GERMANY: Anti-Islam campaigners confronted by foaming-at-the-mouth Muslim/Leftist knuckle draggers

A proposed project to build a gigantic ‘Centre for Islam in Europe’ in Munich is being financed by Qatar and the imams involved in it have ties to the Milli Gorus movement, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and Bosnian terror groups. Virtually all local politicians are in favor of it, but the anti-Islam party Die Freiheit is a lone voice campaigning against it.

Islam vs Europe  Qatar supports behind the scenes Islamic terrorist groups such as the Libyan branch of Al-Qaeda, the radical Islamic group Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia, Islamist members of the Syrian opposition, and the Afghan Taliban, which opened a liaison office in Qatar.

As you see in the video, the anti-Islam protesters are confronted with aggressive opponents,  Muslims AND leftists. In this case, the Muslims attempt to steal one of their signs and even their camera. They make threatening gestures and aggressive movements. They also shower the campaigners with insults, calling them ‘Zionists,’ ‘Jews’ and ‘Sons of whores.’ When one of the campaigners responds to the antisemitic slurs by telling Muslims they are the new Nazis, they call the anti-Islam campaigners Nazis. 

At a similar event at Munich’s Stachus on 10 August, the participants were surrounded by some 50 Muslims shouting etc. “We shit on your constitution! We spit on it!