ISRAEL: “We are born as ‘Code Red’ children and we live in constant fear of attacks”

Israeli President Shimon Peres visited the rocket-battered southern Israel town of Sderot on Wednesday and heard heartbreaking tales of dealing with merciless attacks from Gaza from those who are too young to have such worries. During a visit to a fourth-grade class, Peres was told of the constant fear under which the children live, and the psychological effects it is having on them.

Israel Today  “We were born as ‘code red’ children,” student Chen Malkiel told Peres, referring to the “Code Red” early warning siren that gives local residents a handful of seconds to reach bomb shelters in the event of a rocket attack.  “We are children who live in fear and anxiety that at any moment we will hear the code red siren, have to leave our games, our friends and enter the safe rooms,” continued Malkiel, before taking Peres’ on a brief tour of the class’s bomb shelter.

Peres responded: “You are brave children who live in an abnormal reality. I know how hard it is not to sleep at night, how hard it is for your mothers and how much you want to lead a normal life. The State of Israel must listen to the children in this region and protect them.”

Israel’s right to exist is being threatened daily. Violence against Israel is escalating and recent rocket attacks continue to send Israelis running for their lives. When the Code Red sirens sound, innocent civilians and schoolchildren may have only a few seconds to find lifesaving protection. Their only hope is that an emergency bomb shelter is nearby.

At a press conference following the school meeting, Peres’ office quoted him as saying, “The countries of the world that in their self-righteousness transfer funds to Gaza…must see the reality that money in Gaza equals terror.”

Four days of incessant rocket fire from the Hamas-ruled seems to come to an end on Tuesday afternoon, and a tense quiet returned to the region. Israeli officials are uncertain if the unofficial ceasefire will hold, and local residents are angered by the lack of a serious Israeli military response to the besieging of their homes.

ATTACKS: Hamas militants have fired more than 100 missiles into Southern Israel in the past week. Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system intercepts some of the rockets, but not all.

Israeli media suggested that the government had failed to launch a serious military response because of an Egyptian threat to sever diplomatic ties if Israel attacked Gaza. Israeli military officials have been saying for some months now that a full-scale ground invasion of Gaza is necessary to remove the threat posed by terrorist rocket crews.

Meanwhile, four rockets were fired from the Egyptian Sinai into southern Israel on Wednesday. The shells landed in a small farming village near the border. Cross-border attacks from Egypt are still relatively low-key, but have been increasing since the hijacking of Egypt’s pro-democracy revolution by the Muslim Brotherhood.

COUNTER-ATTACK: IDF Video shows Israel retaliating for the attacks against Israeli citizens by blowing up a Hamas leader in Gaza. Most of the left wing media focus on Israel’s attack on Gaza, not the attacks from Gaza that led up to it.


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    Go on youtube and put in NEW WORLD ORDER , and the mark of the beast will be a microchip in the right between thumb and first finger, also TRUTH about the Alluminati, and 1 last thing type into the top left hand box ( ) that is ALLUMINATI backwards. Then come back on here and tell me what you have dicovered,The lord said those who have eyes will see.

  2. Israel, Oh Israel, Hear Oh Israel,
    Jerusalem And The Rest Of The World,
    What I, YAHUVEH, Have To Say!

    County Mayo is heard from.

  3. All those missles entering Israel, it is an act of war!! Why do they put up with that crap… As with most wars, when land is cleared of the problem, Israel needs to keep the ground, and declare it thier own. (which it was already)

    Also I find it so strange, everytime we see news footage of muzzies, there are thousands of them in the streets! Don’t they have to work, to provide for their several wives, and evil offspring?

      • If they keep staying in their “no-go” areas and being militant about attacking everybody else: WHEN the real citizens of the countries rise, one can truly see an extra-nasty scenario erupting (e.g., Kristallnacht or a St. Bartholomew’s Massacre).

