WAR? Rocket attacks from Gaza kill 3 Israeli civilians, 3 young children still in critical condition

Hamas continues its barrage of missiles targeted at civilian towns in southern Israel. The deaths were the first on the Israeli side for ‘Operation Pillar of Defense,’ a mission launched yesterday by the Jewish state to combat escalating rocket attacks from Gaza.

J Space Nearly 250 rockets have been sent from Hamas in the last 24 hours. The Iron Dome missile defense system has been able to intercept 80, though 196 made landfall in Israel. A rocket hit a building in Kiryat Malachi, leading to three deaths as residents were unable to find covering in due time.

Emergency workers are still cleaning up wreckage as missiles continue to fall on both sides.

In Gaza, a funeral was held for Ahmed Jabari, the Hamas military head killed by IDF yesterday. Jabari was a sought war criminal and one of Israel’s most wanted terrorists. His death generated immediate rocket launches from Gaza, where the IDF has instigated targeted strikes on some of Hamas’ most dangerous missile facilities.

Today, the IDF promised continued targets on top Hamas officials, in an effort to decimate the deadly terror group. Reported casualties in Gaza range from eight to 15. The Israeli military received the go ahead late last night to send in reservists to expand the operation, as a rumored plan to instigate a ground operation began to circulate. As of now, the Israeli Air Force and Navy are both involved in the action.

Planes dropped thousands of leaflets over Gaza early this morning, urging Palestinians to stay in safe zones and avoid known Hamas outlets. The IDF press office is publishing a near constant stream of video and live updates, in what is arguably a preemptive bid against international criticism. As such, information is already being disseminated on Hamas’ utilization of human shields and launch sites built near civilian schools and mosques. The technique is typically used as an effort to increase civilian casualties and paint Israel in the most aggressive light possible on the global stage.

Meanwhile, Hamas press today issued incorrect news stories (quickly reported by dhimmi Reuters) to residents in Gaza, telling citizens the military wing had successfully hit Tel Aviv twice overnight. Hamas has pledged to attack the metropolis, with the Israeli government promising tough retaliation if the economic capital is hit.

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Islamic Jihad in Gaza claims responsibility for rocket strike on Tel Aviv. Watch Reuters.com for updates:




True to form, Code Pinko sluts are condemning Israel:


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  1. I would just like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU BNI for reporting news from the Mideast regarding Israel and those poooooooor persecuted “Palestinians” (though no one has EVER defined exactly WHAT a “Palestinian” IS)!! And THIS type of reporting telling the story of Hamas and other muslime SCUM that SURROUND Israel, and some of the bastards even living among the Israelis in the VALID State of Israel!! The SOB’s REALLY want to claim Israel as their “Palestinian Homeland” but if you take a read of Revelation, Chapter 16, my preference NKJV, I think you might get just a hint of the fate that REALLY awaits the “Palestinians”, aka. muslime pukes that surround Israel, AND their “mahdi”!! Oh, and don’t hold your breath waiting for NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, or ANY of the LAMESTREAM Media to tell the whole story of what is happening in the Mideast!!

  2. Yeah well, what the hell do you think we’d do if say mexico lobbed 700+ missles into say southern Texas, in the span of a year, why the Israel’s waited this long to retaliate is something to behold. They should have start killing these mongrols long past but, hey let the world beat you up for a while, and still get criticized for protecting yourself, yeah that sounds about right and par for the course. Now if they want to end this shit RIGHT NOW, reoccupy the strip, kill every one of these demons of the flesh bastards and get it over with, ain’t making any sense to let your people suffer at the hands of these fire spewing demon boys if you don’t have to, right. Is anyone more tired of this shit then I? Fuckm’, just sendm’ all back to hell where they belong and be done with it. Pity for them, not on your or my life. Payback is best served cold. You reap what your sow bitches, now take it like a good demon boy and suck it up and dispense with the pity on me shit, you started this nonsense, killing maiming, and suffering, now sleep in the bed you designed for you and your peoples.

