Kudos to France, AGAIN! for deporting a Tunisian imam whose Muslim beliefs made him a threat to French security

France has just expelled a Tunisian imam, who, in his sermons, encouraged violent jihad against the West, made anti-Semitic remarks, and justified the use of violence and corporal punishment against women.

INN  (h/t Henry P)  Mohamed Hammami was subject to “expulsion from French territory. He has been deported to Tunisia, where he is a citizen,” the ministry said in a statement. “These unacceptable, deliberate, repeated provocations and discrimination constitute a threat to French society and security.”

The imam’s son, Hamadi Hammami, told AFP he believed France’s DCRI domestic intelligence service had arrested his 77-year-old father in the streets before taking him to the airport.

In January, said the report, former interior minister Claude Gueant accused Hammami, who had been living in France for a long time, of making violent anti-Semitic remarks and of calling for adulterous women to be flogged to death. Hammami, whose assets were frozen by the government in May, has denied all the allegations.

First the imam…then the rest of them. They all believe what the imam believes.

A deportation committee had issued in May a statement against expelling Hammami because it would “affect his family life”, but the opinion only carried advisory weight.

France has seen a surge of 45% in the number of anti-Semitic incidents over the past year. Data released several weeks ago found that the anti-Semitic incidents increased after the massacre in Toulouse.

French President François Hollande vowed to track down and punish anti-Semitism at a ceremony to honour Jews deported under the wartime German occupation. Apparently he is keeping his word, which infuriates Muslims as demonstated in the poster below:

Oh, this is rich! As President Hollande cracks down on Muslims behaving badly, Muslims call on Hollande to speak out against ‘Islamohobia.” 20121109-french-muslims-call-hollande-speak-out-islamophobia






























25 comments on “Kudos to France, AGAIN! for deporting a Tunisian imam whose Muslim beliefs made him a threat to French security

  1. Deported, deported they say, my question is: does not this Country have a code of conduct which stupilates those who advocate for the overthrow of their Country, receive nothing short of a bullet to the brain-pan group? Is this too much to ask for the people to dispose of trash when it becomes this obvious? Damn, and to think 1$ lead poisining over air fare and expenses, and now he is allowed to spew his vipers tongue somewhere else in this world without consequences, plain cowardice. For shame on these cowards, they will get their just rewards soon enough. Going GALT.

  2. I couldnt give a fast shit about this shitstain faced imams family, guess the inbreed should have thought about his family before sprouting off his hatred. It continuosly amazes me of late how France are putting out the Muzscum gabage and I am inclined to believe it is indeed the Patriots that are taking the hard line and putting pressure on Hollande. I do recall some time ago our BNI friend Allain did warm that things were going to turn around for the better and the French were going to start fighting back. Sounds like its all happening and Im glad to see the evidence unfolding from recent posts on BNI about France.
    I agree, it starts with deportation of these evil brainwashing Imams then working its wy down to the rest of the hateful peices of shits – men, women and their Junior Jahid brats – gone. Plllleeeennntyyyyy of other countries to seek a new home I know of 57 they will be most welcome to go to and feel at home.

  3. Bravo For France ! Imagine Socialist France is doing more than the USA and the UK to keep these Muslime Savages in line.
    As far as that Imam , give him chute that does’nt open and fly over Tunisia and drop him in.

  4. It is not enough to just deport such people. At least set fire to their beards or put them in a stockade in a public place as they did in the 1700s. They want to preach violence – give them a taste of some violence. How about locking them up in a pig pen for a day?

  5. And the Islamonazis were just sooo thrilled to have been the deciding force in electing Hollande.


    Let’s hope he never backs down.

  6. I think that was really good news. Back to his caves =) Grouchy Fogie I think Sweden also need joy too since we have such idiots in our government here and I think that even if we change the government it would be the same then too =( All of them talk the same when the say anything about the muslims in my country. Now we even have muslims in the south of Stockholm, that has been invaded by so many muslims that amny swedish people have moved from those areas, and now want to have a muslims shouting in a minaret there. They thinnk they will get a “yes” from the comunityleaders there now and if they do every others will ask for the same in the whole country we faire.
    Bonnie, I am so happy to see that U are back and never gave up. U are so really needed by all of Us here, and I think I speak for all of Us when I say that, so stay where U belong for sure =) Lots of hugs for U Bonnie.

  7. A supremacist never says ‘sorry’.

    Exile all terrorists AND their families if the families don’t rat them out.

    We need personally to ask Mozzies why they don’t leave their backward DEATH CULT…any ideology that hates women and ‘others’ MUST BE FALSE!

  8. Good on France and good on Hollande! I hope he continues to honor that promise and remains tough on those who would use their faith as a shield to persecute others. To the outraged muslims: cry me a river full of crocodile tears.

    • Yes, good on France indeed!!!

      No doubt Monsieur Alain will confirm me when I tell you that it’s the French people who are FORCING Hollande into doing something he otherwise would never do!!! All these anti-Moslem actions are antithetical to him; yet he knows that if he doesn’t do SOMETHING, he will be in serious trouble… As it is, he’s uneasy at how French anger has been building up against the Moslem population, quite contrary to his “Socialist Utopian ideals” (which is all a crock of shit!)!!!!

      • You now know us -that is us true French- so well by now ADHD :-) Indeed I confirm that you are right. And if he’s uneasy now, he’ll turn apoplectic next as he’s seen nothing yet. Us, angry? You bet and some more and as you guys say, payback’s a bitch!

    • As to the Moslems’ perpetual outrage (that’s their fundamentally-static state!): yes, first go after their clergy, then their other leading figures and finally the rest of them – without the LEAST mercy!!!

      I love the expression “crocodile tears” – for that’s all Moslems deserve…

      • He would if he felt threatened BNI. No doubt the imam in the WH has a nice muslim brotherhood member queued up for the job. I think he is definitely covering up for the imam in the WH and probably himself too. He is running in the hopes secrets can be kept.

        Doesn’t matter all they are trying to do with these hearings is discover how much is known so they can begin coverup gate in earnest!

        • AN, I’m having trouble getting my head around that. What would he have to lose if he spills the beans about what Obama did or didn’t do? His pension from the Army is secure.

        • It would be fairly hard to cover a situation, afterall, General P knew it was a lie, ( the video caused the attack and killed those in his charge) when he testified before the Senate Commitee, a few short weeks ago. I beleive he knows what he is doing, outside of a threat, he may have just “had enough” of the outright TREASON he witnessed this fraud perpertrating on this Union, I may be incorrect, but it just seems to me, there is more to this then meets the common eyes. Least we all forget the motto of his origins, Duty, Honor, Country. I pray he stands tall and exposes all for the Country to witness, about the gun running sceme this fraud set up to topple syria’s assad, and that the orders were preplanned to not get involved rescueing our ambassador and his crew, why? because they knew too much. The CIA is a compartmentalized organization, it clearly had too many cheifs running the show, outside of their control factors, and that has always been a ‘strict, no-no” , we just witnessed why. Going GALT

      • When your family is being put on the front lines, you have a way of bending the truth. I don’t put anything past this Admin., so CIA head or no, look at it with skepticism. Don’t accept at first blush.

  9. France has had enough. Now we need to get Norway, Denmark, Belgium and England on board. The Caption, “First the imam…then the rest of them. They all believe what the imam believes.” should read, ” First the imam…then the rest of them. They all believe what the imam tells them to believe. ” They are so mindless, that they’ll believe anything their “teachers” tell them,,, Satanic or not !!

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