GERMANY: Anti-Islam campaigners confronted by foaming-at-the-mouth Muslim/Leftist knuckle draggers

A proposed project to build a gigantic ‘Centre for Islam in Europe’ in Munich is being financed by Qatar and the imams involved in it have ties to the Milli Gorus movement, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and Bosnian terror groups. Virtually all local politicians are in favor of it, but the anti-Islam party Die Freiheit is a lone voice campaigning against it.

Islam vs Europe  Qatar supports behind the scenes Islamic terrorist groups such as the Libyan branch of Al-Qaeda, the radical Islamic group Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia, Islamist members of the Syrian opposition, and the Afghan Taliban, which opened a liaison office in Qatar.

As you see in the video, the anti-Islam protesters are confronted with aggressive opponents,  Muslims AND leftists. In this case, the Muslims attempt to steal one of their signs and even their camera. They make threatening gestures and aggressive movements. They also shower the campaigners with insults, calling them ‘Zionists,’ ‘Jews’ and ‘Sons of whores.’ When one of the campaigners responds to the antisemitic slurs by telling Muslims they are the new Nazis, they call the anti-Islam campaigners Nazis. 

At a similar event at Munich’s Stachus on 10 August, the participants were surrounded by some 50 Muslims shouting etc. “We shit on your constitution! We spit on it!


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  1. In my country, Sweden all parties seems to support islam and does not want to offend them and they let all of those how want to come to Sweden, come and very few are stoped and turned out of our country.More of them are coming next year. Here I am living without anywhere to live, since I came back to my own country and I think I am the only one that does not have any apartment to live in, all are upptaken and there are so many muslims now here who has apartments they want to rent out to others or rooms in their apartments and all of them want girls and women to rent it. Wich girls do they want ??? for sure they are not talking about their own muslim girls, that would never being allowed to live with a man and rent a room from men at all. I do hate this. weden has gone sick, real sick.

  2. There is something so wrong with Europe and American leftists who support these Islamic radical savages. Is it a brain disease, or just mind control? I cannot for the loife of me come to terms with something so wrong. One does nto have to be a gemius to see how it is destroy the west, bit by bit, and at this point, it’s being ramped up at a faster pace. Adn governments sit by while their wome are ridiculed, harrassed, raped, and sometimes even killed.

  3. More Germans need to wake up. I am 1/4 German and I do not want to see Islam conquer my ancestral land from within. But,that is what is happening!!!

    • unfortunately it is happening all over Europe and will have to be dealt with before they are overrun and turned into a cesspool

  4. The sins of the fathers get paid for by the kids. Hitler’s descendants, though totally innocent of Nazism, now get the towel heads to deal with. It’s like contemporary Americans pay for the sins of the slave owners of the early days by suffering a black president and a large black population on welfare and into crime.

  5. “Gigantic ‘Centre for Islam in Europe’ financed by Qatar and the imams…have ties to the Milli Gorus movement, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and Bosnian terror groups. Virtually all local politicians are in favor of it…”

    “Virtually all local politicians are in favor of it.”
    What dirty TRAITORS. The dark deeds of these vile traitors are recorded in Heavenly books.

  6. O/T

    On Wednesday night Bedfordshire PCC candidate Kevin Carroll was confronted in a Biggleswade side street by four black-clad men, one of them believed to be carrying a knife.

    Mr Carroll, who is standing for the British Freedom party in next week’s Police and Crime Commissioner elections, had been out leafleting the Bedfordshire town with a colleague during the afternoon, and had decided to stay on for a few more hours after the colleague had returned home at 6pm.

    At around 8.30pm he was walking in a dark close off Mead End near the A6001 in the south of the town when he heard “a powerful sounding engine” behind him. A black Range Rover pulled up and one of the occupants leaned out of the window saying, “We’ve been looking for you, Mr Carroll”.

    Sensing a dangerous situation, he began making his way back to the main road, at which point all four occupants – whom he described as young males of Asian appearance – left the vehicle and began following him, saying that they “just wanted to talk”.

    Carroll said: “I knew I had a serious problem when one of the men held out his left hand in greeting – nobody shakes hands with their left hand – and saw a glint of a metallic object in his right, which he was trying to conceal. I’m sure it was a knife.”

    At that moment a passing driver, seeing the situation, stopped and asked, “is everything all right?” to which the candidate replied, “No it isn’t” and was given a lift back to the safety of his own vehicle, parked nearby in Dells Lane.

    He has reported the incident to police and telephoned his rescuer to thank him for his brave and public-spirited action. “He was like a guardian angel, he saved my bacon”, said the candidate yesterday.

    The confrontation is the latest of a series of hostile actions against Kevin Carroll during the election campaign. Earlier this week, his two large billboard posters in Luton were vandalised – one stripped away completely and the other daubed with offensive graffiti. His campaign website and the British Freedom website have both come under sustained assault from hackers and have had to be temporarily closed down, making it impossible for voters to view his manifesto online.

    He has been excluded from public meetings – most notably one held recently in Flitwick by Victim Support, and has been subjected to a barrage of negative campaigning and misinformation by Labour candidate Olly Martins. In addition, left-wing extremists have printed and distributed tens of thousands of defamatory leaflets.

    “I’m not so bothered by attacks and abuse from political opponents”, said Carroll, “those things I can handle”. “What really concerns me is that Bedfordshire voters are being denied the chance to hear what I have to say. How can an election be democratic when one of the candidates is effectively gagged and denied a public platform? We seem to be losing freedom of speech in this country. Isn’t that what our fallen soldiers – the heroes we’ll be remembering this weekend – fought and died for?”

  7. “50 Muslims shouting etc. “We shit on your constitution! We spit on it!”
    Kick all of these dirty invaders out now! Wicked European and British leaders FORCE Europeans and Brits to financially support Muslim invaders!

    Our leaders are despicable, horrible TRAITORS for importing many millions of Muslims into our countries. Muslims are determined to conquer our countries as commanded by the Quran. Future generations will condemn the dirty traitors. God will judge them.

    Thank you to all the heroes who demonstrate for the FREEDOM of every one of us!

  8. Breathtaking supremacism. Mozzies have no use for FREEDOM or DEMOCRACY. They want discriminatory, repressive, barbaric Sharia and a totalitarian CALIPHATE.

    Mozzies want an Iranian and a Taliban style DICTATORSHIP and THEOCRACY.

  9. I visited Munich about 5-6 years ago. Lovely city. One problem……the koranimals. Along the main predestrian shopping street hundreds of niqab-clad breeding mares.

  10. These people are using the laws of the country they are in to do all this crap. So let’s get down and start using their own laws against them? To us THEY are the non believers. Need I say more?

  11. I just cannot fathom these leftist supporters of Islam. Are they wilfully blind or completely incapable of critical thought? It is mind boggling how they are supporting those who will subjugate and/or kill them when they have more numbers.

    • willfully blind. germany doesn’t want the specter of racism to surface so she goes in the opposite direction and allows this.

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