“Islam has no place in France,” chant French Patriots during protest march against Islam in Paris

November 10th – Hundreds of French nationalists have demonstrated in Paris against Islam and its inherent extremism, chanting the French anthem and saying that this religion has no place in the country.

Washington Post/AP (H/T Jean V)  Protester Romain Cyiril says, “France was always a welcoming country, but for the first time we have to deal with a religion which can’t and doesn’t want to integrate itself.”

Three weeks ago, dozens of far-right French activists stormed an unfinished mosque to protest immigration policies that have made France home to Western Europe’s largest population of Muslims. There are an estimated 5 million or more Muslims in this nation of 65 million, although under French law the government does not track religion. Saturday’s protest was organized by a nationalist group called the Republican Resistance.


Sadly, the U.N. and other left wing dhimmi organizations are gearing up to counter the growing hatred of Islam, by targeting schools for enhanced brainwashing/whitewashing of Islam.



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  1. Hello,

    I was in Paris this Week end. I was in this march against muslims threat.
    We were about 2 or 3000 people despite cold and grey sky.
    All attendees are not far right people, They are just proud to be French and do not want to be slave of extremist and/or religious.

    France is our home and our country!

    Best wishes from France

        • Willy, No, I’m not, but many of my readers are. If you post something from a French site, please translate. Even though Google is not a very good translator, it will be enough to give us the idea.

    • exactly , we don’t need /want to be abused in our own land ,our womens raped and our joung people kill , while people born and raise in france suffers and starve the sand donkeys get fat and healthy on our dime , enough is enough not right or left our country first.

      • BN , you Can Not fear a coward and you know better , when the gay embassador was killed in the hell hole you have a picture about a crocodile eating a human arm , that is the same thing that will happen to obimbo ,and every body supporting illegal immigrants better be aware that latinos are toghether with the musslimes to eradicate the white race from USA so don’t feel sorry for them because they don’t care about you all hunkeys /crackers as they call us , obimbo have so much bad karma on him is ridiculous , every body should read about Uranus square pluto september 2012 and figure out the end of this movie USA is cancer by the way so is affected by the square BN you are bless ,protected and every good karma as well so fear NOT , youy will prevail , but Don’t commit suicide by counting on no south and central americans because the sell their soul for a free cell phone as you can see ,and obimbo promise them he will help them (while he starve USA) this is the time for USA to create an USA identitaire , instead of the tea party that do not work , according to the square is now or never , alqaeda is full blown in mexico and no body is talking about it and the border is wide open ,people need to demand that border to be close and the border patrol to be replace by USA born american people , assimilation need to be enforced and english only the language musslimes are learning mexican spanish and no body that speak english can understand what they are talking about , too many people addicted to oppression too and that is a big problem ,when people is addicted to oppression hey sell their soul for more oppression .

  2. Oui, Oui French.. Super!!
    Don’t let this backwards cult destroying yours. The more they populated, they more they will ask. Keep fighting for this and save your generations from this useless religion or cult or whatever..

  3. If they make frech children learn about islam then make sure that the muslim children go to a christian church to learn about Jesus Christ.
    Thats what you call diverseity.

  4. I been telling you guys in here , when we get fed up we will take action , we the french people have been mistreted in our own land ,so now the people is awaken , multiculturalism is the destruction of every coutry , I feel sad for USA who has embraced multiculturalism .

    • Hey, n/b, long time no see. We have been very impressed with the uptick in anti-Muslim activity we’ve been seeing come out of France in the past year. Even from the Socialist president, shockingly. Keep it up.

      • Yeah I know it’s been a long time but thanks to you I wake the hell up and you know where I am( Generation Identitaire )the situation is more bad than it looks like and hollande is even worst than sarko , so we really need to figh it and fight it hard and now is the time or never , But I never forget about you , Please BN never give up and never give in you are doing a great job , is very sad that USA choose the musslime in chief again , and that the latinos will be granted amnesty ,most of the people is not aware how fast the latinos are converting in to islam and obimbo have everything planned out for america’s down fall , this movement will grow and grow we are tired and fed up with this sand donkeys ,now we have the multiculturalism explosion against them sand donkeys and people is very aware, the modern crusades are coming back watch .out political correctness and out multiculturalism .

        • nb, we are very excited about Generation Identitaire and hope they will spread rapidly all around Europe. I understand they are now in Germany and Austria too.

          I am getting threats now that if I don’t take down this site Obama will. WE’ll see.

