UK Muslim taxi driver mows down 8 people with his car, claiming it was self-defense!

A Muslim taxi driver accused of using his cab like a bowling ball to run down a group of men claims he cannot remember driving onto the pavement. Majid Rehman, 28, of Cardiff, is accused of deliberately using his taxi to run over six rail workers and two other pedestrians. He argued with the railmen outside the city’s central station, and says he acted in ‘self-defense.’ He admits dangerous driving but denies 16 charges of causing injury.

BBC  The jury was told that a furious Mr Rehman deliberately drove “at high speed” towards the men as they walked home after a row at a taxi rank. Mr Rehman told the court he drove towards the men on 27 March after being attacked by them on the rank outside Cardiff central railway station.

The court heard that Mr Rehman told police officers at the scene:  “They assaulted me and it was in self-defense.” Mr Rehman told the court the group of railway workers had spotted him sat in his taxi and punched him to the chest and shouted: “We will kill you and we will kill your brother.” Mr Rehman said: “I got into my cab to drive home and find my brother because I was really scared. “I got to the traffic lights, I was so scared, and somehow my taxi collided with them.  (SOMEHOW??)

The eight railmen, wearing fluorescent uniforms, were left flattened on a pavement after the taxi ploughed into them on a bridge, just yards from the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, last night. The railway workers were told they were ‘lucky to be alive’ after being given emergency treatment at the roadside by 999 teams.

All eight injured men were taken to hospital in Cardiff suffering a series of injuries, including spinal, but none life-threatening. “After the crash I was pulled out of the taxi by some of the railway gang and they kicked and stamped on my head.” (Was this before they were taken to the hospital…or after?)

Passers-by were shocked at the scene of carnage as the railway team were struck on a pavement just 200 yards from the Welsh capital’s main train station. One witness said: ‘It was incredible. I saw an argument between the workers in orange and a taxi driver. Then that stopped but the taxi came round the corner – then the next thing I knew they were hit. They looked like they were just going home from work and headed to the train station.’

Claire Wilks, prosecuting, said six of the men were leaving the railway station around 7pm and were wearing work wear – high visibility orange trousers and tops.”Along the way some of the group began to argue with Rehman.  ”Eventually the group left the area. But it seems Rehman wouldn’t let it be. “He left the taxi rank and drove after the group of six railway workers – according to one witness even going through a red light.”

Mark Underwood and Richard Partridge were walking in front of the group of rail workers on the pavement, the court heard. Ms Wilks said: “As they walked away from the railway station, Rehman drove his taxi, and in a rage, mounted the pavement and collided with the group of eight men. “It was a deliberate manoeuvre at some speed, knocking them down like a bowling ball knocking over pins in an alley.

“Some of the men were more fortunate than others.” Ms Wilks said Mr Underwood was trapped under the taxi and suffered significant burns to his back, legs and arms as he was wedged under the hot engine. 


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  1. The mere existence of non-Muslims is provactation enough for Muslims to attack.

    The Quran makes it clear that non-Muslims must be killed or subdued.

  2. Can some one let me know the number of this taxi , so when I come to wales I can so no no to him ,if he can not remember mounting the footpath and knocking down 8 people 6 that where wearing high visability clothing , would he know where my destination is?.

  3. I work in the rail industry and i can say without any doubt whatsoever that even if they had an argument the rail workers would not assault the taxi driver nor would they threaten his brother for a number of reasons 1, there must be cctv all over the place where the argument was and it would corroborate the taxi drivers claim th being assaulted. 2, The management would suspend them while a full investigation was carried out and then they would be sacked, losing their salaries for the rest of their working life 30 years at £27,000 a year = £810,000 ish. Then there is the question of their pension, after they are 65 or so it will be somewhere in the region of £10,000 to 12,000 per year.

  4. self defense??? not likely moron! (speaking to the taxi driver) you were using a lethal weapons, these guys were on foot. You need to learn that just because you are pissed, doesn’t give you license to kill. stupid mmmmmmmmmmmfer

  5. Lemme guess; he was stressed out by all the racism directed against him since arriving in evil Britain.
    Should be locked up for at least ten years or more if any of the victims have lasting problems. All of his assets should be distributed to the victims leaving his family destitute.

  6. Dear BNI and BNI readers:

    This is the first time I have heard of this tragedy. If this had been a non-muslim who did this to 8 muslim pedestrians; you can bet the press would have circulating this story all over the world and even here in America; I would have probably seen the story on the evening news.

    Also, if this would have been done by a non-muslim; who then would have given testimony with so many inconsistencies… or where he “conveniently doesn’t remember” certain things… the Western press would have a field day with this in pointing out the gaping holes in this man’s story. Also, the press would probably not be able to get enough of the witnesses present; having them repeat what they saw over and over again.

    However, we are dealing with an Islamadoodle. The darlings of the British press. Not only will this taxi-driver’s version of things nor be challenged, I’m sure no one wants to hear the side of the railway men, the other two pedestrians as well as the numerous other witnesses. Soooo, in modern day Wales, the word of 1 muslim on an obvious murderous rampage is not equal, BUT SUPERIOR to the words of dozens of non-muslims.

    This man’s image or taxi license plate or whatever… must be made known to the city’s public. BOYCOTT THIS MONSTER! If someone is about to get into a taxi and sees it is this man… get out, find another taxi, walk to your destination, whatever. I say “boycott” because I have a feeling he will not loose his ability (license, permit, credentials, etc) of whatever allows him in Wales to be a taxi driver. Do drivers in Wales have to hang credentials or a permit for being a taxi driver on their rear view mirror? If so it should have his name on it? Before I would get into a Cardiff taxi, I would want to know the name on that documentation! I’ve seen taxis in the USA do this and wondered if Wales did the same.

