VICTORY! Maryland school system says ‘NO’ to closing schools for Muslim holidays

Montgomery County’s school board effectively turned down a request from leaders of the county’s Muslim community to recognize two Islamic holy days next school year with official days off.

Washington Post  In reaction to the school board saying they could not simply add a school closing for a Muslim religious occasion, Samira Hussein, a Muslim leader, said she was disappointed by the board’s decision and objected to what she sees as a lack of understanding. 

“I’d like to see them on Christmas Day or Easter or Yom Kippur — how would they feel if their children had to leave their home, the warmth, and go to school?” she asked. “How would they feel if they were in our shoes?” (If  they were in any Muslim country on earth – God forbid – they WOULD be in your shoes, and wouldn’t bitch about it)

“I think it’s important to recognize this is not a ‘no’ forever,” said John Mannes, the board’s student member (and future dhimmi-in-training).

At Tuesday’s meeting and afterward, several Muslim (Hamas-linked CAIR) leaders called for fairness as they noted Montgomery’s lineup of Jewish and Christian school holidays, including Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Christmas and Good Friday.

Their testimony followed several months of effort to push for greater recognition of the Islamic holidays, particularly Eid al-Adha, which falls in mid-October next year and honors the prophet Abraham for his willingness to sacrifice his son for God. (Abraham was NOT a goddamn Muslim prophet, nor was Jesus or Moses, as Muslims like to pretend)

Muslim leaders and parents stepped up the campaign last week, sending more than 500 e-mails to Montgomery administrators and elected officials, organizers said. (And there were a lot more emails opposed to Muslim holidays) “All we’re asking for is equality under the law,” said Mudusar Raza, president of Maryland chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. (Muslims are supremacists, they don’t believe in equality) Now, families struggle on holidays, with children feeling a need to be in two places at once, he said. “You feel like your kids are missing out on their heritage,” he said . (Then go back to Saudi Arabia or whatever other Islamic hellhole you crawled out of)

Raza said he realizes that the school system cannot accommodate every religion with a no-school holiday but said objective criteria should be used to consider requests. (It was. Islam lost. This is STILL a country founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Islam is the antithesis of all of them) Samira Hussein, a Muslim leader who is the parent of adult children, said she was disappointed by the board’s decision and objected to what she sees as a lack of understanding. (It is precisely the understanding of Islam that is causing more and more Americans to reject it in every way they can)

Eight of Maryland’s 24 school systems close for the two Jewish holidays, and none close for Muslim holidays, school officials said.

The ‘Ikhwan’ references in the Memorandum below mean ‘Muslim Brotherhood’







46 comments on “VICTORY! Maryland school system says ‘NO’ to closing schools for Muslim holidays

  1. BNI, you are truly one of the anti-jihad resistance captains. When someone like you, Brigitte Gabriel, or David Caton with the Florida Family Association give marching orders like sending emails, phone calls,. etc. it’s “Yes Maam” or “Yes Sir “.

    I obeyed your orders and emailed this school board. I am only one of many voices that collectively is very effective.

    Bonni, you are my primary intelligence source in the battle for our very survival. Thank you and God bless.

  2. I called my senator here in Maryland over this and told him that if this went through there would definitely be a challenge in the courts.
    My fiance was born and raised in Montgomery County, which has a large Jewish population and she said No Muslimes lived there even 10 years ago.

    This is all part of the Muslime shitbag mindset, to move into Jewish and Christian neighborhoods and subvert things.
    We need to stand up and say No ! You filthy haji shitbags ARE NOT GONNA RUIN OUR COUNTRY ONE NEIGHBORHOOD AT A TIME.

  3. How do they know that moahamhead the proffit was born on 26th april , when he did not come out of the dessert until he was about 40 years of age and married his first wife who was JEWISH !A bit more taqiyya I beleive.

  4. muslims take any opportunity to twist the truth, Abraham was obeying God, when he
    attempted to sacrifice his son ” Isaac ” but I am sure that Abraham, as a man of faith, knew that God would provide an answer to his very thorny problem.
    Abraham was a Jew just the same as Jesus, muslims did not come into existence until muhammad had a brain seizure.

  5. All Fucken Muslams need to go back to there 57 Hell Hole Countrys or be thankfull for America letting them come to our country,if they don’t like it they need to be Shot on the spot and every American in the area needs to piss on there dead corps and thrown into the nearest ditch,Fuck Islam.

