OH, NOES! ‘Uncovered white meat’ caught in the act of ‘desecrating’ a mosque in Morocco

Actually these ‘Miss Belgium 2013’ beauty contestants, dressed in short shorts and tank tops, were posing for pictures in front of the the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca (said to be the largest mosque outside Mecca)

Elder of Ziyon  Pictures of ‘scantilly clad’ candidates for Belgium Beauty Queen 2013 taken at Morocco’s largest mosque, have stirred controversy in the North African kingdom, whose government is led by an Islamist party that won an election last year.

The pictures, being circulated online, raised questions about the responsible government agencies that granted the license for the photo shoot of these women  in their tank tops and short shorts in the square of Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque. 

The twenty finalists of Miss Belgium are currently in Morocco for their traditional week abroad. But their presence in ‘indecent’ clothing in front of this mosque is considered near blasphemy to Muslims. “These behaviors can cause discord and instability. Who gave permission for these ‘sluts’ to pose in front of a mosque. This is an attack on places of worship,” said the conservative newspaper Attajdid.