        • Dear Ms. BNI:

          Just let those good-for-nothing rat-bastards threaten you all they want!!! You’d do well to get at least a couple of mirror-Websites outside of the USA, one of which well could be in Israel. Others can be in places like Costa Rica, Canada, India and other such. That way, even if Obama the usurper tries anything (and especially if you’re able to find ways to escape the USA should it come to that – PLEASE make contingency plans for that!!!), he won’t be able to do more than shut things down for the USA unless he kills off the ENTIRE Internet!!!!

          Keep up the fight: we truly NEED you extremely badly!!! God Bless!!!!

  5. Dear BNI & BNI readers:

    Somethng else to consider in regards to France’s battles with the enemy within (ie 5 million plus French Islamists). There is a belief that the French “deserve” what they get because of the evils of French “colonialism” in North Africa. Well, as an American Indian, I know the consequences of colonialism and that an invasion can have dire results. However, history, cultures and people’s intertwined lives are more complicated than a snappy politically correct answer.

    France and colonialism? Quebec, Martinique, VietNam, New Caledonia, and the expansive area of former French-Speaking Africa… those are colonies. I don’t mean to imply that they were blood soaked lands where the monstrous French raped and slaughtered in the name of Jesus! I am stating they were colonies. Some still are- such as the French Polynesian and Caribbean dependencies. Other colonies are on very good terms with France. Other French colonies merged with other nations- such as Quebec in Canada. Quebec is fine, Canada with Quebec, not so much (sorry, I couldn’t resist that). Oh, and that entire France taking over Mexico as a colony…. well, we all know how that turned out. Messy. Also, really, really stupid considering the nation that was immediately north of Mexico. Not the brightest French idea.

    North Africa. Not colonies in this American Indian’s opinion. More like France engaging in self-preservation. Lets go back in time shall we…?

    The Islamic states of North Africa were vile, morally corrupt, murderous regions of the world. If the Atlantic separating the Americas and Europe was “across the pond” then the Meditterranean between Europe and North Africa was a puddle.

    It was a constant blood bath. Spain, Portugal, France, Italy… the coastlines of Europe were under seige. Even the Irish would be claimed as a victims of rapes, pillaging, kidnappings, arson, murder and terror. Entire towns and villages were destroyed in never ending raids. More chilling still would be when Europeans would come across a town hit by North Africans and the town itself wouldn’t be destroyed, it would simply be empty of people and livestock. Silence. With North African ships sailing away in the horizon.

    The Europeans headed for slave markets and lives of forced conversions. Whether, man, woman or child- it was a rarity for a European to not be sexually assaulted by the time the ship arrived on North African shores. Welcome to the life as slaves to Moslems. Economic and trade routes were in constant peril, port cities vulnerable.

    Even a new nation- the United States WHO HAD DONE NOTHING to Islamic states were targeted and preyed upon. By the way- Islamists told the new republic that the very fact of Americans being non-Moslem was enought to warrant Islamic wrath.

    How did it stop? The attacks on ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy… well; it stopped when THE EUROPEANS OCCUPIED NORTH AFRICA AS A AN ACT OF SELF DEFENSE. No more coastal raids where children are slaugtered as their mothers dragged off for a lifetime of sex slavery. No more men being sodomized before their families as their farms, houses or churches were ransacked. No more European sailors being dragged onto Islamic ships as the pirated European vessel is set afire to then sink beneath the waves.

    There was a big difference. The Spanish, French, Italians… etc. could have been brutal, monstrous and committing shocking acts of genocide on a massive scale. Pay back is bitch…. ain’t it? Well pay back it wasn’t.

    North Africa under colonial rule had massive improvements in infrastructure, roads, then eventually railroads, education, health care, culture, science, shelter, water supplies, standards of living, etc. When segments of Europe became mad and sank into the depravity of the Axis Powers…. Europeans BY THE THOUSANDS DIED to keep North Africa free of Nazism and Italian Fascism. The North Africans must have been unhappy with “colonialism” and having Europeans die to protect them…. after all- the North African Moslems couldn’t wage terror and the slave trade against coastal Europe.

    The rebellions against the Europeans were brutal, but by the 1950s-1960s, the world had forgotten how and why the Europeans had gotten control of North Africa in the first place. Over one million white French in Algeria has to be expatriated back to France…. even though many had been born in Algeria, others were in families that had neen their generations. The French lost their homes, businesses, farms, etc- and along with the Spaniards, Brits and Italians went back to Europe. The displacement of the Europeans had another consequence.

    The ancient Jewish populations of these regions were at the mercy of “newly independent” North African Moslem nations. Expulsions of North African Jewry would be a humanitarian catastrophe, thankfully- Israel was their to take in these exiles.

