FINALLY! A Muslim country has earned the title of ‘Number 1’ in the world!

America loses out to Kuwait, which now can claim the distinction as the country with the greatest number of obese people. Not far behind are the neighboring Gulf States of Bahrain, Qatar, and the UAE. And of course, we must not forget Gaza and the West Bank, where women boast the 3rd highest obesity rate in the world.

QUICK! Call the White House, this sounds like a job for Moochelle Obama. According to the World Health Organization 74% of Kuwait’s population is overweight. Thanks to America saving their oil fields from Saddam Hussein, increasingly, the Kuwaitis are cooking less, working less, and and eating more fast food. I guess you could say that in Kuwait, food is king…BURGER King!


17 comments on “FINALLY! A Muslim country has earned the title of ‘Number 1’ in the world!

  1. Think how uncomfortable it is for child brides to have an adult male on top of them, much less a fat one. How many little girls are crushed to death or seriously injured by a obese older man?

  2. The Kuwaitis are the most base of the Gulf Arabs. If they saw a woman outside, on the street, they’d immediately assume she was a prostitute.

  3. I wonder how much money did the Kuwaitis and other Arabs spend to bribe those people tasked to evaluate all the world’s countries…

    • AH, I thought that this was a contest about the “best places” of the world!!! Mea culpa…

      As to obesity: it’s all part of how they like abusing the female side of Mankind!… Now if that would help lower their birthrate and so disease them as to hurt the physical quality of their offspring (such that they would die sooner).

      The WORST possible kind of a cult…

  4. Im not terribly surprised either… Before I left Islam I could’nt even go on a walk without my ex’s permission. I also wanted to join a women only gym that had just started up in OKC but he nixed that too since he was of the impression that they had nude swimming. Come to think of it nude swimming is a huge concern with Muslims since I see it mentioned any time gyms, working out or kids taking mixed gender PE classes are mentioned. I am 40 years old and have been to more than a few gyms in the past 17 years since my divorce and have NEVER seen a nude swimming session. Plus with all the concerns about pedophilia lately I’m sure there isn’t a school anywhere that has nude swimming sessions. Most Muslim women are not allowed to exercise or God forbid- play sports so they sit around, have baby after baby and get fat.

  5. The reasons they are fat is very simple, they do no work whatsoever, every woman who sits at home doing nothing all day has a maid. When they refer to “Kuwaitis” they do not speak about more than half the population which is imported to do do their dirty work, kaffirs and the like. You will not find a Kuwaiti carpenter or plumber or God forbid, a Taxi driver, that is all beneath them.

  6. I aplogize in advance BNI, to you, NOT the muslimes, but this gives a fresh new meaning to the phrase ‘fatass asslifters”!! Well, that’s my quota for today, just couldn’t resist on this one!

  7. Women in Islam are ‘prisoners’ and ‘domestic animals’. Little wonder all they can do is eat and watch TV at home. No trips to the gym…only trips to the endocrinologist re their diabetes.

    Islam destroys the lives of women.

  8. I remember watching a news show that covered where all the Kuwaiti men were during that war. On vacation. I remember two of them being interviewed at a disco in Europe. They were asked why they weren’t fighting. They said they didn’t need to because they had the best army money can buy (meaning the USA), then they flashed wicked smiles. Thx Bush.

  9. Was that in Kuwait or Moowait? All kidding aside, this doesn’t surprise me. In my times in Moowait….er, Kuwait, I cannot recall ever seeing a skinny Kuwaiti there.

    Well, what can one expect from these followers of “MOOhammad,” apparently chewing cud is halal.

    “Got Milk?”

  10. Let ’em eat!!! and eat, eat and eat till they almost burst. Then do it all over again every day..Before we know it they will have the highest rate of death by obsesity in the world. Now thats progress!!!!!!

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