Venice, the ‘City on the Water’ has become the ‘City Under Water’

Torrential rains over the weekend have left much of the region of Tuscany flooded, forcing many to evacuate. Venice, with its canals, is no stranger to flooding, but it’s rare to see it hit quite so hard. 

Observers.france24  The rains made the sea level rise by 1.5 metres, causing 70 percent of Venice to flood. In 2008, the water had risen to 1.6 metres in the worse floods since the beginning of this century.

 Last year’s floods caused the deaths of 13 people in the regions of Tuscany and Liguria. This year, no deaths have been reported; the local authorities had put in place emergency measures on Friday, before the worst of the rainfall. (Guess they weren’t allowed into the Muslim ‘NO GO’ areas. Awaiting updated death toll)


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  2. While I certainly feel for the people of Venice…I always thought living in Venice was like living on the cliffs of Malibu…or any where on the Mississippi flood plain…or Cape Hatteras……

    • Maybe he waited for his second term to fulfill his messianic duty.

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