TENNESSEE: No consequences for Muslim student who gave out toy guns to boys in his class in celebration of an Islamic holiday

Parents are angry that he was not punished or reprimanded and believe he was given a pass because he is Muslim. Last December in the same school district, a student was punished for chewing a pizza slice into the shape of a gun, then pointing it at other students at the table.

FOX News  The school is in Murfreesboro which has been a hotbed of protests over construction of a monster mosque which residents fought against for two years, but ultimately lost. 

The controversy started at the end of October when the parents of a Muslim student sent gift bags that were given to the child’s classmates at Barfield Elementary School in Murfreesboro, to celebrate the religious Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha

“There was nothing religious in the bags,” School Board spokesman James Evans told Fox News. “The bags were gender-specific. The girls received necklaces and Barbie dolls.” But each of the boys received a realistic toy gun. The parents of a child who received one of the toy guns became alarmed and notified the school.

The Muslim student wasn’t punished for bringing the toy guns to school. Instead, the school contacted the child’s parents and told them that bringing the guns to school wasn’t allowed.

The Muslim child was not punished because Tennessee’s zero-tolerance statute does not address toy weapons. School officials are in the process of amending their local policy to give principals more discretion. But some parents and community residents are more concerned about why students were allowed to celebrate Eid al-Adha in the classroom.

The incident caught the attention of Cathy Hinners, a retired police officer who blogs at dailyrollcall.com, and other critics of local Muslims. Hinners claims that other students have been punished for less serious incidents and believes the Muslim student got special treatment. “It was a celebration in a public school of an Islamic holiday,” Hinners told Fox News. “What it comes down to is the proselytizing of Islam.” Hinners, who is critical of local Muslims and their infiltration into the schools, asked her readers to come to the school board meeting to complain.

“There’s a lot of passion down in this community right now – especially because of the Muslim debate that’s been going on for a few years,” Evans said. “We think this is probably fueling some of this. We’re not saying anyone is right or wrong – we’re just trying to educate students.”

Murfreesboro Monster Mosque under construction now

But Hinners believes Muslims are being given special access to the county’s public schools. “It’s not anti-Muslim,” she said. ‘It’s not anti-Islam. This is not the premise here. It is the Sharia-law problem – how the accommodations are being sought just for the Islamic community.”

Hinners also wondered about the toy guns. She said 10 students received guns. The school system said only two people received the toy weapons. “What was the message of sending in a toy gun,” she wondered.


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  1. Why dont the American ” true ” people send there children to school with toy winchesters in order to celibrate the film ( ANNIE GET YOUR GUN ) LOL:)

  2. Children of all faiths go to public schools -where -no religion should be taught-or observed -if the parents want religion taught to them -send them to a religious school ,Islam keeps pushing -creeping -Sharia-prostelytizing,their religious celebrations have nothing to do with other dominations and should not be allowed -the parents should fight this -vigorously.

  3. If the parents of this community let this drop without sending a strong message of Intolerance towards favoritism towards Islam, then they can basically role over on their backs, belly up.

  4. Really?! Grow up People! Who doesn’t get boys a toy gun as a gift? Since when do people that celebrate christmas get or give christmas related gifts?!?!

  5. One more example out of many, of special treatment of muslims and sheer hypocracy on the part of the leftist education establishment.

  6. Of course the kid got special treatment because a muslim! And I’m fot surprised it happened in Tennessee. In Murfreesboro, they have some bought and paid for people that happened to be on the zoning commission. They are still there. The contrivercy about the mega mosque, and the Tennesseeans hating of it’s building went on long enough for these spineless bastarde to be paid off one way or another so that they approved it over the objections of EVERYONE in the vicinity. These people are little tin gods,not serving the people who allowed them to gain their office. They deserve no less than shunning by the local population. Don’t take their checks. Don’t let your kida associate with theirs. Don’t speak to them for any raeaon. If they want social contact, let them move to get it. If they, or their house, or their car is on fire, don’t say, in the true Southern tradition “Well Bless your heart ! I’m so sorry your house is burning.” Just walk away and do nothing excwept maybe to complain and file a suit against them for the smoke.
    These people aree not Tennesseeans. They are muckdwellers and manure pile grubs. They zre the little , stinging, wiggly things on the ground thzt you won’t let your curious children pick up.
    Now wasn’t that a great rant ?
    Y’all are gonna have fun reading this because it is another one that won’t allow me to use the up arrow to go back and correct typos. Y’all cantell the difference in my mistakes by seeing wheather or not the mistake is vicious and vulgar. If it is, then it was intentional.

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