BRUSSELS BANS CHRISTMAS TREES because they are offensive to Muslims

Who’s next? London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Dearborn? Until last year there was an annual Christmas tree standing in the center of the Grote Market in Brussels. Councillor Bianca Debaets regrets that this year the traditional Market tree will not be there. “I suspect that the reference to the Christian religion was the decisive factor,” she added.

CDL (h/t Don L)  The City has announced that there will be no tree at the Grote Markt this year.  It will be replaced by an exhibit of lights that looks like an Evergreen tree. Debaets is not happy with that decision as she sees Christmas being gradually replaced by “Winter Celebration’ terminology. “Not that the Christmas tree is a Christian religious symbol, but the tree obviously is a reference to Christmas itself, which is why it has been banished from the Market. And that’s a shame. “

Debaets think a historical and multireligious city should keep the historical traditions alive while allowing all ideologies (even the violent ones like Islam?). “For a lot of people (Muslims) who are not Christians, the tree there is offensive to them,” she concluded.

“What’s next?” Debaets wondered. “Will all eggs be banned from the city because they are symbolic of  Easter? Is this what Brussels has become – a Muslim city? “Nicolas Dassonville, spokesman for Mayor Thielemans (PS), is claiming that the change had nothing to do with anti-religious motives.“ (HAH!)

UK Muslim groups are calling for Christmas to be banned:


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  1. I’m Muslim, and even I think this is dumb. If you want Islamic law, move to an Islamic country!!! It’s WRONG to try to force your beliefs on others!!!

  2. My question is where are the Christians? Do they exist in Belgium? Are they all gagged and tied up? Do they have all the necessary chains around their legs dragging the ball? I am ashamed for them and their lack of defiance against this EVIL.

  3. on the first day of ramadan my muslim friend gave to me, NOTHING the bastard blew me up!!! Gotta love that moon god of theirs and his satan loving prophet mo

  4. If you put up with this kind of treatment then you deserve this kind of treatment. Life has always been, and will always be, rule of the strong. Accept this, muscle up, get militant, fight back. Or go the way of the dodo.

  5. Why aren’t these countries standing up for their culture and traditions ?these -bludgers don’t -work -sponge on the host country they come to colonise and object to their customs and try to install their barbaric beliefs on others ,I am very -offended by their -ramadan-their cruel animal slaughter at their festival-of eid -and very -very offended by their -mosques which is a statement that -Islam -dominates -we must let our governments know -by writing and signing -petitions -we-want -immigration to -stop,and -our culture and traditions not to be replaced by a culture that has no place in -ours.

  6. I wonder what will come next ?? The whole west was nice before they came. We had our own murderer , our own thiefs and our own pedophiles but them we could handle easier than with all those idiots that are turning our lifes into a whole muslim world now, step by step. They are so disgusting and I would rather see them hanging in the christmastree instead of everything else we are hanging there.Put a tread around their necks and let them hang there.

  7. What gets me is who gives a hell what they say? in one ear and out the other. why don’t the people of brussels tell the Musljms that their Mosque is offensive to them to look at ? I don’t understand whats so hard about that? If they don’t like it Tuff! The country is Brussels the Heritage is Brussels Why do they the idiot politicians or whoever is in charge accept it. they are ass kissing and one thing will lead to another. Up the Mussies ASS I would say they can leave anytime or get the living crap kicked out of them I hope the Brussels people are reading this and get some BALLS for Gods Sack Man! don’t let those degenerate idiots tell you what to do in your own country. if you do that you deserve to lose it and please do not come here we have enough losers!

  8. This tactic is highly successful for Muslims in infidel countries…step by step they remove our religion, our traditions, our freedoms, and our politicians bow in submission while opening the door to more of them. This is the price of diversity? We can no longer recognize our country and be free to carry on our traditions and celebrations freely just to spare Muslims the horror of being offended? Did they not do their research before moving? Why bother, it would be a waste when they are granted the ability to change their new infidel country back to the hellhole they came from (with our money and apologies). Appeasement leads to the death of our way of life.

