CANADA: Another case of dog jihad?

YORK: Dog found critically injured and near death with the number ‘191’ chemically branded onto his sides. Not rushing to judgement here, but consider this: the York region has a large population of Muslims. Muslims consider dogs filthy. Recently, countless dogs in Muslim areas of the UK and Europe have been found poisoned to death.

Below is a passage from the Quran commonly associated with the number 191:


QURAN 2:191  And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah is worse than killing. And do not fight them at al-Masjid al- Haram until they fight you there. But if they fight you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.

York Region (h/t Susan K) When she found it, it was skin and bones, bleeding from the top of its skull, blind in its right eye, on the verge of death with 191 bleached into both sides of its torso with some sort of chemical. Rarely, if ever, had York Regional Police Const. Netashia McLellan’s heartstrings been tugged so violently.

Since Sunday, when she found him, the Ontario SPCA nursed “Lucky 191” back to health. The police officer kept tabs on it, as she had previously worked as an animal control officer with the organization.

While the hound has made an “astonishing” recovery and remains comfortable with humans, it has often been seen with its tail between its hind legs. Despite the dog’s injuries, the Ontario SPCA is yet to classify the case as animal abuse. (Exactly what DOES constitute ‘animal abuse’ up there?) Instead, its investigators and police are working to find the dog’s owners.

So far, the theories on how it ended up this way range from being victimized by a twisted individual (You’re getting warmer) to being a former hunting dog that could have escaped and been hit by a car. (Back to freezing your ass off)

As for Const. McLellan, she said she said, “When I found him curled up in a ball, his breathing was erratic. I knew he was struggling,” she said. “This is very upsetting.”

Her theory is the dog could have been used for fox hunting and the numbers used to identify its owner.The hound could have also competed in trials, where dogs are put through a series of obstacles. (Fox hunting dogs are some of the best cared-for dogs on the planet and they don’t brand them like that) Const. McLellan said she is considering adopting the dog, to go along with her three others.

The Ontario SPCA  said it has already spent a “couple of thousand dollars” to nurse Lucky back to health. If you have information about this case, call police on 1-888-668-7722, ext. 392. (Not to worry, BNI Canadian reader, Susan K, has already contacted them)


41 comments on “CANADA: Another case of dog jihad?

  1. There is nothing lower then a person who would abuse an animal.
    The fact that we have a so-called religion in this country who thinks this is alright should be a source of concern for real human beings.
    We need to close the borders now.

  2. what do you say to something like this! yet we keep letting them in, not to change the topic but um how come they are allowed to utter death threats but if we do we would get charge?

  3. I would protect my animals like I Protect my child. I’ll dismember any Sick piece of shit that in any way threatens them. Any person capable of causing an animal pain should be thrown to the pigs.

  4. God Bless Constable Netashia McLellan for her love and kindness in looking after this beautiful dog!!! I’ve circulated this story to a number of my friends, and hopefully they’ll circulate it some more as well.

    As to the MONSTERS guilty of this deed, they need to experience something of this same treatment inflicted upon them prior to their being disenfranchised and shipped with their ENTIRE families to Saudi Arabia with only the clothes on their backs!!! No money, other clothes or other possessions and no papers – obviously they’ll be at home there…

    • My “theory” about this case: some Moslem either STOLE the animal from its owner – OR the muzturd encountered him when he had escaped from the owner for some reason or other (perhaps when in transit from place to another).

      Either way, THEN the Moslem wretch knocked it out, then bleached the coat and finally left him exposed to die…

      Thank God (with ALL my heart, mind, body and soul!!!) that Ms. Constable Netashia McLellan for finding him and getting him help. Now, let it be that – if my guess-theory be correct – that they’ll either find the original owner (if he was a good one) or have Lucky-191 adopted to a GOOD home. I also hope that those Moslem Untermenschen be caught and hit with the fullest force of the law!!!!

      NOTHING however will really help UNTIL ALL Moslems are EVICTED or exterminated from the entire West!!!! It’s also an absolute MUST that all links between the West and the Moslem world be TERMINATED COMPLETELY!!!! Only when NO Moslem money, precious-metals, oil or other products and/or possessions will have ANY value to Westerners, will we be truly able to have a fighting chance against them…

    • FYI, BNI Readers, I spoke to a friend of mine who actually does do fox hunting on horseback (but they don’t chase a real fox) and she said they NEVER EVER tattoo or brand the dogs like this one was. To keep track of them when they have to, they put collars on them with a GPS device built in.

  5. I love the way BNI’s annotations express the obvious in a wiity and entertaining manner.

    I really need the comic relief since I am so upset about the election being stolen with rampant and widespread voter fraud and nothing is being done about it.

