What Israeli ‘apartheid’ looks like

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  1. The big lie, ( fill it in, yours to choose) will always have a say, either in human nature or outright corruption for a cause , and it doesn’t even matter of the author, we know who he is, and I’ll give all a clue, WWJD is not the correct response. I take it the fat savages will continue to stalk the truth for all it’s worth for those who invite it as a way of life, and why not, it absolves them of their responsibilities towards their fellow man/ladies as it is also a good excuse to plunder for the souls of the corrupted with ease.

    I, we, all, and then some, even the dead and willing to be dead for the cause. That’s their motto, that’s their story and by god they are sticking to it, why?, because it works. It works for the lazy, ignorant, too good for you mental exercises from one person to another in an attempt to gloat as a wisper of consent, failure in the face of their loved ones, and misery for the damned. It’s called human nature and to get a piece of the others pie, one must be willing to be gulliable for good measure, to fit in of course commonly refered to as “the herd”.

    Aparthied, what do they know of aparthied, fat, smug, in your face evilness, it takes a sound mind to understand suffering, to not expose it’s realities is to deny it’s existence. if the possibilities of regression results in suppresion, to agression, to apathy or outright anger, self misery and suffering they have a good case, but it is neither worthy of good company, or service to one another, it breeds envy, sloth, greed, and a host of other undesirables under the human condition, but it is a fact, some goats are better then other goats, because they said so. That just doesn’t any longer cut it for a healthy or spiritual mind. They will continue to promote the big lie because of apathy, lack of self esteem, conguering up demons is the way they do battle, again, because it works. However, as a sound spiritual mind forever progresses into situational awareness see the evil, speak of the evilness and act against the evilness, it too becomes obvious to a fault as to who it benefits and the sad face of reality with it’s outcome, that not your choice to render unto your brother, sister, family, communities or Nations. But, like all other excuses, [lies] it is merly an excuse of one type or another, used by the way to demonize one’s opponents into giving that, what is neither theirs to behold or give, standing in the eyes of evilness. It takes a Godly spirit to admit any wrong, to accept consequences as punishment, but, as this world turns today, why bother to admit to any error, when the guy standing next to you can and will be blamed for it. Such is the case for God’s people, their neighbors use this big lie, aparthied, to cover for their failures, totalatarian mindset resulting in actions to justify their existence to rectify their failures to satisify their own lusts, to appear as everything to everybody at the cost of the human spirit, a forever lost soul.

    Going GALT.

  2. Italy

    Moroccan Muslim Slits the Throats of His Two Children to Punish His Wife

    A stormy relationship come to an end now. He apparently could not stand the habits of his wife, including the fact that she had decided not to wear her veil in the tradition of women in their country. This is the scenario in which you acquired the tragedy in the province of Perugia. The Victims were the couple’s two children, Ahmed, 8, and his sister Jiahane of 12 years. The father Mustafa Hajjaji, a Moroccan of 44 years of age, murdered them by sliting their throats with a knife.



  3. Denmark

    An MP has criticised a housing association’s Muslim-majority board for paying 60,000 kroner for an Eid party, but not 7,000 kroner for a Christmas tree

    “I think it’s deeply troubling that our integration efforts have failed so badly that Danish traditions are removed and replaced by Muslim traditions the moment there is a Muslim majority”

    He added that he fears there are people that want to transform Denmark into a Muslim country


    Hard feelings remain in the town of Kokkedal after a residents’ association voted not to pay for Christmas festivities

    A number of national lawmakers immediately jumped into the fray, accusing those voting against the tree of “trying to kill Christmas”

    “Every year we hear more and more about schools and institutions that downplay Christmas to protect the rights of a Muslim minority.”


    • We are all so dumbed down in Europe, did they really not see this coming???
      The writing was on the wall, for years ! NOW they complain ?

  4. Bonnie,

    Nelson Mandela said the apartheid is within the Barrier wall. Jerusalem is on the outside of the Barrier wall and ofcourse there would not be apartheid.

  5. good point the whole thing is way too political because the majority of muslims llive in horrible conditions in other countries. i guess it’s un-islamic to have hygenic conditions to liive in like indoor plumbing

  6. Jerusalem falls on the outside of the separation wall (or what others call apartheid wall) and therefore, there is no apartheid there.

  7. LOL! So, when the ranters go on and on about Israel, what about the Israeli MUSLIMS? 20% of the Israeli population are ARABS, many of whom are MUSLIMS.

    If you’re against Israel, which includes so many Muslims, are you an Islamophobe?

    • Excellent video. Thanks for that. Too late this election but maybe next one the liberals will be finished after the mess they will make in the next 4 years

    • So what happened? Did they have so huge a voter fraud to win? Granted they have been organizing for at least 18 months while the GOP lost a lot of time with the primaries and got a very late start. I know a black youngster from Philadelphia who was hired by the Democratic National Committee to move up to Columbus and do a lot of “organizing” and vote from there. They knew where they needed to pump up votes and they did it. This was no popular vote. This was an engineered election.
      As for the towel heads in Israel, I’ve seen pictures of Gaza, too, and they ain’t hurtin’. What Israel needs to do is pretend they are Russian. The next time a rocket comes by, they need to catch up with Gaza’s leaders and take them out. And then fill Gaza with Israeli tanks and flatten all opposition once and for all.

  8. The Arabs can NEVER get a better place to live a free and good live in the middle east than they are getting in Israel.

  9. Such Barbaric Cruelty !! ( SARC ALERT !! )
    And Jesus said, “I am come that you might have life, and that, more abundantly!”

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