19 comments on “An early ‘Merry Christmas’ from our newest Muslim dickhead

  1. yes he is a dickhead. Children of ADAMSHIT? i guess he doesn’t have a clue that he i one as well. H HA HA PUTZ
    inbred piece of shit

  2. Democracy is a dirty word, that’s why we here in the US live in a Representative Republic. Learn those two words before your beard gets caught in something sharp. I also would like to slap this fool across the room. I hate Islam and it’s prophet Mo and it’s sissy moon god.

  3. Obscurantism, misogyny and supremacism: the Islamic backwardness trio. ‘Man-made’ law based on good logic and the Golden Rule are trumped by Islamic gobbledegook based on an invented Arab Robin Hood who liked touching little girls. Mohammed was an Arab AL CAPONE.

    This absurd DEATH CULT destroys the mind with circular arguments that chase their tails, proving nothing.

    The mullahs become geniuses to inbred, savage illiterates with an average IQ of 70.

  4. well he’s no chickmonk ! but we will fit him in our xmas plan after all tis the season to be merry and what could be more so than hanging a dicknead on your special tree

  5. What a “Tosser”, this nutter is the best advertisement going for not agreeing with islam. Bring on these inbreeds and given enough rope they will hang themselves :)

    The only worrying think is that there are bigger nutters out there that will believe him.

    God help us!

    • A good observation from one with a very good name! I’ve been in mourning since Tuesday!
      Did you all read about the admittedly immature and extremely naive girl who MSNBC has named by name for insulting The Obama on Facebook?
      with the “N” word? Her company is in hiding and she is now in hiding
      especially since she was intellectually challenged enough to put her
      pic on Facebook? The Obama now has the Secret Service acting like the SS too so we now have a secret police in this country that investigates folks for expressing their Constitutional Right of Free Speech!
      Welcome to the Obama Nation that has replaced our United States of America! We are in deep shit with a President who is shit! Sad truth is that when Romney mentioned 47% in that private fundraiser that Obama violated due to his Campaign’s poor security, he could have said 50% and been right-on!
      The one thing I’m happy about my beloved father being gone from this world is he never had to experience The Obama as President! He loved this country that he fought for so much so it would have killed him!
      I wish everyone a happy holiday season and I appreciate any form of prayer energy you can send me that I can keep my job as a Temporary at least through the holidays! The Obama’s supporters are starting to gang up on me now after treating me ok when it looked like Gov Romney was going to win!
      This country is going to the dogs really fast now! They passed Same Sex Marriage in 3 states and its Obama supporters are ganging up on Republican oriented churches to attack them on behalf of Obama! The whole purpose of this Same Sex Marriage is to be able to take out Christian churches since there are no homosexuals in Islam since they kill them! No gay couple is looking to get married in a Mosque!
      May we get all the positive energy we need because we need it! G-d
      help us all now!

  6. ‘you are in fact congradulating them on the biggest crime, yeah, I don’t think so there scooter, the biggest crime is the mere presence of your cult on our soil, but, don’t have any worries, that too will soon be dealt with, and in my part of this Country, as we say here, it won’t be prudy, notattall, grit your loins scooter, you’ll soon understand our wrath towards devil worshipping on our soil. Going GALT.

  7. They have their celebrations -ramadam and the cruel -bloody slaughter of thousands of animals for their -eid festival -how dare they object to ours ,they come to -our countries and change -our customs and culture -their -arrogance is beyond belief,but it isn’t them so much it is the ones-our own people- who are in power – who for their -own reasons -suck up to them -they are the ones who are to blame and must be stopped -as must be -all immigration -they are -blood sucking -bludgers,who are draining us and destroying -our cultures.

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