Rabid antisemite who claims Salman Rushdie is Jewish says Pamela Geller’s ‘Anti-jihad’ ad campaign is ‘racist’

Egyptian Ahmed Rehab, executive director of CAIR-Chicago, one of the ‘savages’ about whom the ad campaign is directed, says being against Islamic Jihad makes you a racist (ignoring the fact, of course, that Islam is NOT a race, and hardly qualifies a religion)

DTN  After completing college in America, Rehab turned his attention to “organizing and empowering Chicago’s Muslim-American community.” Appalled by what he perceived to be a rise in anti-Muslim prejudice among Americans in the aftermath of 9/11, Rehab took the helm of CAIR’s Chicago office with the aim of fostering “cutting-edge professional activism” that would counterbalance “Jewish dominance” of the media and “bring about more fair and accurate coverage of Islam and Muslims.”

In “‘Double Standardism’: The Case of the Two Books” — an article critical of the ‘Jewish’ author Salman Rushdie — Rehab writes: “The Muslims protesting [Rushdie’s book] Satanic Verses were given little credibility as they were seen as being biased for their religion. On the other hand, the Jews and the Jewish subjects were not seen as such but rather as credible professionals…” Rehab further condemns the American media for its tendency to dismiss any suggestion that the horrors of the Holocaust have been exaggerated.

Acknowledging that his worldview has been shaped, in large measure, by the Muslim Brotherhood, Rehab credits especially the group’s founder, Hassan al-Banna, as a “contemporary Muslim individual who influenced” him. Then, read about Hassan al Banna‘s full-blown military and political alliance with Nazi Germany. 


11 comments on “Rabid antisemite who claims Salman Rushdie is Jewish says Pamela Geller’s ‘Anti-jihad’ ad campaign is ‘racist’

  1. Thanks BNI for posting this! I just reposted the vid with the lying POS Ahmed Rehab on another blog,(mine) so IT WILL be circulated far and wide, and just MAYBE a few more people will wake the hell up and realize what lying decepive pieces of sh– we are dealing with!!…..Oh, excuuuuuuuse meeeeee; that might be “racist”!!!

  2. On 911 when the Muslim world pushed “Forward” their agenda to kill everyone “not-muslim” was when for the first time Ameicans became Islam-aware. Or what this shitbag would call antiislamic. As his logic works our antiislamism turned him radical. What bullshit! He and people like him could have started saluting the flag instead of burning it. Could have embraced other-thinking people instead of collecting their heads.
    He better start working on his spider-hole just like Saddam did. We will be cleaning up one day soon.

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