“Being black in Morocco, I often get called a dirty black man and a slave by the Muslims”

MUSLIM RACISM (the most virulent racism in the world, even against black Muslims) is alive and well in Morocco. “Young Moroccans have physically assaulted me on several occasions, for no reason,” says Joseph from Guinea. He lives in Casablanca, where he studies computing at a local university. He is a legal resident.

Observers.france24  The latest cover of Maroc Hebdo magazine—seen as racist by some, defended by others—has launched a national debate on the struggles faced by sub-Saharan Africans living in Morocco.

“The Black Peril.” That’s the controversial headline that the Moroccan weekly ran on its cover last week to tease to an article about the rise in the number of immigrants from sub-Saharan African, many of whom come to Morocco in the hopes of making it to Europe. Many are turned back and end up staying in Morocco, where they live in poverty. According to Morocco’s Interior ministry, 10,000 – 15,000 illegal immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa are living in the country. 

Joseph continues: “I came here to study computing thanks to a grant from my country. I’ve been here for four years, and for four years I’ve been a victim of racism. It happens all the time, everywhere. The most awful incident took place at the airport. I was with my aunt, who was heading back to Guinea and had a lot of luggage. Other passengers from sub-Saharan countries, seeing her struggle to carry it, came to help her get it onto the plane, but an airline employee stopped them, saying she had to deal with it on her own because she was black. I replied in Arabic, and he replied by hitting me in the head. I told him I was going to file a complaint, and he said, sarcastically: ‘That’s right, go complain to the king!’ I never did file a complaint.”

“Often, when I’m just walking down the street, people will call me a dirty black man or slave. Young Moroccans have physically assaulted me on several occasions, for no reason, and passers-by who saw this didn’t lift a finger to help me. All my friends are black and they have all had similar experiences. Even the girls get insulted in the street. To avoid getting hurt, I now try to ignore the insults. But if someone starts to hit me, what can I do? I have to defend myself.”

A regional magazine published in the country’s north created a controversy by dedicating an issue to “the black crickets invading Morocco’s north.”


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  1. It doesn’t matter who you are; if you’re not a muslim, muslims hate you. They hate everyone and each other, and everyone hates them. I love good and hate evil. Muslims just hate.

  2. First of all I am against Islam in all its forms, so please understand what I am trying to bring accross.

    I really do not understand those sub saharan africans. If they are treated that bad, why stay in a country like that?! Because their own countries are worse and that is not what they are telling you.

    Those sub saharan africans do not belong in Morroco as they also do not belong in Europe. Morrocans want to keep their country for themselfes and do not want mass immigration of sub saharan aftricans and by time being replaced by them and see their country changed to a sub saharan country. They have that right and so do we Europians!

    Most of us here are against multi (etno) culturalism too. Only in Europe and the West in general we are so politically correct and afraid to be called a racist. But are we racists because we want to keep Europe, Europian??

    So behind closed doors “we” complain about all those blacks in our countries, what is the real difference? We let the big replacement and destruction of our society and culture happen, that is the big difference.

    Europians (or people from Europian decent) are conditioned to think like that by the same people who opened our borders to all those moslims. Think about that for a moment.

    It is not only about Islam as a danger to our societies (although I am aware of the dangers of Islam) but also immigration of alien etnic and cultural groups are a danger for our survival, no matter what religion they have…

    Never forget people of the third world will take the third world with them….no matter what religion!

  3. TheMorocans have historically been traders in black slaves, sending troops of men south to capture and sell black people to other slave traders.
    Where is the holier than thou U.N.? Where is the American State Deparment and sweet little Hitlery?
    Oh ! Thesy are too busy trying to outlaw guns in Anerica.

  4. Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya, a great scholar and Islamic historian says in his book “Zad al-Ma’ad”, part 1, p160:

    “Muhammad had many male and female slaves. He used to buy and sell them, but he purchased more slaves then he sold. He once sold one black slave for two. HIS PURCHASES OF SLAVES WERE MORE THAN HE SOLD.”

    Ah…the ‘perfect’ man to be imitated, a slave trader.

  5. Six million black Africans leave Islam every year according to a leading mullah who follows such things. Blacks are realizing the inherent racism of Islam.

    North Africans were the greatest enslavers of black Africans in history.

  6. Hey where are all the Lefties/Liberals and bleating hearts whom are first to squeal racist word (especially when its against their bum chum Muzslumes)? No one seems to defend this poor guy.. Muzscum seem to be the only peices of shit on this planet whom are exempt of the consequences committing the following (Lefties and Pro Muzscum supporters bury their heads in the sand or conveniently ignore):
    – making racists taunts/harass others whom are not Muzscum
    – trash all other religions and are open about it
    – rape women
    – rape children
    – rape men
    – behead and murder other non Muzscum
    – pedophilia
    – pillage and vandelise places of worship Churches, Synagogue)
    – hate crimes
    – honour killings
    – burning other countries national flags whilst foaming at the mouth like rabid retards
    – preech hatred about the West to fellow inbreeds in their mosques in Western countries
    – kidnap and prositute women and children
    – slaughter animals in the most inhumane barbaric way (pardon me where the f**k are all the animal liberation activists? They seem to not be in an uproar over halal but have the energy to seek out people wearing fur and throwing paint on them)

    The list is 10,000 miles long and I will get typers cramp so feel free to add to my list of shit these inbreeds are exempt from where the rest of us would surely face consequences committing the same.

    • Good list, yep, almost impossible for one person to list them all.! More here for your list : necrophilia, taqqiya, fraud, theft, threats, killing “blasphemers,” hurting dogs as they are hated animals, persecuting apostates and trying to kill them, even in the West. (I know ex-Muslims who are terrified of Muslims discovering where they live !)
      But some of these are all part of “hate crimes” I am just detailing them ! In fact, everything about Islam is a hate crime, Islam itself is a hate crime.!
      There must still be many more to add to the list.

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