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Palestinian fighters have downed an Israeli warplane flying over the Gaza Strip. According to Hamas sources, the Israeli F-16 fighter jet was shot down on Friday. (This report is from Iranan-owned Press TV but appears nowhere in the Israeli media)

Press TV  In Tel Aviv, a rocket hit a commercial district while a second rocket landed 200 meters away from the American Embassy. It is the first time that Tel Aviv has come under attack in decades. Three Israeli soldiers have been injured in a rocket attack in Eshkol. (Except none of this is true)

Hospitals across Israel are now in state of emergency. (Hospitals across Israel are always prepared for emergencies)

Palestinians have fired over 550 rockets and missiles into Israel since Wednesday after Tel Aviv launched a major military strike against the besieged Palestinian territory, killing scores of people, including women and children. (The rockets and missiles were fired from Gaza before Israel struck back. Very few civilians were killed by Israel and the ones who were, were human shields for Hamas or living amongst Hamas militants)

The Israeli Army says it has hit more than 600 targets in Gaza during the past three days. (Unlike Hamas, their targets are terrorist leaders and rocket installations)

According to Israeli sources, the Iron Dome missile shield has only intercepted one-fifth of the rockets fired from the Gaza Strip. (Accordinng to Israeli sources, they have taken out at least 3/4 of the rockets. Iron Dome is able to take down 12 missiles at a time) 

IDF ‏@IDFSpokesperson says 5th Iron Dome battery now deployed in greater Tel Aviv area. Since Nov 14, Iron Dome interceptors hit 90% of their targets in sky

Meanwhile, residents of the besieged Gaza Strip say they are getting text messages warning of military escalation as reports suggest that Israeli military forces are preparing for a ground invasion of Gaza. (Well, this one IS true)

According to unconfirmed reports from the Jerusalem Post, terrorists in the Egyptian-controlled Sinai Peninsula launched rockets into Israel Friday night. I wonder if this was during an Israeli ceasefire in consideration of Egyptian President Morsi’s visit to Gaza? 

FAJR 5 ROCKET:  Other than being targeted by hundreds of rockets from Hamas in the past few days, not to mention thousands in the past few years, this is why Israel is taking down Gaza rocket installations.

Hamas missile launch pad next to mosque, playground. Civilian factories, gas station also half a block from Fajr-5 firing site.

H/T Klein Online

How 1,000,000 Jews in southern Israel have to live.

Over the past 12 years, the residents of southern Israel have suffered over 12,000 rockets fired at them from the Gaza Strip. This is what their life has looked like over the years.


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  1. The sons and Daughters of Ishmael always lie, they do not know any better and are not to be trusted. they have come from the gates of hell. destruction and confusion are their middle names islam is their faith damnation be to all of them!

  2. I wish I had an Israel, Star of David flag. I would fly it where my american flag use to fly (before I threw it in the trash can, day after elections). I’m a proud sucessionist Texan, and spiritual Jew…

    My daughters all morning were calling me, while on my Thanksgiving grocery shopping, giving me updates from Fox news on Israel, the rockets, and obamas non response…, hate him

  3. Why did Hamas keep pushing after Obama got re-elected they knew he wouldn’t do anything. The brotherhood has been setting this up with Iran and Hamas for a long time. They sent tanks into Sinai suppose to stop Hamas. Seems the US under Obama is nothing but lies and Obama is in bed with terrorist

    Israel will end up with war on all sides. Brotherhood is taking over with help of Iran. Egypt has had there hand out to us for money. Obama is trying hard to get it. What Obama should be doing is having 2 carriers off Israel north and southern border. That will tell them we support or friends around the world. But Obama lets our friends fall..

  4. we live in socialist Canada, no Fox news, but we have aljazeira…hey.
    Thanks God for Harper and the internet.
    ps: CBC is BBC’s sister.

  5. i watched the top video more than once. isn’t PHOTOSHOP GREAT?
    never watch CNN OR MSNBC, they can’t tell the truth if their life depended on it.

  6. I’m happy to know the Iron Dome is working well.

    I was listening to CNN yesterday. The twit ‘Erin Burnett’… I got so upset, I changed the channel. They haven’t covered anything that has been happening in the past few weeks and suddenly, they’re showing destruction in Gaza. And the questions the twit is asking just proves how stupid and uninformed she is.

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