        If you think this needs to be censored, I’ll understand. It’s just that sooner or later, I suspect that in at least SOME places in the world that people WILL spontaneously RISE against the Moslem and Communist oppressors – and such a scenario would then stand a high chance of happening…

        • Maybe you’re right that I was in the wrong story. However, your observation about not less than half of those Moslem immigrants being unemployed plus their generally clustering in their no-go areas got me thinking as you know regarding what likely will happen to some extent in the West sooner or later.

          Either way, I’m absolutely MADDENED no less than anybody about how Israel is being attacked so cravenly by those Arab COWARDS – and how all the same the MSM (all Communist and Moslem-owned!!!) ignores it!!!! They do their best to in essence not inform but MISINFORM – just as their Communist masters intended, starting with Stáljin (who initially failed), then proceeding with Khrushchjóv and Brjézhñev (who then succeeded thanks to the “baby-boomer” generation being so biased and bigoted thanks to those EVIL school and university teachers!!)!!!

          Either way, I’d love it if Israel would strike back – and SO HARD as to ensure that those Arabs wouldn’t just have bloody noses but be utterly crippled!!!! My suspicion is that if enough of those people were nuked, much of the opposition working against Israel in the Western world would have to turn elsewhere to find new money. [Probably I’m wrong, but at least to see the Moslems REALLY hurt would not be a bad thing – they richly deserve it!!!]

  4. shalom from jerusalem
    quiet a shabbat we are going to be having. the kotel will be overflowing with tens of thousands coming down here to flee the war. yes we have war. absolutely.

    please do not repeat the worn out old lie that we are so sick of. its not because of the goyim or the world that we are in trouble. its our own leaders who are corrupt who stop sanity being used and allow one million israelis to live in fear. the half wit ehud barak rest in peace, spit spit spit prefers destroying jewish homes to defending jewish lives. spit spit spit

    never repeat that lie again. and the more we put out on the net what a useless piece of paid trash he is, he is very very very wealthy. hmmm and who lines his pocket ??? the more we expose the bastard the more pressure he is under and has to pretend to do something from time to time.

    whatever our useless corrrupt leaders do its to help arabs first. abbas is in trouble and only yesterday was threatening israel again someone pass the fly swatter that damn little fly is making a buzzing noise and i cant stand it. and we attack hamas could it be that its because they want to wipe out the damn fly ??? hmmm

    whatever the plans of mice and men, when it starts this war things go out of control and take a new direction. the reason for the pin point strikes is not humanatairian concerns. those who make the policies have no heart. its money money money honey money. and what do we have in gaza we want to protect against bombs and wiping out the damn place. hmm why the infrastructure we are building with saudi, yes some of our wicked corrupt whores here. hotels, shopping centres, all those luxury buildings yes recently we found out its not just saudi doing the building. plus the scum there owe millions on electricity bills, and get free so much. and no sweat the idiot israelis pay more for everything to feed,clothe, etc our enemies.

    we are already filling in forms to host families for shabbat. meaning jewish press and kadima were the fi rst. until the government kicks into action and anyway we have no faith in them, we the people are doing it. yes a jewish newspaper is one of the first to offer help. kadima wants votes as they are in the grave.

    shmuel is sick and weak with diabetes and our house is small, but hell we will be hosting visitors, as will most of our neighbours.its taken for granted. we know that everyone will be doing this. there is nothing to talk about its like breathing, you are not a hero or a superstar to invite families you dont know into your house. if you dont you are scum, if you can help and wont.

    we want this war. we want to take gaza of the map, take back the sinai, take back all the land we gave away for the lies of false jews who are using peace as a pretense to throw the jews out of their own land.

    there is a god. he will throw down the plans of wicked men, ours and if hamas wants to tak e out our leaders, believe me there are some here than none of us will cry for.ehud barak is one of the most hated men in israel, arrogant, out of touch in his ivory tower and mansions and bloody traitor. no one would cry for that half baked piece of trash. no one. and as for peres growl growl growl. may god take all the old mean men in the world soros,kissinger,peres, and others like them and send them to 72 virgin heaven to be the virgins. they are so damn good at destruction.

    we israel are ready. we will die. this is going to be huge. but most will survive. we will pull together and help each other. and already the jews are talking about coming back here to fight and my favourite to make aliyah. yah yah yah.

    come , dont be cowards, dont be empty talkers. get up and come. we need a lot of help a lot. we need hands. we need workers. we have children, and sick,and disabled, animals as well who need attention. come.