  6. Now here is an interesting question, when I went to school, kids whom were members of a non-christian family (Namely Jewish as a major one, some Muslim) were allowed to take religious holidays off from school and were not counted as being absent. Is this no longer in practice or just not in practice in that part of the nation?

  7. How about giving them one day and changing that day to Halloween. Then our kids can run into the night dressed as terrorist with weapons and go visit their mosque like they do in Arab country’s to christen churches. They will cry that wasn’t right either. So if they want to have fun and not be bothered like we are go back to the desert and no one would care.

  8. WHHAAAAAHHHH!! (Lying on the floor kicking & screaming.) Wonder how many of the Muzzies who lost went home & beat their wives that night.

  9. SalahGo, I have a friend who is an avowed Muslim, but he WAS an “extremist” and recognizes ALL of the problems with Islam and with Muslims globally – it’s not hard to do, when one is HONEST. He is an activist to reform Islam and regularly denounces extremist adherence to the Koran, which definitely produces all these problems, all the terrorism, the infidel-hatred, the women-hatred, the rape, slaughter, theft and all the depravity associated with Islamic teachings.

    No one hates individual Muslims who aren’t trying to dominate or usurp our societies but who are integrated and enjoy living with us as FRIENDS.

    Unfortunately, following Islam fundamentally WILL turn you into an infidelophobic hater and murderer. And THAT is what we detest and will do everything in our power to stop.

    Also, this talk about non-Muslims being “racists” is just so much bullshit. We get along just fine with blacks, whites, yellows, reds and all the other colors on Earth. We have no problem with Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, Zoroastrians or any other religions of “people of color.” I personally LOVE Indians and many others of whatever race.

    But I HATE Islam because it is a disgustingly hateful and violent cult of male dominance that enslaves my gender and spews vicious hatred at the rest of humanity. Islam is responsible for the slaughter of some 270 MILLION human beings worldwide in the past 1,400 years. Horrible, vile genocide and rape by the millions.

    THAT is why we hate Islam – here are its fruits on a daily basis:

    The bottom line is that YOU are welcome, but the sick cult of death that you are brainwashed by is not welcome. You CAN free yourself from Islam and not feel the hatred of belonging to a demented cult. Go to:

    Join the forum there. The ex-Muslims there will help you escape Islam. Good luck – and welcome to the human family.

  10. Let’s not forget that Hamas-CAIR’s Dishonest Ibe Hooper essentially stated that the educational system would be targeted in the Islamic supremacists’ goal in taking over the country:

    “I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future… But I’m not going to do anything violent to promote that. I’m going to do it through education.”

    -Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR

    “Through education” could be construed to mean infiltration of our schools.

    By the way, BNI, I want to thank you for all the hard work you put in to expose this trash and to deliver it in such a visually striking manner. Your efforts and style make reading your blog easier and more interesting than just about all the rest of the anti-jihadist sites.

    • NMS, thanks. I decided to do it the way I do it for two reasons. One, my eyes would glaze over trying to read thru the long text/articles posted on some other anti-Islam sites. I know people are pressed for time in their daily lives, so I wanted them to get the gist of a story as quickly as possible using graphics/photos/videos to help tell the story whenever possible.

      Also, I am an advertising copywriter by profession and understand that the average reader never looks past the headline, subheadline, and visual element of any print ad, so it’s important to get your message across in those 3 elements whenever it’s feasible. Another old advertising trick is so make the headline a ‘teaser line’ which is intriguing/compelling/outrageous enough to make people want to read more.

  11. Just give it time. NJ has taken away American holidays and replaced them with muslim ones. Christmas is no longer Christmas, it is winter vacation and Easter is no longe Easter but Spring recess. So how can the muslims even get a religious holiday if nothing religious is allowed?

  12. There is hope for Maryland after all. And to me this is further evidence of fraud in the “voting” that swept in a slew of leftists and their legislation. The momentum was against them, yet they “won”. Yet, even in a left-wing county like Montgomery, the musloids get their wishes shot down. The leftists, including musloids, are masters at exploiting America’s benevolence in the form of the First Amendment, yet never support free speech for those who oppose them. Good for you, MontCo! Hurray!

  13. rThose Muslims do not know what else they It is should ask for, since they are getting all what they demand. It is not ttheir fault, it is the fault of our ELECTED ignorant and coward politiciains.

