignored them but it’s hard to do when they grab. So, then I told them if they come that close to me again, I will stick my arm out and they will go into traffic. I told them I won’t call 911 to help them either but just keep walking and let them die. Since then, they see me coming and give me a wide berth. Mind you, I am careful whom I tell off. I tell off the youth but the older men in their 30’s and 40’s, even late 20’s, I still ignore. Unless they assault me, which has happened, and then I fight. The problem is made worse, of course, because police will not arrest men who attack women in the street. And when I rented an apartment with a Muslim maintenance man, he kept the key to my front door and used it to come in during the night. He would use it to gain entry when he saw me returning home and would block my entry by standing in the stair well. He would tell me he was watching me that day, that I shouldn’t be out alone but should take his friend’s taxi. He would try to force me to criticize Americans and express sympathy for Palestinians. I always just listened and didn’t confront him or force it but when I gave notice to move, things escalated. He and his buddy came back, said they were going to “explode you in a car”, then threatened again to come back with others, force entry, and force me to do whatever they wanted. I phoned police, again, cited two previous incident numbers, and said if police would not protect me, as they’d never done in the past, and the men came back and forced entry as they’d threatened, I would do my best to defend myself even though the only weapon I owned was a paring knife. Two days later, police came and arrested me, threw me in jail, charged me with threatening, kept me in segregated confinement with no access to a phone or a lawyer for 36 days, then ordered me to move out of the city the same day they released me, and then a year later, they simply withdrew the charge as if nothing had happened. Almost two years out of my life that time — twice more, I was arrested when threatened and harassed and assaulted — and twice more, charges laid of threatening (to defend myself) and twice more, charges withdrawn so I have no criminal record but my life is in tatters because my employers and neighbours believed police that I pose some threat … and only because I stood up to these gangsters, the older ones with political connections and wealth. Still, I find it works to intimidate the younger ones if I tell them off and I am planning to sue, even if only on principle because our justice system is corrupt through and through,

      • Your story is very sad. I can’t believe that we are actually living in a society that turns it back on women. I hope that you are doing well and that you have found somewhere to live that you can feel a little safer. Keep standing up for yourself but please be careful.

        I watched the video and couldn’t understand how it was possible for men to get away with doing and saying the things they do. It angered me to see women thrown back in time because of the media propaganda posing women as nothing more than sexual objects. Don’t get me wrong I like to get dressed up and go out and about, but I leave things to ones imagination instead of throwing it out there for all to see. Just wait until this becomes the norm in the US, I don’t think the hood sista’s are going to put up with it, they are highly trained in using razor blades. I will never let a man make me feel like I have done something to deserve being treated like a whore, I have protection and will never be afraid to use it (they will not take away my freedom to bare arms).

        • Maybe time to go girl-shopping for straightrazors…
          If we can’t get the muzzie males to shave those grotesque beards, well…there’s other uses for them as you infer above. 😉
          Lay hands on a woman, get cut to the bone as a clear message ‘Hands OFF’.

      • That’s why we threw the RCMP out and founded our own City Police, to eliminate the islamic-enabling crap you so unfortunately suffered.

        I’m at a loss as to what to say, but you have my sympathies and my best wishes that your life gets better and brighter, each day being more so than the previous.
        I have friends still living in Edmonton, and have heard similar problems from them about muzzie neigbours and managers.
        The disturbing thing I find is the Commonality in behaviour patterns of muzzie behaviour like such globally…

        Also, and I hope it helps…
        (((HUG))) To you and your puppy. :-)

  16. Yeeeeaaaahhhh…..
    And this video should clear it up as to why I carry the small arsenal I do. This kind of crap is common in our city also, but somewhat more heavy-handed, and half of them don’t care that Husband’s standing right there.
    Yes, that’s made for a few low-level incidents.
    This kind of on-the-street harrassment is happening more and more everywhere these muskuffars are allowed in–the UK, you never hear about it, unless you have friends there, I do, and it’s just as bad or worse there also.