    So, Spain, France, Italy- they all prospered in post-war era and eventually took in millions of North African moslems…. to the point where…. Well this is where we started, Any way, no French citizen should ever listen to “let us parasitically suck the life out of your country because at one point France was a COLONIAL POWER (Ooooohhhhh Nnnoooooo) in North Africa.” We know the truth.

  6. Dear BNI & BNI readers:

    Hopefully, what we are seeing here is… to paraphrase a quote from Churchill; “if not the beginning of the end; at least the end of the beginning.” The beginning of the Islamic infestation of Europe may just be on its last days. Even if this does result in slowing down or even stopping Islamic immigration to France; there is stil the population festering within French borders to deal with.

    However, keep in mind the Islamadoodles are bullies- childish, bad tempered and though will to rape, rob and pillage at the slightest excuse; as bullies the Islamists will “back off” when confronted with a united opposition. Seeing that their cozy. comfy, prosperous life courtesy of the French taxpayer could be in jeopardy… the local Islamists might “change their tune.” A new realization that jihad is not the answer for Islam in France! Yes, lets cooperate with our infidel (ooops, we mean non-muslim) French countrymen!

    And that is the status quo… patience is practiced. All while the “womb bombs” up a 5 million population, to 6 million…. oops now 7.5 million… sorry its 8,250,000 isn’t it?
    The French have only a few options to avoid a future civil war with the Islamists if they are currently able to get them to back off, calm down and lets pretend during the past 5-10 years you Islamadoodles hadn’t been calling for the capitulation of France to sharia law.

    Evenif no more Islamists enter France…. THEY WILL TRY AGAIN to jump start Eurabia from Paris, Marseilles, Bordeaux, Vichy, Toulouse, etc…. once their numbers get bigger; from baby-making if the new immigrants are truly not allowed in.

    This means…. 1) Forcefully deport large numbers. Some North African hellhole won’t take them back? Drag them onto the ships, have the French military use airforces to secure a beach head… and regardless if its cursing and screaming, drop their asses on the beach. 2). Shades of policies from China and elsewhere…. but whether as tax incentives for a higher standard of living, better apartments, cars, etc- offer a reward for any woman or man of Islamist faith that if they want to stay… the number of babies drops or for a grand prize- get sterilized. 3). Integrate the population at all costs and without mercy. This means no burkhas or hijabs. Caught wearing one in public- get it ripped off by the police. A Islamadoodle man attacks a police officer as a result. That Islamadoodle is guilty of an assault on a cop- and deadly force should be used. Children taken away if ANY threat at genital mutlilation, child marriage, etc. No mosques, billboards showing MudHAMhed in sexual relations with pigs, the Koran held up to respect…. NOT.

    In other words- if the Islamadoodles want to stay in France- THEN THEY MUST BE DESENSITIZED AT ALL COSTS to any of this “hyper-respect-Islam-on-a-pedestal” crap that has become institutionalized in France. UN-institutionalize. Halal meats are forbidden, muslim holidays cannot be taken as time off from work. French AND ONLY FRENCH will be spoken, especially for ANYONE accessing government services. Prisons are PRISONS. No prayer beads or rugs, Korans, etc allowed. All sharia banking institutions closed. Period. Maybe, the Islamists in France can then be saved from themselves.

    Harsh? Consider the alternative. The extinction of the French people and nation; and all the Western civilization and culture that is in France. Think the contents of the Louvre are going to survive long in Islamist France? Remember that Islamadoodles soil and poison their own nest. Islamic majority? See France go third world faster than a snow ball melts in hell.

    Keep all this in mind while being reminded that France has nukes.

    So, hopefully we are at the “end of the beginning.”
    Viva la France!

    • Oh sorry, I was wrong:

      Nostradamus said that Islam would disappear from the surface of the Earth!

      France, Spain, in Eastern Europe, regularly since the inception of this religion of death, they were transferred to our country. They do not expect our reaction as their ancestors did not expect the reaction of our ancestors.

      Men of William the Conqueror and their descendants have put Islam under fleeced across the Mediteranean basin!

      “I am calm: the Normans are here!” Would have said General Foch at the Battle of Mount Kemmel, Belgium, April-May 1918. This means that the value of the Norman troops in combat has been recognized at the highest level.

      We are ready, our farmers and country people were all kept shotguns grandfathers and great-uncles!

  7. And what does EVIL UNESCO want to brainwash NON-Muslim school children to accept? They want Western children to SUBMIT to ISLAM. Disgusting UNESCO and vile Western leaders are SILENT about non-Muslim suffering. They are TREASONOUSLY silent about the many no-go Muslim areas all over Europe and Britain where it is too dangerous for non-Muslims to enter.

