SHOCKING IMAGES of a deadly plague spreading like wildfire in cities all around London…and beyond

Muslim immigration is like a malignant tumor, ignore the symptoms and eventually it will kill you. Notice how one of the largest building on High Street in Wembley is the Muslim Welfare Association.

The Sun (comments)  Like the Energizer bunny, they keep coming and coming and coming because the UK paper tiger government and useless politicians are all talk, no action. The elites will be able to escape to Canada, Australia, the Caribean, etc., when Britain’s ship sinks under the weight of hordes of phony Muslim asylum seekers, social rejects, and entitlement whores flooding the West, trying to impose their supremacist beliefs while living off the public largesse.


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    • Nowadays, antibiotics can cure plague if it’s caught in time; however, fire has traditionally been BOTH a preventative (the Popes in Avignon escaped being killed by the plague because they commissioned great fires to burn all around their suites, even in the midst of summer) AND a cure.

      [In 1664 and 1665, a Great Plague ravaged London; then a Great Fire struck in 1666 which virtually destroyed the entire city, thus giving Sir Christopher Wren the chance to rebuild much of it to what then were current standards of quality and perhaps health. The interesting thing was that for a long time after that event, no plague struck the city again – apparently due to the destruction in the fire both of the fleas (Xenopsylla cheopis) carrying the plague bacillus and the rats carrying the fleas in turn.]

      Either way, you’re completely right that we need to continue on writing and speaking the truth about the Islamic plague – and when people start waking up to it and realise how fatally dangerous it can be, then they’ll be the ones who can force the politicians to act!!!

  1. The video is a story of great HORROR. The story of a nation, Britain, BETRAYED by its own leaders.

    The massive colonization of a country by a hostile people has taken place. Devout Muslims who are determined to destroy the culture, religion, and freedom and human rights of that nation’s people and replace it with their own totalitarian system. This could ONLY take place if a nation had suffered OVERWHELMING MILITARY CONQUEST.

    The massive colonization of Britain by Muslims was NOT achieved by military conquest! The Muslim conquest of Britain was perpetrated by treasonous British leaders who DELIBERATELY imported millions of Muslims and forced UK taxpayers to financially support the Muslims and their very large families.

    It is not too late to reverse this frightening situation that threatens the freedom, safety and human rights of every Brit! Muslim immigration must end immediately! All Muslim criminals, illegals, terrorists, refugees and asylum seekers must be immediately deported.

    All free money, housing and other free benefits to Muslims who have NEVER worked and contributed into the system must end immediately. They should be offered a one-way ticket to Saudi Arabia-a MUSLIM nation that is swimming in oil wealth and land. Muslims are the RESPONSIBILITY of Islam – NOT Free World countries who have EXTREMELY severe financial problems and are struggling to survive. In America, the experts say that America is going to suffer a Depression far worse than the Great Depression.

    We must NEVER lose our freedom and safety to totalitarian, ruthless Islam!

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

  2. Islam, the Left and the authorities are fighting to stop our wonderful human rights activist EDL – British Freedom HERO, Kevin Carroll from becoming Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner


    For over a week, Islam and the Left have been attacking British Freedom websites:

    British Freedom Websites Under Attack by Far-Left Extremists
    … We will never give up nor surrender to the far-left traitors and Muslim extremists who wish to see our country and culture destroyed, beginning with the freedoms that so many of our forebears gave their lives to defend…

  3. Before speaking in a school during the Second World War, Churchill discovered that the students had added a verse to one of the school songs:

    “Not less we praise in darker days
    The leader of our nation,
    And Churchill’s name shall win acclaim
    From each new generation.
    For you have power in danger’s hour
    Our freedom to defend, Sir!
    Though long the fight we know that right
    Will triumph in the end, Sir!”

    We must NEVER give up the fight for freedom!

    Join EDL !
    Join and support British Freedom! Britain’s last great hope!


  4. UK leaders HATE their own people and their own country. They are DESTROYERS who have imported millions of Muslims into the UK even though UK leaders know just as we do that the Quran commands Muslims to wage jihad against non-Muslims and conquer all nations. Muslims affirm that by openly declaring that their goal is Muslim conquest and the imposition of Islamic sharia law. UK leaders are TRAITORS to their own people. WICKED UK leaders aid and abet jihad:

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    Join and support British Freedom! Britain’s last great hope!


