TEMPLE MOUNT: Arab Muslims burning ancient beams of wood used during the period of the Holy Temple.

A group of Jews who ascended the Temple Mount were shocked to see that ancient beams of wood from the period of the Holy Temple were being used as firewood by Arab Muslims on the Mount, and off it. 

INN (H/T Liz) Archaeologists have dated the wood as far back as the First Temple period, and appear to be among the celebrated ‘Cedars of Lebanon mentioned in the Tanach. The wood, consisting of giant beams, first appeared at the end of the 1930s, when the Al-Aqsa mosque which now occupies the Temple Mount was refurbished. The beams had been used in the roof structure of the mosque, and already at that time they were said to be thousands of years old by archaeologists – preserved because they had been used in the building. Some of the beams were dated to the first Temple period, others to Roman times, and more than one beam was found to have Byzantine-era designs etched on it.

Cedar beams dating to biblical times found at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, moved some time ago out of doors and left in the weather, now have been deposited unceremoniously at a dumping ground for local Arabs to use as firewood

After the beams were removed from the mosque, they were stored in a museum on the Mount. However, in recent years the beams were moved to a corner of the Mount, open to the elements – and archaeologists fear that exposure to winter rain and summer sun will be their undoing. Some of the beams were taken out several years ago, and more have been spotted in recent months. Reports said that the Arab Muslims, who have been trying for years to ger rid of the beams, have begun burning them.

Now, many of the beams have been placed at what appears to be a dumping ground next to the Golden Gate of the Old City, apparently for the use of local Arab Muslims as firewood. Jewish groups that visited the Mount saw the beams being moved, but reported that the Arab Muslims forbade them to take photos of the activity. Officials of the Archaeology Authority, who are responsible for the safety of these ancient beams, are nowhere to be seen.

Workers have unearthed artifacts on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, says an Israeli agency. The artifacts, which date to the First Jewish Temple period – the eighth to sixth centuries B.C. – were found by employees of the Waqf Muslim religious trust doing maintenance work, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) reported. The artifacts may be the first physical evidence of human activity at the Temple Mount – also known as Solomon’s Temple – in that time.

Organizations that are involved in attempting to secure Jewish rights on the Mount expressed shock at the story. “It appears that this is part of the systematic attempts by Arabs to destroy all connections between the Jewish people and the Temple Mount,” said a spokesperson for one of the groups.

Manhigut Yehudit leader Moshe Feiglin expressed shock at the destruction of the important artifacts under the noses of Israeli authorities, and expressed hope that Likud voters would choose the Manhigut Yehudit faction to help defend the holy places of the Jewish people.


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  2. It makes me laugh. Why? The BLASPHEMY meter just went off the scale.
    You wanted to know why the Dome of the Rock is going to be destroyed in a few years this is at the top of HIS list.

  3. That is disturbing, because the Israeli government obviously tries to appease people, who have no intention to compromize. Right now I am in Israel on a two-week trip with friends. It’s my first time here and the contrast about the reality and the distortions published by the mainsteam media in North America is mind-shattering. I have so many photos and videos that it will take a while to process them.

    On shabbath last week we tried to go to Temple Mount, but the Israeli police stopped us. At the same time, the Muslims were allowed to go freely in and out. Earlier that week we had a meeting with Moshe Feiglin (Member of the Knesset). He said that he was in trouble during a recent visit to Temple Mount – they followed him closely watching his mouth – if he moved his lips, they could’ve arrested him for praying (Jews are not allowed to pray there).

    Yesterday we went to Hebron to visit the Tomb of the Patriarchs. It’s sad to see the minarets that the Muslims built at the corners. Although the Jews now are allowed in, they have access only to a small part of the building. All archeological research is prohibited.

    After that we visited the family of Noam Fedderman. They live with their 10 children on “disputed” land in Hebron. Within the last few years their house had been demolished 6 times by the Israeli authorities. He had been beaten and spent time in jail, although the charges had been dropped. The Arabs regularly steal their farm animals. Despite the danger (the farm is isolated with the nearest houses over 200 yards away) the Feddermans have been denied permission to carry arms.

    It’s quite depressing, when you think that according to the North American media, every Jew in Israel is armed.

  4. Stupid Israel why not destroy Makkah that is only way to destroy Islam to make Israel and world peace. That is no peace as long Islam exist !

  5. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, SOME TURD BURNS THE HOLY CEDARS OF GOD’S FIRST TEMPLE. AAAAAAAAGH

    I swear, the Dome of the Rock is the Abomination That Causes Desecration that was prophecised in the Bible. If I had the cash, I’d finance private mercenaries to bulldoze that thing to rubble and stop anything in their way. I’m sure Israel would let me if I assume responsibility for the raid and let them say they didn’t see it coming.

    We should set up a fundraiser to do it.

    On that note: why doesn’t BNI lobby Congress and air ads and fundraisers as a Political Action Committee? Blogging and wishing is fine and dandy, but I’d prefer action.

  6. When will all of you people get it? The Christian, Jewish and Muslim, God are all the same entity! Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Are all the selfsame evil, angry, jealous God of the desert. Only ignorance can cause anyone to think otherwise.
    No white man should buy the lie of the Evil God of the Desert! Return to the ancient Gods of your ancestors. The Gods of the forest and the Land, Water and Air! The Gods of life! Not the God of the Desert whom evil men forced your ancestors to worship at the end of Swords, Fire and Ropes. The God of the Desert is and always was a God of death and suffering. A God of repression and punishment. Only in the late 20th century did Christians–who also committed horrible crimes against humanity as they fought and murdered EACH OTHER over the way He should be worshiped–invent this kind God of Love.