  6. Is anyone surprised?

    The only time a male Muslim can feel like a man is when he is abusing or harming those that are helpless or powerless.

    Hence, the reason they always target the elderly (Swedish parking lot) the vulnerable (Pakistan-Little girl with Down Syndrome) Women, children and animals – there are just too many examples.

    Reason 1001 why Muslims (men) deserve contempt.

  7. I put no faith whatsoever in the Ontario Police Department. They have been brainwashed through taqiyya and forced islamic outreach programs. It seems to me they don’t have the brains to even consider it would be linked to devout muslims.

    These are people that don’t even have the curiosity to look into islamic holy books and they swallow whole the lies that are told to them by the islamic organizers and cultural centers (aka secondary mosques).

    They will not be able to link the assault on the dog in the Toronto park on Iran day when the therapy dog came too close to a muslim… They will not be able to establish a parallel between islamic school kids that kick and assault dogs that live in neighborhoods that surround these schools of hate and mosques either.

    They have no idea what’s happening around the world with dogs and muslims either.

    Therefore, they will close their case while never looking at this possibility.

    • I’m on ‘enforced rest’ until Thursday, but Husband has allowed me time for a single reply here.
      No, this isn’t a ‘modern-leftist’ Household where the husband is a wuss and the wife runs things all the while wishing for a Real Man.
      He says.
      I Obey.
      Why? I like it that way, so does he, and the Leftists can go drink Drano with their muzzie pals.

      We just got in from some errand running, and as Thomas is away for the day we took Hector along, as he likes car rides, we love the Monsterdog, and he has a number of Hooman and animal friends around town also.
      Hector is very well trained and was raised quite properly by Thomas. Hector doesn’t display aggression unless theres a Definite threat, and as animal sense are sharper than Human, we trust that.

      Suffice to say, the local islamists weren’t pleased.
      This one jerk with a few of his muzzie pals along told Husband; ‘Get that filthy animal out of my way.’ while were on a sidewalk, and there was enough room to go around.
      Keep in mind Husband’s new height and the average height of a muzzie…
      Husband can be a right bloody-minded bastard when he wants to be.
      He ruffles Hector’s ears, left handed, although Hector is just staring fixedly with tail drooping–like a wolf–at this idiot and his friends, then pats the muzzie on his shoulder, with the hand he just ruffled Hector’s ears with.
      YES, he knows islamic customs very well, such is the point.
      Then just before thr muzzie and his pals could go jihad, he told them matter-of-fact, that if any onf them reached for a weapon or did anything but quickly and quietly, he’d shoot them all in defense of himself and his family, and as they’d been eyeing me like starving men staring at a steak dinner…
      They saw the gun under his jacket, and wisely decided to take the hint and do the classic cowardly-muzzie thing.

      Husband has NO use or tolerance for islam or muzzies one bit, he does accept that my friend’s Grandfather is ‘Reformist’ and that the Muslims here in town that openly denounce extremism are exceptions–he takes a very hard-line against islam otherwise.

      Council IS considering adopting an idea and instituting shariah law here, in full.
      Think of it as shariah-reversed…it’s all the things of shariah, including dhimmis and jizya, but applies only to muzzies.
      (yes Council has approved Exemptions for the Muslims in our community who have done nothing but be helpful and side with us vs. the muzzies)
      It’s called ‘Airahsz’ law…as Council liked my idea in naming it, based on simplicity and it saved them having to wate time on a long-winded name for it.

      I wonder what the ‘Canadian Taliban’ will think of the taste of shariah law when it’s done like that??? LOL
      We want them GONE, and we’re taking lessons from Japan, China, and from islamists themselves in how to confound and defeat these slagwitted islamists.
      They’ve turned our own rights, freedoms and constitutions against US–so why not turn their own laws on THEM?

      • WOW, this sounds EXCELLENT, Mrs. Wilkins!!! Both where your husband could use the same (left) hand he had used to pat an apparently large dog to touch a Moslem would-be ruffian (that must really have made that good-for-nothing churn in his stomach!!), and where he then could threaten them into backing down!!! Then, using their own legal-code upon them – and applying it ONLY to them, so that us “infidels” are obviously superior to them!!!! This sounds truly FABULOUS!!!

        Keep up the outstanding work, please, both of you!!!!

        • Thank-You from us for the compliments!! Hector is a shepherd-cross of animal-shelter origin, so no way to really know what he is…but he’s over 100 Lbs and by that I mean Lean, Healthy, and Active.
          Thomas, his Hooman, suspects he has ‘Koovahsz’ (spelled phonetically) in him, big bear-hunting breed of dog.