    The last time one called me ‘whore’ I told him point-blank in his face that if I ever heard him utter that word again to me or any woman I’d cut his beef & bollocks off and force-feed them to him.
    I’m done being ‘nice’ to them, and my patience for the completely uncivilized behaviour ran out some time ago and the next one that grabs my arm aggressively because he feels I’ve impugned his ‘honor’ *snort*…I’m cutting the damned hand off.

      • I agree. TY for saying!! :-)
        These muzzie slags act like uncivilized sub-primates, and keep getting worse because no one stands up to them.
        Yes, it’s a risk…this is a War, a Culture War.
        War is risky. But they brought it here, NONE of us asked for it, and there’s only 2 choices;
        1; Stand Up and Resist.

        2; Submit like a good little dhimmi kaffir.

        islam allows NO middle ground and NO compromise. We all know that.

    • GREAT ideas!! That’s what they deserve!!!…

      [Personally, I’d even wish to have such wretches, if they have previous rape convictions (or even are convicted of threatening to do such things) get their throats slit the same way they do to non-Moslems (slowly!), with a Qu’rân page afterwards stuck upon his body and soiled (e.g., with urine)…]

    • Marlene, before you even think of making threats, spend three+ years in a dojo so you can back up your words with action. I’ve taught karate for decades and know that the vast majority of people, including men, simply fall apart in the first few seconds of an attack. Train yourself … and that goes for all of you. If you’re untrained, carry a gun, train yourself on how to use it and keep your hand on it. Carrying a knife will just get you killed unless you’re very skilled with it. These Muslims are just like perps everywhere. First and foremost, they’re cowards, BUT they also perpetrate crimes on a daily basis and are much better at physical violence than you are. That Muslim creep who accosts you on the street could be a serial rapist and very skilled in what he does, so don’t engage him in dialogue. Just try to remove yourself from the situation or set your mind to what has to be done and do it. Like the old saying in Texas goes … Don’t pull your gun unless you’re ready to use it.

      Islam is poison.

      • To preface my reply, and I do agree your points are valid…you really need to know some things about me that seperate me from most people.
        These are not happy things, some of them.

        I will also state that I am speaking only for myself, exclusively.
        That said, I would advise people to seek out credible, quality instructors and learn at least basic self-defense and gun-handling skills for safety and for the more pragmatic aspects also.

        A few years ago, I was attacked and nearly killed by being beaten to death by an assailant (stalker) in our home while Husband was away on business. I was scared, yes, but 80% of what I felt was anger, fury and I wanted nothing more than to be able to strike back, and either kill the bastiche or drive him fleeing and bleeding from our home. I kept getting back up, I don’t know how many times and I paid for but–but I hung in the fight and did the best I could with no fighting skills aside from what we’re born with.
        Bruised lungs, ribs, stomach, liver…etc.
        Our neighbour and his dog, Hector saved me. He’s ex-RCMP and if not for them, I’d be dead.

        About me; I’m 6’3, in bare feet, and I deliberately keep myself in very good shape because i like feeling good, also, I love swimming and get a lot of mileage out of our stationary swimming pool. My worry-wart Dr. is very pleased with my condition in fact. That’s NOT easy to do.
        I go camping with Husband, into the Wilds, with minila, and I mean Minimal gear. No campsites, RV’s…this is living Wild for a couple of weeks, and we do so year round as schedule allows, including the depths of winter.
        We leave the car and walk for at least half a day to gt into real untouched wildlands. At -30C with snow up to your knees or hips, that’s not a simple stroll. I enjoy doing that, and will always be glad for Husband showing me that true Camping can be so…Good.

        How’s about 3+ years being taught by two VERY Combat-experienced men how to Fight via Military Hand-to-Hand, plus weapons training instruction, Gun Combat Tactics, Technique & Survival (NOT just practice on a firing range, but I’ve been doing that for 6 years now twice a week), and Improvised H-2-H weapons, also Disarmament and Weapon-Retention??
        I’ve had to use what they’ve taught me, and the muzzie was in the act of pulling a knife (combat type) to use on me when I put him down using the infighting techniques I was taught.
        That is not the only instance thus far…and I am not pleased by that.

