YES! France bans anti-Islamophobia campaign from the Paris Metro

The advertising section of buses and Metro authority RATP, Médiatransport, has banned several posters by the Collectif Contre l’Islamophobie en France (CCIF), saying the appearance of symbols like the Muslim veil, Orthodox Jewish sidecurls, and crucifixes alongside the phrase “We (too) are the nation” plus the French flag was politically charged.

In Ms. BNI’s own advertising professional opinion,  the real reason for the ban is the tagline in the lower right hand corner of the ads which reads, “Islamophobia is not an opinion, it is a crime.”

CONNEXION FRANCE  One of the posters of the “We (too) are the nation” campaign is a reworking of the Tennis Court Oath painting by Jacques-Louis David (depicting a key meeting in the run-up to the French Revolution), redesigned to give a more diverse range of religious and ethnic identities to the figures involved.

CCIF spokeswoman Lila Charef said: “Just because a poster shows a religious symbol, does not make it religious. On the contrary, our message is all-inclusive. We are still asking ourselves about the real motivation of this refusal. (See above)

“This campaign targets prejudice, Islamophobia and stigmatising dialogue which divides citizens rather than bringing them together while our country moves through a difficult period socially and economically.” (It isn’t Islamophobia when they are raping your women, creating Muslim-only NO GO zones, breeding like rabbits and forcing the state to pay for all of them, torching hundreds/thousands of cars every New Years Eve, defying the government bans on Muslim veils and praying in the streets,to name but a few)


This is a photoshopped ad of a Bank ATM machine where the words “Danger Warning” and “URGENT! Denounce the beards of Islam to the police” have been scribbled by hand.

The CCIF here accuses the proliferation of writers and journalists who incite hatred for Muslims under the protection of freedom of expression. It says these people must be held accountable for their words to the extent that they are the cause of the rise in anti-Muslim violence in France.

This ad features the theme line “We, too, are the nation” and the tagline,  “Islamophobia is not an opinion, it is a crime” for the purpose of getting everyone to demand that the authorities recognize the urgency of the fight against Islamophobia.

This ad uses a family where the wife probably is a convert to Islam, judging by her hijab, her blonde-haired kids and bearded husband. Apparently, they are trying to dispel the valid beliefs that:

  • Muslims are violent and threatening

  • Islam is incompatible with a Democratic Republic

  • The Muslim is backward and rejects Western values

  • The Muslim woman is subject / unhappy / unfit for any social activity

  • A Muslim is an invader, in contradiction with the French identity

  • The Muslim has no sense of humor

  • etc..