Polls show support for the Anti-Islam Swedish Democrats is soaring thanks to out-of-control Muslim immigration

Over 50,000 asylum seekers Muslim parasites are expected to come to Sweden next year, according to the latest prognosis from the Swedish Migration Board, Migrationsverket, pushing the country’s capacity past its limits. So it’s no surprise that yet another poll has found the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats the country’s third-largest political party.

Sweden’s capacity for asylum seekers bottom feeders will be stretched with the predicted influx of more than 54,000 asylum welfare seekers, a figure that hasn’t been so high since the Balkan war in the beginning of the 1990s, which brought 84,000 people.

“This is a very strained situation,” said Migration Minister Tobias Billström to the TT news agency. Since September this year, 1,250 asylum seekers have arrived in Sweden each week, far more than the Migration Board’s capacity of between 500 and 700.

“Ban Islam in Sweden and deport those who persist in believing in the religion”, said Pär Norling, group leader of the Sweden Democrats (SD) in Bollnäs.

Tundra Tabloids: Sweden Democrats single out Islam as the religion that conflicts most with the Swedish culture. For the first time now writing the party in opposition to its policy program. Party leader Jimmie Åkesson reiterated  the aim, to seriously challenge the Social Democrats and Moderates in the government. 

But while the SD is now taking the step to consolidate its profile against Islam, unlike in the previous principle, the program now identifies Islam as the most problematic religion. The Party therefore calls for a sharp drop in immigration from countries with “strong elements of fundamentalism.”

The new principle, the program reads: “Islam and especially its strong political and fundamentalist branch, according to Sweden-democrats, view the religious beliefs that have proved to be the most difficult to harmoniously co-exist with in Swedish and Western culture.”

OnIslam  Banking on concerns of immigration and rising unemployment, right wingers are gaining popularity in Sweden, amid expectations of becoming the third party in the country’s coming election. “Immigration is topping the agenda and this benefits the Sweden Democrats,” Carl Melin, polling head at United Minds, told Reuters Monday, November 12.

A survey by United Minds pollsters in Aftonbladet newspaper published on Monday showed that SD has about 11 percent support, double its showing in the 2010 election. Other polls in the last few weeks showed a similar trend.

We may be entering a recession and this is a good breeding ground for parties like the Sweden Democrats,” said Johanna Laurin Gulled, a polling manager at Ipsos. The SD is notorious increasingly popular for its anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant campaigns. Immediately after their electoral win in 2010, the SD started working on imposing a moratorium on building new mosques in the Scandinavian country.

The party, whose manifesto describes Muslims as “seriously jeopardizing the Swedish nation”, has also sought a ban on face-veil and halting immigration from predominantly Muslim countries. It opposes a panel recommendation that all major religions should be given equal time in lesson plans, saying Christianity should maintain a special status.

Muslims make up some 200,000 of the country’s 9.5 million population, according to semi-official estimates. But leaders of the Muslim minority put the number at 400,000.

Observers opine that economic woes and rising unemployment in Sweden are playing into the hands of far-right groups. “There is a feeling of frustration in Sweden, that there is something happening in Sweden that we have to deal with but mainstream parties are not looking at it,” said Daniel Poohl, editor of Expo magazine, an anti-racist publication that investigates far-right politics.

However, you be sure the left wing Swedish ‘dhimmis’ will not go gentle into that good night. Punishing those nasty Swedish racists.

GOV (h/t Hermes) Sweden, you’ve been bad. So we will punish you by bringing in more immigrants!

This, in effect, is the message propagated by Fredrik Reinfeldt, the sitting Prime Minister of Sweden. “Too many people voted for the Sweden Democrats,” he says, “so we are increasing immigration to teach all those racists a lesson!” It’s hard to believe, but that’s what the man said. You can’t make this stuff up.

And it wasn’t a leaked conversation from a meeting behind closed doors, or a remark made when a microphone was accidentally left on. Mr. Reinfeldt made his statements in public, to students at the University of Stockholm.

And his party is Moderaterna, “The Moderates” — what passes for a conservativeparty in Sweden. By the way: If immigration is such a good thing, and enriches our culture so much, how can it be used as a punishment?