        I have thus far not needed to employ a weapon aside from my hands and the gloves Husband selected for me that allow slightly more impact force due to tightness and protect from impact-related injury & abrasions. Also, they have anti-cut knife-resistant lining. I wear them constantly when out-of-home–instant-availability.
        The most violent encounter to date was while Husband was still on crutches during his limb-lengthening. There were 3 muzzies, and he dispatched one with a nicely swift blow to the idiot’s crotch with his crutch tip. The one I backhanded ended up with a very severely sprained neck and was not a consideration in the incident after i swatted him. The one who tried for the knife? I grabbed his wrist hust as his hand went inside his robes (clear sign of a weapon-draw) to keep control of that limb for the moments I needed, as taught.
        Do you know what happens inside the Human skull when you tense your palm heel and drive 3 jackhammer blows into a man’s forehead?
        Shockwaves that seriously disorient the person and generate a very slight concussion effect.
        Do you know what happens when an angry 6’3 Brit bird drives her knee into an assailant’s crotch as hard and fast as she can?
        Ruptured testicles…both of them. That muzzie slagwit has been excised from messing up the genepool any more than he might have already.
        Afterwards, the Cops showed us the knife he’d been trying to draw–at the time I was actually suspecting a gun.

        I do not carry the arsenal I do because I want to…I carry it because it’s practical and I am qualified to do so.
        I VERY much dislike carrying it, because I shouldn’t bloody well have to, and it reminds me sharply of how our nations are changing and NOT for the better.
        I carry it to protect myself, my family, and to backup Husband.

        My resolve?
        My marriage, my family, Husband…is my world, as I am his. They’re all I have in this world aside from friends. I have not a single living relative outside Husband.
        I lost my home and family once, at 17. I survived 3 weeks homeless in the canadian winter in Edmonton on my own as the shelters were full.
        Anyone, or anything, that makes the mistake of being a credible Threat to myself or my family is entering a situation with full knowledge, agreement and acceptance that they could be killed for it.
        I will, if the Threat makes it truly necessary. I have not hesitated in the past in defending myself–which very much pleased Husband–and if I have to kill to protect my family or myself (as I am the carrier of 27 generations of Lineage)…
        I won’t even blink.
        The man I neutered with my knee? It doesn’t bother me a bit. I allowed him to live. I could just as easily have knuckle-punched him full-force three times in the throat, collapsed his trachea at the collarbone junction and killed him without anyone being able to do a tracheotomy.

        Husband and his friend John worked (and my Instruction still continues) 3 days a week. John passed away ealier this year, but Husband is at least equally skilled/experienced and still has mountains more to teach me as i become ready to learn it. I know anatomy and how it relates to fighting.
        They didn’t teach me self-defense…they taught me what I need to know to be able to be the best possible Protector I can be of myself and our future children when Husband might be away. The world is entering a new age of barbarism, and they had that in mind during my instruction’s beginning and how to prepare me to handle this darkening world.

        I don’t make threats.
        I give Warnings.
        If some slagwit thinks I’m kidding, then that’s their call to make–but I am deadly serious.
        I know how muzzies see us, and I won’t tolerate being laid hands on by them, or anyone else I don’t know personally nor will I be spoken to like that, being treated in such an aggressively degrading manner. Kow and run…yeah, that works.
        No consequences do they suffer, then there’s no reason for them to curtail their behaviour, and it gets worse over time as they quickly realize there’s no consequences to fear at all and the worse they act, the less chance of consequences. That’s how it’s working right now.
        Works great, for the muzzies, with their harrassment and rape gangs.
        Not so much for the rest of us.

        islam is cancer. Look at it, look at cancer pathology…it’s more than poison. It propogates and simultaneously eradicates the indigenous culture and social system.

  17. she was doing this for a thesis? what is she crazy? multiculturalism has failed the world is circling the drain and muslims have free reign to do what they want

  18. Why are they letting these people into their country? They bring absolutely nothing good and only cause harm. Stop Muslim immigration!

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