UK Conservative MP’s factual remark that “gangs of Muslims are raping white kids” has caused Leftist dhimmi heads to explode

A row has erupted after Keighley MP Kris Hopkins claimed gangs of Muslim paedophile men are “going round and raping white kids,” fuelled by a cultural background that encourages brutal sexism against all women.

Telegraph & Argus (H/T Maria J)  While calling for greater openness on the subject during a House of Commons debate, Mr Hopkins made extreme accusations which exceeded former MP Ann Cryer’s remarks on race and sex abuse in Keighley.

Tonight, a fierce row was raging as some community leaders said the former Bradford Council leader’s remarks were “outrageous.”

Mr Hopkins, a Tory MP, claimed:

  • Gangs of Muslim men are going round raping white children.

  • Some Muslim men are fundamentally sexist and only wanted subservient women.

  • That some Muslim boys are raised as little princes who can do no wrong and so lack morals.

  • That some imams behaved brutally to children in Keighley’s mosques.

Mr Hopkins said he was not saying “all British Pakistani men are abusing white kids,” but he went on to add: “There is a large minority, though.”

He said the subject had not been tackled since former Labour MP Ann Cryer first raised the issue of Pakistani men’s attitudes to women. Shakeel Aziz, who runs anti-grooming workshops for young men in Keighley, said Mr Hopkins was wrong to identify abusers as Muslim when the background of their crimes had little to do with religion.

UK media schmucks use the politically correct term ‘Asians’ instead of Muslims

Keighley Central councillor Khadim Hussain (Lab) said Mr Hopkins was “playing to the BNP and the far right with this sort of thing”. Former Labour MP Ann Cryer said she felt Mr Hopkins’ comments were “heavy-handed” – but supported much of what he said.

Dr Bary Malik, of the Bradford-based Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, said he thought Mr Hopkins’ comments were “outrageous and a disgrace.”

Lord Patel of Bradford said: “Generally I echo what Kris Hopkins says – that this is not about all Pakistani men – it is a minority but it is there, and does need to be addressed.”










25 comments on “UK Conservative MP’s factual remark that “gangs of Muslims are raping white kids” has caused Leftist dhimmi heads to explode

  1. The comments by the conservative mp is correct……I saw somewhere on the internet that several Police forces in England had compared notes,so to speak,and found that most rapes and child grooming cases were commited by muslims and in fact,Jack Straw himself said there was a problem with what he called asian men and sex grooming gangs and then he sort of back tracked,and said something like”well,they’re young men,they are full of testosterone…..” For goodness sake ,haven’t we got any politicians here with any balls or backbone…..

  2. It’s sickening what these guys do, but if we had Shariah Law(not advocating it in this country) these guys would be hung drawn and quartered. This is cultural problem not a religious one. Certain men are sexually repressed within their little ghettos and are taking it out on what they consider “easy meat”. Education, education, education!


  4. We need to teach our girls both here and in the UK to stay AWAY from Muslim men. They are extremely bad news and will use and abuse you before throwing you away like used Kleenex. These girls aren’t sophisticated to see beyond flashy cars and clothes and fall head over heels. The story with the girl and guy with the new car is hauntingly familiar.

  5. @ToniMariaRedfern,
    If you get to read this then you had better get some security for your self , It states that you married a muslim so that makes you a muslim to ,you are now acting has an apostate which by SHARIA muslim/islamic law , you can be put to death, I PRAY FOR YOU AND MAY GOD HELP YOU . Get your emmediate family around you for protection , DO NOT TRUST MUSLIMS ,THEY ONLY KNOW ONE WORD FOR INFIDELS AND THAT IS TAQIYYA, LIES.

  6. England needs the 1sst Amendment and the 2nd Amendment to back it up. Then the truth will be heard. Until something positive is done the Brits will be hard put getting this cancer cut from her underbelly. The EDL has awakened some key officials but needs to keep pushing for secession from the EU.

  7. The white children need to be told to stay away from muslim males and why. White males need to take it upon themselves to keep an eye out for any interactions between suspicious muslim males and white children – alert the authorities, fathers, parents, or neighborhood watch groups. It is time to stop looking the other way, unite, and let these muslim pigs know you’re not going to stand for it.

    Let’s remember, they aren’t using muslim girls to rape and prostitute.

  8. I am unable to put into words my enormous anger and great anguish over UK leaders’ ALLOWING the vile sexual abuse of innocent British children by DIRTY Muslim monsters.

    Treasonous British and European leaders CURSED Europe and Britain by importing many millions of hostile, infidel-hater Muslims to wage jihad against non-Muslim innocents as commanded by the Quran.

    I am forever grateful to the EDL and British Freedom who have protested strongly against this terrible evil perpetrated against Britain’s children by filthy, Muslim predator MONSTERS.

    The shocking response by despicable UK leaders to the dreadful suffering of Britain’s children is to keep increasing Muslim immigration thereby increasing child rape and suffering by Muslim predators.

    Many thousands of Britain’s terrorized, defenseless, non-Muslim children have been offered up as sacrifices to Islam. Thousands of child victims in just one area alone in England:

    South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council Are Complicit in Child-Rape

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

    Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK – Britain Finally Starts To Wake Up

    Join the EDL ! Join British Freedom, Britain’s last great hope!


    Muslim immigration threatens the freedom, safety and human rights of every British child! Muslim immigration must end immediately! All Muslim criminals, illegals, terrorists, refugees and asylum seekers must be immediately deported.

    All free money, housing and other free benefits to Muslims who have NEVER worked and contributed into the system must end immediately. They should be offered a one-way ticket to Saudi Arabia-a MUSLIM nation that is swimming in oil wealth and land. Muslims are the RESPONSIBILITY of Islam – NOT Free World countries who have EXTREMELY severe financial problems and are struggling to survive. In America, the experts say that America is going to suffer a Depression far worse than the Great Depression.

    We must NEVER lose our freedom and safety to totalitarian, ruthless Islam!

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

  10. I have no proper words for what I think of these dumbheads. They should be thrown in the deapest and darkest cave they and have use a very long time ago and after putting them there they should through away the keys in the sea.

  11. “their crimes had little to do with religion” – maybe little to do with YOUR religion Mr Hopkins, but their religion encourages the emulation of Muhammed – and this is just what he did.

  12. all actions that muslims do, are by jiahd and directly orders from Imã’s…..they are just doing all, with violence to terrify the normal people…we need to fight back, not with speachs, just the old fashion way, killing those bastards, if not they will kill us…

  13. Their ideal role model was a rapist, they are doing their religious duty emulating him. In the name of community cohesion…let’s allow our women to be raped and apologize for getting in the way.

  14. Outrageous and a disgrace? So that is what the truth is to a muslim. Muslims just can’t stand the truth. They are always offended when people tell the truth about them. Well, then change if you don’t like the truth.

  15. about time something Factual was said instead of “asians” – And boooo damn hoooo – to the freaking inbred scum! You are PsOS!

      • Whenever Google censors something out, like the Fitna and Submission films and the Mohammed cartoons, I go to and usually get what I want there. (Mind you, right after I finally got the Mohammed cartoons, the screen shut down then came back with a message across the top that read: “This material is offensive; tell your server.” I was working at the public library that day and a librarian witnessed it. Also after I viewed Fitna and Submission, the computers I was using crashed. Very nasty programming some of these terrorist organization censors implement. There is a software program some municipalities use in Canada that claims to be a child-proofing censor; it censors out words like “terrorist” but leaves in “rape”.

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