Muslim actor who plays Muslim terrorist on ‘Homeland’ says: “Sometimes, terrorists are the heroes”

Navid Negahban, an Iranian Muslim who plays Abu Nazir, TV show Homeland’s resident al-Qaeda character, giggles while admitting that terrorists are the heroes in other (Muslim) countries.

Can everyone say “type-casting?” 



20 comments on “Muslim actor who plays Muslim terrorist on ‘Homeland’ says: “Sometimes, terrorists are the heroes”

  1. Islam turns the brain to mush and turns logic on its head.

    When pedophilia, genocide, ethnic cleansing, misogyny and religious discrimination are ‘good’…you’ve lost your mind and are a braindead zombie of a DEATH CULT.

  2. Of course terrorists are heroes to Muslims. That’s another reason why we must keep Muslims out of our country.
    We want immigrants who’ll become whole-hearted Americans.

  3. Right on RM, and for the sake of that dippy but cute blond this maggot is with in the video, I hope she grows a brain soon and gets as far away as fast as possible from THAT lowlife muzzturd!! And Semper Fi, once again!!

    • Thanks hummingharpman, insanity rules these days, I’ll not be a part of it, in fact, I am but one of many millions who have the cure for their disease. Once a Marine, always a direct threat to their evil intentions. I intend upon keeping it that way so long as I am breathing.

      Semper Fi, going GALT. lets starve this beast into submission.

  4. Te he he he, he and his admirerers laugh as his says that terrorists are heroes. See the two fat ugly blond dhimmi groupies, and future muslum converts?

  5. Bible, Genesis 4:10 And God said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground”.

    Our treasonous leaders have imported many millions of Muslims into our countries. Muslims who believe that Muslim barbaric killers who murder non-Muslims are heroes. Our leaders have even placed the most radical Muslims into positions of enormous power. It is the greatest betrayal by nations’ leaders in all of history.

  6. Islam shows no mercy to hated non-Muslims. We will NEVER forget 9/11, 7/7, Madrid, Israel, Bali, Beslan, and so many other monstrous acts perpetrated by Muslim humanity-haters. 1,400 years of horror where ordinary Muslims barbarically mass murdered millions of non-Muslim innocents. And also took massive numbers for slaves. We will NEVER forget our fellow human beings were, and continue to be, horribly punished because these innocents don’t worship the deity Muslims call Allah.

  7. Terrorists are always heroes. In the eyes of muslims. Their founder was a terrorist, when he wasn’t too busy raping little girls.

  8. “sometimes, terrorist are the hero’s” in which world do those whoses idea is a person who wantenly kills innocence, mains others, involved in the destruction of private property, and a whole assortment of illegal warfare constitutes a hero, satan’s that who’s world. These demons of the flesh ( all muslims) roam in such a state of mind. It’s normal for them. not so much for us though.

    Going GALT

  9. Homeland? Is that a TV show? Never heard of it ! Does anyone besides MessNBC viewers (both of them) ever watch it?
    Here’s hoping it goes the way of American Muslim.

    • Bob, It’s on Showtime and is an interesting show, kind of like 24 without all the violence. However, the main character is a US Marine POW who turned terrorist while imprisoned in Iraq. And the CIA agent who outed him as a terrorist when he came back to the states is having an affair with him. The guy in this video plays the terrorist who held the Marine and turned him to Islam and terror against the US. While it is well written and produced, it carries the mark of the Left, subtly portraying America as the real bad guy.

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