    They are SILENT about the huge numbers of non-Muslim British children who are gang-raped and enslaved by Muslim monsters. There are many THOUSANDS of child victims in just one area alone in England. The entire nation of Britain should be out in the streets protesting!

    Brits, SAVE your children! Join the EDL ! Join British Freedom!

    PROTECT CHILDREN! End Muslim immigration!

    Marching for freedom! Fighting for freedom! The French freedom-fighters understand the terrible threat that Islam represents to ALL free people everywhere!

    Non-Muslims of the world unite! We must not go quietly into the night!
    NO Islamic conquest of our nations!

    Join the European Freedom Parties and Defense Leagues!
    Join the EDL ! Join British Freedom, Britain’s last great hope!

    Winston Churchill: We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

  9. ISLIME has NO place anywhere! You think the people in the US are going to “get it” soon enough; well with Oidiot in the WH, it’s coming!! Good for France!! Wonderful to see this happening even though Late. Guess you reach a point when enough is enough!

    • “Guess you reach a spot When enough is enough!” : Absolutely, when you see your own culture completely eradicated, when you see your churches desecrated by the hundreds (the number of churches is estimated at 100 000), when you see your completely rewritten history, when we do fencing forbid your children to eat pork in school, when Christian holidays are increasingly prohibited in public (including Christmas), when your girls can not wear light without being taxed whores, when eating a day of Ramadan leads to being beaten, when your people graze the walls and look down, etc, etc, etc, etc, … then yes after a while … It is enough!

  10. we need this here. I am so proud of the French for their bravery and their voice and their courage to speak out and exercise their free speech and beliefs.

    • And yet, the traitors / collaborators multiply tools we restrict our freedom of expression. We tracked. We are the real rebels as can be seen in the work of George Orwell! Yes, we are tracked but they do not know that we start up. And our deliverance will come from the sin of pride and impatience muslims.

  11. I hope that the french people will keep this ball rolling. If they have so many problems now, with 5M muslims, imagine what it’s going to be like when they hit 10M or more.

  12. Excellente!

    But it looks like there were THOUSANDS, not hundreds. I hope many more join in, so the ranks swell to millions. So glad to see this scourge named: ISLAMIST FASCISM.

    Get used to it, Muslim supremacists and bigoted haters.

    • AMEN and AMJÍNJ!!!!

      At least there were NOT A FEW hundreds, perhaps approaching a thousand or more.

      Either way, it was MARVELLOUS to see these fine people marching for their country in this demonstration – and I sincerely hope that any police and/or army onlookers on hand were sympathising with them!!! I also enjoyed hearing their singing out “La Marseillaise” at the end – they sure were enjoying themselves, it seemed…

      Perhaps Monsieur Alain can tell us more at his convenience – and I enjoyed seeing the crosses added to the flags!!! Bien fait, gens de la patrie, en tous évènements!!!!

      “Allons, enfants de la patrie, le jour de gloire est arrivé!” [These words start “La Marseillaise” – translated, “Let’s go, children of the Fatherland, the day of glory has come!”]

      • Indeed ADHD, many times a hundred we were, possibly 2000 to 3000 though it’s difficult to get an exact number. But what matters is that against all odds as they didn’t like that one bit “at the top”, WE DID IT!!! The media of course kept very quiet about that, especially since they couldn’t claim it was all the making of “right-ring extremists” and all that crap as there were people from the whole political spectrum -some leftists did finally wake-up and joined us- as well people of all ages, and be it socks worshipers, Christians, Jews, Agnostics and so on, all united against the scum we unequivocally reject. To boot, passers-by joined in as well for the love of France, for we so love her and sure take pride in our flag and singing la Marseillaise.

        It was great and felt great, and though we could see some of the vermin watching us walk by, they were powerless to act and could only witness the inevitability: the end of the line is for them is near and they only have themselves to blame for this. We and we alone are the children of France and as I’ve said it here many times, Patriots are hellbent on sending the message loud and clear that this is it, regardless of the politico/media propaganda against us. This march was the only visible tip of the iceberg of the Résistance, the light is on and that beacon is one that will not be extinguished but shine ever brighter.