  9. I cannot even begin to describe my anger at the dirty LIES and DECEPTION of the UK Muslim groups. These filthy LIARS claim to believe in honor and dignity, security and rights for man, woman and child. LIARS. Kidnappers. Gang rapists. For many years, Muslim monsters have gang-raped, sexually enslaved and forced into prostitution NON-Muslim British children. There are THOUSANDS of child victims in just one area alone in England.

    And what are VILE UK ruling elites doing about these shocking crimes against innocent children? They are continuing to import as many Muslims into Britain as possible in order to increase child rapes by Muslim monsters. In order to increase Islam’s jihad against non-Muslims. UK and European ruling elites have DESTROYED SAFETY for all non-Muslims.

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

    It is unforgivable that British military are fighting overseas when they are urgently needed in Britain to PROTECT Britain’s NON-Muslim terrorized, defenseless children.

    • I saw a recent documentary by the BBC (yes I know the BBC are extreme Lefties but hold that thought). It was about Gypsys begging on the streets in London etc and using kids to beg. The gypsys were dressed up in Muzscum (i.e. Baghead) clothing. Here I am saying to the TV ‘ah typical Muzscum’. Turns out I was wrong, infact the beggers are Romanian gangs dressing up as Muzscum and mainly targeting Mosques and areas where there are Muzscum businesses. These gypsys have been making a fortune scamming alot of money off Muzscum but also unfortunately off welfare too (Muzscums wrote the book on sucking on the teat of welfare so hey others are too). Now of course Mr Investigator Leftist reporter expressed his dismay how the Romanians are scamming the Muzscum for money by begging using children.

      Fast forward to Romania, these gypsys have built massive mansion homes in Romania with BMWs and Mercs parked in the driveways compliments of partly Muzscum money. I was puching my arm in the air going “woo hoo go the gypsys, now whose the kaffir Muzscum?” and Muzscum call us kaffirs, now whose the kaffir? :)

  10. I love the Muslim poster showing “Pedophelia, Rape, Promiscuity” etc. All things that Muslim males engage in, especially in the West. Also their reference to Paganism…. which existed pre-Christian and from which their prophet emerged.

    Why is the poster not “hate speech”?

      • Bonnie, that is true. In England it’s only considered hate speech if it’s non-Muslims. However, Brits MUST go on the offensive and use this latest hate by Muslims to demand of the authorities, why is FREEDOM of speech banned for indigenous Brits, but HATE speech ALLOWED for Muslims. Brits must seize EVERY opportunity to protest.

        Meanwhile, wonderful human rights activist EDL leader, Tommy Robinson remains in jail. A POLITICAL prisoner.

    • If Christmas is evil (x in the following “equation” – if one can quantify an amount of evil), then Islam is something like

      10 * x! ** x!, where ‘**’ is exponentiation and ‘!’ is the quantity factorial (x * {x – 1} * {x – 2} until it’s times 1).

      [E.g., if x = 6, x! = 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 – which results as x! then = 720. Thus, our formula means 10 * 6! ** 6! = 10 * (720 ** 720) – a quantity that even the best of computers will not have an easy time calculating any regular calculator-programmes as being so HUGE!!!!!]

      Thus – unless x = 0 – Islam can NEVER be less evil than Christianity; and whenever x is >= 1, it won’t be less than TEN TIMES MORE EVIL!!!

      While it’s most definitely true that Christmas is NOT the time of year when Christ Our Lord Was Born – the feast used to be the Ancient-Roman Saturnalia celebrating that finally sunlight would start increasing – for the Moslems to DARE TO say that it’s downright evil and having the 12-day rhymes substituted by acts of evil THEY (Moslems) are infinitely-guiltier of compared to Christians is THE summit of SHEEREST HYPOCRISY!!!!! ABSOLUTE Taqiyya and kitman at its worst (or is it its best)!!!

