Landmark Cross has been removed from Bavarian Tourist Leaflet so as not to ‘offend’ Muslim inbreds

Thankfully, the cross itself was not removed, just the photo of it on brochures in Arabic.

Islam vs Europe  (h/t Jim Y) The Bavarian town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen boasts the highest peak in Germany, the Zugspitze, topped by a landmark Christian cross which has become a symbol of the town. Despite its iconic status, however, the cross was removed from tourist leaflets published this year – but only those in Arabic. As you can see below, prospective Spanish tourists still see the cross; Arabs don’t.

Special provision for Muslims has already been made: prayer rooms at the station on the mountain, toilets designed to meet “Arab requirements”, whatever that means. But that apparently wasn’t enough.  After pressure from the Catholic church, however, the tourism board has agreed to reinstate a view of the cross in next year’s Arabic pamphlets.