French police vs Muslim savage on a plane screaming like a wild banshee

Two French police officers are shown pinning down an illegal Muslim invader who refused to stay on the plane that was taking him back to Tunisia.

Observers.france24  A video of French police attempting to force a Muslim invader to board a plane from France to Tunisia has caused Muslim outrage on the Internet. (YAWN. Doesn’t everything?) 

On Saturday November 10, on flight TU 751 from Lyon to Tunis, a Tunisian illegal alien was pinned faced down on the ground by two police officers. The Muslim, who refused to board the plane, screamed while stupid passengers begged the police officers to release him, condemning them for treating the man brutally. (They should have shot him) According to the passenger who took the video, the Tunisian illegal was pinned to the ground for about 15 minutes before being finally taken off the plane.

He had been detained for 45 days at the airport’s detention centre, then ordered to leave France, but refused to board the plane and became aggressive and abusive to the police officers. After this incident, he was detained and tried by a court in Lyon, then sentenced to 10 months in a French jail, and banned from France for three years. (Only 3 years?)

Said the French Tunisian man who filmed this video, “For France, a country that prides itself for its defence of human rights, it’s a real disgrace to treat a human being like this.” (That’s the problem, Muslims are sub-human)