VIRGINIA Judge rules Iraq War veteran may keep his vanity license plate which is ‘offensive to Muslims’

They were seven letters on the license plate – ICUHAJI. Phonetically, it could be read, “I see you, Haji.” To the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, the message was considered offensive to Muslim and grounds for the tag’s revocation. But to former Army sergeant, Sean Bujno, the plates sent a message of support for soldiers who served with him during two tours in Iraq. Apparently, the court agreed.

Pilot Online  If the Department of Motor Vehicles is going to let people praise certain religions or ethnicities on their license plates, it also must let people denigrate individuals of those faiths and nationalities. That’s the opinion of a Circuit Court judge, who ruled last week that part of the DMV’s guidelines governing vanity tags is unconstitutional.

The ruling stemmed from an appeal from an Iraq War veteran who disagreed with the state’s decision last year to revoke his personalized plates, which read “ICUHAJI.” “Haji” is a common and often derogatory term for Arabs used by U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Judge John W. Brown wrote in his ruling that the DMV must either return the license plates – which can be read, “I see you, Haji” – to Sean Bujno or find a permissible reason to keep the tags from the Chesapeake resident.

Bujno, a former Army sergeant who was honorably discharged in 2009, displayed the plates on his car for more than four years before the DMV revoked them. In a Nov. 3, 2011, letter, the DMV informed Bujno that the tags violated a prohibition on letter combinations that could reasonably be interpreted as being “socially, racially, or ethically offensive or disparaging.” The DMV apparently was responding to a citizen Muslim complaint, Brown said.

Assistant Attorney General Janet Westbrook said Bujno requested “HAJIKLR” plates in 2007 and was denied. When he revoked the “ICUHAJI” tags, Commissioner Richard Holcomb also noted a bumper sticker on Bujno’s car. It read: “God Bless Our Troops, Especially Our Snipers.”

Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles has also revoked a set of vanity plates that read “F.OSAMA” on the basis that they are “profane, obscene or vulgar in nature.” The plates have been registered to Rick Sanders for the last seven years. He applied for them as a way to display his patriotism after the 9/11 attacks. At the time the DMV approved the plates without asking any questions.

Meyer said his client’s father requested the “HAJIKLR” tags. As for the bumper sticker, Meyer argued the DMV wasn’t allowed to consider anything except the plate type, character combination and make, model and year of the vehicle.

Abed Ayoub, legal director for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, said he supports the principles of free speech, but “there should be a line drawn in regards to racial slurs.” (What race is Islam?)

VIDEO below is from right after the plates were revoked:


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  1. Have any of you idiot been deployed infantry unit? Shut your mouth! These Kids sacrifice their life because of your weakness! Shut your mouth or put on a uniform you weak Americans!

      • finally a judge with a functioning mentality-most of them are too busy selling our country out and taking away our rights like obastard. Ca judges just released a multirapist because they were too cowardly to protect American females from a repeat offender and put him down but won’t live next to him. Another one was just released and already had committed another sexual assault just as the judge was warned. Maybe if he specialized in raping men-the judge would be more careful.

  2. The dumb twat/can’t is so uneducated so doesn’t know what it means. Has she been in combat? Hell no. Is her opinion appreciated? Hell no. Put on a fucking vest and give your life to your country….oh wait you’re too much of a pussy for that. Go kill yourself! Ignorance is what is running this country. I can’t wait until 2016! Put yourself in out troops place and then have an opinion!!

  3. So, can WE restrict THEIR comments, signs, protests because it offends US? Somehow, THAT’S different. Why IS that?! BTW, the God Bless Our Troops, Especialy Our Snipers? I want one!

  4. Islam does more than offends.
    The Islamic system is at odds with our constitution. It is the philosophy of the enemy. Who cares if the adherents to that system feel offended?

  5. ”Haji” is a common and often derogatory term for Arabs used by U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    Not it isn’t. It’s a slang term for a military beligerant in that field of operation. According to rules of engagement that means only someone who’s currently pointing a gun at you. It’s describing someone by their behavior, not their race. The word can be applied to John Walker Lindh as much as to anyone.

