MOROCCO: Brother and Sister live as a couple in their mother’s house. Now the Sister is two-months pregnant with her brother’s baby.

The mother is clueless about how to handle the sexual explicit of her grown-up children. She claims to have seen her daughter and son in indecent positions several times. And now to her utter shock, her daughter is pregnant, and she had no choice but to turn them over to cops. She alleged that her children have been in a sexual relationship for the past one year. READ MORE

EGYPT: A 37-year-old Egyptian contractor took a cleaver and chopped his wife’s body into four parts, cut out her tongue, and dumped her in a remote area.

He claims that his wife questioned his virility in bed and also derided his poor financial status. she allegedly also compared him with her first husband whom she claimed was a better performer in bed. The husband admits not feeling any remorse or guilt over killing his wife so brutally and admitted he would do the same and not hesitate killing her again and again. READ MORE

SAUDI ARABIA: Police arrest an Arab driver on charges of molesting four little sisters, all under 10 years old.

The sisters had been crying and begging the mother for weeks not to force them to be driven to school with that driver. When the mother asked the driver why her daughters did not like to go with him, he claimed it’s because he sometimes rebukes them for being naughty. One day, the eldest sister went crazy and insisted she would not go with that driver because he always does obscene things to them in the car.” READ MORE

SAUDI ARABIA: A Bangladeshi morgue worker gets caught having sex with a corpse.

The worker waited for the rest of the hospital staffers to go home, then sneaked back in and raped a dead woman before he was caught in the act. He told police it was not the first time he raped a corpse. READ MORE

SAUDI ARABIA: A Saudi man bit off his wife’s nose following a heated argument.

The man attacked his wife at their home in Riyadh after she rebuked him for screaming and disturbing neighbours. Because she is taller and bigger than he is, the man jumped on her and bit her nose. She pushed him away but he managed to bite off part of her nose. While on her way to hospital, she filmed herself with the mobile phone to provide evidence to court. READ MORE

SAUDI ARABIA: A well-known Saudi scholar is facing charges of torturing his five-year-old daughter to death with the help of his new wife.

The Saudi Arabic language daily Alyoum did not identify the scholar but said he often appears on a local satellite TV channel. The paper said his daughter Lama died in the hospital after spending several weeks suffering from broken arms, skull fracture and head bruises. It quoted the girl’s mother as saying her daughter had been systematically tortured by her father and his new wife and would like to see them executed for murdering her daughter. READ MORE




  1. Yea I know you won’t publish the comment. I hope the God of Deuteronomy deals with you muslims that are pro-female and anti-male.

    Raped girls should be kept by the rapist man. Islam is evil, as is christianity, in that it rejects the Deuteronomy laws that were good for males. I hope all pro-female religions are wiped out, including your Islam.

    • Self proclaimed Doctor of Common Sense, E.T. Williams. Yeah you and far many more of us are asking the very same questions, demanding answers, hardly, and pray tell just who in the hell will stand tall and explain, don’t hold your breath there brother, this Nation is now so corrupted, we are going to have to screw over 53% of these bastards, your choice word, and I get it, into the ground upon burial. and guess what?, it is their plan to do just that, like everyother thing liberal/progressive/statis/moochers/theives/liars/murderers/, also known as the demonrat party and Co. it is entirely backasswards, it is We thePatriots of this once formerly known greatest gift towards humanity from our Father the Almighty, United States of America, who they intend upon burying. So get with the program, get yourself and yours ready, prepare for the fight now set in it’s mechanisms to reveal itself, by hook, crook, or otherwise, just get your Patriotic self ready, it’s coming, and there is not a damn thing either of us, or our percentages can do to aviod it. “and I will send them delusions, for they seek not the truth”, understand?

      Going GALT.

    • THERE’S a WhiteHouse petition site for recount-election. Go to WH website, petitions.

      “In Florida: Obama Got Over 99% in Broward County Precincts”

      “What Luck! Obama Won Dozens of Cleveland Districts with 100% of the Vote”

      “Good News: Obama Won County in Ohio with 108% Voter Registration”

      “BREAKING: St. Lucie County, Florida Had 141.1% Turnout; Obama Won County”

      “Fraud in PA: Obama Got Over 99% of Vote at Polls Where GOP Inspectors Were Removed; Turnout Somehow ’30%’ Above Gov’t Numbers”

      “Out of 175,554 registered voters, 247,713 vote cards were cast in St. Lucie County, Florida, on Tuesday”

      • how else could he have won? no way to do a recount. george Soros ensured that by having electronic votes counted in SPAIN. UN observers didn’t understand how anyone in the country can vote WITHOUT IS
        can you say voter suppression?

        • ps
          in chicago and other places where electronic voting machines were used anyone who voted for ROMNEY either got an error message or a vote went for OBAMA
          so tell me again the election wasn’t fixed i said that months ago.

        • dragon, only expat votes were counted in Spain. That’s not to say the machines in the swing states weren’t rigged, especially in counties where they say Odumbo got 100% or more of the vote.

        • FYI, enter into your search engine these words, and get ready to be skocked, and mad as hell, it’s 11min long. “programmer testifies of fraud through voter Count”.

  2. Just one great big sandy mental hospital when it’s all boiled down.
    They need their own separate planet.A rocky outpost near Klingon.

    • More likely another stillbirth. On the average a person has a dozen or so lethal recessives in their dna. Mate with ones sibling and odds are one or more of theese will match. Their are a few cases in history where sibling marriages were the norm. The Pharohs and Ptolomies of Egypt and the Inca royal family.

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