    • Oui 3.000 personnes j’y étais – et ce n’était pas violent – mais nous étions tous bien déterminés à ne plus accepter les dictas de l’Islam en France – La France depuis les années Giscardiennes, Mittérandiennes, Chiraquiennes , Zarkosiennes et maintenant Hollandiennes nous mènent comme des chevaux à l’abattoir – C’est fini – nous ne pouvons plus accepter de devenir un pays Islamique avec 3.269 mosquées et salles de prières et des mosquées en cours de construction dans de tous petits départements (comme la Creuse qui est mon département de naissance) nous ne pouvons pas accepter cela ! Nous avons fait un grand pas hier lors de cette manifestation, d’autres vont suivre et nous mettrons à la porte, ces profiteurs d’allocations en tous genres, de magouilles en tous genres pour vivre dans notre pays comme des “Papes” c’est fini – c’est bien fini – et il est HORS DE QUESTION DE SE LAISSER ABATTRE – IL EST HORS DE QUESTION DE SE LAISSER ISLAMISER – C’EST FINI POUR EUX – LE BON TEMPS EST TERMINE – LEURS PROJETS POUR LA FRANCE C’EST FINI FINI FINI ! DEHORS

        • Some Websites provide the ability to get immediate translations of posts and articles via a small icon that will invoke Google’s
          abilities upon the spot. [It also may be a question of that some browsers like Internet-Explorer or Google-Chrome may include those things too.] Since your Website, dear Ms. BNI, doesn’t include such a thing, people would have to go to Google’s translation-site or some other equivalent while copying the article or posting in question in order to get it translated.

          Either way, given what I happen to know of French plus the still-ABOMINABLE quality of machine-translations, here’s what I’ll dare offer:

          Yes, there were 3,000 people including myself who were there, and it wasn’t violent. However, we’ve all become quite determined to no longer accept Islam’s dictates in France.

          During the years of Giscard, Mittérand, Chirac, Sarközy and now
          Hollande, they’ve been leading us in France like horses* to the
          slaughterhouse. NO MORE: we can’t accept any more the idea of becoming an Islamic country with 3,269 mosques, [madrassas] and prayer halls – with more in the course of construction in even the really-small districts (e.g., “Creuse”, which is my ‘county’ of birth). We can’t accept that! We have taken a large step yesterday with this demonstration, others will follow and we’ll expel those free-loaders (not merely welfare-recipients) of all sorts, those cheaters of all sorts who’re living in our country like “Popes”**. It’s over – quite over!!

          It’s also out of the question for us to accept defeat – it’s out of the question to convert to Islam!!! It’s finished for them – the good times are OVER – their schemes for France are utterly FINISHED AND [ON THEIR WAY] OUT!!!

          * = In France and other Continental-European countries, horse meat is eaten by human beings.

          ** = Apparently this is a reference to the “Babylonian Captivity” when the Popes had their seat in Avignon in 1303-78, followed by the Great Papal Schism of 1378-1417, when you had TWO (and at one time even THREE!!) different Popes (one in Rome, the other in Avignon) mutually hating, excommunicating and anathematising – in addition to being at war with – each other. This split wasn’t resolved until the Council of Constance in 1417, when one of the claimants – after being allowed to convene the Council on his own authority – resigned and most of the Catholic people accepted somebody else as the legitimate Pope, leaving the other claimant to die isolated but still claiming his “authority”.

        • Thanks ADHD, I understood enough of it to know I could post it without worrying, but people know this is an English website and if they want to post in another language they must provide a translation. And not expect the rest of us to do it for them. It seems if he can click on something and get an instant translation, he should have done it.

      • En tant qu’américain, étais très content de lire ce que vous avez écrit! Nous allons avoir les mêmes problèmes partout en Amérique, ou les Musulmans veulent nonplus s’intégrer dans la société. Ce qui est dommage c’est que les européens se rendent compte de cette destruction quelques années trop tard….Nous les souhaitons bonne chance!

        As an American, was very happy to read what you wrote! We’re having the same problems everywhere in America, or Muslims want nonplus integrate into society. What is unfortunate is that the Europeans are aware of this destruction a few years too late …. We wish them good luck!

    • One of my favorite memories of France was arriving from New York in 1972 on the ssFrance and the French music of the anthem and people met the ship. those days no Muslims terrorizing tourists…very scary to be a travel when you are not fluent in the language. Now even the Pope is receiving demands…I hope the
      Mafia gets them out of Italy…Winston Churchill knew they were dangerous.

  13. More and more countries are now finally waking up the the fascist islamic threat! Smelling salts are now needed more than ever!

  14. Let’s hope this is the beginning of the great awakening. They need more of these for the islamo-fascist Mayor Delanoey of Paris to understand the French are fed up.

    • Not only the rest of Europe but the rest of the world where the muslimes DO NOT belong, CIVILIZED non-muslime societies!! They already have 57 Islamic Hell holes to choose from, let them ALL get the hell out of the UK, Europe, the U.S.A and especially Israel, that the lowlife sonsofbitches want to claim as their “Palestinian homeland”!!

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