      The Brusselians (people of Brussels) ought – when they are ready to shake off their SHAME!!!! – to stand up immediately and REVOLT against both their Communist politicians (and their followers) plus the Moslem allies of those Commies!!!! ALL those people of both totalitarian groups need to be confronted (first by ‘civil disobedience’ – if nothing works, then violence, abhorrent as it is, will need to be used, alas…). Almost certainly a civil war including wholesale massacres is what we can see things coming to as – thanks to those totalitarians – nothing else can save the infiltrated West… God Grant that we don’t have to go through such EVIL times, but almost certainly we’ll have no choice!!

      • If x = 3 in the above equation, we get Islam’s evil = 10 * 3! ** 3! = 10 * 6 ** 6. [Given that 3! = 3 * 2 * 1.]

        That means 10 times 6 to the 6. Since exponentiation takes precedence over multiplication / division – itself of a higher priority than addition / subtraction, we get 10 * (6 * 6 * 6 * 6 * 6 * 6) = 10 * 46,656 = 466,560.


    • Because anything directed at them is considered hate speech. It’s a one-way street with them. They can offend us, but we can’t offend them.

  11. Banning of Xmas Trees and the attack by Muslims demanding the end of Xmas celebrations provides additional proof that Islam is anti-Freedom; and it also proves that Muslims hate Christians. So all those Christian leaders out there that are trying to make friends with Muslims wake up! Muslims are not friends with Christians; Islam’s mission is to destroy all Christians. And Muslims get this straight- many Atheists celebrate the Spirit of Christmas. The joy of giving and sharing at Christmas has evolved to become more than just rememberance of the birth of Christ. It is a time, a day when Peace and Goodwill unto all persons is shared. Xmas is a symbol of a way of life that we should live every day of our life. Xmas is a reminder that we should be working towards the end of the ‘Habit of War.’ So Muslims why do you oppose Christmas? And the answer is that True Muslims are evil by nature, they support Jihad and the perpetuation of the Habit of War. Muslims claim that they respect Jesus as a prophet;they lie because if Muslims do respect Jesus they would also celebrate Xmas in memory of the birth of Christ. Islam some infidel cowards may fear you; but ‘Freedom Fighters’ ‘Warriors Against Islam’ shall never submit to the evil doctrine of Islam. You wanted a fight now you have got it! Muslims you think your tough- got news for you; the toughest fighters throughout history have always been ‘Freedom Fighters.’ A reckoning is coming- Islam shall be driven out of the West – this is a guaranteed prophesy and those that accept and support Islam shall fall with Islam.

  12. Brussels you are COMPLETELY DISGUSTING.

    For every Muslim in Europe and Britain who are offended by OUR clothing, music, singing and dancing. OUR culture. OUR religions of Judaism and Christianity. OUR belief in the One Supreme Being – the Glorious, Awesome Magnificent Creator. OUR superior and MERCIFUL Western civilization. You infidel-hater Muslims, use your welfare benefit money and go back to your Muslim countries where you will no longer be offended by the presence of infidels. The only thing that will offend you in your Muslim countries is not receiving free housing and free infidel money.

    • Dont worry, when all those freedoms you mentioned above get taken away from the Lefties/Liberals/So-Called Feminists & Muzscum supporters, you watch them squeal. As much as I would hate to see Western countries go that way but I will get so much enjoyment seeing those assholes reap what they have sown with their ‘tolerence’ to bowing to every whit and whim of Muzloids.

    • Well said Linda. It is time that we stood up to Islam, it is offence to me, yet I am not allowed to express my opinion for the fear of being called a racist, if sticking up for your rights is being a racist, then I am and I am proud to be – up the revolution – English people stand up and fight for your rights, sitting on your settee’s moaning will not change anything.

  13. I am offended when I see people covered from head to toe with only their eyes showing. Is it a man? Woman? Is there a bomb under there? They are walking “Muslim Trees”. It purports their religion everywhere they go, 365 days a year. It is offensive and scary to many people. Also, praying in the streets blocking traffic is much worse than a tree, that has NO religious affiliation.

  14. First we take away school prayer, Christ out of Christmas to appease atheists and secularist liberals. Now we must kowtow to those curry stinkin’ bagheads! .

