French police vs Muslim savage on a plane screaming like a wild banshee

Two French police officers are shown pinning down an illegal Muslim invader who refused to stay on the plane that was taking him back to Tunisia.

Observers.france24  A video of French police attempting to force a Muslim invader to board a plane from France to Tunisia has caused Muslim outrage on the Internet. (YAWN. Doesn’t everything?) 

On Saturday November 10, on flight TU 751 from Lyon to Tunis, a Tunisian illegal alien was pinned faced down on the ground by two police officers. The Muslim, who refused to board the plane, screamed while stupid passengers begged the police officers to release him, condemning them for treating the man brutally. (They should have shot him) According to the passenger who took the video, the Tunisian illegal was pinned to the ground for about 15 minutes before being finally taken off the plane.

He had been detained for 45 days at the airport’s detention centre, then ordered to leave France, but refused to board the plane and became aggressive and abusive to the police officers. After this incident, he was detained and tried by a court in Lyon, then sentenced to 10 months in a French jail, and banned from France for three years. (Only 3 years?)

Said the French Tunisian man who filmed this video, “For France, a country that prides itself for its defence of human rights, it’s a real disgrace to treat a human being like this.” (That’s the problem, Muslims are sub-human)


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  1. Where I come from, the protocol police use on a screaming banshee is to raze them to the floor, or sedate them. The humane AND easy thing to do would be to sedate him and fly him home, preferably shackled to his seat so that he won’t start killing (natural instinct) the passengers or even the pilot.

    • Just in case he wakes up and/or turns out to be exceptionally strong, it’s best NOT to have such a wretch in the passenger-cabin [This is also just in case he befouls the seat or surroundings.]

      That’s why I would prefer putting him in a well-sealed coffin (in addition to sedating AND both handcuffing and shackling him within it), which then gets carried in the luggage compartment: there he can’t do any damage!!! :-)

  2. Mohammedanism and the sharia-slavery is anti-western,anti-american, anti-european, barbarian,anti-democratic and the opposite of every human right. The abolition of this ideology must taken place fast and world-wide. It will happen like the elimination of Nazi-Germany. Liberate the people! Sharia-free zone world-wide!

  3. Well call it choke um out. If the rest of the mohommedists on the plane don’t like it take their passports from them just before takeoff and let them explain how they got to their destination. Then deny that they are citizens of France. Just sayin. Reverse immigration?

  4. No surprise the mohammedan was screaming and resisting, what annoys me is the leftard dhimmi passengers who complained he was ‘being treated brutally’. No doubt they would have changed their tune if the scumbag had had a bomb. ….. Or maybe not.

  5. He was an illegal immigrant,therefore breaking the law.BREAK THE LAW EXPECT THIS KINDA PUNISHMENT BY OFFICERS OF THE LAW!!!!

  6. I commend BNI for her pattern of properly using Pamela Gellers word “savage”. It is time that we control the dialouge with Islamopanderers like they do with their invented word “Islamophobia”.

    Why was this illegal alien not properly restrained with hinged handcuffs and leg shackles, escorted by two police officers? Ideally those officers would be beautiful plainclothes policewomen wearing short skirts like the Fox News women.

    Reader Another Lie’s suggestions of sedatives and gags would be appropriate for the benefit of the other passengers on board.

    The West needs to stop pampering those who exhibit lawless savage behavior. If the failed deportation were done in the manner mentioned there would have been no commotion or video on the Internet.

    Proverbs 26:3 says “A whip for the horse, a bridle for the ass, and a rod for the fool’s back.”

  7. Muslims on the internet are upset. Muslims want the ‘right’ to invade and colonize our countries and have hated infidels financially support Muslim invasion, colonization and conquest.

    This violent Muslim is banned for 3 years and not permanently? What a sick crime against the good French people who will be forced to suffer violent assaults from this humanity hater and even forced to financially provide for this violent Muslim.

    Said the French Tunisian man who filmed this video, “For France, a country that prides itself for its defence of human rights, it’s a real disgrace to treat a human being like this.” What a dirty HYPOCRITE! In majority Muslim countries and areas, severely persecuted non-Muslims live their lives in daily fear from cruel Muslims. GOD HELP THEM!

  8. Just taking out the garbage……..talking garbage mind you but still…..garbage…

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  9. About 50 Taser shots would have helped the Gendermarie silence these vermin pigs (no insult intended to pigs who are 1000000000000000 times more beautiful and intelligent than every Muslim on this earth put together).
    Eviction at 40,0000 feet seems fair to me!

  10. They should have sedated him and put him in a wheelchair, then no problems would have occurred. Dump him in Tunisia, and let their authorities deal with him.

    • They were bitching at to the police only. I’m French. I understood everything. The man speaks mostly French but also some form of Arabic also. He could also be Tunisian, like the prisoner;.

  11. If he did not want to get on the plane, they should not have forced him. They should have simply cuffed him and then affixed him outside, to the fuselage ( safely, of course) then wished him bon voyage as he disappeared into the clouds. They should have also done away with that screaming bitch in the background.

    • Well, SR, after reviewing the comments, I’ve come to the irrevocable conclusion that YOURS is my favorite; and the ideas expressed regarding the two loud obnoxious arselifters are EXCELLENT!!

    • The aircraft wouldn’t be able to fly properly because of the turbulence his body would induce. Furthermore, at the high speeds and altitudes jet aircraft fly at, he would be dead well before the plane reached its destination – EVEN IF he managed to remain attached. [With the turbulence and ultra-high speeds, he would have been ripped off the fuselage all too quickly.]

      He should have simply been sedated and then imprisoned, shackled, handcuffed and tied down in a coffin – which would be put into the plane’s luggage section. Once the plane reached Arab soil after landing, the coffin would be taken out and opened, with him being dealt with by the Arab authorities. [In fact, that’s how Israel once shipped a high-value terrorist in the 1960s or 1970s to Israel from Nairobi.]

      • In fact, it was FIVE such PFLP (People’s Front for the Liberation of Palestine) and Baader-Meinhof Communist terrorists that had been out to shoot down an Israeli passenger plane as it was about to land in Nairobi on 1976/01/25. However, the Kenyan security service found out about the plot just in time, and they arrested the would-be-murderers. Those wretches were injected with powerful sedatives, put into coffins and then flown to Israel on the very same passenger-jet they had so wanted to destroy – when they woke up, they were in Israeli custody on Israeli soil, incarcerated in a top-security prison!!! [Their capture was kept secret.]

        [It was this foiled plot that then triggered Wadia Hadad, the humiliated PFLP leader, to try to hijack a French airliner flying to Paris from Tel Aviv with a stop in Athens, Greece (the Greek security people were on strike at the time, allowing terrorists from the same two groups to get on the plane without either being detected or intercepted) on 1976/06/27, leading in turn to Operation Entebbe on 1976/07/04 by the Israeli Defence Forces at Entebbe Airport, Uganda.]

  12. Inbred killer zombie Mozman jihadists would rather die than leave the West (they never had it so good) and return to their smelly ISLAMIC HELLHOLES.

    They never realize that ISLAM is the cause of the HELLHOLES!

    The slave-owner philosphy of Islam creates a lack of motivation. Where women are devalued, there is poverty.

  13. I think the “banshee” must have been a wife or a sister – that was definitel a women’s hysterical voice! Hope they get to yell to their heart’s content once they land in Tunis! A bas to these pondscum!!

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