‘BIRTHDAY BEATINGS’ – What Muslim students give German students at least once a year

Instead of congratulations and gifts, there were bruises to the face and arms: A Neukölln school pupil was so badly beaten by his schoolmates on his birthday that he required outpatient treatment in a hospital.

Islam vs Europe  The director of the Criminological Institute of Lower Saxony, Christian Pfeiffer, has many years of experience with “birthday beatings .” When he was still Justice Minister in Hannover in 2002, young assailants at a school in Stadthagen had systematically and repeatedly tyrannised their schoolmate on his birthday.

Pfeiffer’s institute has now examined the ritual and determined that it is motivated by envy. “From envy and irritation develop a wish to put the other down,” explains the criminologist. 

According to Pfeiffer, part of the explanation may be that in Muslim families, it is not the tradition for birthdays to be celebrated with gifts as is typically the case in Germany. When individual school pupils then get new smartphones or computers on their birthday, the Muslim children, who didn’t receive anything, may feel provoked. (And they react as Muslims typically react – like savages)


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  1. The Germans have strange ways of judging character. I mean, we’re talking about the people behind the Holocaust. Germans are prepared to tolerate Muslims doing things like “birthday beatings” to them. And yet, Germans were so unable to tolerate European Jewry that they were behind a genocide of them. And what bad things did Jews ever do to Germans, to provoke such intolerance? The Jews were nothing but an asset to pre-Holocaust Europe.

  2. Perhaps the Germans should adapt to a new reality. They should stop giving flashy electronic birthday gifts. New favorite b-day gifts, weapons and the training to use them!

  3. Is Germany filled with weak little half sized sickly kids? What do they do, wait forr thier yearly beating then accept it? Maybe the deserve the treatment if they won’t stick up for themselves. If that was attempted on me, even if I got out numbered and beat, I would retaliate ten fold and there would be dead muzzies all over the nieghborhood.

  4. Monkeys can be controlled by white supremacists also. In Germany that is what it will take as in other countries. I hear Russia has a real intolerance to the islamic pigs when it comes to them getting unruly.

  5. Muslims DON’T need an excuse to violently attack and/or MURDER NON-Muslims. The Quran COMMANDS Muslims to wage jihad against intensely hated non-Muslims (and conquer all nations). The Muslims are OBEYING the Quran every time they attack non-Muslims.

    That is why it is a SIN against God and a Crime Against Humanity that many millions of Muslims have been imported into our countries in order for Muslims to OBEY the Quran and wage jihad against us. Future generations will condemn our TRAITOR leaders. God will judge them.

  6. Agreeing with NikitaAnne:

    Muslim MALES are encouraged to become and rewarded for being SAVAGES.

    You see it in the way they encourage their little boys to be little tyrants while the girls are treated as chattels.

    We mustn’t upset the little Moz TYRANTS! Or the big ones either!

    They might get mad and RIOT and BURN STUFF or MURDER dirty kafirs!



  7. They are taking over because -we are not standing up tp them ,they are very clever -bringing in -blasphemy laws -who allowed that ?free speech has been curtailed -the media has been muffled ,you don’t see many comments written in the papers now about Islam -because -they control by -fear tactics ,but the worse ones are the governments that are caving into their demands -creeping sharia-those who have allowed this dual set of laws are the countries that are going down the gurgler-in Australia they are pushing for sharia all the time -it does exist as all muslims live under this achiac -cruel -evil law,-how can any country have a law in one street for stealing -fined and jailed -in another -chop off his hand?-the arrival daily of hundreds of illegal immigrants by boats are swelling the numbers -then the fun will start.-I hope the fighting spirit of our Aussie ancestors -exist in our young ones of today -the muzzies -are in for a shock and better start -packing.

    I am very upset that Obama got back in -he practices -taqiyya.

  8. Muslims will always believe, as they beat the infidel(s), that is is the fault of the westerner. He provoked me, he insulted me, he refused to accommodate me and my fragile yet violent religion. She rejected me, she is a slut for exposing her collarbones, she deserves to be raped for being kafir. Islam is not permitted to be below another. Any perceived slight is met with rage. Draw a cartoon, celebrate your birthday, erect a Christmas tree and find out.

    The behavior of Muslims is decided by Allah and the unholy ‘prophet’…their ideal man. Violence, hatred, and absolution of their crimes against the unbelievers is considered somewhat holy as they are following their perverted God. We see this unfolding in every single country on earth…shocking they abide by Sharia Law and not man-made ones! Who would ever have thought they wouldn’t instantly embrace our way of life? Liberals and Communists (is there a difference?)

    Muslims are encouraged to be and rewarded for being savages.

    • I don’t care what thier reasons are, what it is that provokes them. The German kids should organise into gangs and start terrorizing the muzzies just for fun. Beat the shit out of them, leave them laying in piles. Fuk the political correct shit. If not then take your beatings and shut up.

      • John, you’re absolutely right. I like to ask people: Are you going to form a delegation, walk to the nearest mosque and say: ‘Here are the keys to our city; our country, you rule us now’ , the answer is always: ‘Oh no, we wouldn’t let it go that far’. Really? So you intend to make a stand, when? When it’s too late, it would seem.

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