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  1. The libbies and the UNIONS have trained the children and parents well. DO NOTHING TO DEFEND YOURSELF call the PROPER AUTHORITIES and they will handle the matter. Even if you are beaten, raped or maimed.
    It the same here the students are told not to fight back zero tolerance policy against fighting all parties regardless of fault are punished resulting in creating victims instead of good citizens that can take care of themselves. This is why we have the 2nd Amendment for self protection, not to wait for the Proper Authorities that are way too far away at the time of the altercation.
    It is time to retrain our children to defend themselves instead of falling on the ground into the fetal position and being kicked into a coma.

    • When I was attacked in our home, I didn’t know to fight beyond ‘natural ability’ and I suffered for it, but I kept getting back up, and was nearly beaten to death even while doing my best to defend myself and our home.

      Our children, when they come along, will be raised the Pagan way, and that is NOT about breeding pacifistic and mindless meat for bullies to abuse and Fascists to rule. They will be taught how to Fight, not self-defense, the world is going a kill-or-be-killed direction, I won’t leave then disarmed.
      I’d rather my sons or daughters kill an attacker than submit to a beating.

      School…Home schooling, no question, and I have the curriculum roughed out already.

      The Leftists, islamist-enablers, and the rest of that miscegenated ilk had best stay the bloody hell out of my way from now on. Their freedom of speech does not mean I have to, or will abide by, their meaningless and perspectively-retarded drivel.

  2. Many believe that it is better to be raped than to fight back well they apparently have not been raped. So give them the opportunity to learn what it is to be raped drop them of in a muslim country and we can see if they feel the same when they return.

    • Jose`, unfortunately, you’re right. It’s all the decades of sheepification of people.
      Me? I’ll fight back, be it the rape of myself, nation, culture…

      I know how muffars see us, especially us western women…
      So, I’m fine treating them in-kind in return.

  3. They will have to kick them out, just like we will have to kick them out – it is the only way. You can’t trust people who believe lying to the non-believing in Satan Allah is part of their ‘religious’ teaching in order to take over our lands. Two cultures of total opposite laws cannot co-exist – our laws are in total conflict with their laws. It can never happen. One day people will figure this out, and by that time it will have gotten extremely ugly.

  4. I get it and continually spread the word,don’t vote for the 3 main parties and not for UKIP either!I won’t be the turkey voting for Christmas

  5. Most Europeans are trying NOT to get involved, but that only helps the MISOGYNISTS and SUPREMACISTS.

    DEATH THREATS are part of the ISLAMIC STRATEGY to keep people QUIET and COMPLIANT as they take over.

    Islam is NOT about pluralism, democracy or freedom, but monoculture, dictatorship and slavery!

    Europeans do not get it.

    • What the hell do you mean when stated, “they don’t get it”, why hells bells they are already, and have been since We the Patriots freed them from a simuliar problem they watched and let go to the extremes, think 30s, socialist one and all, not that unsimiliar to totalatarianism, in fact the fisrt stages in the conclusion to tyranny, fascist, socialist, totalatarian, tyranny, dictatorial, sound about right, and they don’t get it. BullSHIT, they have once again allowed themselves to be overrun by turd world monkeys demanding of them submission to a prefered political system, not of their own making. Yeah sure tey don’t get it. In a pigs eyes they don’t.

      Going GALT

    • Yes, the only time a muffar is telling the truth (somewhat as most are cowards) is when they make threats.
      The last one to threaten me was gelded by my knee. The next one that threatens me, my family or someone standing within my earshot I’ll shoot through the face.

      This is a War folks, no more kidding ourselves about it.

      I am sparing you all some details of recent events here, but I will assure you that no one I know personally was harmed, and the muffars that instigated things learned very well what the Pagan ‘Defense Only’ truly means.
      All the deaths were among the attacking muffars.
      And yes…muffars truly hate Pagans somewhat more than they do even Jewish folks.

      That said, I’m about as anti-islam as my friend’s Grandfather…and I recently learned to NEVER mention ‘Obama’ or ‘CAIR’ around him.
      There’s NOTHING more anti-islam than an Apostate or Reformer, like him. He’s so frustrated with the way Western nations are kowing to islam, I’m afraid he’s going to stress himself into a coronary.
      …or his head will just explode.
      To quote him, roughly; ‘House, burn…stupids ignore, die from stupid.’ He was really angry that night and speaking so fast my friends could barely get that after five tries. That man’s spirit, yeah, it’ll easily outlive his body.

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