OH, NOES! ‘Uncovered white meat’ caught in the act of ‘desecrating’ a mosque in Morocco

Actually these ‘Miss Belgium 2013’ beauty contestants, dressed in short shorts and tank tops, were posing for pictures in front of the the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca (said to be the largest mosque outside Mecca)

Elder of Ziyon  Pictures of ‘scantilly clad’ candidates for Belgium Beauty Queen 2013 taken at Morocco’s largest mosque, have stirred controversy in the North African kingdom, whose government is led by an Islamist party that won an election last year.

The pictures, being circulated online, raised questions about the responsible government agencies that granted the license for the photo shoot of these women  in their tank tops and short shorts in the square of Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque. 

The twenty finalists of Miss Belgium are currently in Morocco for their traditional week abroad. But their presence in ‘indecent’ clothing in front of this mosque is considered near blasphemy to Muslims. “These behaviors can cause discord and instability. Who gave permission for these ‘sluts’ to pose in front of a mosque. This is an attack on places of worship,” said the conservative newspaper Attajdid. 


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  1. Hello BNI, I have been trying to remember the first time I saw a stoning on TV I finally found it. On MTV’s Road Rules 2001 an American girl named Ellen was very naïve like many pre-9/11 American girls were and she wore shorts in Marrakesh, Morocco. The kids were stoning her and thankfully she was surrounded by young American men and women her age, so all the men could do was murmur obscene threats at her (and stone her of course).

    Road Rules Flashback: Culture Shock

    Sorry if I haven’t provided the link in the right way, I’m not sure about the best way to do this, but if you search for the title then I think you can find it. Thought this may interest you. Being pre-9/11 and all.

    I am sure that if this had been filmed in 2013 the attacks on Ellen never would have been broadcast. I also am infuriated by the young men of the cast who are defending the Muslims sense of entitlement to Ellen’s body. Oh that’s their culture, so its OK to attack Ellen. It was all her fault.

  2. My cousin recently went to Spain, and decided to take a boat trip over to Morrocco for a day of shopping in the bazaar. She said her hubby stepped about 15 feet away from her to look at something, and she was suddenly surrounded by a bunch mod leering Moroccan men. She said they were pawing at her, so she screamed and her hubby came running. She’s 53 years old, proving that any blonde western woman, no matter her age, is not safe around those bastards!

    • and THAT is why I carry a gun, a combat knife, and the wear the kind of tight leather goves you commonly see in ‘interrogation’ scenes in movies–add more impact to a punch and protect your hands also.

      More and more I’m convinced there’s Muslims, and then the ‘under-breed’ of islamists–like morlocks from H.G. Wells ‘Time Machine’.
      Muslims, at least around here, polite, nice and well-mannered…then, there’s islamists, and they act as mentioned above, like ill-mannered sub-primates.
      I’ve also been noticing the way Muslims sneer at islamists when they’re sure they wont be seen.
      It’s an interesting sociological study.

      But I’m still keeping my gun handy.

  3. Ah, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

    Serves those Moslem PRUDES, MISOGYNISTS, Luddites, HYPOCRITES AND HATERS so very, very right!!!!

    I hope and wish that MANY, MANY MORE such “desecrations” start happening all across the West and that the muzturds’ perpetual rage will so boil over that they end up being treated like the harmful insects they are!!!! No ‘appeasement’ will work with these totalitarians any more than it did with the Nazis or Commies – only the harshest kind of BRUTE FORCE will do ANY good whatsoever!!!!

    When the police and army have to be called in and given shoot-to-kill extermination orders against such rioters past the point where the Moslem hornets instead flee the West in the biggest possible droves and get stripped of their Western citizenship, THEN I’ll truly believe that the West has awoken to this most dire of EXISTENTIAL THREATS!!!!! Furthermore, the West MUST ensure that any and all Moslem boycotts (e.g., via OPEC) will be IGNORED and the Arab + other Moslem states left to CHOKE ON THEIR WEALTH!!!!!

    When THAT HAPPENS, the West and others should all the same INSIST on NOT buying any more Arab or Communist oil, PERIOD!!!! ALSO, that will be the time when ALL Moslem wealth in the West should be nationalised and sold off at auction to solely WESTERNERS!!!!

    • By the way, nothing against hornets ‘per se’: the use of the term is strictly to indicate something of the actual danger Moslems pose, especially when they act like provoked African killer-bees. However, given their possessing more venom, hornets are more dangerous.

  4. Oh, lighten up, muslime maggots! I would think you would be pleased at the prospect of the “uncovered white meat” attracting more muslime pervs to your “place of assembly”!! And NO, I WILL NOT EVEN call it “a place of worship”, no more than I would refer to a Satanist coven as a “group of worshippers”!!…..”Congregation of the Dead”?! YES!!

  5. I’ll bet they look & probably smell better than anybody on the inside of that ugly place. Good for them! The shorter the shorts & skimpier the tops the better.

    I’d love to see the first winner of a ‘Miss Burka’ ‘beauty’ pageant.

  6. If there is the tiniest excuse for offense to be taken, the moochits will jump on it.
    Frankly, I think the photo improves the whole scene !!

    • By the way, they better get them the hell outta there in a hurry, if they want them to live to see the end the competition !!

  7. “This is an attack on places of worship”, which will shock the western world (a mosque attacked!) and can then be retaliated (a church bombed).

    Really, these semantic games are being to irritate me.

  8. OMG!!! Ok,
    first place– Why would these beauty pagent women go to Morocco to begin with??
    Traditional week abroad WTH? So the stupid Europeans couldn’t think of a better destination, for the burka free women!!!
    Why Casablanca? And what’s the Casablance/Belgium connection for this contest??
    Why take a pic infront of a fricken mosque?
    Also, I can’t believed they lived, and didn’t get murdered.

  9. the problem is that they are to old once they reach 10 yrs old
    the mufti doesnt want them they are over the hill..back to the camel until the younger ones arrive
    the only time they dont complain is when the infidel money is about to be given them after that the whine starts again

  10. Contestants in a beauty pagent are sent to a raghead country for their “traditional week abroad”? This shows that other things we hear about Belgium are true. Because of Belgiums stupidity, they are allowing their National Identity to be stolen by the mutton molesting muslims. Soon, there will be no more Belgium. Just another sand pile of dung, minus the sand. I hope these gals make it out of the dung hole in one piece,as unmolested as they went in. These pictures circulated in any islamic backward, country will probably have every donkey and goat in the place walking funny for months. Way to go, Belgium idiots.

    • BOB Make a list of the countries that fall for the Caliphate game and the first to go is the Middle East and then, small Belgium, just keep the list and as they fall repost. It is going to be fast and furious compared to what it has been.

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