CNN bimbo says Jerusalem is “not the capital” of Israel

On CNN Newsroom Friday, Ashleigh Banfield actually said, “Rockets fired at Jerusalem. It is not the capital at this point, but it is the disputed center of the universe so to speak when it comes to Israel.

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27 comments on “CNN bimbo says Jerusalem is “not the capital” of Israel

  1. This is what happens when a reporter tries to be (Impartial). Yeah right. This shows a lack of education on her part. If you are into the lies from the Arab world and the BO Administration without verification, then this was a fair and balanced report of the Israeli capitol narrative.
    All she managed to do was scream at the top of her lungs I AM A TOTAL PROSTITUTE FOR BO and I DON’T CHARGE.

  2. the press in USA is dead since obimbo was pick as a so call president , even in the famous case of the teen girl Chloe rodriguez she was faund in the trunk of a car and here in france the news states that the kidnaper is a musslime kamel bousselat and he specialise in raping non musslimes and when I read the USA news that information is no were to be found ? press is dead in USA is specially if is about musslimes .

  3. This morning on CNN the anchor-bimbo-talking-head had a clip of rockets in the air, and you could hear the voice of the man making the film saying “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar” over and over again. Then the anchor-bimbo said “You can hear the man behind the camera saying ‘Oh, my god. Oh, my god.” She lied through her teeth! She KNOWS when some idiot is saying “Allahu Akbar” that he is proclaiming his evil “god” to be the greatest, not “Oh, my god.” So anybody who is NOT islam-savvy watching her show this morning now believes allahu akbar means oh, my god. It’s no wonder so many people think Islam is hunky dory and that Muslims are just like everybody else when the anchors are whitewashing Islam. Really makes my blood boil.

  4. This is their understanding, as per what this head-idiot says, obama’s bin lyn’ this is not their capital, aaaah, well the biblical history says otherwise, does it not? and no amount of education is EVER going to change their ignorant minds, truth be told, even though I rarely ever mention the word fool, these fools are about as worthless as teets on a bore hog, as we say here in the fly-over Country. They are called useful idiots for a reason people, stop giving them notice, they hardly deserve it. Anyone this foolish and or stupid, or both, is not worth the time to spit on much less care what they think or say. Why do we give them the attention for their ignorances, stupidity or foolishness as if they would welcome our help to correct them, not worth the time, let them suffer, they deserve it is spades.This is your brain on liberalism, useless as usual.

    Going Galt

  5. Mohammedanism must be eliminated like Nazi-Germany was eliminated. And Mohammedanism must be replaced by christianity,buddhism what ever. But it must be over with this barbarian, stone-age ideology!

  6. Riiiight…Israel has all of its government buildings in Jerusalem. The Knesset is there, and Prime Minister are all in Jerusalem, so are other government agencies. They are not in Tel Aviv. And, of course, it was the capital of the ancient nation of Israel from about 1000 BCE to 70 CE. If it is not the capital, what is it then? Anywhere where you have the center of government is the capital of the country. Western Jerusalem has always been the capital of Israel, since the founding of the modern state of Israel, even if you deny the old city and Eastern Jerusalem. Since 1967, however, Israel conquered all of Jerusalem and made the entire region its capital. Of course Jerusalem is the capital of Israel! What else could it be!? That’s like saying that Washington DC is not the capital of the USA, but New York City is.

  7. Dum de dum dum.

    All major encyclopedias (Columbia, Britannica, World Book) and dictionaries (Merriam-Webster, Random House, American Heritage) list Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

  8. that’s okay Rush Limbaugh reported that the big CNN news story was out of TEXAS and they wanted to know why obama got only 5 VOTES in one little town. I GUESS THE LOCAL CEMETERY WASN’T REGISTERED TO VOTE

  9. sweet olbob somebody substituted my phone number next to her name god i had to take the phone off the hook ,someone calling herself?hillary kept leaving very explicit messages,she kept on saying BIG SIS CALL ME

  10. Wow ! That’s a good lookin’ Army jacket. I’ll bet Butchie Napolitano and Elena Kagan are panting and pawing the gouund.
    Seriously, I’m pleased she(?) knows wo much about history and geography to instruct us all in the error of our thoughts..
    And if anyone wants to call her, her number is on the wall next to the phone in the ladies room of the bus station.

  11. C.n.n said last night that Israel should never protect itself . Every 3 years they end up killing people and never get anywhere. The one who was saying it seemed to be a Arab. Seems CNN would like to see every man women and child in Israel killed as long as they are Jews. Israel should show them the door.

    With the reporting C.N.N does they can sit in a sealed room and make up things like they are doing now. As for fat Candy Crow she lied openly to protect the Communist thug in the White House, their is a difference between terror and a terrorist. Candy Crow should know that but seems CNN only hirer low life with very little education. If they do have a education they don’t show.

    Well Candy baby keep doing what your doing being as fat as you are your heart should fail soon if you got one. As for Anderson why were you in Israel you should of been in the west bank. Your not there because Hamas knows you and would take care of you. Your worried about gay rights well Israel has rights too.

    And Israel is a government not like Hamas hiding behind children so the world can cry Israel shot a child. Obama gave out a order for our troops not to firer if a civilian was in the ways and he will send a medal to their family. Well that Maj. who shot our American troops and being charged with work place violence is a crime. But what you expect from a Chicago thug.

    God will bless Israel but will he bless us when its our turn for allowing it.

  12. One more reason I did not vote for Obama. How could anyone vote for an ignorant fool who doesn’t know that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, America has 50, not 57 states, and that Corps as in Marine is not pronounced “corpse”?

  13. what do you expect from the commie news network ! one day real soon this nation is going to pay dearly for allowing itself to become a ” cesspool” of degenerats and turning it’s back on Israel , biblical prophesy say so !!!!!!!

    • don’t you think we already are? Staten island is a shambles, the New jersey boardwalk was swept into the ocean by Hurricane Sandy hit by another nor’easter a week later and another by Thanksgiving and it’s not over. Because of massive voter fraud the Muslim-in-chief has been re-elected and we are just starting to circle the drain. before the next presidential election in 2016 (if there is one, and obama hasn’t made himself pres for life) this country will be be a literal 3rd world country because he said “there is more work to do”

      • Their first mistake was to depend upon this regime from day one. It is very true, if you hear these words, “hi I’m from the government and I am here to help you”, you better run to them there hills, gov. doesn’t do a damn thing correct of without some consequences in their favor, never has, or ever will. I hear tell this is one of the richest parts of this Country, and their excuse for wanting the gov. to help is AGAIN?

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