FRANCE: Brother of Toulouse Islamic terrorist, Mohamed Merat, claims his hatred for Jews didn’t start in the mosque or madrassa, but at home

In a new book and documentary slated for release this week Abdelghani Merah, brother of Mohamed, reveals that the genesis of his brothers’ radicalization began with his mother, who proudly told the youngsters that “Arabs were born to hate Jews.”

The Blaze  You will recall the deadly shooting spree that took place at a Jewish day school in Toulouse, France, this past March. Islamic gunman, Mohamed Merah, murdered three Jewish schoolchildren, a rabbi and three paratroopers. Ultimately, he died in a 32-hour stand-off with police after leaping from his apartment window. Now his brother, Abdelghani, is speaking out with claims that his mother, not mullhas, was the first to radicalize the children in his family.

For reference, Mohamed Merah claimed links to al-Qaeda and said he had received training at an Islamist paramilitary camp in Pakistan, according to the Associated Press. His other brother, Abdelkader Merah, was also charged with helping Mohamed coordinate the attack and remains in custody.

According to excerpts of the book, “My Brother, That Terrorist,” published in the French daily, Le Figaro, Abdelghani vowed on the day of Mohamed’s funeral to speak out and tell the world how he and his siblings were weaned on hatred and anti-Semitism. “I will explain how my parents raised us in an atmosphere of racism and hatred before the Salafis could douse you in religious extremism,” he writes.

In an interview with Belgian media, Abdelghani said he hoped to explain “how our parents educated us in an atmosphere of racism and hatred, and how the Salafists converted Mohammed to become a terrorist.” He added that while he strongly condemned the attack, other family members are proud of Mohamed.

The documentary, meanwhile, is slated to be released on Sunday and features interviews with Abdelghani and his sister, Souad, who unlike her brother, is “proud” of Mohamed’s shooting rampage.

The Associated Press reports that the Merahs’ mother was even held for questioning at one point but has since been released.  While their father left the family for Algeria years prior, he has since sued the French state for Mohamed’s death.