  14. Look at Sweden. Look at Denmark. Look at England. If you don’t want our country turned into a muslim ghetto wit all the thievery and rapes that go along with every muslim ghetto, we MUST stop catering to these ragheads.
    They come to America to get out of their donkey dung covered sand hills. Let them appreciate America or get the hell out.
    We DO NOT have to change OUR coutry and turn it into the cesspools they came from.
    Stand your ground, America !

  15. Yes!! If you want your pagan holiday off that celebrate your pedophile prophet, then go back where you came from. There are 23 muzzie countries in which to celebrate. This is NOT one of them.

  16. America was founded on the principles of Judaism and Christianity – founded on justice, freedom and human rights for ALL.

    Muslim immigrants want us to HONOR the god of Islam. Honor and APPROVE their totalitarian POLITICAL system whose Quran commands Muslims to wage jihad against us and conquer our countries. Enslave us and DESTROY justice, freedom and human rights for all of us non-Muslims.

    I don’t understand. Years ago, people who hated us and were dedicated to our conquest and destruction were NOT allowed into our countries.

    • unfortunately we’ve become way too PC and if needs to be stopped. how i don’t know since obama fraudently won a second term and it will be our downfall

  17. Screw Muslims Christians don’t have any days now. It’s Xmas and spring break. no longer Christmas or Easter. Let the Muzzies start their own schools without tax dollars. Then they can have the full year off to celebrate their sick ideology

  18. Even knowing i’m muslim, you told me to keep visiting & posting, i appreciate it…
    But I have to admit, this really some heavy stuff (& comments)… Well, i guess it’s ok to be hated this much, this website was made for that anyway, isn’t it? :)
    Kinda reminds me of the US in the 50s against African-Amercians, so maybe in 50 years or so, we’ll be “less” hated or am i too optimistic? x)

    • Big difference, Salah, people don’t hate Muslims because of what they look like or their skin color, but for all the misery, crime, terrorism, supremacist attitudes including calls for sharia law, suing schools and businesses when they don’t cater to your demands for special religious accommodation, Muslim bigotry, misogyny, honor killings, child/forced/cousin marriages, etc. they bring to a country wherever they go. If you would all stay in your own damn Muslim countries instead of trying to Islamize the rest of ours, we might not hate you so much.

      Not in 50 or 500 years will you be less hated until you totally reform your godforsaken, repugnant political system you call a religion.

      • When Christians can freely worship in the Middle East, we can talk. But for now…..NO muslim holidays. As an Assyrian Christian who lost family members in Iran and Iraq to the religion of peace, I say NEVER bow to islamic clamoring here in America.

        • Ren byar: Shlamah. I am Assyrian on my mothers side, and her grandparents and mother escaped their village in southern turkey when the vile muslim Turks came riding into the village, beheading all they could catch!! The Turks were also trying to forcibly conscript my relatives, and people, into the Turkish army.
          My family lost everything. I bear no love for the muslim, but our Lord commanded us to preach the Gospel, and to “love our enemy”. I must admit this is darn near impossible, but yet we must try to do so. God bless.

    • No need for the hypocritical uncalled-for smiley salahgo. Muslims have always hated Africans more than anyone, as Mohammad spoke against them. Arabs started the slave trade and provided the Americans and Europeans with slaves (the Republicans, not democrats -they were the founders of the KKK, together with the English MP Wilberforce ,and Thomas Clarkson banned slavery. The Arabs only signed to stop slavery in the19 70’s by the way , not that they kept to their agreement, look at i.e. the Sudan.

    • Salah, don’t EVEN compare yourself to blacks during the civil rights movement.
      Tell me, What RACE is islam???? islam isn’t a race, so go cry somewhere else.
      islam is an ideology of hate and violence, against all non muslims and especially against women, attempting to disguise itself as a “religion”. It is evil, unappetizing, and morally reprehensible to the civilized world. None of you have left the Stone Age. Not a one. So, you want to celebrate your “religion”? GO HOME to the country that birthed you. This is America and it was NOT founded on islam.

    • Salah,
      Anyone who follows the Qura’n must be treated as an enemy, especially when there are verses such as sura 5-51 and especially when muslims are killing Christians
      by the thousands. Nigeria, South Sudan, two good examples.
      How many churches are there in Saudi Arabia ????????

  19. Muslim holidays should NEVER be recognized in the US or any proud infidel country – Muslims should be forced to be dhimmis to learn what it feels like to be (rightfully) second class, unwanted citizens. I respect them as much as I do dog shit on my shoe.

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