    • BNI Readers, all of you who have mentioned thinking about moving to Israel, this might be the time. They need you.

      Ruth, you and your fellow Israelis are in our prayers. Do what you have to do, and don’t worry about the Muslim in the White House. The people who count are with you. The rest…are just so much garbage.

      Shalom, but in the meantime, kill all your enemies.

    • Ruth, how does someone completely across the globe, totally out of touch with your reality, say anything at all to bring you some consolation? The gates of hell will be opened up from this. I can pray, that is what I can do. I will pray for you Ruth Cohen and yours.

      The pain in your writing hurts my soul. I am so sorry that the world is so cruel. I am tired of the Jews being treated like garbage. I am fed up with the Jews being blamed for everything, your reality has been so different from mine. It’s not fair.

      I do hope that Jews come with full hearts, to face this darkness with their brethren, as a force like no other. I hope that they understand that this journey will be hard, ugly and frightening, I mean, I hope they understand it.

  5. Nice shot, Israel. Now get the rest of them.

    All of us old enough to have been “duck-and-cover” kids back in the 50s must shudder at the thought of “air-raid drills” with real rockets bursting around us, as these children have to endure every day.

  6. Damn that was good shooting by the IAF .
    Watched a video at ynet news service, and one of Jabaris sandles was all that remained in the strike zone !
    They were scraping the turd up with a shovel.

    We could take some lessons from the Israeli’s on elimination through targeting.
    Good Job !!!!!

  7. When I was in the Navy, I had a friend that used to say “Just keep egging him on old devil, your gonna get him kilt in a minute”
    I think it fits for these hamas leaders!

    Hamas To Target Tel Aviv, Assassinate Israeli Figures?

    The Hamas leadership in Gaza is currently studying the possibility of firing rockets toward Tel Aviv, assassinating Israeli figures or launching suicide bombings inside Israel, according to senior Hamas members speaking to WND.

    Also being debated by Hamas is the immediate use of anti-aircraft and other advanced missiles to target Israel Air Force operations over the Gaza Strip, the Hamas members said.

    The decisions are being made during urgent meetings after Israel today eliminated Ahmed Jabari, the head of Hamas’s so-called military wing. Israel also launched dozens of surgical strikes in Gaza targeting the Hamas militant infrastructure.

    The Israeli strikes come after Hamas launched more than 120 rockets and mortars from Gaza aimed at nearby Jewish civilian population zones since last Thursday.

    The senior Hamas members said their group is simultaneously holding meetings between its own political and jihadist leadership as well as separate consultations with other Gaza-based jihad groups, including the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees.

    Hamas is in contact with neighboring Egypt to determine whether and how the new Egyptian government will back Hamas in any conflict with Israel, the Hamas members said.

    According to the senior Hamas members speaking to WND, the responses Hamas is currently debating launching against Israel include:

    •Firing long-range rockets aimed at Gedera and Rishon LeZion. The city of Rishon LeZion is about seven miles from Tel Aviv and is considered a sister city to Tel Aviv. Such rocket firing would be considered a strategic game changer.

    •Launching suicide bombings inside Israel. Any attempted suicide attacks would most likely originate with the Hamas infrastructure within the West Bank. Israeli security sources told WND that Hamas maintains the capability of attempting suicide bombings from the West Bank.

    •Assassinating Israeli figures. The Hamas members said the group is already compiling a list of possible targets but would not comment to WND about whether those targets were political, military or civilian.