    I am noting this story and whether through BNI or other sources I will be very curious as to se what happens to this monster. Prison? Public apology to his vctims? Loss of his Taxi-as-income? Or the opposite… like the other posters mentioned, he gets off without incident and the victims (as D. Gates points out) probably sent off to diversity courses. Who knows, those poor railway workers might even get fined or reprimanded by their jobs for being “Islamaphobic.”

    Yes! As my body lay trapped beneath a hot engine of the taxi that had just ran over me… and my flesh burned and I gagged on exhaust fumes from a still running vehicle… I was guilty of Islamaphobia! Fine me and give me a week off without pay because I dare be a non-muslim who lives in Wales!

  7. No one should be surprised at the CRUEL savagery of the Muslim taxi driver. The Muslim was OBEYING the Quran command to wage jihad against intensely hated infidels. Of course, the God-hater claimed it was self-defense. Barbaric mass murderer and HUGE slave trader, Mohammad, founder of Islam, declared:


    Mohammad is regarded as the PERFECT man and role model by devout Muslims who follow the Quran.

    In Israel, Muslims often use their cars as weapons of war against Jews. Muslims deliberately drive their vehicles at hated Jewish infidels just as the Muslim taxi driver did in Cardiff.

    Why are people who hate us and are dedicated to our conquest and destruction allowed into our countries?

  8. But the UK keeps Muslims immigration up, up, up, with absolutely NO thought to deportation of Muslims who donot assimilate; or even slowing donw on the immigration. Well, here in American we’ve no better, we just elected for a 2nd term Obama. Out Muslims president, who has all but destroyed this country with his socialist agenda and his love of everthing Muslim.

    The world is going to hell in a hand basket as the insanity of Islam desendes on humanity.

    • **I** never voted for them !! And neither did millions of others, either. Whilst Maggie is my heroine, I do wonder very much if she, alone, would have been able to stand up to Brussels. Bliar and Brown let them in, and are busy trousering bribes.

      Maggie’s cabinet sold her out, and most of them are sucking off the petro-dollar tit, now.

      Our only hope is the British Freedom Party, and the EDL.

  9. He was sitting safely in his cab, which he could lock, as the workers were walking away.

    He’ll be found not guilty and the injured will be packed off on a diversity and enrichment course.


    Most likely a slap on the wrist because the English government and courts likes to kiss muslim cockroaches’ assses.

  11. This sounds like something akin to Instant Jihad Syndrome. I say that because some of the pictures of the victims above look to be muslim themselves. This goes to show how muslims will go into a rampage at the drop of a hat, and for some very strange and stupid reasons. Even the well educated among them. They cannot be trusted.

    Self-defense my ass! Muslims always blame others for their own bad behavior. It is never their fault.

  12. A good p;d-fashione lynching would be the perfect form of “justice”/revenge for this inbred creep – My God, have you ever seen an uglier face? God outdid himself with this POS!! Yes, the family needs to be deported, while the perp gets a little “workover” in prison among the toughest of the tough.

  13. Just see how quickly it will all be covered up, especially because of the British “government’s” being in BONDAGE to the Arabs, who own so much of the British business infrastructure!!!! That plus the Commies: that’s why the UK is especially gutted of its independence, its freedoms, its unwritten constitution and everything else which it used to be!!!

    That man deserves to be hanged – and while still alive, cut down, disembowelled (drawn) and quartered!!!! Multiple attempted-murder charges should be treated just as if he had actually killed them. Eight attempted murder charges should translate into something like four actual murders… Also, his ENTIRE family (not only wife plus children and/or parents, but all siblings and first-cousins AT THE MINIMUM) ought to be deported!!!


    • Let me reassert the following more strongly: I COMPLETELY REJECT 100+% his “defence” of insanity or whatever he tries. It’s so obvious that he’s TOTALLY GUILTY – and imprisonment, even if it were for life, would be FAR TOO LENIENT for the likes of him!!!! Only CAPITAL punishment would serve him right, especially given his terrorist ideology – it’s completely deliberate and has to be treated as such!!!!

      • One last thing regarding this matter: I’ve already made clear that those who’re deported as the close relatives of a criminal would be so expelled without any property whatsoever. When it comes to this kind of a serious crime, even 1st and 2nd cousins would forfeit ALL their property to the state.

        In this way, the traditional punishment would be restored, though only against such multiple murderers, who could be qualified (as Moslems would automatically end up as being by definition!!) as TRAITORS!!!

      • To saxon: no, I’m totally unfit for any political rôle due to my own troubles.

        To hardiharhar: the traditional penalty of “hang, draw and quarter” (if Wikipedia be correct) DID mean the one being punished would be disembowelled and emasculated before his body was cut into four quarters and the parts sent to be displayed at public places as a warning for anybody tempted to do a similar crime. [Women were burned instead of being quartered after being hanged, though a few cases of their being burned alive are recorded.]

    • Let’s not start to sound like them – disemboweled, etc. If the law doesn’t put him away for good it would be perfectly appropriate for the men he ran down to find him and simply kill him. Don’t let anger turn you into an animal of the type they are. The objective is to get rid of them – all of them – and in the neatest most practical way.

    • And, on THAT note, I feel I should add this quote that has been attributed to Geghis Khan”, though I really don’t know who ACTUALLY first said: “Never leave an enemy alive behind you……lest he rise up to kill you…..” And, that is the premise the railway workers should have followed when they ALLEGEGLY beat this lowlife muslime puke!!

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