          He’s also the Bff of our cat, Georgina, was instrumental when Thomas saved me from the attacker in our home, and was an immediate Bff to our new kitten Vesta upon meeting her–and she’s fascinated by the ‘big not-cat thing’. :-)
          Hector is named for the Warrior in history, a name that suits him well.

          Husband knows islam inside and out, and he (obviously) uses islam itself against muzzies. He spent years in islamic hellholes, that he will not speak of, and saw islam and all it is up-close for a long time.
          To be Certain, he has never been, nor ever will be muslim.
          He is also the kind of man that if one threatens, will handle it accordingly, and I’ve seen him in some situations early in our marriage. I have NO concerns about his ability to keep myself and our household safe, especially our future children.
          He’s Old-School Man–that’s fine with me!! 😀

          Legal review of the concept of ‘Airahsz’ law will be complete this coming Monday, then it’ll be signed into Law and Ratified.
          Pretty sure the muzzies aren’t going to be happy, and if they try rioting, they’ll find out that such things don’t go over here at all as they threaten the lives of innocent Citizens. The Militia, Native Patrols and Cops are all ready for whatever the muzzies try.

  8. If you google “Lucky 500 dog photo” you can bring up the photo of the other dog. Police here have named the dog found in York Region “Lucky 191” because apparently those who rescued the dog in the States called it “Lucky 500”. Although police say the trauma to 191’s head could have been caused being hit by a car, it looks to me like a right-handed person struck him on the head, knocked him out, then left him for dead. Also, he was too emaciated to have got that way from just a day or two without food. And his posture — very intimidated. The officer who found him has said she might adopt him — she has three other dogs.

    • I just googled it. And yes, you are right. So, I called the Police Dept. in York and I told them about this.

      Unbelievably, they know about it. The reason they didn’t mention it is they don’t want to upset people. NOw, how are they to find tips about locating the people who do this if they don’t talk about it?

      I also took a few minutes to explain that I lived near a mosque and islamic cultural centre for many years and the citizens could not walk their dogs without teenage muslim boys kicking and harassing the dogs. So, it was a natural first thought that it could originate from devout muslims.

      Thank you Joan.

  9. That was the first thing I wondered about too. And the reference to the Quran verse 191 is interesting. Police here say they wonder if it was a hunting dog numbered for identification, although the local hunting association president said local hunting groups don’t do that and that he has never seen such a severe case of “abuse” — he called it abuse. But police say there was another dog, same breed, found somewhere in the southern USA that was chemically burned in the same way with the number 500 on both its sides. What does verse 500 of the Quran say?

  10. What a sick, twisted horrible thing to do! Though it is far from positive, muslims have been known to do some horrifically cruel things to dogs and other innocent creatures, including humans. That poor dog! What could that dog have possibly done to deserve that? Absolutely nothing.

        • I have 2 dogs; a female Rottie and a male blue Dob; not likely to attack them. These two are sweet hearted.. very powerful ; but I consider them MY responsibility to watch over them.. but If you (and I doubt you will) survive attacking them…I will not let you escape without recompense.. ..I will always stand though in responsible care for and in protection of them first.. you will find 3 ..not just 2 to deal with.

  11. The life and well being of one dog is worth more that a nation of these goat effing muslims.
    The preson or group that mistreated this animal deserves the worst torture man can devise.

  12. I am a dog lover and own 2 dogs. If a Muzscum lays 1 finger on my dogs my family will hunt them down and said Muzscum will need a colostomy bag to shit and piss from and thats us allowing the Shitscum to live.. he would have reoccuring nightmsres everytime IT sees barbed wire and ITS asshole will curl up a hide.
    I hope the Shitscums who hurt this beautiful dog meet a horrendous painful death. Cruelty to animals is the lowest of low. But then inhumane inbreed Muzscum lack compassion hence I believe inbreeds did do this to the beautiful dog.
    Bless Constable McLellan for taking care of the dog.
    Susan K – good luck hope you help the Police find the inbreed Muzscum that did this.

    • “You ain’t seen nuthin yet”–Just the start of islamic supremacy–Now male barbers refuse to cut hair of lesbian women in Toronto–Where does it say in the quran that men can’t cut womens’ hair?–Get used to bending down to them and accommodating them–In the words of Imam Haithmam Al-Haddad “You invited us to your civilization now accommodate us”–You know what?–He’s right–Our mistake–Lunacy is continuing with mooslem immigration–If not, force them to denounce that damn sharia cuz after a lot of research I came to the conclusion that sharia and democracy ARE NOT COMPATIBLE–Never will be–Choose sharia or our democracy–You choose sharia then why do we continue letting you destroy our Western way of life??–

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