  6. how about OBURQHA my local sporting goods store in Auss has
    some tokens 72 virgins introduction agency (US Origin) and just
    love my PORK LOVING CRUSADER patch.My daughter has a Toyota Tarago
    people mover with a “Get some pork on your fork” sticker from the food market as here in Auss the people vans are called “MUSSIE MOVERS”.They are popular with the boat people to accomdate their government paid for offspring ..vehicle more than likely paid for by the government (taxpayers) as well.God bless the MILITARY the unpayable debt of gratitude for what they do.

    I ‘ve never gotten a personalized plate before, but I think it may be time.

  8. “HAJI”?!…..Sounds good to me, as a “derogatory” term to describe muslimes, but my favorite “derogatory” term is the A-word, which I WON’T use here, as it is too soon to use my daily quota, as THIS post just DOESN’t invoke such a response!! And GOD BLESS SGT. BUJNO, AND THE TROOPS WHO SERVED WITH HIM!!

  9. How this OFFENSIVE crap pisses me off! Bravo to the vet who is fighting for FREEDOM OF SPEECH! The bill of rights does not guarantee citizens from being OFFENDED, yet many in the DMZ probably think it does. How to educate the spineless PC fools? That will be an ongoing prime question of this century. As for me, I’m battling in vain against the permanent trespass from my local library because I expressed my opinions in writing. I’d like to publish an essay by the vet in question.

    • in order to educate the PC first the y need a brain and 2 they need a spine. too many spineless people running around anyway.

  10. God Bless Our Troops – Especially Our Snipers! What more American statment could a person have on thier car as a bumper sticker.

  11. You know, that would make a great bumper sticker….and we already know it pisses off moslems….Gotta order one of those ASAP. And perhaps, “FUCKHAJI” as well. This proves my theory that service in Iraq and Afghanistan would make a whole new generation of moslem haters…

  12. Many thanks go to Sgt. S. Bujno, this event, his fight to retain his 1st Amendment Rights, was worth his effort, and has a huge outcome for our rights under the first Amendment to OUR Constitution, especially glad to hear we STILL have Judges who don’t violate their Oath to Office. It does not belong to ( haji) the brothers from their hood, islam, to dictate how WE use it. Deemed offensive to religious feelings, hogwash, bullshit, cockypuck, and all other forms of distasteful expression, of which they certainally deserve to be ridiculed for, This is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, love her, Respect her, or get the fuck off my soil or be forced to do so. I personally don’t care which way YOU prefere to do it, as I am all for the 2nd Amendment, understand it’s rightful place right after the 1st Amendment and it’s resolve, a legal force to be reckoned with, against your form of tyranny ( sharia laws) you seem to think I am going to allow you to force upon me, my liberties, without my consent in the matter.

    Going GALT

  13. Wow, a judge who actually respects the 1st Amendment and people’s rights to free speech? In this P/C day and age? Who’d a thunk it? I say anything that upsets and insults Hajis and libtards is fair game, I’m an “Equal Opportunity Hater!”

  14. I remember watching a cartoon with a character on Jonny Quest called “Haji” who was an Indian Hindu boy. Since it is a “name”, it doesn’t necessarily mean “One who has made a pilgrimage to Mecca” which might indicate a Muslim. Therefore, in my opinion, nothing can be done to prevent a person from displaying it as long as it is not offensive and there is no derogatory meaning of the name “Haji”. There was also numerous restaurants with the same name used and it is a very popular name which has other friendly and fond memories and not like today where people of the Muslim faith are paranoid and over sensitive. To me there is not negative meaning to the name Haji, or the license plate: “ICUHAJI” So get over it ! this is America! It could have said “FKUHAJI” or FU-HAJI, or IAMHAJI, So who has the right to have that name and use it? Only Arabs, Hindus, Muslims, and not other Americans? I think not. I will always have foind memories of Haji the Hindu friend of Jonny Quest. Here is a sample:

  15. How far, how long and how often do we have to continue to bow to the Devil’s capital on Earth, Mecca? How long do we have to be dhimmies and kow-tow to pisslamic hurt feelings? As far as I’m concerned, we need to find a few more devious ways & messages to put on our cars or license plates, so that dimwits at the DMV won’t have a clue as to the meaning we intend to convey!

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