    As for the wood? What would your Jesus say? I know the Bible, and thus the answer, do you? Theologically educated people will realize that Jesus sounded like a Pagan. That is precisely why they hung Him on a tree.

    Yes Islam must be stopped, but the comments here that tout your God over the Muslim God? That is ignorance, because Allah is also the God of Isaac and Abraham! If you hate Islam as I do, fine, but know why! Until you read the Qur ‘an, You will never understand what you hate, nor where it come from–You will not like the answers.

    • Jim ol boy myself am getin fed up with you bible tumpers lookin in your holy books for answers ! it ‘s a damn simple rule out there an eye for eye and a tooth for a tooth muzzies understand that rule and so do I , don’t waste your time lookin in books you will end up getin your head choped off and the book will still be there for the next victum , an yes my way might get me in hell but I will make damn shure I take some with me

  7. I don’t understand how this could have happed. I have a, sick feeling reading this. Things are changing so fast. Barbarians at the gate. Isreal has no choice but to defend Herself. Never could have forseen this, we are living in evil times. I am shell shocked.

    Obama is no friend to Isreal.

  8. In all of history, Jerusalem/Temple Mount was Never a Holy Place for Muslims:

    13th Century Arab biographer Yakut noted: “Mecca is holy to Muslims; Jerusalem is holy to the Jews.”

    The conquest of Jerusalem and all Israel is a major goal of global jihad. The Muslim claim that the Temple Mount is their third holy place is a LIE.

    The PLO’s Palestinian National Covenant of 1964, does not mention Jerusalem even once. Jerusalem is mentioned HUNDREDS of times in the Jewish Bible. Not once in the Koran. At the time of Mohammad’s death, there was not a single mosque in Jerusalem.

    From 1948-1967, when Jordan invaded and illegally occupied Judea, Samaria and east Jerusalem, Jordanian radio broadcast Friday prayers not from Al-Aqsa Mosque, but from a mosque in Amman, Jordan. No foreign Arab leader visited Jerusalem during the nineteen years Jordan controlled east Jerusalem.

  9. Muslims DEFILE the Temple Mount. Many times the Muslim God-haters have thrown rocks at the Jews from the Temple Mount. Judaism’s holiest site is for WORSHIP, not for VIOLENCE!

  10. Kick the Muslim God Haters Off the Temple Mount now!

    Israeli leaders are guilty of enormous sin against the Holy One in allowing Muslim God haters to vandalize & MASSIVELY DESTROY precious and unique Temple remains that can NEVER be replaced. This wickedness has been going on for years!

    It was the Guardian of Israel – God, who won re-born Israel’s every war against attacking multiple Arab Muslim states. Yet Israeli leaders gave control of the holiest place on earth to the God haters and allow God haters to build mosques on the Temple Mount to their death god. Israeli police offend God by shamefully arresting Jews for praying on the Temple Mount to our Awesome, Magnificent God. These terrible sins scream out to God in heaven.

    If only the whole nation would go up and re-take control of the Temple Mount from the God-haters! Who cares if the Muslims riot? Let them riot! Thousands of years ago, God designated the Temple Mount for His worship only. NOT for the worship of any other god!

    Rebuild the Third Temple!

  11. The Israeli army MUST INTERVENE, no matter what the outcry from other parts of the world (especially the totalitarian parts!!!)!!!! They MUST get ALL those wooden pieces and take them away for TRUE preservation – and it’s also highest time to start planning for a massive expulsion of ALL “Palestinians” from the Gaza Strip, the entire West Bank and East-Jerusalem.

    The FIRST major riot or “intifada” – including non-coöperation in handing over all such artefacts for proper preservation by Israeli curators, artists, historians et al – should suffice for the extremest measures to be undertaken – and if all the Arab states openly wage war on Israel, that would be the PERFECT moment then to nuke both Mecca and Medina among other Islamic cities…

    • I wish they would intervene. those cedar remnants are very very important. the are even mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh. a story that predates the First Temple

  12. so what else is new? muslims are dong their est to destroy everything and as long as no one is going to stop them stuff like this will continue to happen.
    the fabled cedars of lebanon do go back thousands of years to a time before the first temple

  13. Well Islam and Muslims hate Jews and everything Jewish, so I’m not surprised. What should Israel do to preserve their ancient heritage? Whatever they have to do and don’t ask for permission. Also, don’t give nay warning, just do it. The Muslims community will threaten, screem, most likely mount an army to destroy Israel; but there are going to do it anyway. So, as I see it Israel should do it first. Oh if they have nukes use em, Mecca and Medina would be good targets.

    And since its going to cause a war get their strikes in first, take out the targets that need to be removed. Israel has a right to preserve its country and its citizens. Hit your enemies hard guys, you have every right.

    We need to pray for Israel.

  14. Well, thank you BNI for posting this! Just a few minutes ago I saw the story on another site, but for some strange reason the “moderator” there just DID NOT post my comment! Maybe it had to do with my comment regarding arrogant asslifters who thought nothing of defiling God’s Temple or ancient sacred artifacts related thereto!! That along with the statement of probability of those same muslimes being used for fuel for the fire and scorched off Planet Earth as part of God’s Wrath descending upon HIS enemies!!

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