    Further, the senior Hamas members said the group is likely to use anti-aircraft and other advanced missiles against IAF airplanes operating over the Gaza Strip.

    Israel today attacked some 20 underground sites where both Hamas and Islamic Jihad hid Iranian-provided Fajr rockets.

    It was unclear whether the Israel Defense Forces was planning a ground invasion. There are reports that reservists have been called up and put on notice for possible mobilization.

    The IDF told reporters today it is prepared for a ground operation in Gaza, if necessary.

    “All options are on the table,” an IDF spokesman said. “If necessary, the IDF is ready to initiate a ground operation in Gaza.”

  8. I stand with Bibi and Israel. They cannot bend they must fight back.
    By fighting back while the PLO, Arabs, Hamas are in some disarray from the Arab spring and such. There will be calls for a peace treaty. Say about seven years.

    • ANY “peace treaty” can only serve to expose THE Antichrist, who likely will help negotiate what will be acclaimed as a genuine treaty – but which will prove to be THE scandal of all time, especially when the war against Israel gets renewed some time, with virtual world-wide war erupting. [During the time of the Antichrist’s “victory”, that’s when we’ll be menaced with the “Mark of the Beast” being applied to our bodies…] If this guess of mine be correct, we THEN could see Christ’s Second Coming.

      [His Coming almost certainly won’t be in less than 7-10 years, otherwise that prophecy of the Mark of the Beast being applied to the RIGHT HAND or the forehead won’t have been fulfilled…]

      So much for immediate “prophecy” – and thank goodness I’m NO prophet and most unfit to be one!!! In the meantime, I sure hope that Israel will put ALL the Arabs in their place – Qatar and the Emirates ought to be added as principal targets for the elimination list just as much as Saudi Arabia!!! During these 7-10 years, I also suspect that China may well be on Israel’s side (if nothing else, then to spite the West – also, they’ve benefited much from Israeli technology!!). [Of course, everybody will be anti-Israel after the “peace treaty” sinks…]

  9. To sit and and watch Israel suffer is madning ! if only they would make that call for Patriots who love their people to come and help defend the world would see fifty Leigions of ten thousand fighters apiece from all cornners of the earth to stand with King David ‘s army that is but a token of what we think of our Israel

    • BLR, Israel has enough fighters and weapons but they have little or no support from the world, with the exception of Canada and India right now. Now that the UN has passed a resolution that allows the UN to call for an attack by Nato on any country which they think is creating a “humanitarian” crisis for another country, Israel risks being attacked by NATO (aka the U.S.)

      • Ive heard for some time that Israel has the most mind blowing military technology in the world and could blow the 57 shitholes in the Middle East to smithereens. Now if they did that would solve half of the Muzslime vermin problem in the world. Wonder if they have as part of their military yechnology a “Dhimmi detector device” which locates all Dhimmis and pow! Dhimmi no more :) thats food for thought.

        • To all, here’s some food for thought. And yes I believe Israel has the capability to do it. I’ve heard of scaler energy weapons and other toys that Israel possesses now all they need is the will to do it!

          OPERATION ISRAELI FREEDOM: Part One – Israel Expands, Islam Expires, and Terror Ends

          The Surrender of Allah’s Akbar: Part two – Israel Expands, Islam Expires, and Terror Ends

          “Jumping Jehoshaphat” – Judges Jihad: Part three – Israel Expands, Islam Expires, and Terror Ends

  10. It is so bad when they only talk about the poor palestinians. What about all both children and their parents ? Am I totally without any braincells ?? As I can see, Israelis are fighting back, the same as we should do when the muslims are attacking Us !!

  11. Violence is the only language the palestinians understand. The less one reacts against palo violence, the more violent these palos become.

    That was a perfect strike on the car. Reminds me of when I get birds of prey for treatment. I give them mice and within ten minutes, there’s a hole where the neck used to be. Same thing with the car.

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