BREAKING NEWS from ‘Arab occupied’ Jerusalem: Contrary to popular belief, “there is not one single trace of Jewish history anywhere in Jerusalem – OUR land!”


14 comments on “BREAKING NEWS from ‘Arab occupied’ Jerusalem: Contrary to popular belief, “there is not one single trace of Jewish history anywhere in Jerusalem – OUR land!”

  1. Contrary too popular belief there is no trace of Arab occupation of Jerusalem until 637 AD.
    The Siege of Jerusalem was part of a military conflict which took place in the year 637 between the Byzantine Empire and the Rashidun Caliphate

  2. Sure, and Offa of Mercia was a Muslim. So were the Ming dynasty emperors. And the Alakeshwara kings of Sri Lanka. And Muslim conquistadors conquered and converted the natives of America and Australia. All claims I have seen made by Muslims, bespeaking their collective insanity.

    Muslims are masters at falsifying history.

  3. In April 2005, a series of relics dating back to the periods of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem were found in piles of rubble which had been discarded at a garbage dump in the Kidron Valley by the Islamic Waqf authorities. As excavation has not been possible on the Temple Mount because the Waqf will not permit it, these discoveries are the first of their kind. The former head of the Israeli Antiquities Authority called the removal and dumping of these artifacts “an unprecedented archaeological crime.”

  4. Modern Israel is the renewal of the Jewish State in the Land of Israel, the birthplace of the Jewish people.

    Archaeological evidence shows that the Jewish people began developing its distinctive religion and culture some 4,000 years ago in Israel. For millennia, the Jewish people have had an unbroken physical presence.

    As archaeology shows, Jerusalem is the religious and political focus of the Jewish people from the time King David, from the Tribe of Judah and the village of Bethlehem, made it his fortress and the capitol of a united Jewish nation called Israel around 1000 BCE (II Samuel 25:7).

  5. No wonder, given how Islam is so ANTIPODAL to any and all truth!!! Furthermore, their propensity to lie, distort and confuse ENSURES that we can’t trust any Moslems under positively ANY circumstances whatsoever!!!!

    That they are so ready to destroy anything “un-Islamic” shows you that NOTHING other than their IDOLS Mohammed and his biography (the Sira), the Qu’rân, the Hadith and Sunnas matter to them at all!!!! Even the REAL savages and barbarians are better than that!!!!

    Islam is THE ideology of the uttermost HATE for ALL that’s of any real good: that they are so ready to destroy anything pointing to ANY pre-Islamic history, be it the past of Jews, Christians, Buddhists or anybody else including their own selves (even Arab historical sites in Saudi Arabia have to be kept out of sight and buried lest the Wahhabbists / Salafists try destroying even that bit!!!!) – in addition to all life, art, music, science and Western medicine – shows us that they are SATANICALLY-INFECTED with the purest possible EVIL!!!!! They are NOT truly rational human beings – all they understand and can deal with is BRUTAL NAKED FORCE!!!! NOTHING but their TOTAL DESTRUCTION (barring some exceptional cases) can do any real good for those parts of the world in which they live and befoul everything…

  6. Mozzies have been known to destroy archeological evidence of Jewish/Hebrew settlement in Israel to deny Jews were living in Israel in ancient times. So unethical, but normative Islam.

  7. ‘Obscurantism’: A policy of withholding information or of deliberately making something vague and difficult to understand in order to prevent people from finding out the truth ; opposition to the spread of knowledge; a condition of being opposed to reform and enlightenment.

    Mullahs demand ‘blind following’ of Mozmen killer zombies.


  8. really? the tunnels underneath Mount Moriah go on for a long way and excavations haven’t been completed yet. how do the Palis know what has been uncovered does not belong to Jewish people?

  9. Yeah, right, muslime supremacist a–holes!!…….And “there was no Holocaust” either! Just who do you braindead a–holes think you are convincing, other than OTHER braindead a–hole muslimes like yourselves, and maybe a few dumbass dhimms with their heads permanently planted up their arses?!!

  10. Why is anyone surprised, everywhere Islam reigns, the history of the prior people is erased, and the history of Islam and everything Islamic is promoted. Islam promots the idea that “only” Islamic history is valid, so it re-writes history as it chooses

    Look at the Middle East, once was rich with the history of those who occupied the land, now it is gone or being erased. In Egypt the call to destroy the Pyramids and other works of antiquity are just people destroying the culture the history of who they were.

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