CANADA: War memorial desecrated by a Muslim with the words, “Canada will burn, praise Allah”

Hamas-linked CAIR-Canada pretends to condemn the vandalism, saying it was probably a “young drunk punk” and quickly finds an excuse for it (The excuse as posted below was left out of the video)

“Last week, news surfaced that a racially charged video mocking Muslims was played at a formal dinner at the Canadian Forces Base Greenwood in Nova Scotia in 2010. Allah, the Arabic word for God used by both Muslims and Christian Arabs, was used in a derogatory manner.”“It may be this vandalism was committed in retaliation against the Islamophobic video played at the military base, but that does not justify this equally hateful act in the least.,” says Ihsaan Gardee, Executive Director at CAIR-CAN.


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  1. Fuck mohammed and allah. Their asses are already burned. Go Canada, go far to get rid of the islam bullshit that has befallen your country, and mine.

  2. Shouldn’t this be a WARNING and the last straw for Canada? Should WE in the U.S. consider this as an omen of things to come? We better wake the hell up!

  3. Apologists for Islamm (CAIR) continue to encourage and enact a sharia-compliant society – wherever they inhabit – and paint these countless, daily instances exactly like the Western leaders do…as “lone wolves” and “isolated” instances, then usually blame others for their actions. Pathetic!

  4. Oh it’s been here in Canada for some time. In 2003, in Chatham, Ontario Canada, I went to the Remembrance Day observance at the Cenotaph but no officials showed up, no veterans, no city officials had organized a service. I felt so ashamed to be Canadian then. There was a small group of us who had showed up and we held our own impromptu service — a moment of silence, then each of us in turn went up to the Cenotaph, removed our poppies and laid them there. No wreaths, no “In Flanders Field”, no national anthem, no recognition of the sacrifice made by veterans for our freedom from tyranny. And why? Because the terrorists, including those who have used their immigrant status to get influence and influential positions in our municipal (provincial and federal) governments, consider our war hero veterans to be war criminals. They support what Hitler did, the genetic engineering, sadistic medical experiments on children, the genocides… And they especially hate Canadians who fight for freedom today. A young man had attended who was passing through Chatham from Nova Scotia and he approached me afterwards and said, “What’s happening? Every year for my whole life, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, we marked the sacrifice our veterans made for freedom.” I felt so proud of that young man and I told him we were under attack but that we were not alone and to keep the faith. This is the first year the media here has put a name on it although incidents like these have happened for the past fifteen years at least. This year, in the town where I live now, although there was a huge crowd as there is every year, I felt saddened a little because for the first time, the officials who arranged the ceremony bowed to political correctness. The Remembrance Day benediction was really watered down, no “O Canada” sung, and the anti-war agenda stressed instead of the need, the really pressing current need, to pass the torch to protect our values and way of life and freedom. I hope it is not too late to turn things around because, like cancer cells, it has seeded our society quite thoroughly. Recently, it came to light that the curriculum of a local madrassah teaches the boys it is okay to play sports because they need to be fit for the time they are called to turn on their fellow Canadians to wage jihad. Can you imagine? You are in the grocery store exchanging small talk about the weather when suddenly the next person in line pulls out a gun and starts shooting — or when dozens of them do it all at the same time, on a sign directed to their cell phones by an imam? Once there are enough of them all over the world, some central jihad authority could easily launch a coup by just such an organized attack by local radicalized Muslims on all the rest of us; a surprise treasonous revolt. It shouldn’t surprise us given military turn on their own, if police turn on their own during a coup too so there is no authority with arms to protect us. Let’s hope those currently still dreaming of multicultural bliss will soon wake up and smell the nightmare.

  5. Islam is a form of Leprosy. Islamic countries are Leper colonies. Wise countries send lepers to leper colonies for the protection of its own citizens. There are not many wise countries around these days.

  6. Throw an egg at a mosque on Hallowe’en and it is a hate crime.
    Smear threats on a memorial and it is ‘ignorance’.
    Well, actually, it is. How can these poor muslims help but be ignorant of civilized behaviour, when our governments refuse to teach them (or allow us to do so)?

  7. Why does CAIR CAN have to piggy back on American islamic Relations
    could they not get a name of their own.

    Oh !!!! sorry for using the words PIGGY BACK , I don’t know what I was thinking.

