HERE’S WHY: BOO HOO Clothing Company has decided to force its employees to submit to Islamic law which clearly is against Britain’s culture and legal system.

DougRoss Journal (h/t RF)  Boo Hoo’s decision to impose Sharia Law on all its employees is apparent by the Memo below which bans all Employees & Agency Workers from eating pork on the premises.  The message is clear: If you work for Boo Hoo, you will be forced to obey the laws of Islam, if you want to keep your job. This company blatantly discriminates against the majority of employees who are non-Muslim by banning all pork and pork-based products, for the singular purpose of making sure Muslims will not be offended.

CONTACT BOO HOO to complain: 

TEL: 0161 236 7132


Boo Hoo recently circulated the following memo to its employees.



  1. Laughing my arse off you guys need to get a life. My dads a strong Christian and he won’t let us eat pork. It’s not all about Muslims, go get some education and understanding!!

    • The point surely is the matter of choice?

      Your father’s decision to impose that rule was his right & he was free to choose how he raised his children. As you are now an adult yourself, presumably you enjoy your privilege of deciding for yourself?

  2. In a supposedly non-Muslim nation are there NO human rights organizations to speak out for the rights of the indigenous people – non-Muslims, who are PERSECUTED by Muslims?

    Muslim IMMIGRANTS come to our countries. Make money off hated infidels. Announce to despised infidel non-Muslims they are NOT ALLOWED to eat their FAVORITE PORK products, including BACON, lettuce and tomato sandwiches?

    Someone, please bring a lawsuit against these infidel-haters! Muslims are DESTROYING the rights of non-Muslims in their own country! DON’T ALLOW IT !


  3. Fuck you Kathy Allison, and all of the muzzies that want to change my life. I’m an infidel WASP, and that will not change whilst I breathe.

  4. Urg, fecking Moslem lovers, can’t wait to get back from Darwin so I can e-mail them and have a go at their pussy asses pandering to the savages – btw haven’t seen one Moslem in Darwin yet, paradise , not to have to see a grim reaper when trying to enjoy a meal or walk down the street

  5. How does Boo Hoo intend to enforce this rule? I mean, if it were me, I might just take some pork products to work and share them with everyone without telling them what the ingredients are. I mean, come on. If you don’t call it “pork” it isn’t pork, right? Just like if you don’t call it colonizing, it isn’t? No, one doesn’t ban legislated rights on the basis of religion in free countries and that is what this rule does. It is trying out the question whether Muslim owned business can oppress people’s rights on the basis of the assumed supremacy of their “religion” and its associated shari’a. We must call out all those who ignore western legislation in favour of shari’a. Despite the consequences. If we organize, the blow-back we experience will lessen and if we organize enough resistance, our governments will stop using police to enforce shari’a and begin instead to again enforce our laws, not theirs. Time to let them know there is a line they cannot cross, that we will not back down from no matter what injustice they claim or what atrocities they threaten or perpetrate.

    • Joan, learning that the owner is Muslim and it is a private company, he certainly has the right to make his own rules. But we have the right to boycott and call others to boycott his products, which we all should be doing anyway of Muslim owned businesses. It pays to ask if you aren’t sure in the stores you patronize.

      • Actually, no Bonnie, they cannot discriminate. It is a store and they are legally not allowed to discriminate or say staff cannot eat pork for their lunch. It does not matter if it is private or not. In fact, no store, no business can discriminate. Staff have the right to sue them.

  6. For the piece of mind, knowing that I wouldn’t get blown up every time I went to work, or have to do the inventory once a month to keep track of the merchandise “walking out of the store” under those tents. I think I might quit and start getting welfare so they can work instead of me. LOL. Actually, I saw a Muslim woman working in the movie theater I went to. Since I don’r want to explode as I am enjoying a movie, I wrote them a note telling them I would no longer be going to their theater.

    • I don’t blame them I hope enough other States starts this process, maybe we will see some REAL changes. Alaska tried it a very long time ago, but didn’t get enough signatures.

      • I think each state should just go ahead and do it. Kick all muslims out and then state they are not taking them in any more, and have their own government and rules and laws. That way they cannot be bullied by Bollocks insane, muslime obalmy.

    • If all states left the union to create their own state and government, would that mean obummer has no one to rule? Would that mean no sharia law could be enforced? And could they then get rid of muslims if they wished? If so, sounds like a great way for all the states to go.

  7. Is Boohoo owned by Umar Kamani?? Is this a request or an order? They’ll have to pry the bacon from my cold dead hands. I’m not going down alone either!

  8. I just did a little research on the Boo Hoo company and found out two things. They are a crappy company, and they have received a lot of complaints on a complaint website, and also that the company is owned by Muslims. The owner is one Mahmoud Kamani and his family. They own not only a store, but also a mail order company called “Pretty Little Things.” They seem to be noted for lousy customer service and late deliveries.

    Even if they weren’t Muslims, this company would be one worth boycotting.

    And one complaint in particular was mentioned on the complaint website called…it is true that they have ordered all employees not to eat pork or pork products on the premises of their stores.

  9. why are the workers puting up with this no employer in australia would get away with it and if they sacked you for doing it they would be in court so quickly they would’nt know what hit them. Some one should get behind them to bring this issue out into the public eye of whats going on in there own country

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