Bad enough that NJ Gov. Chris Christie appointed a Muslim terrorist-defense attorney as a superior court judge…

Now, an investigation has revealed that he appointed at least four radical Islamists to his ‘Muslim Outreach’ Committee which was formed after Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa concluded in May that NYPD intelligence-gathering operations in New Jersey did not break any laws (not the conclusion Islamopanderer Christie was hoping for)  All of the information about the Islamist backgrounds of these four committee members is publicly available, yet the Christie Administration picked them to serve as liaisons to the Muslim community of the state. As a result, they are having private meetings with N.J.’s top security officials. This is just the latest example of Christie’s embrace of Islamists that should be shunned, not exalted.

The discovery that the Islamists were on the committee was made when obtained a previously unreleased list of committee members present at a September 5, 2012 meeting at the Leroy Smith Building in Newark.

The four committee members of concern are:

  • Imam Mohammad Qatanani, whose deportation is sought by the Department of Homeland Security for not disclosing on his green card application that he was arrested and convicted by Israel in 1993 for his involvement with Hamas;

  • Ahmed Shedeed, a fervent supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and President of the Islamic Center of Jersey City, a mosque with a history of Islamist leadership. Its website currently contains disturbing statements about jihad, the West, wife beating and polygamy;

  • Mohammed Younes, the President of the American Muslim Union, a group with Islamist leadership and close ties to Qatanani’s mosque, which was founded by a Hamas fundraiser; and

  • Imam Abdul Basit, of the New Brunswick Islamic Center, a mosque founded by a radical cleric. In July, it held a Brotherhood-linked seminar featuring multiple extremist speakers.

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Christie’s radical Islamopandering history, in brief:

• Christie thinks there is no threat to this country from sharia law and calls anyone who does ‘crazy.’

• Christie condemned the NYPD for investigating Muslim terrorists and mosques in NJ and tried (unsuccessfully) to stop them.

• Christie appointed a Muslim judge who, as a lawyer, specialized in defending Islamic terrorists like the Fort Dix Six and wanted the show ’24′ shut down because he said it put Muslims in danger.

• Christie doesn’t object to billboards on his state highways that promote sharia law.

• Christie agreed with the decision to fire NJ Transit Worker who burned pages from a quran at a Ground Zero 9/11 rally.

• Christie embraced and kissed Mohammed Qatanani, imam of the Islamic Center of Passaic County, who publicly ranted against Jews and supports the funding of Hamas.

• Christie supported the Ground Zero Victory Mosque.

• Christie is well-liked by Hamas-linked CAIR.


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