Muslim parasites on hunger strike. Fantastic! Let’em starve, then throw the bottom feeders to the sharks

Leftie scumbags protest Australia’s off-shore processing for Muslim invaders posing as asylum seekers. Muslim boat vermin land in Muslim Indonesia and demand to be given asylum in Christian Australia.



27 comments on “Muslim parasites on hunger strike. Fantastic! Let’em starve, then throw the bottom feeders to the sharks

  1. As in all countries the- elected government rules -we -true Aussies do not want the illegal immigrants that are floating in daily by the hundreds -especially as they are mainly from Islamic countries ,this government gives them -everything to the detriment of our own people who desperately need homes and jobs,these arrogant -ignorant-peasants-once here – are so grateful -once settled they -turn and start making demands for their own laws etc-Australia has changed -it is no longer the freedom loving country I grew up in -they have the -media -bluffed as comments are screened and not posted in case it -might -offend -doesn’t matter if we are offended as I am by their ugly mosques that states -this is Islam -their ramadam and their disgusting -cruel -bloody slaughter of so many poor animals at their festival of Eid.-their male dominating treatment of women -and their -evil laws of -sharia -the whole revolting culture is not -ours and never will be.

    The continual fiasco of the live export to these primitive barbaric countries where the pathetic -miserable deaths of thousands of our animals die is a disgrace and brings shame on us as a nation -those who oppose this are set upon by the -ingraites who suck up to them for their own reasons.

    If the young Aussies of today have any of our forebears spirit they will not succeed in their jihad and imaginary caliphate delusions

  2. The rich Arab countries will wait until all those ass lifters get to their destinations, once they get there, million of dollars will follow to help them building mosques private schools and recruiting jihadists.

  3. Leave ’em on the boats… IF they get hungry enough they can try to swim in, think of it as chumming for Great Whites. Hey, sharks need to eat also.

  4. Why is it when I hit reply it doesn’t go to that person? Ian Rintoul should be in jail! He crossed the line between refugee advocate and people smuggler a long time ago.

  5. Ian Rintoul should be in jail for people smuggling, because he takes ’emergency’ calls from the Muslim boat scum before they even leave Indo.

  6. Let them starve themselves to death! It will provide space for the new Muslim boat scum showing up on our shores. I’m prepared to see that commie Sarah Hanson-Young on tv, crying yet again. I find her entertaining. I hope the government lets them rot on Nauru for 5 years or more. I’m sick to the teeth of the their demands. They are economic, parasitic dole bludgers! They are not welcome here. Now only if our pollies would wake up and realise Australians don’t care about asylum seekers, and our real fear is Muslim immigration, then the better. We have seen what has happened in the UK, and Sydney’s west, and we don’t like it. ELECTION NOW!

  7. It seems Australia has quite a problem being so close to Muslim nations. At least most of our illegals are Mexicans, who are mainly Roman Catholic. We are getting more and more illegals from known terrorist Muslim countries though.

  8. Kick the Muslim invader infidel-haters back to their own countries!
    Saudi Arabia is swimming in oil wealth and land. Muslims are an ISLAMIC responsibility!

    Oh, I forgot. Whilst Western leaders FORCE exhausted, anxious non-Muslims to financially provide for Muslims and their harems of multiple wives and huge numbers of children, and provide Muslims with many luxuries and special privileges, Muslim leaders will not provide even one dollar to support Muslims! WHY DO OUR LEADERS HATE US?

  9. There should be no more Refugees Period! since the ones already here have worn out the welcome mat with their antics and demands, thieir not assimilating and following the rules of their host country. I dare say that the ones already in Australia might just be tossed out as well for their brazen attitude and behavior! All Muslims in Australia we have ships at port now for Boarding Please enter in single file and Behave yourselves as the trip will be very long do not forget your Korans as you might need them

      • The majority of Australians hope that they drown – and if not, we hope that they starve. These belligerent, vile, smelly, hairy goons arrive in our country illegally, then proceed to assert their “demands.” Unfortunately, we are saddled with the weakest Prime Minister in living memory. She panders to them, she all but asserts that they can do no wrong, and she places them in the lap of luxury. I truly believe that only a civil war can resolve this situation. We cannot go on like this.

  10. Economic refugees merely jump the queue.

    The supremacist, misogynistic, backward culture does not assimilate to Australia. Mozzies look backwards to the 7th century’s barbarism, rather than forward to greater civilization.

  11. If these amoebas were genuine refugees they would be happy with no guns or bombs threatening them, they would be happy that they are safe from rioting mobs, they would be happy with a roof over their head and food on the table, they would be grateful that the hard working real Australians are providing them with everything they could possibly need whilst themselves going without essential services like adequate health care and housing. I don’t care how long they are held whilst being assessed and if they CHOOSE to starve themselves then so be it, they are supposed to be grown ups not whinging whining spoilt children who chuck tantrums when they don’t get what they want. Mr Rintoul you are a traitor to real Australians. I suggest you need o get a real job and stop bludging off my tax dollars. Genuine refugees are grateful to be safe, this lot are supremacists who believe that INFIDELS should bow down to their every demand, if you don’t like it bugger off back where you came from

  12. Dear government of Australia:

    Please corral all of those Bleeding Heart Sinislamist Demonstrators, and demand that each of them take into THEIR homes, one of those ‘refugee’ families. Said BHSDs to be totally responsible for ALL costs of shelter, food, special ablutions, prayer mats, ear plugs, medical care, pocket monies, etc., and a minimum $1,000,000 bond for any civil or criminal wrongdoings by their proteges, for their lifetime.

    Whose lifetime? Whichever is longer.

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