  15. What offends me the most is curry stinkin’ muslims! Just look how they take over by infiltration invasion! Time to revolt against them!

  16. Im tired of this banning Christmas nonsense because it will “offend minorities”. We have a culture too and we deserve to have it honored and respected instead of allowing a few (Muslims or atheists) to tell us we cannot celebrate something publically.

  17. funny thing happened while submitting previous comment
    the computer gliched …who is watching must have upset
    somebody or thing as didnt finish the comment about the mark
    could be a crescent on the forhead

  18. some misguided leftist pollie hoping to score brownie points
    Last december i was travelling to thailand from australia and had
    to stop at kuala lumpar with air asia.We had about a 2 hour stopover
    waiting for the connecting flight.At the airport shops most had some form of Christmas decorations trees etc nice to see in a muslim country.Thailand also had decorations at most shopping centres.
    Belgium Aussies have saved your arse in 1914-18 1939-45 its time
    you looked after yourself oh i forgot belgium brussel head of the ONE WORLD government and the EU live there wonder what the connection is.Maybe the MARK of the Beast is not 666 bu

  19. Why does nobody ever demand MUSLIMS to be TOLERANT? It should be OFFENDENSIVE to Christians, and all, that Christmas trees OFFEND Muslims!

  20. wtf? they are protected from EVIL ? since when the only one who has rights is the male. the women and children certainly don’t and i don’t care if muslims are offended too fucking bad

    • Right on! And if the filthy stinking muslime koranimals wish to ban anything relating to Christmas then the Postal Service should damn sure stop printing that piece of garbage called the EID stamp, there should be ABSOLUTELY no PUBLIC lifting of their arses, and damn sure no more “Allahuuu Akbar” in public but ONLY confined to their indoor facilities for lifing their arses and spreading their sh–!! AND NO MORE external speakers on their “community centers” broadcasting their shrieks to the CIVILIZED non-muslime residents of the area!!

        • You can be certain that Obama WILL MAKE IT happen in the USA – at least first in the biggest cities, in the name of “multiculturalism”, “diversity”, “honouring minorities” and all those other SHIBBOLETHS!!! It’s now open season upon the majority…

          Too many illegal votes plus too many people seduced by the crypto-Communist mantras and image of Obama promoted by the MSM (just as happened with Trudeau 44 years ago in Canada!!) on top of apathy induced by “cool-headed” “centrists” who’re ways over on the left in fact. Sad to say, Romney was too much of a centrist to be able to produce a meaningful contrast against Obama and thus attract the real right-wing!!!

          Soros and company paid big money to get Romney to triumph in the primaries over better opponents like Santorum, Palin, Bachmann and others that would have REALLY BEEN more authentic!!! [Too many people are just bigoted against the “right” because they’ve swallowed the Communist “Kool-Aid”.] THEN, in that way, Obama triumphed as the “real McCoy” of the left…

          When the Second American Revolution comes (which will entail a civil war bigger in scope and ferocity than that one of 1861-65), it will be necessary to purge all academe of perhaps 2/3rds or even 3/4 of the teachers there – especially those in the “Arts” and “Humanities” – not to mention the politicians, civil servants, unionists, bankers, lawyers &c.

        • To reinforce what I’ve tried to say above: what has now happened in Brussels is but a harbinger of what’s about to happen throughout the West – UNLESS the Westerners start seriously protesting and taking matters into their OWN HANDS!!!!

          THEN, the “élites” – after perhaps playing along for a while (as Hollande has been doing in France) – will unleash the police and army against the majority (as has been happening in the UK and as is guaranteed to massively increase there!!).

          Another MOST UNPLEASANT thing to watch out for will be that as the élitists and Moslems step up repression and the resulting criminality explodes, people will be seduced – initially voluntarily, then gradually becoming pressured and finally forced – into wearing the “Mark of the Beast” by the promise of security.

          [That the Beast has a numerical mark mandated upon EVERYBODY (in addition to that it is meant to be placed on the right hand as an alternative to the forehead) should testify against its merely being the Moslem head-bump.]

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