    Is PIGGY BACK a hate crime expression ????????

  8. Naive, laidback, easygoing CANUCKS! WAKE UP!

    Welcome to JIHAD! Normative Islam.



    Buckle up, Canada!

  9. The Toronto police are too stupid to investigate this. It’s the government’s job. I wonder if they know about the strategy of burning our forests in order to strike terror in our hearts through economic jihad.

    • The below also is in regards to desecration of the Memorial by the sub-primate muzzie flopwit and all other similar acts committed by others of his sickening ilk and kind, be they Civilian, Veteran or other–this is all regarding the declaration of Culture-War stated by the followers of mohammed-the-false-prophet.

      The islamists targetting of Forest Lands is being considered as;
      ‘An open Act and Statement of War.’ by the Pagan Community.

      To all muzzies reading this, best be VERY careful in the wildlands, they are Protected, and out there–you muzzies don’t have CAIR, or the MSM to wipe your noses.
      You bring jihad to the Wildlands…
      You become a problem.
      One that will be ‘Corrected’.

      Pass the warning along to your muzzie friends, CAIR and it’s various tentacles and all the sleeper-cells–we all know you read through this site and other anti-islamification/resistance sites to gather Intel.

      You jihad for your insipid, inane, mohammed-the-urine-stained made ‘deity’.
      We fight to Protect, Preserve and Foster Life.

      We’re NOT Leftist, clueless, asinine ‘eco-militants’….those idiots do more damage than Un-Licensed Old-Growth logging operations.
      We’re Pagans.
      The Christians, Jews, Buddhists and others as well as those of no faith who instead ‘worship’ democracy and Liberty do NOT stand alone against you.
      We’re with them, and in MORE than spirit and sentiment for despite the differences among us, the Commonalities are clear and far more important;
      We All Treasure Life For Life’s Own Sake.
      Unlike you followers of islam-the-false-faith..

      You’ve had your One Warning.
      This was it.
      You declared War, we didn’t.
      You started this.
      We will Finish it.

  10. I condem islam !They should return to their own countries and not come here with their absurd demands. All the time they mock people with their terror and demands that cost us so much of our hard work, Then nobody of the government or the hard working people say a thing. Charge the muslims from coming and abuse us instead. CAIR´s from coming and take over all our ways to live and change everything. They are the rasists and no one else. No immigrants before have being behaving this bad as the muslims does. No body before them. They are from hell and should return there again and never come back to mock and suck out our resorses.

  11. The video should rightly be titled “CAIR-CAN makes excuses for islamic supremacists” but since it’s CAIR’s own video it is nothing but islamic supremacist propaganda, and poorly done at that. A child could see through it.

    • Quite right WPF; this video was not even done as well as the piece of crap the muzzturds tried to use an excuse for committing murder in Lybia and Syria, and anywhere else the lowlife pieces of sh– think they can get away with murder “in the name of Allah”!!

  12. Why are these CAIR scumbags in Canada in the first place?

    Glad to hear that even Muslims were ridiculing the Arab desert demon from hell, Allah.

    • They are here because Canada refuses to see the truth about Islam, Muslims, and their terrorist backed/funded organizations – like all western countries. CAIR will always find an excuse to justify such horrific acts – they are masters at playing the victim and the MSM protects them (as they do Muslim Obama).

      Desecrating the grave of a war veteran makes me cry.

  13. Muslims are the ONLY group of immigrants that come to Western countries, insult us; threaten violence against us, carry out terror attacks and vow to destroy our nations. Infidel-hater Muslim immigrants create many no-go Muslim areas in Europe, Britain, and other countries where it is too dangerous for non-Muslims to enter.

    The despicable, treasonous response of Western ruling elites is to continually increase Muslim immigration in order to make it EASY for Muslims to obey the Quran command to wage jihad against us INTENSELY HATED non-Muslims. We have all had more than enough of ruling elites’ treachery.

    • “Muslims are the ONLY group of immigrants that come to Western countries, insult us; threaten violence against us, carry out terror attacks and vow to destroy our nations. Infidel-hater Muslim immigrants create many no-go Muslim areas in Europe, Britain, and other countries where it is too dangerous for non-Muslims to enter.”

      and on top of that all they claim to be victims

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