  5. A person owns a house, and he or she invites a stranger in for a cup of tea and then the stranger leaves. What about when the stranger comes in for the cup of tea and then demands a meal, and then a bed…..and then refuses to leave. Who is to blame here for the stranger staying in your house. It is your fault. If the stranger insists on staying, you must physically throw them out of your house. If you are unable to yourself, then get your neighbors to help you. Tell everyone what has happened to you after just offering a stranger a cup of tea, so no one else will make this mistake as well.

    Britain does not belong to muslims – they didn’t lift one finger or pay one dime to build Britain or lose one life to protect her, and yet they have every intention of taking over Britain – living in your houses, using your transportation, drinking your clean water, eating food from the farms, and on and on without a fight….just simply populating the country with muslims until the Englishman is too afraid to do anything about it.

    Each day muslims demand something else for the Englishman to do to accommodate their desires. Think of a dog – the Englishmen are the dog and the tail is the muslims – everytime the muslim demands his/her way, the tail lifts up and they ram a pole up the ole Englishman’s wuzzo.

    For a country to retain their culture, laws, and religion, they must first put in all the checks and balances to make sure these are maintained. Britain has two cultures now, two sets of laws, and two main religions. Christianity and Islam cannot and will not co-exist together. Muslims are at war with Britain, while the British have their thumbs up their arses, hoping it will all go away….this goes for the rest of us as well.

    It is long past time, to cut off the social benefits and throw them all the h*ll out.

  6. New Zealand is still mostly OK as far as muslim invaders go, thanks in part to strict immigration rules which don’t allow these parasites to come here and live off welfare. Also the position of ‘victim underclass’ is already filled by our so-called indigenous (but actually early settler) population so it’s hard for anyone else to get a foothold.

  7. Lemme see, so thousands of Brits are aware that there is a very serious problem with immigration (especially from Muslim countries), yet these same people cheer when Tommy Robinson is jailed? Is that right?

    Sounds like they deserve what they get.


    (No, I don’t give a rat’s ass that that’s not his real name.)

    Free him and give him political power. At this point, it’s up to the people to take back the reins.

    EDL & BFP!

  8. Apparently, you can walk for blocks without finding even one person who speaks English in London. You can blame these non-English peoples, you can blame the leftards who appease and enable them, but the blame lies with all the English who have stood by and done nothing. If England withdrew all socialist aid to these non-muslims, they would leave or riot. Either way, at least it would be a move in the direction to eliminate this problem.

  9. The noise pollution in this video ought to be banned. Aren’t there laws in Britain about that? And as for Britain’s elite escaping to Canada, you better aim for remote rural areas although even those are being infiltrated. I live in a small town in rural Ontario Canada that still has a fairly white-bread population. But this fall, I’ve noticed a lot more Muslims and about 7 years ago, I noticed the first mosque modestly set up in a former commercial building near the hospital to serve the wealthy Muslim medical specialists who run the colonizing of the west in Canada. Streets in many cities in Canada look just like Wembley High Street. I hear New Zealand is still okay … but maybe that has changed now too … It’s everywhere.

  10. Oh my god! – and I’m not religious.

    I am of English ancestry and was hoping to visit my ‘roots’ sometime. This scares the c**p out of me if they have taken over that area, like in this video.
    If it wasn’t for the Double Decker buses and a ‘British bobby’, this could have been mistaken for an ME country.
    Well it is ‘ME’ in fact – ‘Muslim England’.

  11. Muslim immigration has been a dismal and dangerous failure, why we are not taking note and preventing this disaster here in Canada and the US lays solely on the left. I am shocked Muslims are able to vote because they are so inbred and savage, but they do want the freebies so they are coached on taxpayer dime. Pence, whatever.

    England’s left felt so vindictive they imported Muslims, mostly unchecked, by the millions, to rub the right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date. This is the mindset of the liberal left – my way or I will screw you out of your future and everything that makes our country great. How is that working out for you dhimmis? Has your wife been beheaded for baring her midriff or mocking a pedophile Muslim? She will in due time.

    Liberals and Muslims make me physically ill. Freedom is everything.

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