    Going GALT.

  3. Its unfortunate that the Hamas and fundamental Islamic groups are still creates thousands and millions Jihadis through the so called Madrassas in the name of their GOD through out World. We have to fight for one time meal which is enough for existence and our children are not supposed to teach about Jihad instead of love and affection especially in early childhood.

  4. bonni maybe the pos may have his blessing shoved up his you know where,his blessings so far have been nothing but curses what goes around comes around.lets hope the chickens come home to roost just sayin

  5. Israel needs to show these scumbags what its like to be rained on with all their
    rockets. They need to wipe them out. Then nuke iran they now have the reason to do the job. This muslum asshole we have for commander in chief needs to get ready to help Israel now. What a fuked up administration this is. Cant believe that there that many assholes in America to have voted the 6 trillion dollar man back in.
    He is nothing but a finger pointing asshole.

  6. it would be a terrible thing if a stray rocket blew the dome of the squatters of the face of the earth even if it has no right to be there. hamas i am sure would like that one of their rockets to blame for its destruction

  7. UN Ambassador Susan Rice just announced that the increased rocket attacks by hamas into Israel is a ‘spontaneous response’ to a movie trailer released in July…oh wait.

  8. The women birth more little monsters. The brothers of the women are the fathers.
    Enough kid gloves. May G-d judge those who condemn Israel.

  9. If this widens into a larger conflict expect Egypt or Syria to muddle it up, but from it will come the murmurings of a Peace Treaty from the north. So let’s watch with care and see from whence it comes.

  10. The disgusting Islamic propaganda on the Daily Mail:
    UK DAILY MAIL: Agony of a grief-stricken father: BBC journalist cradles his dead baby son in his arms after Israeli rocket attack on Gaza

    The many pics of Muslims are all carefully taken for maximum effect. As always Muslims pose as the poor victims.

    This is my comment I put on the Daily Mail. I don’t know if it will be published:

    Jews live with constant rocket attacks. NO ONE CARES! But when Israel defends herself and FINALLY fires back, Israel is condemned. EVERY ONE OF US HAVE THE HUMAN RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE INCLUDING JEWS! And for all of you who are angry at Israel defending herself, would you also be ANGRY if England was constantly fired on with rockets and England fired back in self-defense?

    The Muslims and their supporters have made comments big time on the article.

  11. Follow everyone of those rockets back to its source. Unfortunately, the source is most likely an area where civilians live, because these terrorists don’t care about women and children…..obviously, as they don’t care if they kill women and children in the State of Israel. Give them what they gave ten-fold.

      • When they have those funerals for the dead bastards you see several thousand of the men weeping and carrying the coffin in the streets.
        That would be the time to bring in a gun ship and waste them.
        By the way, they always say they don’t care about living but they are always crying like babies when one of them bites the dirt! What’s up with that? They should be happy about it….unless they are lying bastards.

  12. I DAMN CNN. They never reported on what’s been happening in the past two weeks, including no videos shown (although available on line) of the sheer terror that Israelis must live through. However, they are showing strikes on Gaza.

    I have rarely in my life had as much spite for a media as I do for CNN.

  13. kick ass Israel!!! Don’t wait for our muzzie pres, hussein obama to help..
    I wonder what Netanyahu is waiting for.

    And, while your at it Israel, chase all the muzzie sympathizers out of Israel too. And, blow that dome off the temple mount too.

  14. And yet this is what yahoo, has on the headline page,..

    “The tragic story behind chilling Gaza photo
    By Dylan Stableford, Yahoo! News | The Lookout – 1 hr 23 mins ago”

    Jihad Misharawi, a BBC Arabic correspondent who lives in Gaza, tragically became part of the story he’s been covering on Wednesday, when an Israeli airstrike killed his 11-month-old son.

    This is truly the beginning of the end.

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